How to Survive a Rhea Attack p2 (+ My First Gosling!!!) 

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OOOH BOY WE GOT A DOOSIE TODAY SONS. I have a new son, i got attacked by Kevin twice, we got another chick, the pigeons started racing around the house, AND I lost and found Dababy and protected him from a demon!
Stay tuned for more renovation videos! Big things coming!
Love you all!
Uncle Farmer Dad Ben👨🏻‍🌾🤝❤️
Learn more about us and how to support/volunteer at urbanrescueranch.com !
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Apr 19, 2021




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Wet Matress uwu
Wet Matress uwu 2 hours ago
2:41 my sleep paralysis demon
SonyFan4 2 hours ago
I don’t think I’ll have the patience and sustained care for Kevin after caring for it while dealing with its constant attacks. It just might end up on my dinner plate one Thanksgiving dinner.
Highly YouTuber
Highly YouTuber 3 hours ago
I advise you to get some pepper spray and whenever Kevin wants to attack you can just spray his face and I promise he will stop
Matin Gilardi
Matin Gilardi 5 hours ago
"Boy, you gon wake up my fury"
Gongaga 5 hours ago
“Kevin, if you touch dababy, I swear...” Kevin: *LESSS GOOO*
B H 6 hours ago
I died when the camera panned over, and there's Kevin in a full-on charge, and ya boi just gives this unenthusiastic 'Oh hello, Kevin'. Good cut.
Adam Samaro
Adam Samaro 6 hours ago
Kevin makes great house security just in case
Anthony Sanchez
Anthony Sanchez 7 hours ago
2:41 🤣
Jeff Banks
Jeff Banks 9 hours ago
Goat pepper herbal tea
She’s spawn camping
Goat pepper herbal tea
Lucky Kevin doesn’t know about knives
Lady Veil
Lady Veil 9 hours ago
That moment 2:40 omg i would totally freakout
Lady Veil
Lady Veil 9 hours ago
And then again 6:17 😭 that kevin is possesed
Egull 9 hours ago
the modernity of this man mixed with the rehabilitation and preservation of animals is something that we need nowadays. Its like a bridge between two worlds.
Michael Miller
Michael Miller 9 hours ago
Kevin is a fucking crack bird literally Everytime I see Kevin I think of a crack addict
Princess of Keys
Princess of Keys 11 hours ago
The sounds Kevin makes <
Princess of Keys
Princess of Keys 11 hours ago
"Sir please...sir..please" lol XD What's with Kevin!! Lol
brian halford
brian halford 12 hours ago
I’d punch that thing in the ducking neck 😭
Krazy Ivan
Krazy Ivan 13 hours ago
Bro, like, get some long heavy garden gloves or something lol.
Headhunter is mine only
First time watching, and i see iit's a rescue ranch? I assume you release/give them away/back? But which ones do you actually own or keep forever lol if you will, other than the dog obviously.
Olli Split
Olli Split 15 hours ago
Kevin is a fucking Psychopath 😂😂😂
WhYnOt 15 hours ago
Best friends forever achievement unlocked
hi there
hi there 16 hours ago
Kevin reminds me of squidward
Staples Edward
Staples Edward 17 hours ago
Staples Edward
Staples Edward 17 hours ago
Demonic rhea
Bip Bop Beb
Bip Bop Beb 17 hours ago
Omaewa mushindeiru Nani? 0:02
splinter360 18 hours ago
Nah I would kicked the shit out of Kevin lmao. How has he not learned you look after him yet?
PhaseOntoTheAvenue 18 hours ago
2:41 picture taken before disaster
RaTheGoddess 21 hour ago
We need to talk about Kevin 🧐
K- Black
K- Black 21 hour ago
Kevin is crazy af 😱
Kayra esen
Kayra esen 22 hours ago
this man is an idiot for not buying arm gloves already
Jackson Almodobar
Jackson Almodobar 22 hours ago
you ever thought about wearing work gloves around Kevin?
Xin Gaming
Xin Gaming 23 hours ago
Angry Bird in real life
I’m so addicted to these videos
Nora Hanson
Nora Hanson Day ago
I wouldn't be able to do this job, I wouldn't have the patience not to bitchslap the fuck out of Kevin
Khan Saad
Khan Saad Day ago
My boy call the lil kangaroo DA BABY
M M Day ago
You kind of look like a Rhea yourself, no hate, haha.
Hellblaue Day ago
Why do I get the feeling Kevin is kind of dumb
Stephen Ratterree
He did not just hit hit rapper and artist da Baby
Thatboyjee [Beats]
Seems like Kevin’s that one hardheaded teenager
Alex Rivera Yah
this is like a video tutorial about having a farm on minecraft lmao
cyn Day ago
Never seen a bird with red tapetum lens until now :o I thought its eyes were photoshopped in the thumbnail
Spawn camping😂
Hunter Frey
Hunter Frey Day ago
2:40 is the best lol
Miroslav Zíma
Where did you get Kevin anyway? As most people already said, it´s strange that he immidiately targeted that roo baby after you finished the sentence. Some people are really into doing the worst they can do, just becuse they are such brutes. Seems this applies for Kevin, too and he won´t be different.
Potato Nugget823
5:33 that scared the ba-jeezes out of me
Planet B
Planet B Day ago
Kevin's a prick.
Q1 Supermoto Q1 SWM 500
7:04 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jerremy Morales
2:39 Is Kevin Naruto running
Stef vk
Stef vk 2 days ago
Sire please 😂
GrohIlgg 2 days ago
Kevin is horrible 😂
vantsen nm
vantsen nm 2 days ago
Kevin -> Kyle ( full of monster)
Silver Star
Silver Star 2 days ago
when you play stardew valley/minecraft in real life
Sir ChucklenutsTM
kevin a psychopath
lordvegetables 2 days ago
5:35 thought there was a fucking animal in my wall
Fahmida Khatun
Fahmida Khatun 2 days ago
Happy Corgi Plays
kevin is the perfect name for an evil demon
Thermionic Emission
So cute, but she spawn camps.. I'm feeling a mix of emotions rn.
InEligible 2 days ago
He has a kangaroo named da baby 😂😂😂
Johanna Gomes
Johanna Gomes 2 days ago
Honestly Kevin is a mood
The Geekazoid
The Geekazoid 2 days ago
Kevin's a funny fucker
Neuro 420
Neuro 420 2 days ago
?Ayo!? was that bird hitting hit from tha back???😹😭😭😭 1:48
Brittany W
Brittany W 2 days ago
This is the best channel that I’ve never found!
Cloud 2 days ago
@2:40 I cannot 😂😂😂😂 I’m laughing too hard I had to take a break lmao.
Masuda 2 days ago
Lmao when he said oh hello kevin I was like "Oh shit here we go again".
Charles Z
Charles Z 2 days ago
"Look at DaBaby looking al Stoopid over theere"
Fun fact : Kevin is angry right now
Vertigo Descent
Vertigo Descent 2 days ago
No-one: Absolutely no-one: Kevin: *Minecraft zombie groans*
drystal 2 days ago
dababy be hoppin
Basically Neon
Basically Neon 2 days ago
Kevin's returned!!
Jen Rutherford
Jen Rutherford 2 days ago
I like Kevin hates you big time 😁
It's Wazunii
It's Wazunii 2 days ago
I have only watched 2 videos from him, and already love the humour and the fookin ADORABLE animals , i just wanna eat 'em all up they are too cute
MarshalONE Gaming
7:03 hahahahahahaha
Cat Poke
Cat Poke 3 days ago
Kevin sounds like a vampire when he hisses.
cosmosonmymind 3 days ago
Kevin wakes up and chooses violence 100% of the time
molly howell
molly howell 3 days ago
Da baby’s Aussie Cousins live in this bush with a path and I can see it from my house. If I go out in the evening I can see them and they all gather together to hang out, have fights and get girls.
molly howell
molly howell 3 days ago
Lol I want your life (except for the Kevin biting)
waxpants 3 days ago
comedy gold
Art Neal
Art Neal 3 days ago
pov your askeladd
Andy Crawford
Andy Crawford 3 days ago
2:40 oh lord he comin
Evanite 3 days ago
Kevin's face literally says *" I wAnNa BiTe YoU >:-] "*
Mørf 3 days ago
he think hes a dinosaur yo
Numira 3 days ago
0:28 - 0:36 looks like zombies and creepers start moving and then staring at you in minecraft, through the window of a house.
CRUNK da CUNK 3 days ago
An Aussie with an American accent
Angelo ma
Angelo ma 3 days ago
Kevin start pecking baby kangaroo for whatever reaspn it's
Dwomaloth 3 days ago
Aye goldshaw farm
Ács Máté
Ács Máté 3 days ago
These videos are literally genius.
Blair Cox
Blair Cox 3 days ago
Man Kevin is an a-hole! HAHAHHAA
Pappa B
Pappa B 3 days ago
Poppy is metal af
Hafdís Sigurdardóttir
😂😂😂😂 😂The commentary is killing me. 😂😂😂😂😂👍
VensesladoASMR 3 days ago
I guarantee uve been told this but u should name a gosling ryan
Mark Stringer
Mark Stringer 3 days ago
You should name the Goose Ryan Goosling
Jesferson Ayala
Jesferson Ayala 3 days ago
Braa if that ostrich keep biting me I will cook him for dinner 😂
Danny Baz
Danny Baz 3 days ago
Kevin’s a real douche lmao
Chay Warburton
Chay Warburton 3 days ago
Kevin is one pissed off dude... I had a polish fighting rooster, black and white who terrorized us and anyone who visited. Had to punt him , daily , like a f-ing football to get him to quit the assaults' and regardless everyday he returned. You need farmland and 5+ acres my man.
Jenny Jenny
Jenny Jenny 3 days ago
Look at da baby acting stupid over there
kqwerty11 3 days ago
2:38 LOL
Eye get fried
Eye get fried 3 days ago
Ur house definitely smells like ass
Eye get fried
Eye get fried 3 days ago
Kevin needs therapy
Batu Ergen
Batu Ergen 4 days ago
6:13 Kevin straight up looks like a demon lol
Lachlan 6.2
Lachlan 6.2 4 days ago
2:13 he tries to murder u every day and u still care for him 🥰thats so sweet