How To Beat Final Destination 3 

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You just survived a roller coaster accident and now Death is hunting you down. There’s no way to escape it and it won’t stop it’s rampage until it gets every single survivor. What do you do?
Thank you for watching Final Destination 3 explained and review of how to beat.
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May 1, 2021




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Cinema Summary
Cinema Summary 6 days ago
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clyde who?
clyde who? 7 hours ago
Dude that displate ad was sooo smooth.
E gaming
E gaming 18 hours ago
When you said deaths plan I thought of gods plan
Harry Day ago
Can someone please explain this to me? In Wendy's vision, Frankie drops his camera which becomes the reason the roller coaster crashes. When Wendy wakes up from the vision, she and a few others get off the roller coaster, Frankie included. But despite of him getting off the roller coaster, the ride still crashes. How? Since he takes his camera with him when he gets off, shouldn't the ride NOT crash?
fox 123
fox 123 Day ago
Ouvi bolatos q vc é br uhum
I hate you
I hate you Day ago
Sponsors wow this channel has really grown
Matthew 14 minutes ago
Will you do all the Final Destinations Mr. Cinema Summary? Also... Have a Damn. Good. Day.
westbound gaming
So is all start on a roller coaster?
Jackmaxtan Cx
Jackmaxtan Cx Hour ago
The theory’s are greats but in a real life situation is hard as we forgot things before it too late , another thing is that they teens and teens are not the smart people and death is unescape as your life is plan or if your life span is short
abver09 3 hours ago
The CC for this video are hilarious
mshypersinger 3 hours ago
So Wendy and her sister never spoke all throughout these events, making Wendy not know her presence there at the rollercoaster until the last minute? It baffles me. Haha! Especially after how the accident happened, you kinda would expect the sister go, "Thank goodness I missed that death ride thanks to you sis."
Elle Marie
Elle Marie 4 hours ago
The way to beat death: A. Confess to 17 counts of attempted murder 2. Commit murder C. Kidnap several people for eternity 17. Surmise that there are 5 rules to defeat death's design from Googling Me: ignore vision and die without all the extra months of terror
toh ping Tiang
toh ping Tiang 4 hours ago
You can't beat something that does not stop coming after you. That girl who drown and revive. I believe that she isn't supposed to die.
Airell 723
Airell 723 4 hours ago
Can you do stranger from hell
Sniper brownie
Sniper brownie 4 hours ago
U are my Favorit US-firstr
Spooky Spook
Spooky Spook 4 hours ago
Next How To Beat terra formars Live Action
Aphen Ma
Aphen Ma 5 hours ago
x36Ox 5 hours ago
or do how to beat birdbox
Madison And taylor
Madison And taylor 5 hours ago
when someone is about to die they will panic no matter what even if they know they have to stay calm its just natural human reaction to thinking your gonna die so how do you expect people to know a whole science equation and plan when they have like 30 seconds to live they probably are gonna think about there best moments and family and friends. also if they dont know the stuff you say they cant just whip out there phone and google it smart ass. also question when they were upside down on the coaster how was he meant to take his jacket off id like to see what you would do in this situation prob not think out a whole plan etc.
Pinoy Ocelot
Pinoy Ocelot 6 hours ago
happy 1 million subs bro much love from ph🇵🇭
Rizalino Vera
Rizalino Vera 6 hours ago
Rule #??: Killing Someone Will Lower Your Death Rate and Increases Your Life Expectancy
Reymundo Magsalin
Reymundo Magsalin 6 hours ago
11:16 AMONG US
sosmic sos
sosmic sos 7 hours ago
Have a damn good day!
Amit Biswas
Amit Biswas 7 hours ago
More movie pls
Marcellus Leong
Marcellus Leong 7 hours ago
Wow I actually watch this movie since I was grade 1 wow the title is final destination wowow
Munkhgerege B.
Munkhgerege B. 8 hours ago
cool stuff i am gonna buy it
Cptbravo2211 8 hours ago
Death switched it up my guy since they worked really well together stopping each other's deaths just hit em with an aoe kill
Mustafa Yusof
Mustafa Yusof 9 hours ago
u better post more. 🤣🤣🤣
darkpq 9 hours ago
When paranoya is your friend: I can out live me.
Mateo Fagundes Dos Santos
Have a damn good day.
Night Crawler
Night Crawler 10 hours ago
This is the only man that would survive a apocalypse
Donky Camel
Donky Camel 10 hours ago
If the universe gave her a vision then technically, she didn't cheat death...so why is death mad at them, should be mad at the power who showed her. If fate warned them, then why is death killing them still?
Koljik Vihtori
Koljik Vihtori 10 hours ago
So she had a perfect premonition but won't believe that dude? 🤦‍♂️
Ian Robertson
Ian Robertson 10 hours ago
These final destination movies just tell how stupid you are
Tyler Hagan
Tyler Hagan 11 hours ago
The tanning one still gives me chills and I hate it.
AnonymousBoiii 11 hours ago
Killer 1: This guy is amazing, how come we haven’t been able to kill him yet. We’ve tried everything; demons, death traps, zombies. We’ve literally tried everything, and he somehow gets out of every situation Killer 2: Jesus Christ, it’s Cinema Summary, that’s why
AllenFN 11 hours ago
One mill let’s go
Mr.Williams 12 hours ago
Thx! Have a damn good day
Rose VanDerLinde the wolf
Why do I feel like this series would be a good podcast to just chill and listen to while drawing or something?
Zentaxs 12 hours ago
Your So Amazing! I love Your Videos 😍😍
Josh Playz Random Games
Final destination 4?
PhxDalis 13 hours ago
Wow this guy is SMART
ZAYUH 13 hours ago
Wait...that’s Ramona Flowers and I’m just now realizing
mimi00 13 hours ago
The 3d is The best one
Select MarshMALLOWZ
Select MarshMALLOWZ 13 hours ago
Shortened Version: Don’t ride the roller coaster = you survived 👍
shadow blade
shadow blade 13 hours ago
final destination 3 was kind of trash I think the first final destination film was awsome
Joe Boe
Joe Boe 13 hours ago
It's harsh to judge her so much during the beginning about the ride and her bf. At that time it was just a dream, nobody really knew what was gonna happen.
Kaelyn 14 hours ago
If I were in this situation I would plead with death to let me kill myself so I don’t have a painful death
Wy 14 hours ago
Congratulations on 1 million subs !
Mistive 14 hours ago
Pls do final destinations four and five
Jayster 2.0
Jayster 2.0 14 hours ago
Why did you blur the "kill", when you were explaining the rules, about how people on death's list, can't kill themselves.
Cali Roblox1029
Cali Roblox1029 14 hours ago
Didn't anyone notice that the forklift's key number is 180?!
Andrea Izquierdo
Andrea Izquierdo 14 hours ago
Now we need 4-5 and we’re gonna live
Fernando Malabag
Fernando Malabag 14 hours ago
on the drive through scene u couldve just used the truck to block the other truck from killing frankie
Yani Alvarez
Yani Alvarez 15 hours ago
Good job101k
paxton moore
paxton moore 16 hours ago
Who Just loves these vids?
Coop FR4GZ
Coop FR4GZ 16 hours ago
I don’t know about y’all I was subscribed sense 96k subs
How to beat Death: Just ask Life for help.
Devyn Phillips
Devyn Phillips 16 hours ago
This is the final destination I grew up with. Only one I watched tbh.
UwU 16 hours ago
Nice vid
SAPINGO813 16 hours ago
🎉 🎉 Congrats 1 MIL 🎉 🎉
Victor Nieves
Victor Nieves 16 hours ago
The sacrifice idea wouldn’t work. It was established that you cannot kill yourself because that is not what Death wants. So, it would stand to reason that trying to sacrifice yourself to break up the order, will not work, and trying to kill someone else to break up the order, will most likely not work either.
Ryan Reed
Ryan Reed 17 hours ago
She didn’t know for a fact that everyone was going to die, have a vision of it doesn’t equal irrefutable knowledge of something happening
Kurama 17 hours ago
Hey congrats on 1 million you deserve it 🥳🎉🍾🎊
Ari_ Cari
Ari_ Cari 17 hours ago
Shemar johnson
Shemar johnson 17 hours ago
How to survive apocalypto
explorer47422 18 hours ago
The logic at 14:00 though is assuming they still knew Frankie was alive and Death hadn't got to him yet. But not knowing if the people next in line to die are still alive or not, it's still a good idea to try and avoid deadly scenarios regardless!
R1leyispengッ 18 hours ago
You saying that if your in that frame of mind at that time you wouldn’t know what to do . Like if you was there on that ride you wouldn’t know what to do and lie about sabotage the ride
My33T 18 hours ago
"The last photo that was taken before the accident shows how they will die." How to beat Final Destination: Don't have any pictures taken of you
Mrfreezer007 18 hours ago
Me: watching someone dying Ads: DoWnLoAd A fReE aUdIo BoOk
Yami 18 hours ago
Congrats on 1 million subs!
Tommy Witherington
Tommy Witherington 18 hours ago
Can you do wrong turn 1
XxWriter 19 hours ago
I love how right after 2 girls have a brutal fiery death this guy's just like, anyway, today's video is sponsored by displate!
BrushyMite 6⃣ 0⃣ 7⃣ 8⃣ 7⃣
I had the DVD for FD3 and it had a feature where you could choose if they live or die Plus FD3 is my favorite movie of the franchise
Ángel Tello
Ángel Tello 19 hours ago
Hey dude would you mind making how to beat django or why you would not make it,pls dude I really like that movie I’ve watched almost all of your vids🥺🙂
MichaelJ 19 hours ago
Am i the only one anticipating the promotions on all of his videos just to see how he smoothly slides it in 👏😂
Jinno Parangue
Jinno Parangue 20 hours ago
the final destination displate poster is kinda fire ngl.
justin garcia
justin garcia 20 hours ago
Can you do how to beat a quiet Place one
B2 20 hours ago
Damn That must of been an a really cool movie
Say Goodnight
Say Goodnight 20 hours ago
Earlier I was running from my mom cause I was taking a nap then got back on the video to finish it, and I was at the part where he started cursing and my mom was downstairs.. plus I forgot how high my volume was 😔
Goitsimang Msimango
That was the best plug ever
Ivan 21 hour ago
20:42 The movie is called "Shot Caller", it is a great movie.
RhythmLeaf 21 hour ago
Congrats, u just made me be scared for an attraction park for the rest of my life :D
THE RYU 21 hour ago
"Have a damn good day"
Wealllovemerylstreep !
Pipo 07
Pipo 07 22 hours ago
If your like me you like horror movies If you do go sub To dead Meat
Pk1 23 hours ago
19:12 u can’t die until it’s your turn isn’t it ?
Asterk Aljoulbek
Asterk Aljoulbek 23 hours ago
Can you do attack on titan
Herobrine 23 hours ago
Have a damn good day
FNX Ayush
FNX Ayush Day ago
Please make a video on Train To Busan
This movie is like dude perfect🎦 But a perfect way to die😄
Monke Gaming
Monke Gaming Day ago
Congratulations on 1 mil 🎉🎊🍾
Hcjgf Ghfhgf
Hcjgf Ghfhgf Day ago
Yeah Maybe Imma Do UNO REVERSE! On The Reaper And Satan...
moises villalona
that was a great trasdisin
Pedro Francisco
kingmega175 Day ago
Pls do about the last person on earth
arth 20
arth 20 Day ago
This movie tells us that the cameraman or camerawoman can also die
Vincent Dark-Fire
So, is any one else going to say it or do I have too. @14:49 There was an suv behind them and then its gone. So did the usv disappear or what.
arth 20
arth 20 Day ago
Congrats on 1 million
HHYO Day ago
There is another rule: if someone is safe in a room like clear did in final destination 2 it will skip them and kill the others till they are free
OT7 biased Mashups
Tbh I think Kevin got depression after the instance. He doesn't want to run from death. He's scared. Also I think in the heat of the moment they all forgot that death skips people. Understandable.
Foxeral Day ago
LMAO homies managed to not even have a black guy in the main cast at the start and still kill off a black guy first
OT7 biased Mashups
They might not die if it's not their turn but they can still get hurt. Madly. So just looking at the truck would NOT have been good. Also I don't think you could just chill out when it looks like you're gonna die.
OT7 biased Mashups
They were boiling alive. Do you think they could just think calmly and see how the shelf was stuck? And the couldn't communicate either. But the whole idea of "surviving" final destination is stupid because they were meant to die from the start.