How To Beat "Koro-sensei" in Assassination Classroom (2016) 

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A bunch of outlaw students have to assassinate and beat their teacher Koro-sensei until the end of the term. If they don't make it in time he will supposedly destroy earth. The problem is he moves with mach 20 speed, is a former master assassin and has a love for questionable magazines.
In this video, we look at class 3-E, look at the mistakes they make and figure out multiple ways on how to beat "Koro-sensei" and save the world *cough, in Assassination Classroom (2016)
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Feb 18, 2021




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Jianne Claire Imperial
Tbh nagisa,kayano,karma looks weird i don't like it- and plus if koro-sensei was real I would've cried the moment he died
Baby Face Koichi
Baby Face Koichi 2 hours ago
This vid got me to watch assassination classroom
CURBKAGE 3 hours ago
this live action is gross
Green Neon
Green Neon 3 hours ago
3:26 I vote we don't praise Okajima.
Pixel Player
Pixel Player 4 hours ago
I never thought this would be a live action show one day
Matthew Muthee
Matthew Muthee 5 hours ago
if you, watched the anime, then everything he said in this video, would not make any sense, because in the anime you learned that Koro-Sensei was the best assassin, and now everything about him has been improved, he can also become invinsible, so there isn't much you can do about that so. Also like WHY, you obv didn't watch it bc he doesn't destroy the planet he saves it lol
Chika Fujiwara
Chika Fujiwara 5 hours ago
Zack 7 hours ago
nagisa in anime: blue hair nagisa in live action: *B l a ck h a i r*
NTH THN 8 hours ago
Those ''high-schoolers'' look hella fucking OLD.
Bilal Wakili
Bilal Wakili 10 hours ago
Illusion RBX
Illusion RBX 11 hours ago
How to beat koro sensei: dont
hi 11 hours ago
Read my name
Obbyperson72 11 hours ago
nice movie. a killer who actually likes his students
hi 11 hours ago
No fr who the heck played as him
Marlin Rivera
Marlin Rivera 12 hours ago
why does anime look so weird in real life like literally. 8:03 why does Itona LOOK LIKE THAT! 9:55 WHY DOES PREFESSOR (curse word) LOOK LIKE THAT
Cayden Greensfeldergacha
There making every anime live action
sad life
sad life 13 hours ago
anime is like cartoon so if its for teenagers its still not scary but anime build different not like this movie
the fu****g lamb sauce
Build a giant statue of yourself holding a glass of milk and a cookie
LOUIS FRAULO III 13 hours ago
when did this come out
Edward Waring
Edward Waring 14 hours ago
BBs wouldn't kill it anyway
James Horn
James Horn 14 hours ago
do the anime pls
JQUACKs 15 hours ago
I for one prefer the anime
How to kill Koro-sensei 1.just delete the video 2. ( just comment ) 3. ( just comment ) 4. ( just comment )
Kayden 17 hours ago
I just realised the scariest movies are Japanese or Chinese.
TurtleRetwardZ 18 hours ago
Just not watch the live action version and leave him a fucking lone
Jennifer Pagaduan
Jennifer Pagaduan 19 hours ago
Dont beat him join him
ryansted stronghold
ryansted stronghold 19 hours ago
try killing him with a coat cothered in the substance of the pellets and hell put it on and die but just change the colour of the coat wich will catch him of guard
Cody Brown
Cody Brown 20 hours ago
Godzilla: sup
A random dude you just met
That the live action we saw in our class while watching it
Itzme ScrUbZ
Itzme ScrUbZ 20 hours ago
This looks like a disgrace to the anime
10PercentMilk Mmmm
10PercentMilk Mmmm 20 hours ago
The plot of the movie barely even let's you know any characters,its fuckin trash
10PercentMilk Mmmm
10PercentMilk Mmmm 20 hours ago
And it doesnt have a ton of the plot defining moments
k6 Vibez
k6 Vibez 21 hour ago
why would i wanna kill i wanna be his first
Joshua Weinberg
Joshua Weinberg 23 hours ago
i just wanted to watch the anime man c'mon 😭
Tornado animations-gamess-code
although if luffy goku or naruto we’re there their chances of killing korosensei will be slightly raised if they change their ways and be more strategic. At least after the beat kororsensei
TopHatDemon TDM
TopHatDemon TDM 23 hours ago
Wtf they made his mouth move in this one!? No no no I’m going back to cute kuro-Sensai! And Nagisa doesn’t have blue hair!! Annnnd Irina Jelavic is Japanese!!! Man, this is why I stick to animes...
Kendrick Pham
ً Day ago
put steep threads then shoot him, when he moves he'll get cut by the steel threads
Zach Zyan Catanus
How to beat korosensei: grab death note and write his name down Also Korosensei is sans
tiana atkinson
there not bebes there something that can only hurt him not humans
Hihitome baka
I love how you just exposed luffy, naruto, goku and hinata tho lmaooo
Mirasol Juanico
Ay like koro sensei
the biscuts burned
One reason I like the movie more he doesn't die
Splitfancy cake
Has anybody thought that maybe in the anime koro sensei's mouth moves so fast the the frame rate can't catch it?
S 22
S 22 Day ago
Lane Zane
Lane Zane Day ago
I thought of a way which would be pellets into lead bullets
NoLa Ray
NoLa Ray Day ago
They...want to kill him but don’t want him to die?
Timothy Sacramento
I will call him Gumball Head Guy
WaBluze Day ago
So all I have to do is kill my teacher bet I wanna live in this anime
Silje Träger
It doesn’t really tell the full story of how the kids and other teachers connect with their teacher. And they don’t even have green and blue hair like the anime. And they forgot the story of how he turned into an alien.
MC3DOGS Day ago
this movie is fucking weird
Andrei De La Paz
Super glue the floor? Then shoot
Creepy Spino
Creepy Spino Day ago
Turtle God
Turtle God Day ago
Who the fuck made a live action assasination classroom
hustler539 Day ago
Where to stream this?
кусок лавы
1. grab kakoyin's book 2. draw 3. koro is dead
Jamariae Daise
What's next a live action seven deadly sins movie
How the flip don’t you have more subs?
anime lover
anime lover Day ago
His biggest weakness is his humanity
Niilo Äijälä
In my opinion koro-sensei is cute
Jazz1011 Day ago
Ok. Why. The. FUCK. Did. They. Make. A. Live. Action. Version. Of. The. Anime?!?!?!?!?!
daan van de sompel
Is there a movie of assasination classroom???? I thought it was a anime serie
kirin Shimido
I'd rather this guy just watch the anime and not a shitty movie
Elijah Neri
Elijah Neri Day ago
Live action anime adaption is so cringe
Dit Day ago
How to beat: challenge him to an honerable and fair melee duel to the death
Poison him
HolywaffleYT Day ago
Anime's good......but this is just 😃🙃😐😑
Muffin man flipper
lel Day ago
Step 1:train like saitama Step 2:become god of destruction Step 3:realize that ur dead
HuweHuwe Day ago
Man this anime sad
HuweHuwe Day ago
To kill him you would need to cry. And be sad. F
Sixx! Serian
Sixx! Serian Day ago
Why is it so God damn cursed Koro sensai looks like my nightmare
I have a way gain kuro sensei trust when shake his hand activate the hidden blade to the chest
Kathryn Neel
Kathryn Neel Day ago
Death note 2017 movie
T-Jupitr Day ago
How about watch the anime not the movie and you’ll see why u can’t defeat this yellow shit
Muri 1274
Muri 1274 Day ago
I thought you were cinima summery
Brae_nojutsu 95
TBH I like the anime better
Miki Koh
Miki Koh Day ago
How to beat him get saitama
Kioyiochu •
Meh the anime is better than the live one, lmao im actually laughing it's bc koro sensei made a promise HIS MOUTH MOVED
ChuPika Day ago
What the Poop
Playgamefan Day ago
This is pac man when he evolves
Jak Dee
Jak Dee Day ago
Ok gummy knives kill this man or hurt him what
Douglas Campbell
Not gonna lie koro sensei lookin like a orange 🍊
Xurded Roblox
Xurded Roblox 2 days ago
F no his mouth moves when he talks
。froppy froppy 。
How to really beat koro sensei: just be good and nice
Bloodfallen 2 days ago
Viz Gen
Viz Gen 2 days ago
F no
John Dellinger
John Dellinger 2 days ago
Look at dis doood got him looking like a freakn orange up in here with uh with teeth huh
The Comment Reviewer
Oh my god.. You don’t kill koro-sensei You DO NOT KILL KORO-SENSEI
Squid Benton Jones
I'm just realizing he has a moving mouth-
Lyric Ash
Lyric Ash 2 days ago
who else can’t watch something like this JUST because of the voice? (psa: no hate)
JustAnArtNerd 2 days ago
How to beat koro sensei literly get on his good side and be friends and never back stab beacuss the chaenc of him exploding is 1% aaaayy spoliers
Thefreewils 2 days ago
The main Protagonist isn't the same anymore
Fluffs T. Foxx
Fluffs T. Foxx 2 days ago
Lisa dressage carroll
I would kill all my classmates and gain trust and and not save the world and go to where he's planet
ooofer skwkdjw
ooofer skwkdjw 2 days ago
props to the people that know the anime
TeamOrange 2 days ago
he looks like lemon demons brtoher from friday nights funkin ._.
xxl gamer
xxl gamer 2 days ago
That looks veeeery bad :[ the anime is way better
Ciaran Moseley
Ciaran Moseley 2 days ago
Kick the buddy irl
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