How to Tame Every Animal 

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Apr 6, 2021




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Comments 99   
WATOP 16 days ago
Enjoy the video friends!
Banana peal man !
Banana peal man ! 3 hours ago
Michael Maughan
U sound like seth rogan
Mochi The flying dog
@Goodgamer8ij Zain fancy
Goodgamer8ij Zain
Megalodon0064 3 days ago
I will this is funny
Mallory Butler
Mallory Butler 14 minutes ago
Don't worry about me, just gonna go tame some squids, dolphins and all the lizards in the world rq......
WatchIsReal 14 minutes ago
you forgot one thing, humanity
Liam Spencer
Liam Spencer 25 minutes ago
Chicken scratch in c major
Daniel Doyle
Daniel Doyle 56 minutes ago
3:15 Best looking lion I’ve ever seen
Gahami Dominguez
Thanks! I'm about to tame a mad friend
Benny Caustic
Benny Caustic Hour ago
4:03 I know you have games on your iPhone.
miguel campos
miguel campos Hour ago
A wild Goose came and ate bread out of my hand
NekoChan Hour ago
"A Florida man-" Ohhh boy. Here we go....
Gustavo Morales
instructions un clear I'm currently missing a hand
SbRapid FChase
I fed a boar some potato’s and bread then it started trusting me so I brought it home and cooked it up 😋 mmmm
Madara 2 hours ago
The raven thing just made me laugh 😂
Sheila Drebenstedt
Sheila Drebenstedt 3 hours ago
This sound not be possible
Zerver GV
Zerver GV 3 hours ago
Me after watching this video: gotta catch'em all
Interwesting Stuff Interwesting
Just lemme tame bee
Jen Liggett
Jen Liggett 3 hours ago
kari perez
kari perez 3 hours ago
If you gave me food I’d be your friend
Kai Stephenson
Kai Stephenson 4 hours ago
Not joking need love me. They come and sit on me and don't sting me. I had a pet bee once.
Gman 4 hours ago
Lemme guess, you didn't search for this
Doge Playz
Doge Playz 4 hours ago
🙂🖐️ 🦍
Manuel Sousa
Manuel Sousa 5 hours ago
*Rimworld* *players* *be* *like:* Why would I want to know how to tame every animal if a bear can do anything?
Charles Calvin
Charles Calvin 6 hours ago
Dude, i want to watch the Video and it starts with two angry dogs. I have cynophopbia
From Dream To Reality
Wait...soooo, this means that all the animals I've befriended without raising them from birth or giving them food aren't my friends? Or could it be that I'm doing something different that actually makes them love me? I mean, that seagull hated everyone else but me, and they'd been its life far longer. That giant water beetle didn't wanna bite no matter how many times I held it, and never tried to run away. Nine foot alligator at Myakka State Park, hadn't eaten, literally three feet away during breeding season? Woke up and saw me? What do ya' mean, it just went back to sleep after seeing me!? Dogs that tried to break out of their cages and hated their owners and everyone else had nothing but sloppy fucking kisses for me? Two dogs on the loose that killed another dog and attacked others that the cops were looking for? They spent some quality playtime with me DURING the search. Snakes, birds, and more. Hmmm.maybe I'm just different. Idk.
Great pirate Roberts
Boar are very intelligent creatures, also coyote got stung the fuk up by those bees it was pretty funny.
Angelie Grey
Angelie Grey 6 hours ago
instructions unclear, my friend’s still angry
Beyblade Bros
Beyblade Bros 6 hours ago
For boars you need meat and bones to make the hunters cape to tame them
duck 6 hours ago
It's not hard to tame my kind, as an old saying goes around about how to tame us all the time... Quack the quack quack quack and quack the quack quack, then quack quack Quack quack It's not that hard, really.
BlinkOnceifyougay 6 hours ago
This video is actually so destructive lol
Dannaleah Plays
Dannaleah Plays 7 hours ago
But...but... foxes eat cats... what?
Clorax Fr
Clorax Fr 7 hours ago
Most animals are probably scared of trusting humans or want to survive so they kill humans just like hunters kill them saddly
ItzLambChopz 7 hours ago
Bouta tame a jellyfish
oeg5365 7 hours ago
Now I have pet fly like that guy
giyu tomioka
giyu tomioka 7 hours ago
Me a ark player : KNOCK IT OUT
lolmanboss 9 hours ago
Ravens... yeah i took care of one when it was hurt. Now all the ravens in my city respect me. Seriously they dont attack my vegetables anymore.
dom EE
dom EE 10 hours ago
I want to tame a megaladon
kittyox 10 hours ago
I can only say that this person has summoned a whole fandom-
Mimic 10 hours ago
does this work in real life
Vinegar Doppio
Vinegar Doppio 11 hours ago
Throw meat Approach while crouching Hold out arms Speak to them ??? Pet your new companion
Albin sköld
Albin sköld 11 hours ago
can i tame shrimp?
Tnq Gaming
Tnq Gaming 12 hours ago
The thumbnail is actually same as in *please bee channel* it's feel like it has been taken from the please bee thumbnail...🤔
SaamoDomac-novi kanal
So if example lion attack me I will give him my arm and he will be my friend
TheDogeSoldier 12 hours ago
*Alterative Title: How to Tame alive Natures*
the___ WHAT?
the___ WHAT? 13 hours ago
C R O I K E Y ! ! !
sonlian sonlian
sonlian sonlian 13 hours ago
Am i the only one hoping to see how to tame animal(Women) in this vid🌚
X Waves musi
X Waves musi 13 hours ago
Gamers : yes, it literally a game taming animals logic
jakeson magtoto
jakeson magtoto 14 hours ago
I found a video that says otherwise a pack of wild wolves This is how it goes a person went to the forest nothing but clothes and couple of food and water of course he stayed away from the pack but the wolves notices him and didn't bother so they got used to the human being there and some more time later they would let him be even closer and closer until they accepted him in the pack like a real wolve that's how wolves are I also found a documentary about wolves so a lone wolf saw a pack of other wolves, wolves can barely survive on their own so best bet for survivaling was to follow the pack being a couple feet away to be so he wouldbe accepted his chooses are either stays long enough and eat the leftovers of the pack or to successfully mate with the alphas offspring of course the second option is the most common Once the baby wolf is born the lone wolf will try to take care of it cause it is his pup doing so makes him part of the pack by force I don't know on why I remembered this was 3 years ago when I found it my memory is so strange
XxGxddxX 14 hours ago
How do i take my toilet
spooky-month boi
spooky-month boi 15 hours ago
I just tamed a recoon
nebb [xXK0k1ch1_0uma]
did Gundham Tanaka make this video
ILIKE DREAM 15 hours ago
You feed the animal or animals a bit then it will begin trust
Ryan Coy
Ryan Coy 15 hours ago
Bummer that little brothers weren’t a part of this list.
Creator Studio Classic
shaunthesheep24 16 hours ago
0:02 I'm just imagining the lioness is telling them to get off there turf. Edit: just realised it was a leopard.
Gaurav Talukdar
Gaurav Talukdar 17 hours ago
“every animals” Me: tries to tame a bacteria
Pavel Poprjaduha
Pavel Poprjaduha 17 hours ago
Now tame some tyranids
Anakinpa2009 V2
Anakinpa2009 V2 17 hours ago
This didn't work I was eaten by rift from fortnite
Scott Hale
Scott Hale 18 hours ago
Roses are red Violets are blue When STEVE comes All the animals could Be tame too
Roberts Zonīs
Roberts Zonīs 18 hours ago
why are U talking in Brigthside videos ???
Monkey Explorer
Monkey Explorer 20 hours ago
You just gotta squish it
Ruza Hel
Ruza Hel 20 hours ago
Humans will try to pet anything, believe every wild animal can become their domestic pet.
Shravya Singh Negi
Shravya Singh Negi 22 hours ago
WATOP: How to tame any animal ARK players: Hold My beer
Richard B
Richard B 22 hours ago
Only animal you cannot tame is democrats
Rebel Greninja • 69 years ago
i've achieved world peace
• møthÿ
• møthÿ 22 hours ago
*dangerous bird alive exists* florida man: "hehehehehe mine."
Wild Trails Stable
Wild Trails Stable 23 hours ago
Oh I knew this :P
JamesIsN0tC00l 23 hours ago
A cassowary! Im not sure if that thing is a bird thats a full on dinosaur.
The J CLIPZZZ 23 hours ago
I want a pet lizard so I’m happy I found this because there are some around my house
Richard Trager
Richard Trager 23 hours ago
7:31 holy shit imagine being that dude
MagyarFTW 23 hours ago
This is dangerous
bork doge
bork doge 23 hours ago
Minecraft was RIGHT
Aj 8
Aj 8 23 hours ago
We can’t tame dinosaurs their dead sadly
It burns when i pvp
That guy pretending to be a lion tamer .. did he really point a finger to a lion, telling it to "cut it off! No more candy for ya!". That's all one needs to be a professional tamer. A threatening, condescending index finger. "hush, hush, fock off!"
Seth Tennison
Don't feed wild animals because they learn to depend on humans this happened to someone I know they were working on the oil field and met a friendly fox that they would feed but when they came back after leaving for 3 weeks or so and they found that fox dead inside their camp
Funneh Teddy
Funneh Teddy Day ago
Quang Anh Dao
How do you make friends with an animal? Food I'm pretty sure that also works on human
Anthony Naranjo
So I know The Birds and Birdemic exist, but imagine a revenge film about a flock of ravens coming after a man that hurt one of them.
chisel tip marker
how do you tame a human?
Groove Day ago
Kevin Parker- “It’s true, it worked on my impala years ago”
Gab Ofa
Gab Ofa Day ago
Can I be a friend with a cheetah
crimson Day ago
So i dont have to knock it out then feed it meat or berries huh
Plant Milk
Plant Milk Day ago
Let’s just say I’m a god dam Disney princess now
Rule10th Day ago
1000 ways to die
シloutre Day ago
"Just feed them food." *Generations of wolf domestication has entered the chat*
Dead Nation
Dead Nation Day ago
I thought it was crows that were smarter?
Calm_Cart Day ago
Instructions unclear my friend was killed by a alligator
R4f Offical
R4f Offical Day ago
Everybody gangsta till you get jumped by a bird😂
Sweater God
Sweater God Day ago
I remember the bird attacks in Toronto 😂
Mr_Bear_4873 Day ago
BRB imma go tame a megaladon
*Steel Beam*
*Steel Beam* Day ago
Every animal is a dog if you try hard enough.
its crystal cookie
My cat got a lion cut shave
Aliseio Day ago
Ark 2.0
Battydragon Day ago
Please stop spreading wrong information.. Do NOT give a bee honey ! it can spread disease and kill it as well as its colony. Best thing is water and sugar solution if its not available find the nearest dandelions (yellow flowers that grow on grass and people make wishes from)
A Day ago
People should understand that an angry raven is just a flying KFC in disguise
Marty Boi
Marty Boi Day ago
Knock it out and force feed it narcotics and then put food in it's inventory
D-boi Day ago
Bro just tranq them and feed them it’s eZ
Von Buren
Von Buren Day ago
8:00 reminds me of the the simpsons episode where homer befriends the crows and then turns on them, the crows shred his face as revenge...
Yxu Day ago
this is not how to be friends with cockroaches
vanny Fnaf
vanny Fnaf Day ago
6:58 tubbo: noted
Fabian vanbruchem
Bruh. Animals are less racist than humans
Animal War Rules