How To Evacuate A Wheel Chair From A School Bus 

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Mar 28, 2021




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Ronnie_So Lit
Ronnie_So Lit 2 days ago
Oh my gosh “what’s he gonna do roll himself out the door” 😂😂
Science Diamonds SD Scp
Why is that actually funny.
Bruce Cunningham
Bruce Cunningham 5 days ago
Where's the emergency catapult when you need it?
Truck Driver 117
Truck Driver 117 5 days ago
Pick up the kid out of the chair and carry him
• Pastel Space Pirate •
Worthless Rocker
Worthless Rocker 6 days ago
A mini bus in my parts of the woods is referred to as a “tart cart”
EastcoastItalian 6 days ago
Timmy needs really good friends, thats all
Gloomy dark
Gloomy dark 6 days ago
I have a question Why do we need to leave our items on the bus?
Mud Buck
Mud Buck 7 days ago
Fly timmy fly
Steven Delgado
Steven Delgado 8 days ago
Urijah Reynolds
Urijah Reynolds 9 days ago
Wheeee right out the back door
Why Me
Why Me 9 days ago
Claw boss you have me thinking I'm going to hell I wanted to bust out laughing so hard with you on this I mean I completely understand the point of this video but by all means I hope they have some measures in place primarily for situations like you pointed out like the electricity going out that would be a very f***** up time Little Timmy from South Park better hope his chair is fully charged LOL he's going to have to do 0 to 60 in about 2.3 ft to make it off that bus right LOL
OfficialBenny A
OfficialBenny A 10 days ago
I cracked up tooo come on jimmy zoooooommmm😃😃😃😃
Ranboos Memory’s
Ranboos Memory’s 10 days ago
i was laughing more at the comments than the actual video
Stuff Inc.
Stuff Inc. 10 days ago
Stuff Inc.
Stuff Inc. 10 days ago
Noone nowhere
Noone nowhere 11 days ago
Thats why everyone else gets off first so Timmy can get speed up to launch himself out of the back door lol
Kyle Thorson
Kyle Thorson 12 days ago
Even without power the wheelchair lift will still work. Thank god someone was thinking ahead.
Silverhawk _324
Silverhawk _324 12 days ago
I've seen a mini bus like that at my school and a kid with disabilities was unloaded and it took no joke 45 ish seconds which is a lot for a emergency
Youngster Barth
Youngster Barth 12 days ago
Funniest clip yet
A P.10
A P.10 12 days ago
Little Timmy over here like WEEEE😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jason Butler
Jason Butler 12 days ago
red light
red light 13 days ago
Hunter Wyatt scott
Hunter Wyatt scott 14 days ago
Lmao pour jhony couldn't get some goddamn help from someone who was in the back
alonedigz 15 days ago
leave your belongings just get up and walk timmy lil b**
Turtle King210
Turtle King210 16 days ago
So I’m entered in the giveaway
Strad Gav
Strad Gav 16 days ago
0:36 is when it cracked my head off
Bait 17 days ago
Somebody gonna have to carry little Timmy
Edward Horner
Edward Horner 18 days ago
The buses (our company)have a release on the entire lift.you can open it, load wheelchair. (Ramp comes down, in the up position). Press button (available on rails.
Spud James
Spud James 18 days ago
Timmy just gonna haveta leave his wheelchair behind. "Leave personal belongings on the bus" . Right!?
Athena Playz
Athena Playz 18 days ago
🚌 🧑‍🦽 🔥 Speed Timmy 🤣
Athena Playz
Athena Playz 18 days ago
bus supposed to be on fire lol
Athena Playz
Athena Playz 18 days ago
Dang it
Dj Seymour
Dj Seymour 18 days ago
Timmy :👁👄👁
Obi-Wana Kenobiego
Obi-Wana Kenobiego 18 days ago
ajopeytplay's 101
ajopeytplay's 101 18 days ago
The kid in the wheelchair: hay guy's wate up The ramp open but not down all the way The kid in the wheelchair: well shoot guess I'll die
Vlogs with Martin
Vlogs with Martin 18 days ago
Don’t worry, bus manufacturers are now working on a safe escape device that ejects the kid like a fighter jet pilot.
A82 19 days ago
Lmao this just made my day poor timmy😂😭😭😂
Ice Gamer
Ice Gamer 19 days ago
Open the back door and hit the gas
Railfan Kimble
Railfan Kimble 19 days ago
Dukes of hazzard for timmy
Dave kent
Dave kent 19 days ago
Gamblerfoxy 19 days ago
R.I.P timmy
NLMB_sama 19 days ago
No cap bro if shi was happening I’m not stoping to read a sign deadass
Charlie Silva
Charlie Silva 20 days ago
Just roll himself out the door *laugh* wheeewee- clawboss 2021
Cornelius Dinkmeyer
Rockets. The answer is rockets on Timmys WC.
Nick Wardiya
Nick Wardiya 20 days ago
2 days later: a bus explosion has happend and a kid named Timmy died
GamingBros 20 days ago
Fucking throws the dam kid 😂
The Pale Greek
The Pale Greek 20 days ago
This guy probably won’t make it past 40.
Juan Rodriguez
Juan Rodriguez 20 days ago
Lol poor Timmy XD
Chua Fee Kim
Chua Fee Kim 20 days ago
What county do you work in?
LilZambranoVEVO 20 days ago
Hes jokes are trash
Ken Horst
Ken Horst 20 days ago
Chair lifts have a manual back-up pump system.
B711-HD 20 days ago
Poor Timmy
Principal Nezu
Principal Nezu 20 days ago
Ok Timmy get ready to just zoom Timmy are you sure Me just shut up and do it Timmy just runs for it
aiden orndorff
aiden orndorff 20 days ago
Poor timmy R.I.P.
fatmoamabarbiess 20 days ago
Cmon Timmy zoom
Analysa Avery
Analysa Avery 21 day ago
You step out of the bus and the wheelchair kids already ready to run on his feet
Andrew King
Andrew King 21 day ago
He's just gonna have to walk it off
Marcus Eckles
Marcus Eckles 21 day ago
Why am I imagining the kid in a wheel chair yeeting himself lol
- welchieez -
- welchieez - 21 day ago
What’s the worst that can happen, get paralyzed from the waste down.
Flamin Marshmallows
Congrats on 500k!
BDG Jay 21 day ago
Bro I like how they say leave all belongings on the bus but in reality if it was a situation where I wouldn’t get my stuff back everything is coming with me
Jay S
Jay S 21 day ago
AyyoItzJeepin 21 day ago
This is why New York requires all school buses to have side emergency doors.
•Ÿō my fellow Wēebs •
Ian Colquhoun
Ian Colquhoun 21 day ago
Timmy be like "YEET!"
Sammy Morales
Sammy Morales 21 day ago
Fast And feirous has
Expert Expert
Expert Expert 21 day ago
U did him wrong
Ethan Lusardi
Ethan Lusardi 21 day ago
My bus crashed today I’m fine but my sister is a little bruised up. We’re your seatbelt guys!!!.
This Is Braden
This Is Braden 21 day ago
Forest Gump it
Connor Diana
Connor Diana 21 day ago
Timmy I think might be in more pain
Darth pepe
Darth pepe 21 day ago
Like it good job
LIL MAC 21 day ago
I’m fucking dead 🤣🤣🤣
Toast 21 day ago
Evacuation is for the standing
Mark Duarte
Mark Duarte 21 day ago
Its pretty obvious that timmy is your responsibility
Skyye J
Skyye J 21 day ago
OMG THE “weeee” took me out🤣💀💀 aww poor Timmy 😭🤣
Abdul Rashid
Abdul Rashid 21 day ago
Everyone a gangsta until Timmy stands up and leaves the Blind kid sees Timmy leave and shouts Timmy got up and left and the deaf person who hears the person and says,"Yo how did the wheelchair guy stand up and leave"
Noah Shares
Noah Shares 21 day ago
Your phat
Corrupt IKONツ
Corrupt IKONツ 21 day ago
They can just pick them up
Creeper Aw Man
Creeper Aw Man 21 day ago
Oh it's my time to shine if you actually wanna know. Go out the back exit. Its it's a younger student then they are easy to carry. If its older the fit people to the fireman's carry. If the bus driver cant do that they hard to do the under the armpit hook.
Rachel Williams
Rachel Williams 21 day ago
I feel bad for laughing so hard 😂
Jeremy Guzman
Jeremy Guzman 21 day ago
gar gar
gar gar 21 day ago
You are going to carry him out
vivcarsaw playsgames
Lol why did that make my day
Aiyanna Dill
Aiyanna Dill 21 day ago
I don't who is gonna leave their belongings on the bus because I know I'm bringing all my stuff.
The casual model building here and there
This channel sets a bad example for kids, I absolutely hate the bad life choices this guy makes, man I hate Jake Paul. Claw boss is pretty cool though
over powered ACE
over powered ACE 21 day ago
C C 21 day ago
this is so funny 😂 for an honest answer though there does need to be more effort to have signs for wheelchairs and things! if that doesn't exist already.
Doodle Bug
Doodle Bug 21 day ago
Timmy go zoom zoom
flareon sx
flareon sx 21 day ago
Denis 21 day ago
A soul for a soul
brandon lang
brandon lang 21 day ago
Theres a hand crank for the handicap ramp. He would need someone to assist him tho.
WOLF DUDES 21 day ago
They will have to buy me new items then lol
Hayden the head
Hayden the head 21 day ago
I just imagine this and I'm going to you out emoji. ↗↗↗↗↗↗↗↗↗↗↗↗↗↗↗↗↗↗↗⬆↗↗💩
Avanith 21 day ago
Nakahara Chuuya
Nakahara Chuuya 21 day ago
Timmy: WEEEE
#GL0STARZ ENT! 21 day ago
Hes a bus driver so i expecter him to answer it and if he did we all would bealive it
cup 21 day ago
TTERBO GAMING 21 day ago
"WEEEEEEEE" WTF so if your the driver for one of these wheel chair Incidents. What are you gonna do just give him an extra push to help him make it "safely"
Stormin' Norman
Stormin' Norman 21 day ago
The wheelchair lift has a manual way of raising and lowering the lift if the power fails.
Gachafox89 21 day ago
I did not spell that right
Gachafox89 21 day ago
But what if the weel chair is secretly a flying weel chair
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