How to Beat the NAZI ZOMBIES in "DEAD SNOW" (2009) 

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If you vacationed in a snowy mountain cabin and Nazi Zombies tried to kill you, what would you do?
In this How to Beat video, we’ll follow the Norwegian Students, see if we can make better decisions, and ultimately attempt to beat the Nazi Zombies in, Dead Snow.
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Apr 6, 2021




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Nerd Explains
Nerd Explains 8 days ago
Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS/ANDROID/PC: clcr.me/Apr_NerdExplains and get a special starter pack 💥 Available only for the next 30 days
The Viber
The Viber 11 minutes ago
raid is disgusting
Fenyx Leafland
could you make a clan?
Chahed Hfaiedh
Yes me 2 bang bang 🔫🎮🎧
Miguel Paniagua
Miguel Paniagua 2 days ago
Can you do a part 2 because there’s a number 2
David mingle
David mingle 2 days ago
Get that crap outta here
Javier Morales
Javier Morales 6 minutes ago
echo 3-1 going dark
David Drayton
David Drayton 21 minute ago
I should just kill myself better then this
Osman Hussain
Osman Hussain 27 minutes ago
Obersmoffe 31 minute ago
I’m fucking ready! Just get into a glitch spot!
Veiny Lemon
Veiny Lemon 52 minutes ago
Me:*Watches This video* Also me:*Hearing the background music* Also Also me:Ah yes. My History
Mr. Mumble
Mr. Mumble 57 minutes ago
as a Norwegian, i kinda stick out, just gonna say this before the video starts, how to beat nazi-zombies in the mountains? Stay. Away. From. The. Mountains! besides, there are far worse things up there, things you cant even imagine, things that will rock the foundations of your beliefs, trust me, i saw it once, unspeakable horror!
Hoggern Hour ago
I am Norwegian
stranger things weird stuff
Jeg er norsk
Kuba Symono
Kuba Symono Hour ago
I would beat it with some conditions, i want ak-47 at beginning, and i want to know where juggernog is and puck-a-punch and mystery box.
Andre Roos
Andre Roos 2 hours ago
no hate but ofc he still goes to the cave to get weapons if there are alot of zombies
TheMineGamer12 2 hours ago
Next DEAD SNOW 2? :)
gecko games
gecko games 2 hours ago
You should do dead snow 2 next, finish the duo
drackaflame99 2 hours ago
27:38 last survivor:oh fuck Nazi zombie:OH YOU PEICE OF SHIT 🤬😡 *punches* XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
club boy sandwich
club boy sandwich 2 hours ago
those dumb idiots should’ve got enough points for the viable ending instead of panicking
Justnormal Wownormal
How to beat dead snow: be the camera man he has the ability to be invisible
Vanya Ciric
Vanya Ciric 3 hours ago
umm, raygun?
Slav Life
Slav Life 3 hours ago
Wow, i'm pretty sure that's from the Communist Flag in this Video and I also have that in my Avatar right now XD 23:52
Slav Life
Slav Life 2 hours ago
@Willi Kins Btw, you spelled "soveit union" wrong. Edit: Actually, you spelled "soveit union" wrong, TWICE LMAOOO. "Its not a "communist" flag, its the flag of the soveit union, which was what nazi germany fought againts." "Do your homework before you put the flag of the soveit union on your avatar" LOL NAH, YOU SHOULD DO YOUR HOMEWORK AND GO TO A SPELLING BEE LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Slav Life
Slav Life 2 hours ago
@Willi Kins Well sheesh, don't have to be so serious ;-;
Willi Kins
Willi Kins 2 hours ago
Its not a "communist" flag, its the flag of the soveit union, which was what nazi germany fought againts. Do your homework before you put the flag of the soveit union on your avatar
Álmos Csille
Álmos Csille 4 hours ago
Cinema Summary: *censores every single drop of blood* Me:ok. Nerd Explains: *doesn't censore anything except bad words* Me:HELL YEAH!! Studio: *censores hentai* Me: *pirates of the carabine theme song playing in the background* I know I will have to do this!!!!
Álmos Csille
Álmos Csille 4 hours ago
Slav Life
Slav Life 4 hours ago
Call of Duty: World at War, was the best Nazi Zombie Game even tho I haven't even played it lmao I only watched it from Vanossgaming if you know him, his Video's are very fckin' funny.
Altay Guliyev
Altay Guliyev 4 hours ago
Yey cod!
Alex Sierra
Alex Sierra 7 hours ago
Just pack-a-punch bro
RONIN 8 hours ago
Skip ad 1:58
Marcus B
Marcus B 8 hours ago
I remember watching this movie when i really shouldn't have as a small child. Being Swedish and a slow-ish reader i couldn't *really* understand too much but i remember the general gist of it even now.
phrog in the bog
phrog in the bog 9 hours ago
don't ✍ stay ✍ at ✍ snowy ✍ mountains ✍
Chizuru Mizuhara
Chizuru Mizuhara 9 hours ago
Please make a how to beat video of DEEP BLUE SEA.
Nick Varin
Nick Varin 9 hours ago
Where's the mystery box?
Jacques Peuchaud
Jacques Peuchaud 9 hours ago
Also many don't know this but the intestines are actually attached to the pelvis and they would not spool out of you like a rope.
Travis Murtland
Travis Murtland 10 hours ago
Flashing that hammer and sickle at a Nazi zombie while charging it is either the worst idea or the best lol, they're either thinking "aw shit not these guys again" or you're gonna get tag teamed. Big flex though lol. Every one of those zombies should have bolted from the wartime flashbacks at seeing that Trench Gun lol
KenLol 11 hours ago
2:16 : This is why you do NOT dig straight down.....(This is a joke btw)
EveryOneElseYT 12 hours ago
555 dislikes
Glorious Soviet Union
They're nazi zombies, blare the USSR antgem.
Benry 12 hours ago
It's all fun and killing nazi's until you hear FETCH ME THERE SOULS
Lord Tachanka
Lord Tachanka 12 hours ago
CoD players: Just like the simulations
Calextrix 12 hours ago
Please please *PLEASE* do 28 weeks later!
Tyler Iguana
Tyler Iguana 13 hours ago
How about the second movie?
Hazmat Beats
Hazmat Beats 13 hours ago
My cod training has came
Bboy Finesse
Bboy Finesse 13 hours ago
Bo2 zombie mode OP
Jaonarym 13 hours ago
Better idea Just get to the catwalk with an AR
Katherine Holland
Katherine Holland 14 hours ago
work for the nazi zombies
Lt. smoke
Lt. smoke 14 hours ago
10:01 I mean it is a movie
slimeeXD 14 hours ago
I'm one of those corn balls with been waiting my whole life for this
Alexandria Meier
Alexandria Meier 15 hours ago
Can you do a video on How to beat "Tusk"??
Mr. random person
Mr. random person 15 hours ago
Easy, just get some amphibious landing vehicles and raid the zombies with m1 garands. You are in Norway after all.
The Internet Police
The Internet Police 15 hours ago
Time to call JFK...
JMS 15 hours ago
3:51 Me who has the same knife at my house: maybe I could be a murder?
Yeetus Bajeetus
Yeetus Bajeetus 15 hours ago
Can you pleas do a vid on how to beat starve?
Cade Gaming
Cade Gaming 15 hours ago
do dead snow 2
Cruz Riera
Cruz Riera 16 hours ago
I would Pay for 1000 gun
M Q 16 hours ago
How to beat nazi zombies from outpost
Kota Shitting Punta
Kota Shitting Punta 17 hours ago
Can we nuke em for once 😩
Kyleah Smith
Kyleah Smith 17 hours ago
I love that Gore that happened when Erland was killed by the nazi zombie!🥰🥰😍😍😍😁😁😁🩸🩸🩸🩸♥️♥️❤️❤️
EzzYy 17 hours ago
Can you do Dead Snow 2, even tho we've already beaten them? xD
james jess
james jess 17 hours ago
Nazi Zombies - Rise up and ready to attack Me - (shouts) We're not jewish Nazi Zombies - Understandable have a great day
Joe Shmoe
Joe Shmoe 17 hours ago
Hahah “LADIES”. I got your Bill Burr reference 😂
Last Whisper
Last Whisper 18 hours ago
This movie and one of the Y8 games “the last stand” are what made me scared of zombies when I was younger. Zombie land showed me zombies are small fries and made me like zombie movies. Good times.
Tacticool Operator
Tacticool Operator 19 hours ago
Cod players: Where is the Ray gun!?!?!. Doom Players: When the doom music kicks in
KarnageBTW 20 hours ago
4:53 lmfao crazy that some people are actually like that irl
Dooshopo Yt
Dooshopo Yt 20 hours ago
Everyone gangsta intill somone Phones merryweather
Edoardo Visaggio
Edoardo Visaggio 20 hours ago
Nazi Zombies: Attack Me, who whatched Hellsing Ultimate and played South Park The Stick of Truth: It's Time!
L P 21 hour ago
Dudes acting like a bolt action is completely useless I know people who can shoot almost as fast as a semi with a bolt
Mohit Kumar
Mohit Kumar 21 hour ago
who said zombies are stupid?? i most of the cases they attack you when you're in toilet! they know when you're landlocked.
ching cheng gaming
ching cheng gaming 21 hour ago
0:21 every youtuber ever be like
Box Fox
Box Fox 22 hours ago
Why did he have to sponsor raid.....
retroalex 117
retroalex 117 22 hours ago
Of nazi zombies were after me i would get soviet zombies
Old Sport
Old Sport 23 hours ago
My training in Doom 2s Wolfenstien levels and in every Wolfenstien game my head:I’m gonna be doing one thing,and one thing only.Killing Natzhees (*that’s how it is sounded like in the movie.*)
leonard gran
leonard gran 23 hours ago
i heve sean the movie
David Garretson
Pt 2
BananaPhantastic ROBLOX
Step 1: buy a better gun Step 2: grind the cash Step 3: Pack-a-punch all ur weapons buy full ammo and get all the drinks Step 4: camp
Lamborghini 1208
What if Hitler was in here
Capricious Demon
16:18, what did the guy on the right say?
Lex h
Lex h Day ago
you can stick with me just pack toilet paper and water
Destruction Kingdom
Ruv from FNF mid-fight masses mod
(Yes, I played cod zombies. No, you cannot stop me from trying to get to wave 90 dispute having only OK skills.)
Ruv from FNF mid-fight masses mod
Oh, and better yet, buy all the perks. (Juggernaug included)
Adarsh Sreekanth
Nerd Explains sucks. I would like to explain how to beat then. First get a toy baby and say "GAGA BABA" and put them in fire, Hold your hands together and jump 5 times. Then when you spot a nazi zombie. Shoot them in the head with a henry rifle.
Ruv from FNF mid-fight masses mod
Lmao just buy ray gun.
Abomination With Wifi
"How to survive nazi zombies" leave a half body on round 8 and get some perks and you will be enjoying life with a nazi pet
Dimidia Luce
Dimidia Luce Day ago
"nazi zombies have a sick sense of humor"... well spoken
so i looked at the thumbnail and i genuinely thought it was a video game, im sorry but cod is taking over my brain.
Mack Day ago
Cod waw
Archer Davidson
Literally cod zombies
Dennis Saenrach Steinsland
nerd expainls sucks, i would find a damn gun and shoot my self
Paul Edward Z Madanlo
That Nazi zombies tried to invade the Soviet Union but a friend it nature and that nature release the winter power
SavageBoy 150 Gaming
Nobody: Cod cold war zombie players: seems familiar
Epic Guy
Epic Guy Day ago
Before we all die in a nazi zombie apocalypse i just say our say our sponser raid shadow le-
Jacky Boi
Jacky Boi Day ago
Every call of duty player dream come true
James Lean De Jesus
there squad and land in a no gun zone
Slimy Summer
Slimy Summer Day ago
Hey Nerd explains,I am new to your channel but your not a nerd you're just smart and cool! Edit:I subscribed
Freshy Day ago
First, steal the launch codes, next run the frick away, then nuke em
RazgrizEdge Day ago
Someone confirm I’m not going crazy and saw there was a video here on “how to beat Signal 100” Japanese movie.
Krusk Day ago
In defense of the germans not using their guns; they know the war is over and they're not going to be getting any new ammo supplies or grenades. Gunning down tourists could be considered a waste of precious ammo when those bullets could be needed in future to fight armed opponents such as curious cops or the local military
Paul Weily
Paul Weily Day ago
I love you
Lez PlayYt
Lez PlayYt Day ago
welp get quick revive buy the mp40 near the staircases on power get jug pap ur gun get perks get thundergun :)
Krusk Day ago
Grab the M1A1 Carbine early, that gun can easily carry you to the mid game
giannis psillias
Alright first step: open power and get the mystery box Second step: get jug
oyun dash
oyun dash Day ago
behold raid shadow legends wow it suck i dont get the point of sponsoring it sucks i played it it kinda bad and everyone getting sponsored by raid shadow legends i dont gett it
XxGame WeebxX
I cant even take a step off my bed so I don't think ima be fighting zombies
The Next Chapter...