How to win easy money 💵 | When your friends try this 😲 

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Omg yes, you can trick your friends into giving you $200.00 lmao 😂
Also thanks for watching hope you enjoyed this video remember to like & subscribe if your new, I’m sure some of you already saw this but if you haven’t then this could be a cool 😎 trick 😅
Also mention to austinfelt for making this video.


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Mar 23, 2021




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Sub2Ttvdplay123on Youtube
Thanks for watching hope you enjoyed this video.
Matt Gee
Matt Gee Hour ago
Was Bang the sponsor of this video?
gamerlaw 09
gamerlaw 09 4 hours ago
Imagine liking ur own comment
Jake Grace
Jake Grace 8 hours ago
Yea that may be the single worst video I’ve ever watched
DumPap2287 9 hours ago
Fuck off go back to cringe tok
Eternal Agony
Eternal Agony 19 days ago
yeah absolute god-tier garbage, not entertaining, not funny, not original, idk why the hell u chose this to re upload out of all the vids on tik tok, I don't have it downloaded but I know there is better shit then this
A Andrews
A Andrews 43 minutes ago
I feel bad for all of the people who are like “ funny how they’re just casually sitting down and drinking without talking, this videos fake-.-! “ 1. If you can’t tell off of they’re body language that this has been planned 2. If you can’t tell off of the way they’re talking like they’re from some advertisement for perfect family that this has been planned 3. If you can’t tell off of the TikTok logo that this has been planned *Then you most likely will never live a meaningful life, because you won’t even have the braincells to even figure out it’s pointless without one (making you pointless!)* Nobody ever likes my comments because I say the shit they don’t wanna hear but if you’re reading this you’ve fulfilled the only reason I wrote it. *(For you to read it dummy!)*
Grizzneko 47 minutes ago
that kid should not be drinking bang
I'm still confused
gabe lol
gabe lol Hour ago
It’s all bullshit and fake,fuck y’all. trying to advertise all sly
Brina Alexandria
Brina Alexandria 2 hours ago
But Where the line go 🤨
Mystic Salamander
Mystic Salamander 2 hours ago
But somebody who collects sharpies the condition of the sharpie nib makes me sad
Sturmgechu 2 hours ago
But you lifted it while making the dot
Joe Ronsley
Joe Ronsley 3 hours ago
He lifted the marker when he was doing the circle
Eddi Mo Fetti
Eddi Mo Fetti 3 hours ago
Whose really gonna offer $200 to attempt a dumb trick? No, seriously who is it because I want my money now.
Justin D
Justin D 3 hours ago
Man I love those organic, unscripted moments in life
CARLOS santiago
CARLOS santiago 3 hours ago
I love the fact I seen a different video with the same people having the kid win it
Sky 3 hours ago
He is drawing the painting of gods
James Bogart
James Bogart 4 hours ago
Man i could use that money for car parts
NOUR 4 hours ago
Am i watching shorts or tiktoks?
Thomas Haddix
Thomas Haddix 5 hours ago
Ridhwan0_0 Ü
Ridhwan0_0 Ü 5 hours ago
Louie Joe
Louie Joe 5 hours ago
He lifted up the Sharpie to use it tho .... 🥴👀🤔
TTV Zenollen
TTV Zenollen 6 hours ago
You know it’s bad when the drink bang energy
wiggly wiggle
wiggly wiggle 6 hours ago
She literally did it right tf
Craig Pennell
Craig Pennell 6 hours ago
Do all people copy each other and just post the same things over and over and over and over and over! No original ideas!
Dorothy Murphy
Dorothy Murphy 6 hours ago
The funny part is you SEE him draw the line and they just edited the footage to blur it afterwards
Claurox 7 hours ago
Why is no one talking about how the markers tip is crunched up
Matthew Peitsch
Matthew Peitsch 7 hours ago
Wow so creative and original screen recording a tiktok
Hayden Ballard
Hayden Ballard 7 hours ago
No one noticed that when he was drawing the dot the sharpie lifted up a bit
Who Cares
Who Cares 7 hours ago
Technically he did lift a marker from the paper. It was lifted from the original paper to the folded side of the paper and then back on to the original paper. You could draw circle and at the end draw a dot touching the circle it’s still within the circle.
Frosty 7 hours ago
That kid is drinking too much Bang
HawkTYME 7 hours ago
When he was making the dot he lifted the marker
Bubble Girl
Bubble Girl 8 hours ago
Cliff Lee
Cliff Lee 8 hours ago
Love how they both did it wrong
lithara 8 hours ago
You can see the connection line but his hand is in the way and it disappears..
Games Dean
Games Dean 8 hours ago
After camera stopes rolling* Man knocks home to sleep and steals back the money lol
Becca Reeves
Becca Reeves 8 hours ago
The bang energy drinks just so happen to be placed perfectly on the table so you can see both labels 😂
Lemmy Kato_
Lemmy Kato_ 8 hours ago
Bruh what person ruins there child with energy drinks for product placement
Ward3n 1
Ward3n 1 8 hours ago
Grabs whiteout
Nyzir Torres
Nyzir Torres 8 hours ago
Wait what
Rd Chhetri
Rd Chhetri 9 hours ago
I've done that when I was 9 years old
Simon Lutgens
Simon Lutgens 9 hours ago
I hate every aspect of this video.
RochRich 9 hours ago
Kid: that’s easy **puts pen to paper** It was at that moment he knew he fucked up
Guillermo Fraire
Guillermo Fraire 9 hours ago
How about add the rule no changing the paper or folding it
Antony Safradin
Antony Safradin 9 hours ago
Buy a new sharpie with that money bruh...😂😂😂
TheLastGoonie1 9 hours ago
Bang with electrolytes it's got what plants crave
stuart valentino
stuart valentino 9 hours ago
100 dollars each I'd say. He said draw a dot with a circle round without lifting sharpie. EXACTLY what the first kid did smh
ROCKY GAMING 9 hours ago
these are getting boring
Snikt Gaming
Snikt Gaming 10 hours ago
Some jerk leave his little brother after getting the money 😒
D Pelton
D Pelton 10 hours ago
That sharpie's like: Can I die already
Nari Berkz
Nari Berkz 11 hours ago
That kid won't make it to 15, got h wired on the bang already smh....
Pope Mcgrope
Pope Mcgrope 11 hours ago
Woooooo, tik tok trash that everyone loves. I can’t wait to watch this shit content. -no one.
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker 11 hours ago
no one gonna talk how ruined is the brush?
R S 11 hours ago
How stupid do you have to be to not figure this out?
N3 Aura
N3 Aura 11 hours ago
larone clarke
larone clarke 12 hours ago
I just figured it out...lol
jazmine johnson
jazmine johnson 12 hours ago
He didn’t even do it right v.v
C S 13 hours ago
This trick old as dog shit
Bam Boo
Bam Boo 13 hours ago
Dumb. They are republicans obviously
Rufus Framelius
Rufus Framelius 13 hours ago
Keep this shit in tiktok
Corey Johnson
Corey Johnson 13 hours ago
Im most upset with the kid flattening he tip
The Doh Bros
The Doh Bros 13 hours ago
Bless YouTrust God
Dimitrije Popović
Dimitrije Popović 14 hours ago
How do you do it
yoannzeno Perrier
yoannzeno Perrier 14 hours ago
Dallas Gonci
Dallas Gonci 15 hours ago
Saw cut frames
David Gilbert
David Gilbert 15 hours ago
Christ I could’ve done that when I was 9 Too easy next
unspokenghost82 16 hours ago
Aren't bangs for 18+ year olds😂
PeggymoeXD 16 hours ago
Acting level -4 Also go buy a better marker with the money you crack head
VICTOR ILIYA 16 hours ago
Pleeaaaase what is the name of the background music
cat 16 hours ago
Ahh yes the Bang drink.. AD
sheeesh 17 hours ago
This is so fucking cringe
Bastian P.1000
Bastian P.1000 17 hours ago
Becoming more likes than the origin video just... Bcs... Nth not even gave effort but.. Oke
Ryan Panayotov
Ryan Panayotov 20 hours ago
Why does a reupload get more likes than the original?
ARLETTE. 20 hours ago
KJ BUSSIN 20 hours ago
“Thanks” *Casually walks off and leaves kid with guy he just met 60 seconds ago*
Genesis TV
Genesis TV 22 hours ago
the acting and advertising in this video is so obnoxiously bad and cringe
Your friendly neighborhood Spongulous
Thats not very cash money of you to be stealing this content buckaroo
Santos Echeverria
Santos Echeverria 23 hours ago
This trick is played out 🥱
tayyab naseer
tayyab naseer 23 hours ago
I do this sheet when i was a kid come on😑😂😂🤣
Cathi FAM Journey
Cathi FAM Journey 23 hours ago
Lol got ya sucker!
AbbyThaSavage97 23 hours ago
Lemon Town
Lemon Town Day ago
That sharpie is ✨dry✨
Luis Cab
Luis Cab Day ago
Or think about this take the cap and put it on the paper and then just draw freely
Mario Lopez
Mario Lopez Day ago
Gotta love the stolen content
jimtsap04 Day ago
The tip of that marker had seen some shit.
Nico Panchu
Nico Panchu Day ago
200 IQ?
Spyziy Day ago
The real awnser put down the side of the sharpie on the paper after drawing the dot so that the sharpie always touches the paper just not with the tip.
Psychonaut Day ago
This was stolen from another video...
Jonathan Martin
Enjoy those heart issues in your 20’s kid! BANG!
Sleezy Delo
Sleezy Delo Day ago
Sponsored by bang energy
Dafdev76 Day ago
This is why Aliens will never make contact with us
Hoho Ree
Hoho Ree Day ago
How many times do i need to see the same video but different people do it
wren Day ago
Adrian Munoz
Adrian Munoz Day ago
"Well, close. Check this out" Man, shut the fuck up
Darth Dulla
Darth Dulla Day ago
It’s illegal for kids to drink BANG
VeRy NiCe
VeRy NiCe Day ago
Is nobody gonna talk about how this dumbass literally screen recorded a random persons tiktok and put it on their youtube just to try to get clout
Dylan Vance
Dylan Vance Day ago
Don't those bang drinks say 18+?
Raimundo Santander
Mans lifted up the pen 5 times
almighty allan
NUkai Day ago
Wtf ?
Kaleb Hill
Kaleb Hill Day ago
Love how a company is supporting young kids consuming 300mg of caffeine like it's nothing.. Get them addicted young I guess.
Jessica Bowen
KierZy Day ago
Well u can clearly see how he did it
Alex B
Alex B Day ago
Is that child drinking a bang!?
Money Ball Challenge!