How Strong are Twisted Ratchet Straps? 

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I'm testing the myth that a twisted ratchet strap loses 50 percent of its load capacity by putting a twist in it. So I build a test rig to find out the truth. I test everything from 1 twist to 10 twists. I even test knots and water soaked straps. Exploding them produced some pretty shocking results!

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Apr 25, 2021




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Alex Benson
Alex Benson 6 days ago
That red vise at 3:00 is gorgeous! What is the make?
Bad Wookie
Bad Wookie 6 hours ago
@Fireball Tool can you ship to canada?
Earls Pearl
Earls Pearl Day ago
@Coach Wilson Husky is making a reputation for themselves . i have some of their tools and bags
Earls Pearl
Earls Pearl Day ago
@Tony Pie how loud they are in a temper tantrum ?
The Hungry Slug
Just wanted to add this method of mine to this pinned comment; Just use the tail end of the strap and tie it around the tensioned straps to help prevent them from vibrating in the wind. That is if you have enough length left after fastening down your loads. I might even make a video for everyone to see how I do it.
Philip Howie
Philip Howie 6 minutes ago
Fantastic experiment. For me, the take-away is that the limiting component is the ratchet itself, which creates a stress concentration in the strap. One ratchet may have very different performance to another - but a twist in the strap is not worth worrying about.
Read More
Read More 9 minutes ago
Everyone enjoys things that go BOOM!!!!...As a plumbing contractor, I wonder how much pressure different brand tankless water heaters can handle before exploding....
Dave M
Dave M 16 minutes ago
I use kite strings to avoid the ratchet know it all guys.
wyatt rogers
wyatt rogers 17 minutes ago
All those people in comment section... Put foot directly in mouth
Number 1 Parrothead
Number 1 Parrothead 24 minutes ago
You should add some engine oil and a little fresh grease and some old dirty grease, all the truckers I know after the first use that’s the condition of those straps some even have hydraulic fluid along with the oil and grease! That being nylon petroleum products do affect the fibers strength! Just as gasoline or diesel!
Bikky ghaisai
Bikky ghaisai 2 hours ago
Thanks for the information. Useful information for truck drivers. Greetings from Netherlands
Dillon Claborn
Dillon Claborn 2 hours ago
So 1 twist is optimal
Husky With Coffee
Husky With Coffee 2 hours ago
Untwisted strap: "Let me sing for you the song of my people"
Maxime Dur
Maxime Dur 3 hours ago
Hello. OK, this good not to encourage myth. Interesting tests would be : 1) How to sew straps together if you want longer ones? Or if you want to sew them to something, a heavy capacity bag for instance 2) Test "good-looking" sections of broken straps (far from broken part) that people would like to re-use for economy... Can not broken straps be authorized for re-use ? Because heavy load bags are marked "do not re-use, destroy after use".
gojitmal1978 4 hours ago
Sometimes you'll have to sacrifice your face in the name of science!
buybuydandavis 4 hours ago
I'd guess that the twists reducing road noise also reduce stress on the strap during travel. Humming suggests resonant frequencies, implying more stress than you'd expect simply from wind velocity alone.
Sliced Bacon
Sliced Bacon 5 hours ago
Great video, very interesting and informative . Thanks for doing this.
NUNYA BIDNEZ 6 hours ago
I always wondered how strong these are. Great job. Awesome slow mo as well.
Michael Kitchens
Michael Kitchens 6 hours ago
This would be great if the camera recorded the weight
Haulin America
Haulin America 6 hours ago
This is why you don't listen to anyone who doesn't do it for a living. Hauls a fridge 5 miles and now they're experts 😆
Tig D
Tig D 7 hours ago
4:09 "Put the strap-on and break somethin'." heh
Jelly Fish143
Jelly Fish143 7 hours ago
So, what I’m seeing is that 1 or 2 twist won’t really make a notable difference to the strength but don’t go over that and make sure to never leave a knot in the strap
Brandon Novotny
Brandon Novotny 7 hours ago
You should make a strap that eliminates the ratchet. Similar to a tow strap. And test the break point of that (since it kept breaking at the spool)
Black Denali
Black Denali 8 hours ago
Wish I had this much time in my hands
Leevon Hubbard
Leevon Hubbard 8 hours ago
Basically, use them like they were meant to be used
Dennis Rossi
Dennis Rossi 9 hours ago
The DOT wants you to twist your straps because of the vibration
Scott Garmon
Scott Garmon 9 hours ago
That shop is amazing, hard to keep it that clean I imagine.
d 2
d 2 9 hours ago
I would love to find the employee who keeps putting knots in my ratchet straps, so I can strangle hime with said strap. Ever trie to untie a knot thats been ratcheded tight?
Alex Braun
Alex Braun 9 hours ago
This is a pretty good kitted workroom
dustin dircks
dustin dircks 9 hours ago
Would be interesting to soak a strap in water then freeze in a freezer and test it. Would probably be pretty cool watching in slow motion Great video! I’m definitely not using my straps that have knots in them anymore
Samuel Hawkins
Samuel Hawkins 10 hours ago
My dad hauled flatbed for years, ONE twist in a strap keeps them from vibrating going down the road, vibration causes the straps individual strings to break.
jello3456543 10 hours ago
I'd love to see a followup testing a dirty strap. I've always heard that weakens straps because the sharp grains cut the fibers.
Chris Foster
Chris Foster 10 hours ago
So... Moral of the story, don't use just 1 strap. :D Use a bunch of straps with as many knots as you want, and you'll be alright :)
Bud Farkus
Bud Farkus 10 hours ago
Awesome job! That should shut them up ! Appreciate all the work you put into this !
0 P
0 P 10 hours ago
Thank you!
Traveler on 2 wheels or 18
You have any plans on going to Rumble? Your one of the few people I watch on US-first. I hate google.
Zack H
Zack H 10 hours ago
Mechanical resonance can produce vibrations strong enough to destroy the object in which they occur. SO putting one twist in a strap may actually increase its strength when traveling . I have had straps vibrate till they broke, so now I always put a twist in my straps. I would like someone to test and show how vibration resonance can destroy a strap.
Purest Judgement
Purest Judgement 11 hours ago
Nice Linde forklift!!!!
Tim Nissen
Tim Nissen 11 hours ago
I have always added 1 twist for same reason wind noise and have done this for 30 years and now i know lol still good to go
davin reeves
davin reeves 11 hours ago
Thanks for that!
Marco Polo
Marco Polo 12 hours ago
Beautiful video bro. Thank you for your time. Congratulations.
Wade Clark
Wade Clark 12 hours ago
What brand of straps did.you.use? Would.it be different with different brands?
B W 12 hours ago
Why am i watching this 02.30 am?
Eddie K
Eddie K 12 hours ago
Very good information. I promise that the next time I use a ratchet strap I will definitely twist at once
Michael Goemmel
Michael Goemmel 13 hours ago
Ah the good ol North40. Anyone else?
C R 13 hours ago
One measurement's worth a thousand opinions. 👍
Zuppa Graves
Zuppa Graves 14 hours ago
I had no idea those straps are that strong.
Duke Reaper22
Duke Reaper22 15 hours ago
Haha thanks, the yard guys always bitch at me cuz I dont care about twists in my straps! Now I got this to show them
Jesse Dudelis
Jesse Dudelis 15 hours ago
this should be so simple to realise since with twisting you are getting rid of all slack left in the line bro. think before the test.
Fly on the wall
Fly on the wall 15 hours ago
why did the yellow straps never get on ....? because they were always being stroppy
Ron Gimondo
Ron Gimondo 16 hours ago
how about a strap with a small cut in it? nice welds btw
Fred Blair
Fred Blair 16 hours ago
read some of the manufacturers instructions twisting reduces strength of strap period
Roger Deutsch
Roger Deutsch 16 hours ago
Fantastic experimentation and applied science. Really great video.
Joe Stough
Joe Stough 16 hours ago
Just tie those straps back together and you have a bunch of good straps. All good!
Roh Michael
Roh Michael 16 hours ago
Tried, tested and proven in style. Great experiment that would help the transportation community.
Brian Weldon
Brian Weldon 16 hours ago
Brilliant video! Now I know for myself!💪💪👌
Curtis Van Dyken
Curtis Van Dyken 16 hours ago
Well at least he got the knot out of the strap
Ron Thompson
Ron Thompson 17 hours ago
What a shop!! id love to have some of those tools
hardlyb 17 hours ago
That was fun, and useful for me. And I watched it just after Project Farm tested a bunch of straps, so for once the algorithm was useful.
derekmcgoldrick 17 hours ago
4:37. Name that tune...Red hot chili peppers - Scar Tissue
mr1jon1smith 17 hours ago
Looks like the knot acts somehow like a lever doubling the force on that single spot!
James Prior
James Prior 18 hours ago
Great investigation! @11:40 "Knots are bad" indeed! And a twist to stop the singing won't hurt. Key takeaway - make sure your strap is appropriate for the load.
Adam M
Adam M 18 hours ago
Great video. I've always wondered and now I know. I was a little tense waiting for the strap to hit the gauges on the torch.
Kevin Collins
Kevin Collins 18 hours ago
Ok, that was super cool! Thanks for taking the mystery out of it!
Pseudonymous' Plethora of Pinatas
I dunno, this is pretty good watching while I smoke lol
Seröga CCCP-1978
Seröga CCCP-1978 19 hours ago
Наглядно и познавательно, Хоть и языка не понимаю...👍
J 19 hours ago
Makes me appreciate the time I spend getting the knots out.
Fortenurg 19 hours ago
remember kids if it doesn't have the off-color stitching down the middle its not DOT approved!
Tom 19 hours ago
I was taught on my Mountain Leaders course that a knot in a rope reduced it load capacity by 50%
rumtum99 19 hours ago
The slow mo is the best part 😂
Out and About Outdoors With Ron and Friends
Some amazing results!
Tyler Lackey
Tyler Lackey 20 hours ago
So, essentially, this was a giant "fuck-a-you" to the comment haters trying to make YOU look like a clown. Little did they know... You had... a scientific reverse uno card.
Noah Katz
Noah Katz 20 hours ago
Great investigative work! At 2:26 I thought my eyes were giving me trouble; it looked like a bench grinder was gloating near your to your left. So what's that thing against the wall with the enormous motor?
Matt Sprayberry
Matt Sprayberry 20 hours ago
As a flatbed heavy haul truck driver I can confirm that a twist will do nothing but allow your strap to last longer as long as you know what your doing
tom klein
tom klein 20 hours ago
great stuff, obviously. but... i wonder how much variability there is in a given bunch of straps? just for the fun of it, it would be interesting to repeat one or two of the tests, say zero and a couple of twists and maybe the wet strap, 3 times. i think it’s (slightly) better methodology.
DPB1947 21 hour ago
In my wildest stretches of imagination in the early nineties when the "world wide web" was in its infancy, I never envisioned a video of a guy testing burst strength on ratchet straps. Fireball, you are amazing! Thanks for this entertaining AND instructive video. Nothing like the scientific approach to silence those who criticize or doubt without the data. Gotta love the Internets!
Gaius tesla
Gaius tesla 21 hour ago
lovely jubbly
Kli-Kli Sailing vessel
The results of no twist, one, four, ten and wet strap are pure example of measurement error. Your measurement equipment probably have no less than 2% measurement error. Compare results. Except 10 twists all of those measurements are into +- 2% error
sevensixtwo nato
sevensixtwo nato 21 hour ago
US-first armchair commandos made a challenge and you accepted and proved in an epic way.
rmdvid 21 hour ago
charles savoree
charles savoree 21 hour ago
Awesome video, Thank you for spending all that time and money to research and share these results.
BadBilly Productions
How the hell does this video have over 4 million views?
Juan Manuel Rodriguez Aguado
Why you destroy the table soldering that piece of sh**t ?? That hurts me
Duffey Wolvin
Duffey Wolvin 22 hours ago
Step #1- F around Step #2- Find out Step #3- Document it!
anonymic79 22 hours ago
You should put a little cut through the edge of a strap and see what happens. If anyone wonders why straps hum and why twisting them reduces the hum, look up Karman Vortex Streets on Wikipedia.
Richard E
Richard E 22 hours ago
they were probably all within tolerance for the straps rating. with the one exception being the knotted strap
Karls Junior
Karls Junior 22 hours ago
I used to get crap from a few friends when I strapped my kayak to the top of my van. I would put a couple twists in it to stop the vibrations. My know it all friends said my straps would break. I think they were overestimating the stresses a streamlined kayak was putting on the straps.
K B 22 hours ago
now do it again with new straps to verify it.
sydney oden
sydney oden 22 hours ago
Small companies investing time and money in Research and development is cool, sharing what you learn with the industry and public is even cooler. (When the information gives you no major competitive advantage)
Matthew Hartsuch
Matthew Hartsuch 22 hours ago
Great experiment! But this test is only useful for "static loads", I would like to know how much each different sample stretched, because it looks like the more twists in the strap the less it stretched. Obviously the more the strap can stretch, the more "tough" the strap will be and more resistant to instantaneous loads, for example hitting a pothole or sudden stop would cause a large instantaneous load on the strap and a more stretchy strap would be able to "dampen" the impact, therefore making it effectively "stronger".
Man, being an Atléti fan is hard.
"I will make it legal."
sydney oden
sydney oden 22 hours ago
So based on the break points, which where the base and the knot there is obviously a lot stretch capacity in the cord, but the point where the stretch terminates the belt breaks.
Zach Nidever
Zach Nidever 23 hours ago
In my opinion being in a semi truck for my entire life you twist the strap to stop the vibrating and sound
V1K175U RØDR1 23 hours ago
Getting slapped in the face by a snapping ratchet strap sounds fun though.
UmmonTheLight 23 hours ago
Interesting video, next you could try to repair and reuse those straps to see how well they hold up. Option's I can think of: 1. just re-use the longer end. cut off the tear and reconnect the hook and ratchet. 2. some sort of super strength glue 3. knot the ends together 🤣 4. sew the ends together with some good overlap. Not sure if there are special stitch patterns that would help. 5. melt the ends together? 6. weave the ends together. This one might be a huge pain / impossible. I know for sail-plane flying you can re-weave the ends of the winch rope if not using steel cables. However that is for much lower loads and they tend to slip apart when wet. 7. combine methods? melt and sew? glue and sew? I expect they will all fail much sooner than the new straps but it might be interesting how much worse they perform.
Neil Puckett
Neil Puckett 20 hours ago
Years ago my supplier,tarps and straps,told me she doesn't sew old straps the dirt in them ruins the bobbin in her (industrial) sewing machine.
Baz Smith
Baz Smith 23 hours ago
Pretty much as I’d expect the results to be. I always put a twist in to stop the vibration, never use knotted or damaged straps.
Aloysius Flartey
I would _never_ use such toys I only use thick rope the _Aussie Truckers Knot_ never fails
David Lang
David Lang Day ago
Very good! As a flatbed driver for many years, starting in '83, I was instructed by my first employer to put 1 twist on the strap to limit vibration (singing) which would cut into soft loads. If the load is tarped, there is no reason for the twist. The DOT will make you change a strap that has a knot in it.
Nicolas Gagey
You should test one sling after 6 months of sun exposure... the strap should lost 50 % of resistance.
Chad Blalock
Chad Blalock Day ago
Coming from a flatbed truck driver, the main reason we twist straps is because when they vibrate, the vibration will loosen the strap. This makes driver have to continue to tighten strap every time they stop. Also, nice to know twist don’t weaken strap. Never tie a knot. Crazybird out
Davon Milton
Davon Milton Day ago
Learning all my dads tow cables are fucked from the knots slightly concerns me now
TesserId Day ago
As best I can remember The Ashley Book of Knots (ABOK) states that, yes, an overhand knot in rope reduces strength by about 50%. And, it shows diagrams for testing this. Other knots, such as figure eight knots, are less detrimental.
Anas saleh
Anas saleh Day ago
How about a painted flex seal strap is it any strong or is it even possible
ray nichols
ray nichols Day ago
Quite pleased after cleanup
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