How Strong is a Giant Ball of Obsidian?!?!? 

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May 1, 2021




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DemolitionRanch 13 days ago
Download Lords Mobile to win BIG prizes here: www.igg.com/event/demolition $30,000 CASH GIVEAWAY and a $350 gift pack for everyone!
Floss Little
Floss Little 9 hours ago
U can make obsidian blades from the shards or arrows. 😁
Will Jones
Will Jones 12 hours ago
I've got about a 100 lb if not more steel ball that's about 12 in roughly wide if you want to shoot that
Oni Day ago
Sounds good will do
Free Minded Ent
Free Minded Ent 2 days ago
Ur a good shot
Abod 3 days ago
STAPLES 18 minutes ago
no-cap looks like the deathstar 13:07
BaGuEtTe bOi
BaGuEtTe bOi 53 minutes ago
I think it's the shockwave that does the damage around the bullet impact
Neddie Spaghetti
have you ever thought of hitting it with a big one first on a fresh piece?
Daveth Hour ago
6:33 is the camera man ok? lmao
Don't get me wrong, I want you to be monetized, but like how is a demo ranch video monetized?
juicyNathan 2 hours ago
Спасибо большое за видео, комментарий для продвижения вашего ролика
Brendan Geiger
Brendan Geiger 2 hours ago
Try Moissanite, if that’s how you say it😂
The13th_Empire 3 hours ago
I think block of solid tungsten would be interesting
Estrada603 3 hours ago
Fun fact obsidian puts negatively charged ions out like the claim pink salt does
James William
James William 4 hours ago
Edges of obsidian glass are sharper than regular glass which is a known fact
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 4 hours ago
Everyone knows you need a diamond pickax to get obsidian
Stupidity Yeah
Stupidity Yeah 5 hours ago
He likes solid black balls
Jim Martin
Jim Martin 5 hours ago
I swear I saw a duel-wheel powerstroke in the background
You could probably get a 12” artificial diamond (the new kinds) that would be actually stronger, prettier, and more interesting to shoot for less than that obsidian
Goldfishislife 5 hours ago
Here Matt goes again inhaling glass particles
Technically obsidian is a very slow nonnewtonian liquid so the ripple of impact is what caused the backside crack basically it hardens upon impact then compresses the center slowly while pushing fractal waves outward causing the flakes and fissures
Obsidian can become monomolecular blades, so probably should have had more safety gear between you...
Im... really sad to see a giant ball of obsidian that big get broken... you Never find that big of a sample...
reno145 5 hours ago
Obsidian makes great knife blades. My anthropology professor told how he had the doctor use an obsidian blade scalpel for his hernia surgery. Recovery was faster, as it cut way cleaner than steel.
hello yo
hello yo 5 hours ago
I love that sub kalashnikov knife
100bgeagle 6 hours ago
Hard as glass!!!!
Jason Hartline
Jason Hartline 6 hours ago
Matt-"we paid $1300 to shoot this". Me- Wait didn't you shoot a solid bar of silver too? I think there was also a gold bar. 😆😆
lvdox21 7 hours ago
Skip to 4:19 for the video to actually start
James Seddon
James Seddon 7 hours ago
Donnie Nehls
Donnie Nehls 9 hours ago
I feel like buddy is gonna die young from a ricochet bullet from all the weird stuff he shoots lol
GodTier Gaming
GodTier Gaming 9 hours ago
Isn’t obsidian natural hard glass?
Annie Brackett
Annie Brackett 10 hours ago
50cal was I got you obsidian said this is Minecraft I don’t get blow up 50cal you were saying buddy
maddmatt55 10 hours ago
So nobody told you that obsidian is volcanic GLASS! Yes it’s naturally occurring fused silicate. Stone Age man discovered its properties and used it for anything needing a super sharp cutting blade! It has a finer edge as it has a much finer grain structure than steel!
Im Adan
Im Adan 11 hours ago
I want bed rock or limestone
ioni 11 hours ago
Obsidian isn't similar to glass, it is glass. More precisely it's a natural volcanic glass
spencer hughes
spencer hughes 12 hours ago
Do moisanite its close to diamonds and hella cheaper
Jakub Piteľ
Jakub Piteľ 13 hours ago
My guess would be that it is behaving like that because obsidian is really tough but the kinetic energy of the bullet after impact needs to go somewhere (energy conservation law - dunno how to say it in english properly sorry :D ) so it is traveling through the glass in different directions and each time it finds a weaker spot, it tears the ball apart or when it reaches the other end of the ball it cracks it as it has nowhere else to travel. :D yet I may be completely wrong :D
John Delcarmen
John Delcarmen 13 hours ago
Who is the camera man?
Logan Martin
Logan Martin 13 hours ago
Impact from shock wave
TheSilent333 13 hours ago
The whole time I was watching Matt touching broken obsidian, and trying to guess when he was going to get cut. That stuff is incredibly sharp, like a scalpel
Ben Beale
Ben Beale 13 hours ago
flint quartz Opal
Tim The Rideshare Driver
What about Marble???
B. Broom
B. Broom 16 hours ago
I'm sure its already been said but obsidian acts like glass because it is glass, just natural and made in the furnaces inside the Earth.
Jonathan Brintnall
Jonathan Brintnall 16 hours ago
Try quartz, should be structurally different, crystalline versus glass like obsidian
MrEyeswideopen7 19 hours ago
That’s how the cavemen made their obsidian knives and cutlery !!?!?! So they used high tech handguns to shoot balls of polished obsidian !!!
Angle T&vester
Angle T&vester 20 hours ago
Have you ever shot hard objects again like Cristal
Bradley Gibbs
Bradley Gibbs 20 hours ago
You should make a custom knife out of the glass stuff
Eduan Stander
Eduan Stander 21 hour ago
Obsidian when shattered is as sharp as a scalpel not even as sharp sharper then a scalpel
Niemand Bauer
Niemand Bauer 22 hours ago
i hope you didnt breathe in all the dust again
Brad Scharf
Brad Scharf Day ago
Hey Matt any chance I can get some of the Obsidian Pieces? I make knife blades and arrowheads for traditional archery out of Obsidian. I'd gladly make one for you.
Michael vd
Michael vd Day ago
Shoot a fishtank
Alex J
Alex J Day ago
Need to start topping FPSRussia’s videos. You need to fire a bazooka, minigun, mg42, m60, m240, m249, m2, the beowulf 50, and finally... cruise the streets in a tank.
Spencer Brotherson
All the flint knappers watching this had to have been going, "yeah, that's about what I expected..." This is basically really extreme precussion knapping. You should get 22plinkster out there to see if you can balistic-knap a knife or spear point or something. The accuracy required would be pretty rediculous, but I bet it could be done
Shoot an amithest
Krisisforyou Day ago
idk who moh is, but his hardness scale sorta did this test already. i woulda thought molten rock would be tougher than superheated sand
Red Zayda
Red Zayda Day ago
How bulletproof are ton bales of hay?
Tyler Schmeisser
I want the obsidian
Elmarie Nel
Elmarie Nel Day ago
Obsidian can actually cut through Superman
Otis Jones
Otis Jones Day ago
Mans really about to get the diamond plaque!!
he really grinded that 50 for gold XD
Sean Raines
Sean Raines Day ago
Damn that amor piercing is big and mean
Dan M
Dan M Day ago
love your chanel
mcgruluke6 Day ago
This is the closest we've ever come to knowing who's behind the camera!
Monica Dick
Monica Dick Day ago
its ant proof yo
Mo Ali
Mo Ali Day ago
And here I thought obsidian is stronger than diamond
Mohamed Ali
Mohamed Ali Day ago
How much guns do you have exactly?
F7 Holdings
F7 Holdings Day ago
You should retitle this video ballistic knapping...
Khamm Keo
Khamm Keo Day ago
Can i get some pieces of obsidian?
You need diamond bullets
Jordan Arrington
Graphine.. And aerogel lol
Derpinator 3000
Would make a nice bowling ball
Grim Shade
Grim Shade Day ago
i think the weird effect where you hit the ball and the damage happens around the impact is caused because the glass trys to shatter but around the point of impact theres also glas which prevents it from breaking and then thru momentum transfer magic physiks the glas breaks around the impact and on the opposit side of the ball
Justin Graham
Cubic Zirconia Ball. (Hardness) Hard Rubber Cube. (Ultra-Dangerous)
Adrian Maxim
Adrian Maxim Day ago
Ball literally turns to dust Matt: "I don't really know if we fractured the backside"
B Carothers
B Carothers Day ago
one of the sharpest scalpels are made from rapping/breaking obsidian . not able to be shaprened very effectively but extremely sharp if rapped correctly
You didn’t need guns just get a diamond pickaxe
Y Baba
Y Baba Day ago
When you finally complete all the one shot kill challenges for your sniper
Kevin Micik
Kevin Micik Day ago
You really should get a proper slow motion camera
Pedro Rema
Pedro Rema Day ago
Pedro Rema
Pedro Rema Day ago
Me waiting for 50 cal. He says 50 cal Me:😧😀👍
Carter Nevill
This is going from a gun channel to science channel, and I like it👍
teddytac253 Day ago
Physics expert here to help answer your question: The obsidian stays intact on the impact zone and blast everything around it away because.......... Idk 🤔
Sabino Pacheco
listen scrapes knife on stone
Logan Bissonnette
it is because it packs the rock in and it sends powerful waves that crack it
whaddyameann Day ago
isn’t obsidian volcanic glass?
Just Beat
Just Beat Day ago
Grab all that obsidian and make some arrows.
George ツ
George ツ Day ago
Dangerous for wildlife leaving shards of obsidian on the ground.
Skat Man
Skat Man Day ago
Same thing with the shockwave thing one one side that did not get hi Happened to mercury
SilveRR Day ago
make a portal
Alvir Tabil
Alvir Tabil Day ago
Literally Turned Into Dust 14:43
krabban007 2 days ago
i suppose its compressing where it hits
F.I.U. | U.S. Marines Battalion
a diamond would burst too fragile
Robo Nut
Robo Nut 2 days ago
Hey Matt, You should put tarps down under the tables when doing these sorts of videos, I don't wanna see you risk any sharp stuff accidently poking you, Just to be safe.
Because obsidian is glass
Daking Pro
Daking Pro 2 days ago
6:35 camera dude flinched
Daking Pro
Daking Pro 2 days ago
Even though obsidian is igneous rock, it has properties similar to glass
JacobPug Poirier
JacobPug Poirier 2 days ago
This video is cursed because that ball of obsidian should be a block.
Malakie 2 days ago
You know what would rrreeeally be impressive.. put that thing back together now...
Rad!. 2 days ago
Heavy metal orb.... You saved the world and Don’t even know it!.
Jamie S
Jamie S 2 days ago
My new favorite channel ☺️😁 this guy's cool
Prankster TV 2
Prankster TV 2 2 days ago
Brandi Oliver
Brandi Oliver 2 days ago
As an avid stone collector, watching them destroy this giant obsidian sphere that I would kill to have in my house is extremely heart-breaking! Still awesome to watch tho lol... but that silver sheen.... ughhh ~cries~
Arse Blaster
Arse Blaster 2 days ago
Some African rubbed that stone for 3 weeks with a Brillo pad just for you to destroy.... reeeal nice
THUNDERF430TV 2 days ago
Ik he’s a vet but obsidian IS glass.
My 50 Cal Exploded