How NFL Players Got Their Jersey Number.. 

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You might think it's just random jersey numbers, but there’s hidden meanings behind why players choose them. This is how NFL players got their jersey numbers.
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Feb 13, 2021




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Brittany Carr
Brittany Carr 7 hours ago
How much money for Jody what that is crazy!!
Ricky Demetrakos
Ricky Demetrakos 8 hours ago
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nick boleyn
nick boleyn 8 hours ago
Chris Parseghian
Chris Parseghian 9 hours ago
Wait are you rebound?
Victor Johnson
Victor Johnson 9 hours ago
He has another channel called rebound get him to one milli
Torvic 30
Torvic 30 14 hours ago
I thing u are that guy with that chanale rebound is it ??
Kim Bass
Kim Bass 15 hours ago
it would be weird if mahomes weared number 5 thankyou ciaro santos!!!!!!!!!
monkey 16 hours ago
It was worth it because the buccaneers won let's go
CamerontheGoat30 16 hours ago
What are you doing subscribe
Bobby Ramsey
Bobby Ramsey 16 hours ago
It’s from his duke days moron. Not the NBA days.
A1vinPow3r is the B3st
I feel bad for Lamar Jackson
Danna B
Danna B Day ago
boys boys boys listen up, they give you a random number okay this dude be telling lies!!!!!!
Logan Branum
Logan Branum Day ago
That’s so sad about russel Wilson RIP Russels dad
Preston Smith
R u rebound🥺🥺🥺
Waffle head 69
Why does every video hav Patrick machines I hat him go brady
chuy the mast
dang lamar bad life
Peter Wright
Peter Wright Day ago
Rip 24 cb
Silas Craig
Silas Craig Day ago
Yundt Rosamond
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Yundt Rosamond
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Louis Dormer
Louis Dormer Day ago
For lamar
Louis Dormer
Louis Dormer Day ago
Its so fuckin sad
Louis Dormer
Louis Dormer Day ago
Ben also liked jhon Elway a lot thats why he did number 7
Jenius Day ago
This video gave me chills
Xsjx7 Wc54
Xsjx7 Wc54 2 days ago
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Tommy Srsich
Tommy Srsich 2 days ago
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Erin Trz Olejnihk czak
the lamar thing made me cry
superboom110 2 days ago
where's my money
Devin Hancock
Devin Hancock 2 days ago
If I play national sports like NFL, or the NBA.. my number would be 7, 5, or 20... why? Because my mom died May 7 2020. Love you momma 🕊👆🏼
ryft_rylXn_yt 2 days ago
Thsi so faxxx🔥🔥🔥
Robert Conrad
Robert Conrad 2 days ago
i am sooooooooo sorry for u
Phil Gutrich
Phil Gutrich 3 days ago
My number will like to be 21
BtwMagic 3 days ago
Me: drew Brees, drew Brees.
Dominic Hernández
Yo ur rebound
Nia Granger
Nia Granger 3 days ago
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Ryno 3 days ago
Kingston scott
Kingston scott 3 days ago
I described you like so you better give me my $500
Greene Town
Greene Town 3 days ago
My favorite team is the Eagles 🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏉🏉🏉🏉🏉🏉🏉🏉🏉🏉🏉🏉🏉
Peggy Gaines
Peggy Gaines 3 days ago
Koo MacQueen
Koo MacQueen 4 days ago
They picked them
Connor 4 days ago
Lamar actually said he chose 8 because it means redemption
FBI Official
FBI Official 4 days ago
I got 77 because of my grandpa came to My games and supporting me during the championship we got a call that he wasn’t doing well so I was left with a choice stay at the hotel in Texas or go back to Louisiana to go see my grandpa one last time when I went home and I saw him one last time He was 77 when he passed and that’s how I got my number 77
Matryx 4 days ago
this is the guy form rebound
Lane Ramos
Lane Ramos 4 days ago
dang for 50,000 i will go away
ninjaj_610 4 days ago
i liked and subbed where is my money lol
Kelsey Frickelton
Lamar Jackson is my favorite football player. Especially after watching this video
Erl Teague
Erl Teague 5 days ago
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CHRIS 5 days ago
장인식 5 days ago
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Zemlak Gertrude
Zemlak Gertrude 5 days ago
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Gaming Galaxy
Gaming Galaxy 5 days ago
Kobe 😢
Matthew Iuliucci
Matthew Iuliucci 5 days ago
I’m so happy to make the comment slumber 912 and not 911
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 5 days ago
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BIg BOi LIaM 5 days ago
Russels was so sad, almost made me cry 😭
장인식 5 days ago
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Kaiden Williams
Kaiden Williams 5 days ago
Sad this video is heartbreaking
Scoop Reed
Scoop Reed 5 days ago
Why is everyone Black. I will support Russ more now,he is my favorite player and always will be. Number 3💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚
george modek
george modek 5 days ago
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mr farts
mr farts 5 days ago
You like sports huh you have basketball channel foot ball what’s next tennis
Donna R. Dodge
Donna R. Dodge 5 days ago
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Brody Alford
Brody Alford 6 days ago
And I can’t even imagine if my dad died at the age of 8 or 7 I will honestly kill myself because my dad is my closes friend I don’t care what other people say
Trashcanme 6 days ago
Thought JJ Redick was a goddamn baseball player 😂😂😂
Crystal Williams
Crystal Williams 6 days ago
50,000 bucks for a jersey gang i’ll make that much in five years
Tay Games
Tay Games 6 days ago
4:01 so smooth
Jack Weber
Jack Weber 6 days ago
I’m so sorry about Lamar I feel bad calling him overrated
Aram Parnagian
Aram Parnagian 6 days ago
the guy that talks is the best and is funny. He is also funny on the channel rebound, his basketball channel
Farben Somalin
Farben Somalin 6 days ago
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Maymaybabymay 23
Maymaybabymay 23 6 days ago
5:57 all the way up to 6:25 was SOO FUNNY LOL.....To me at least👉👈
Asad Gaddi
Asad Gaddi 6 days ago
lets go bro
Michael Raad
Michael Raad 6 days ago
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AidenTheHabsFan 6 days ago
We need one for nhl
Joel Soto
Joel Soto 6 days ago
Marcos sanchez
Marcos sanchez 6 days ago
Russel had a whole documentary but it so sad
Marcos sanchez
Marcos sanchez 6 days ago
Russel had a whole documentary but it so sad
Santiago Gutierrez
maple master
maple master 6 days ago
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Samuel Grady
Samuel Grady 6 days ago
Saddest video ever
Simon Wang
Simon Wang 6 days ago
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Alvarez KENNY
Alvarez KENNY 6 days ago
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Chang Luckey 6 days ago
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Columbus Ceasar
Columbus Ceasar 7 days ago
Hi im a new subscriber
Leo Tan
Leo Tan 7 days ago
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I fill so bad for Russell
Fishing With Lovdal
Bruh say Louisville right
Wyatt Payne
Wyatt Payne 7 days ago
Is this the guy off of the channel rebound
Fantastic Aaron_
Fantastic Aaron_ 7 days ago
Cayden Casamento
Cayden Casamento 7 days ago
Ray Lewis and Lamar Jackson’s number are so meaningful it will make any grown man cry because they both wear it to protect and represent their family
Darius Edwin
Darius Edwin 7 days ago
Lamar is the goat
Night Gamer
Night Gamer 7 days ago
I love the football player Patrick Mahomes I love him comment if you do too
Night Gamer
Night Gamer 7 days ago
Come on he is soo good
Anthony Ciavaglia
Everyone thinks Lamars is sad which it is but Wilson is more sad and is crazy
Adam adsad
Adam adsad 7 days ago
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Dan Kennedy
Dan Kennedy 7 days ago
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Mary Crowe
Mary Crowe 7 days ago
Man I’ve been a fan of Lamar and his story is soooo saad
Zyion Street
Zyion Street 7 days ago
Repent from your sins spread the Gospel and read the Bible also trust in Jesus and build a relationship with him
Mcbaseball Gaming
omg thats crazy on Lamar
solvere captcha
solvere captcha 7 days ago
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Yasa is here
Yasa is here 7 days ago
" It's more than him out there. He's got his family there too." Preach!!!
Lotz 101
Lotz 101 7 days ago
Roses are red violets are blue u just got click bated and so did I
Pmoney SportsandStuff
Ava Jara
Ava Jara 7 days ago
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The Madden NFL Curse..