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Apr 24, 2021




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Kruix 47 minutes ago
Thats actually a really good price wow. I was always a critic of electric cars but to hear that itd be a max 14$ fill i might have to cop one ngl
Josh Allen
Josh Allen Hour ago
And how far do you go with that exactly🤔🤣🤣
cipro pas bird
cipro pas bird 2 hours ago
electric cars shit
1dl 4 hours ago
Well it’s actually free if you do your research
Loribeth DiRusso
Loribeth DiRusso 5 hours ago
To fill it all the way. Ok and how often do you fill it ?
GokuHitEm 7 hours ago
It’s free
stusheep 8 hours ago
Lets just put solar farms out in africa it will generate limitless energy for free
Ben M.
Ben M. 8 hours ago
Tesla the actual dude tried to make electricity free why the fuck is tesla the company charging for electricity lol
kaede19xx 9 hours ago
I prefer to pay more $ in gas than waste 60min waiting for my car to charge. Yes, I known that you can charge at home. But what happen if you were in a hurry and forgot to plug-in or didn’t plugged in correctly. You won’t get your 8hrs back. Then what you are going to do? Call an Uber? Cause that would defeat the whole cheap Tesla mantra wouldn’t it.
Mason gone wild
Mason gone wild 9 hours ago
Have anyone think about bringing our pollutions to the outer space? What's the flaw of this way?🤔
Mastermind Rational
Mastermind Rational 10 hours ago
It’s not free? Wow, actually glad now I don’t have one of those democrat-mobiles.
Brandon K
Brandon K 11 hours ago
Takes forever too
Bob Brien
Bob Brien 11 hours ago
I don’t care how much it costs to charge your Tesla I wanna know how LONG does it take to charge
HALO LOVE 12 hours ago
Do the batteries eventually die quicker as they get older like a phone.
Royal Enigma
Royal Enigma 12 hours ago
I dont know if Tesla already does this or not but why not have the roof be made out of a solar panel? It may not make a difference while driving but if you park in a place with direct sunlight at work or something similar wouldnt it be mostly if not fully charged after 8 hours or so?
leroy jenkins
leroy jenkins 12 hours ago
I honestly never thought of that
Merg 12 hours ago
I don’t think anybody cares
John Jones
John Jones 12 hours ago
No one has asked you this question, people don't talk to people driving a Tesla
Cristian 13 hours ago
When you can answer in 2 sec but make it 20mins lol I just look it up 😉 no money for you
FIRE Thum 13 hours ago
Maybe i should get a telsa when i get older
Heinrich Schmitz
Heinrich Schmitz 13 hours ago
What a rip off gas should be same as electric
11th century Crusader
Holy shit that's actually super cheap
Skinny P_nis
Skinny P_nis 13 hours ago
Why not get an ev charger in your home it’s actually pretty simple to do
Lute Hende
Lute Hende 13 hours ago
Oh my GOD, electric power is free for you, America everybody...
DonnieTheSportsGuy 14 hours ago
Let’s be real no one asked him this question
it’s hiyaa
it’s hiyaa 15 hours ago
that’s actually a decent price compared to gas
Sandy Craft
Sandy Craft 15 hours ago
Some guy gets 200k likes because of him talking about a car and driving in it what has US-first become lmao
King Shafel
King Shafel 15 hours ago
I live a California Pittsburgh
Kuli Does Things
Kuli Does Things 15 hours ago
Nice loop
J F 16 hours ago
Seeing how most of you keep your phones at 3% I suggest not getting a Tesla.
OG Zombie Blunt
OG Zombie Blunt 9 hours ago
You just plug in once a week...
Charlie Mask
Charlie Mask 16 hours ago
What sucks is that Tesla had the ability to be green but instead is just as bad as gas. The energy used to charge the cars comes mostly from factories that burn coal. :(
noel urvina
noel urvina 16 hours ago
Burbank, CA
Bread Winner Dee
Bread Winner Dee 16 hours ago
So you just gotta sit there for a hour or something?
Ronnel Shepherd
Ronnel Shepherd 17 hours ago
Oh shit
dark matter
dark matter 17 hours ago
I always wanted to know that answer. How about how much it adds to your electric bill per month?
l RZE l
l RZE l 17 hours ago
Full car 50-60€ in Germany
Yangchen 18 hours ago
But how does a fill up in a tesla compare to a fill up in a similar sized gas vehicle? Is it about the same miles per fill up?
starlight 21 hour ago
Wasent it free ???
EXP wolfeye
EXP wolfeye 22 hours ago
An entire full tank of gas would I call Tesla power gas whatever it lasts so long but it does take a little while but if you charge it when you get up in the morning then it should last you all day
Your ma Dumb
Your ma Dumb 22 hours ago
How long does it take like if I’m going to a plane and I need gas I need to wait
Mini Shaw
Mini Shaw Day ago
In australia we having charging bays that are free
Breaking Toast
Howlong does it take to charge
Carter Rutherford
Its so weird hearing you not only "charge" your car.. but fill it with electronical terms not liquid terms like gallons for example.. 👹
Rachelle Dela Peña
Dude you can auto-pilot
godsgift806 Day ago
But how long does it take to charge?
Armstrong 22
Armstrong 22 Day ago
How long does it take to charge your Tesla
billy k
billy k Day ago
Wow are you the guy who has the only tesla ever made? Maybe you could show us the door handles or maybe the screen on the dashboard or better yet show us that it has a self driving mode. Tesla did not have to advertise at all because everyone who owns on makes 10videos a day to show you they bought one.
Alex Dilko - Topic
So what is that, $10 a mile?
Spitting Alpaca3 Gaming
Wow that's cheap
That Guy
That Guy Day ago
You know, you spend the money, and the 30 mi s sitting and waiting to be able to then drive your car, when the power is 80ish percent coming from coal anyways. Haha.
Crazy oilfield mechanic
Electric cars are not the future or the solution to air pollution. I don't care what bidet decrees with his pen in the end all it will do is waste a LOT of everyone's money and not accomplish anything to clean up or significantly reduce pollution.
Margie Justice
Questions I have is how many miles do you get on a full charge before you have to stop and charge it again? And how long does it take to charge it all the way if it's about to die?
J J Day ago
It's free where I live
John Smith
John Smith Day ago
So I may as well keep my car that costs 20 bucks to fill up with gas and get a lot more miles and save myself the price tag of a Tesla.
Mibs Day ago
How bout a solar generator? Pay for it once & a lot of years free after the 1st 1!
crazyman552 Day ago
Your telling me not only is a tesla good for the environment,super fast,super cool, but ITS CHEAPER TO CHARGE IT THAN GETTING GAS
Andy Day ago
can’t imagine someone saying “hold up my car is about to die”
sandman_sam 2 hours ago
@Bodigizer I can fill up a tank of gas in like 2 minutes.
Bodigizer 9 hours ago
How uh... How is it any different than running out of gas my friend
Luke Kaminskey
Luke Kaminskey 11 hours ago
@goldfinger006 smh
goldfinger006 12 hours ago
You know cars have batteries right 🤣🤣
Soul- The_Argonaut
It costs 7-14$ to fill a tesla? Is this some kinda joke?
James Johnson
It’s free if you buy a diesel generator and strap it to the roof but then you have to buy diesel....someone should invent that
Bot Gaming
Bot Gaming Day ago
How long does it take to charge cuz I ain't trying to sit there all day
Ahmad Shreidi
I'm going to lose my mind with these dudes just talking and doing shit as content
PhoenixEdits Day ago
But it also takes 5 ears to fill up
CallMeChris Day ago
Boys were goin electric
David Moon
David Moon Day ago
So how much does it cost to charge?? I accidentally missed the part and I don’t want to watch it all over again..
Joshua Buch
Joshua Buch Day ago
I'm going to be honest... i thought you just hooked that shit up and it was free lmao.
Alex Q
Alex Q 16 hours ago
The fact that it's not ruined wanting a tesla legit.
Not Sure
Not Sure Day ago
Don't forget the part that is subsidized by tax payers
Saint Tropez
Saint Tropez Day ago
Pointless vid from a wannabe
Yolo Shorts
Yolo Shorts Day ago
Is it USB or USB C?
funny things
funny things Day ago
damm to get the gas full in my country its almost 100 euro
KingXXI Day ago
14$ for a full charge. GOD DAMN
Ethan Whitlock
It's not gas.. Honestly
Steven Andersson
Tesla looks like shit. Just compare it's interior to a bmw or mercedes. Even the outside looks so bland
Nintendunkey Day ago
That’s actually... pretty cheap
Guillermo Cortes
7-14$ how often?
Corrupt Faith
Just wait until everyone is driving them. Politicians are going to raise electricity rates so quick.
HALO LOVE 12 hours ago
And the power plants will be pumping even more garbage in our air.
Ander SSJG 21
How long does it take
Tanner Lebo
Tanner Lebo Day ago
In the long run it’s so much cheaper and cleaner.
Mega Chad
Mega Chad Day ago
From a container of sand to a Tesla
90 percent of the united states electricity is produced from burning gas and coal. The other ten percent is natural energy (dams and wind turbines). Even if everyone in america had an eletrical car right now it would make absolutely no difference to the atmosphere and green house emissions. Change my mind.
Rozvi Film
Rozvi Film Day ago
In Latvia it’s only 2€ for full charge
Mark Dice
Mark Dice Day ago
Ok and what is the range of ur Tesla?
DrVader8941 Day ago
This is the 2020th comment (that year sucked)
Should've bought a pre 2017 Model S - nothing!
Tovalisa Perblad
Not it being free in Sweden🙄🤚
Myles Hyiu
Myles Hyiu Day ago
It's nice to know, but everyone is too poor to buy it so
Shockey Wren
Shockey Wren Day ago
I heard it was the equivalent of paying 90 cents per gallon. But here its like 11 cents per kilowatt hour. I hope its not like $3 a “gallon” in NYC because its 32 to 35 cents.
Nimai Nath
Nimai Nath Day ago
Buy a Tesla .. keep bragging your entire life
Joe Allan
Joe Allan Day ago
I thought it was free
Robert Knowles
How many times do you have to fill up? How long does it take? And how long is the battery life?
Big Day ago
Almost every video with a Tesla talks about the cost to fill and where to charge. Those are literally the top questions of the vehicle. Here he is though, claiming he has never heard of such a question. Right...
Maxwell DeVries
Bruh to fill up my janky grand pirx that’s not even a half a tank
Maxwell DeVries
Only 17 dollars
Cats Do Animating!
Hold up, did he drive a red light?
Mason Williams
Fun fact: the electricity used to power teslas is generated by diesel generators.
Satisfying fidgets 014
Do you like your tesla
Junior from the past
Omg we live in the same city ;0
Cyborg Tuna
Cyborg Tuna Day ago
i will do everything in my power to always drive a gasoline engine my entire life. they just sound better
Harmony Harmony
Harmony Harmony 2 days ago
Ive never even seen a charging station lol
Jared Stein
Jared Stein 2 days ago
20 cents/kWh in California! More like 6 cents here plus I locked in on a fixed rate of 3 cents lol.
Jared Stein
Jared Stein Day ago
@Mark Dice you’re free to use your critical thinking skills to draw your own conclusions.
Mark Dice
Mark Dice Day ago
Ok and?
Jan 2004
Jan 2004 2 days ago
really? i thought it was free ok then i wont buy electric car like never