How Mikey Williams BLEW UP 📈 | #shorts 

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Mikey Williams has a long way to go before he accomplishes his goals. This is his story so far. I filmed this before he left San Diego by the way.
I give away cash prizes on my IG twice a week 💰


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Jan 17, 2021




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Frank Michael Smith
The NCAA needs to consider MY IDEA if they won't pay athletes - us-first.info/player/video/ha6ie36Mk6h2hnU.html I give away cash prizes on my IG twice a week 💰 bit.ly/frankIG
Dude Stegall
Dude Stegall 21 day ago
@Xwaogvkqgi Zwcdbywcfe umm
Xwaogvkqgi Zwcdbywcfe
Dude Stegall
Dude Stegall 29 days ago
Wdym by 2023 this is 2021 thats 3yrs away
Jesus Christ is Lord
Jesus Christ is the way
kim Nuyten
kim Nuyten Month ago
Please say "hello" to me I am a very big fan of you
Averielle Walker
Rhett McLaughlin set the record of 77 points for his High School in NC. Hes one half of the co-hosts of Good Mythical Morning with Link Neal.
Way2Spiritual 6 hours ago
Frank said 2023 and I graduate in 2023 so it’s time to get known and go to the draft with Mikey and bronny🐐. I’m not giving up💯💯
Eternal Nick
Eternal Nick 3 days ago
he’s wayyyy too cocky
Lucas Donley
Lucas Donley 6 days ago
Lebron was number 1 out of high school as well
EshaBaby Vibes
EshaBaby Vibes 7 days ago
Chris 8 days ago
Who? I’m just playin he a G
WIL WIL 14 days ago
dang y’all hating on him and he not even out of high school yet🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ dont switch up when he blow up in the league
hua 14 days ago
Air Mattress? Lucky..
Strucid _Combos
Strucid _Combos 15 days ago
He was trained good
The Basketball G.O.A.T
Mikey Williams blew up because he was dunking on kids half his size
Prince Tandy
Prince Tandy 15 days ago
I knew this because of overtime in his fear nothing Show
911 15 days ago
Yessir he representing sandeigo
•CJ 16 days ago
Because he’s tall and got “better” genes than me.
Lil Nachos
Lil Nachos 17 days ago
Why is it that he had an outdoor court yet slept on an air mattress?
Cortrell Davis
Cortrell Davis 18 days ago
Can you do a bronny one
Carlos Enriquez
Carlos Enriquez 18 days ago
2023!?!?!? fool its 2021
Jayden Hellement
Jayden Hellement 18 days ago
In 2023 what the fuck bro
ErikGodinez 19 days ago
Bro was not struggling he got a whole corvette and Camaro he got a nice 2 story house and buys different pairs of shoes every day lmao
Sher'maya Anderson
Sher'maya Anderson 19 days ago
Me i listening to what he saying: In my head "wait did he just say 2023??... There is no 2023 yet????"
Phillip Huynh
Phillip Huynh 19 days ago
Daygo stand up 💪
Wait a second 2023?
gamer 4 life
gamer 4 life 20 days ago
an air matress for me is an archivement
Gang time
Gang time 20 days ago
2017th 6th grader lol
Nhelilsean 20 days ago
I slept ona floor half my life tho kid doesn’t k ow what it’s like he’s not from the hood he from the BURBS
Nhelilsean 11 days ago
@I'm gay but I’m 15 why you mad
I'm gay but
I'm gay but 19 days ago
-13 year old laying down on his bed
Simon Sez
Simon Sez 20 days ago
Dwight Howard 💯
Shaqnosis 20 days ago
He’s overrated
KTgang 22 kt
KTgang 22 kt 20 days ago
DJ Gaming
DJ Gaming 21 day ago
Why is Dwight Howard the thumbnail
vloas 21 day ago
stop playin wit mikey like he aint out da mud. used to be on air mattresses and his dad got sentenced now he had less motivation
Psycho Drxp
Psycho Drxp 21 day ago
My sister went to middle with him lol
Anime San
Anime San 21 day ago
Border BOY S
#MMS #MZY #MGod $ensei
So he met bronny. And bronny made him famous
Emma Ayinsogya
Emma Ayinsogya 22 days ago
Did u say 2023
Kobey Billie
Kobey Billie 22 days ago
All cap
winter flake 1010
winter flake 1010 22 days ago
2023 wait
Levente Olah
Levente Olah 22 days ago
Why are all basketball players from collage or highschool ?
Gardion Danil
Gardion Danil 23 days ago
Yo my man can predict the future
LIFEOFGAMING 23 days ago
Mac 23 days ago
Fell victim.....LMAO
Walrus HD
Walrus HD 23 days ago
He's too short, he ain't shit compared to a grown athlete
Walrus HD
Walrus HD 19 days ago
@David Wilson yes
David Wilson
David Wilson 19 days ago
@Walrus HD Westbrook is 6’3 is he short
Walrus HD
Walrus HD 20 days ago
@David Wilson that's too short lol
David Wilson
David Wilson 20 days ago
@Walrus HD he’s a 6’3 sophomore look him up dummy
Walrus HD
Walrus HD 20 days ago
@David Wilson and he's too short lol
Frans Kgwaxh
Frans Kgwaxh 24 days ago
You got both a like and a subscription dwag
Emrnem 24 days ago
Didn't bynum go straight out of high school?
Ask Your Whore Mother
Lmfao what? His dad became a very successful college and high school coach after his playing days? This guy is something else 🤦🏽‍♂️
R.I.P ghost i love you
Air mattresses are not that bad, i kinda like em
Panda puffy
Panda puffy 25 days ago
Wait 2023
No Name
No Name 25 days ago
I’m 16 but ain’t a fucking rabbit that can shoot a basketball
Slime 2 Shiesty
Slime 2 Shiesty 25 days ago
Uh or becase he played on the team with bronny and Lebron was cool with him
recklessgaming51 1
recklessgaming51 1 26 days ago
That ain't no hood sum Apartments the basketball rim be all fucked up and shi that's the hood
XO Dani
XO Dani 27 days ago
Shii I’m from the trenches I see ppl sayin he ain from there ppl just got there own way of “the trenches” but that shii the bottom like uu Neva had shii
Christopher L Miller
he never slep on a air matress
Antonio Smith
Antonio Smith 27 days ago
This nigga had it hard that’s y he coming out so great 🐐🐐
L 27 days ago
Mj: You think his a good shooter? Imma show you his not
Merci Tony
Merci Tony 28 days ago
Regardless of the player, they should let them join the nba after high school. It's a job.
Goatified Vault
Goatified Vault 28 days ago
lol I beat his ass in the 2nd grade 😂
Mikey 28 days ago
Hey, just started a US-first channel. If you wanna know how I got my bounce, i do squats, stair runs, box jumps, and you have to be healthy and have low body fat.
Nova Jay
Nova Jay 28 days ago
IN 2023??
Michael Vincent Guray
Also lebron was a highschool 1st pick bro.
Nathan Panther
Nathan Panther 28 days ago
Hyperex 29 days ago
How did Mike Will make it?
Breezing Animations
Isn’t lebron the first pick out of high school
Bsm.jay Month ago
Bro this shit cap how are they in a big ass house all of a sudden😂😂😂 In California
MAhki Cunningham
Wait after 2023 what?!
keren imanii
keren imanii Month ago
There was no 2023 it is 2021
TheWarden Month ago
Bruh it’s 2021 why did you say 2023
Desmond Johnson
Desmond Johnson Month ago
His dad from the trenches not him
Toxic_Agentz Month ago
Thumbnail lookin like Orlando magic Dwight Howard no cap 😂
Renegade Raider-YT
2023 has not happened yet
holdenLs4dayz Month ago
way too cocky, probably the most arrogant, and cocky high school prospect in our lifetime.
Sun Sun
Sun Sun Month ago
Did anybody else see Dwight Howard on the thumbnail or am I high🤔
Theo Roach
Theo Roach Month ago
Dude you can’t of “made it out the mud” if you were fucking home schooled to help you focus on basketball
Tristan Dubois
Tristan Dubois Month ago
Yo he used to live in greenfield village? Thats where i live rn i recognized that backbord and the playground behind it
Jeremy Ulofoshio
So he wasnt from the trenches
JustoSlimee Month ago
Ssamt3 Month ago
Imagine having a mattress
Booger Pits
Booger Pits Month ago
Do somthing hockey related next
Kenji Month ago
W Month ago
He’s not gonna be the number 1 pick. Being incredibly athletic is good. But in the nba everyone is that athletic
Diamonds when I walk
I know not bc I want a shout out but I really did know
Joan 10
Joan 10 Month ago
If he from the trenches I'm from the center of the earth and I grew up middle class/hood
KyreetheKid Month ago
All I got from this is that if I train hard enough I can enter the draft in 2024💯
I dunno What I’m doin
2023 it is 2021
I dunno What I’m doin
@Ronaj Gibson no 2077
Ronaj Gibson
Ronaj Gibson 12 days ago
It’s 2022
I dunno What I’m doin
@Ronaj Gibson yes it is
Ronaj Gibson
Ronaj Gibson 13 days ago
No it’s not
Jūßtīń Month ago
thismof0 Month ago
i beat him up in one of those fights FUN FACT tell him to run it again
Jesus Christ is Lord
Jesus Christ is the way
Nic ,
Nic , Month ago
Props to him but bitch I use to sleep on fucking nothing but a concrete floor For 12 years living in a three-bedroom basement with 10 people
YaBoi DaGoat
YaBoi DaGoat Month ago
What's wrong with air mattress
Hazel Hazelwood
Hazel Hazelwood Month ago
Did he say 2023
I only watched because of the 50 cent in da club instrumental
Jason Derulo
Jason Derulo Month ago
Stop supporting the pro-socialism NBA
Glizzy Gladiator
Oh a air mattress I used to sleep on concrete floor in a basement 😂
Ikhlas C
Ikhlas C Month ago
Idiots in the comments, just because this guy says this stuff doesn’t mean it’s 100% true y’all too gullible
Ok Mol
Ok Mol Month ago
What does him sleeping on a air mattress mean hes from the streets mean ????
Taco boy
Taco boy Month ago
Can u do how Mike evans made history
Its Weeb
Its Weeb Month ago
Well you got a like and a follow from me. Noice.
Crpl Nddpreteion
Stop that sellout at the end
Mir Wavy
Mir Wavy Month ago
Why they changing the high school rules again?
Tosmanos Month ago
What's this song called?
AceD_Playz Month ago
Bro 2023 isn't here yet
Kinstin Doula
Kinstin Doula Month ago
What's wrong with sleeping on a air mattress?
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