How I Admitted I Was An Imposter And STILL Won Against The BEST Among Us Players...666 IQ Plays 

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CORPSE playing Among Us with @PewDiePie @jacksepticeye @penguinz0 @Michael Reeves @Disguised Toast @LilyPichu @Sykkuno @Valkyrae and @CinnamonToastKen
MY GAMING CHANNEL IS: us-first.info/more/Q0uJ8rlpTU0HwDTVBJdizA
Twitch: www.twitch.tv/corpse_games
Twitter: Corpse_Husband
Instagram: corpse_husband
THUMBNAIL BY: chryseuswitch


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Sep 27, 2020




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Saniya Straughter
This might be weird but if corpses told a story that was very scary I think I would have just fallen asleep to his voice 🧍🏾‍♀️
Fraser MacAulay
Fraser MacAulay 2 hours ago
Bravo 4 hours ago
Corpse needs to do just some voice shit. Cause my god I would fuck his voice
26M for 4 months wow🙀
AngelBeats M
AngelBeats M 5 hours ago
Bro that voice is like perf for a guy I would be lookin for. I love deep voices 😍. Anyone else?
Hannah Sava
Hannah Sava 5 hours ago
I'm not sure if I should be afraid or aroused, but Corpse's voice hits different.
Weird Weirder
Weird Weirder 7 hours ago
Day 1 of asking corpse to pls say “I’m Batman” in his best Batman voice😂
Kauai Wilson
Kauai Wilson 7 hours ago
Bruh that gaslighting tho😂
Doggo 10 hours ago
WE NEED CORPSE TO SEE THIS!!!!! I’m working on a project called @betteroffdead.series (that’s the tik tok account), and we were interested in seeing if corpse wanted in. He probably won’t since he is too busy and it is unpaid, but if you have time, please check the account and say something.
Jared 11 hours ago
You sound familiar...
michael fox
michael fox 11 hours ago
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jay Cotesel
jay Cotesel 11 hours ago
Fun Hax ur funny as hell
dino furry
dino furry 12 hours ago
Dude just do the face reavel!I realy wanna see your face😤
Rébekka Beauchamp
Rébekka Beauchamp 12 hours ago
Corpse might be the imposter god but Pewds ALWAYS sniffs out the imposters correctly in the first two rounds
Ginny Cain
Ginny Cain 13 hours ago
His voice melts chocolate
Adriana Putrasevica
Adriana Putrasevica 14 hours ago
Debra Juarez
Debra Juarez 14 hours ago
Is that your real voice?
Victoria Gray
Victoria Gray 14 hours ago
28:58 lily moans ong
고양이 새끼
고양이 새끼 16 hours ago
Am I the only one who has dreamt this after hearing Corpses voice? Corpse: Come babygirl/boy Y/N: Why~ Corpse: Cause I said to Y/N: How bout... no Corpse: Ok (takes out a fucking knife and stabs you) you dont listen you die. AM I THE ONLY ONE????!!!
Sultana Razia
Sultana Razia 16 hours ago
Corpse voice:👻👻🕳🕳 Lily voice:💎💎😍😍👸👸
Sultana Razia
Sultana Razia 16 hours ago
I am new sub....but why ur voice is like that.................?
Op vron
Op vron 16 hours ago
Your vioce is like scary Not like scary It is an scary I like scary
Caliburn Gaming
Caliburn Gaming 16 hours ago
"are you imposter" "yes" everyone: understandable, have a great day
Shubh Bhat
Shubh Bhat 17 hours ago
CODE23 18 hours ago
PLEASE VOTE HIM, PLEASE VOTE ME :D After watching this with all of them I love the game even more then ever. Straight boss level in among us corpse edition :D
Lin Chen
Lin Chen 18 hours ago
I can make your voice even tho i am girl
サーモン昼は 19 hours ago
ابك كرسووون في وحده اسمها لورا ياربيي حلوه و لازم تتزوجها و العرس و كل شي علي و تراها تتابع انميات و يعني نفسك كلكم نفس الوضع👩‍🦲
Parmjot Kaur
Parmjot Kaur Day ago
How to play in among us: 67% Learning how to play the Game Corpse telling how to play the game: 90% Learning how to play the game
Z E Day ago
That KSP music tho
Cronar Vair
Cronar Vair Day ago
I love your voice
The last Spycrab
Dam His voice is deep
Rocket Slay
Rocket Slay Day ago
Maxine Gamer
Maxine Gamer Day ago
Oooof if corpse had a SON- poor junior corpse
Mehdi da boss
3:25 is what u came to see
Mehdi da boss
Lily: corpse r u imposter Corpse: yea Lily: UnDeRsTaNdAbLe HaVe A nIcE dAy
I never get too :(
Anything Agatha
Hear me out: Lily and Corpse I ship it (idk tho is corpse is dating or married)
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Anne Kinser
Anne Kinser Day ago
Toast: -gets voted off- -triggered- -continues to do an impossible task lol-
Anne Kinser
Anne Kinser Day ago
Sus sus sus sus sus
sorin caldararu
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Peach Baby
Peach Baby Day ago
"Idk what that is you fuck" lmaooo
Skittles The Protogen
Holy shit I was not expecting that voice. My heart can’t take this.
gachaDream Day ago
I still can't get over the voice
Pekanix Day ago
Lex Leopold
Lex Leopold Day ago
Hi CORPSE i LOVEEE your song white tee ily
Ami spark
Ami spark Day ago
imagine if corpse ran for president
Gia Ninan
Gia Ninan Day ago
This is too funny! =)
•Pickle Plays ÙwÚ•
corps is awsome
X-Boba Queen-X X-Frausto-X
how did his voice just get lower
Dark Lord
Dark Lord Day ago
The best explanation for Among Us
Katie Wright
Katie Wright Day ago
I really like corpse. Idk why. Cool voice, good vibes. Just seems like a nice guy.
Joseph Lynch
Joseph Lynch Day ago
Lily and corpse voices are total opposites
Mikasa ackerman
me: **hearse his voice** me: **literly flinches** (this is not a hate comment btw)
bob bobppeidic
Corpse makes such happy and joyful music
Shivram Sreedhar
imagine if his voice was the same irl
Me: Aww Lilly’s Voice is sooo cute Lilly: What the Fuck Me: Nevermind
hyper beyblades
oh no no no no no no no no its 6 6 6 IQ
Im new
Farhiyo Umbare
I am scared of that voice
Farhiyo Umbare
shootout gaming
Farhiyo Umbare
Ok he's voice is scary
Aaliyah Aiken
nah not scary, but dope lol
Farhiyo Umbare
Yeah scary
Steven Jackson
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Lani Alvarado
Lani Alvarado 2 days ago
This man’s voice is insane. I can’t even get through the video without laughing.
Raf Castillo
Raf Castillo 2 days ago
Lilies voice so cute
DoggoDog 701
DoggoDog 701 2 days ago
I pulled my tooth out watching this lol
박관호 2 days ago
경선님 영상을 보고 오셨거나 한국인이라면 조아요 해죠...
Ashok ghimeray
Ashok ghimeray 2 days ago
Wtf he had 4 mil now 7 mill
Toxic Nightmare35
I've never played this game, but I think I'm going to start. Plus the chance to possibly run into Corpse. That is all I want, even if i die 🤣
Aaliyah Aiken
Yansea Augusma
Yansea Augusma 2 days ago
I literally don't see,what all the simping's about.
stormy 2 days ago
Him only hitting puberty 2 times I thinks it’s around 97 times
pat deleurme
pat deleurme 2 days ago
Why is ur voice to deep no offence
pat deleurme
pat deleurme 2 days ago
migs gaming
migs gaming 2 days ago
Wow 1 mil likes
brandon samoy
brandon samoy 2 days ago
Reveal your face pls if we now your a demon
RionTube 2 days ago
Corpse I’d absolutely cool he is scary but not for me.....😎😎😎 the reason why it’s becuz I have a channel actually 2 Riontube and CORPSEGØD and I have almost a similar voice and I’m happy I have another corpse friend I feel great that’s why CORPSE if ur seeing this he Brother
Suqar_BobaX 2 days ago
I just started watching your videos, so I have a question. Do you use a voice changer?
LORD GAMING 2 days ago
No. This is his real voice.
why do people think corpses voice is scary is the most soothing voice ever imagine him telling stories like luna does
ピクルス 2 days ago
i would love to have corpse as a dad-
Beatriz Moreno
Beatriz Moreno 2 days ago
Corpse are u levi from Alex and Zach
Jess Kitwaroo
Jess Kitwaroo 2 days ago
i have a friend who sounds EXACTLY like corpse, i think they coulld be related lol, my friend is half mexican and his voice is deep asf like corpse's , god has blessed mah soul
Lil Benni
Lil Benni 2 days ago
corpse vs joe swanson deep voice competition
rein ty
rein ty 2 days ago
Itz_Crystal _YouTube
Imagine admitting being imposter and getting away with it-
Eliana Omemine
Eliana Omemine 2 days ago
Is it just me or did corpse literally vented in front of everyone but nobody said anything
Sarrah Dillon
Sarrah Dillon 8 hours ago
Crewmates vision is lower. So it's dark for them.
Spookeh YT
Spookeh YT 2 days ago
Corpse is the Dream of among us
Divya 2 days ago
Can someone talk about Felix for a sec? He never got worked up, I think it's so cool
Gacha BBBessie
Gacha BBBessie 2 days ago
That voice tho………It’s so..deep.
N1teFoxer Playz
N1teFoxer Playz 2 days ago
Why does this man not have 50 mil subs bruh👍
Aylin Aghamaliyev
why am i simping on a VOICE?!
Aylin Aghamaliyev
Ik but I find his voice attractive ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)
Infin 2 days ago
it's not worth it lol
Emma kompan
Emma kompan 2 days ago
only you could win this lmao
Jay 2 days ago
Imagine how brutally intense corpses puberty was
Morgan Armstrong
Morgan Armstrong 2 days ago
Pewds comment about hitting puberty twice is funny because I'm trans so that's kind of literally what I've done
Sam O'Connell
Sam O'Connell 2 days ago
Petition to get Corpse to say ‘Oh Yeah!’ with enthusiasm
Sedona Allen-Brodeur
Lily: are you imposter? CORPSE: yeah. Everyone: 🧑🏻‍🦯🧑🏻‍🦯🧑🏻‍🦯
Lizzy Lol Wolf
Lizzy Lol Wolf 2 days ago
O.o corpse why is your voice so idk -^- also sykkuno is good for you UnU
Nick Jabagat
Nick Jabagat 2 days ago
Corpse i listen your music everyday
Anime Lover3003
Anime Lover3003 2 days ago
Is there a way to lower the volume of lily. Cuz she is LOUD!!!!
Sanath Narayan
Sanath Narayan 2 days ago
i know corpse uses a voice changer to make his voice normal in public