How flight attendants treat nice vs mean passengers #shorts 

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Apr 2, 2021




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TLE 11 minutes ago
Something like this happened to my dad once. A bunch of flights were cancelled including his so he was assigned an aisle seat on a different flight. Turns out the airline accidentally double booked the seat he was in and this other guy comes along claiming that's his seat and starts raging at the cabin crew over the mistake and saying that he has to have an aisle seat. So the situation starts escalating because all the economy seats are full and the guy is getting more and more riled at the crew. Then a flight attendant says to my dad "Take your bags and come with me, we'll move you to first class." The other guy is like "Hey why aren't you moving me to first class?" and the flight attendant says "There are no aisle seats available in first class." Absolute savage! They moved my dad to a window seat in first class and you know what? There were plenty of aisle seats empty all around. That flight attendant pretty much did that just to spite the rude passenger while giving him what he wanted, and my dad got a trip in first class out of it 😁 Moral of the story - don't be rude to flight attendants!
BC Vuazy
BC Vuazy 21 minute ago
I laughed so hard when she said "Oh Cuz You're a B" Just the way she said it made me laugh
jorge aldridge
Now that was good
Flight Attendant: Beef or chicken? 🐄🐓 Me: Beef~! (•` ; '•) Wink~♡ (👊🏼🍜< )
Cloaker 3
Cloaker 3 Hour ago
Atleast she’s honest about it
Kaiden Smith
Kaiden Smith Hour ago
Annnnd that’s when you lose your job At least from what I hear about that industry stuff like this’ll kill your job
grace berndt
grace berndt Hour ago
That lats part though!!!😂😂
Jessica Harris
Jessica Harris 2 hours ago
I love the characters she plays and her skits are hilarious.
Jharod Austin
Jharod Austin 2 hours ago
Double 094
Double 094 2 hours ago
I honestly feel that we need to groom society to instead of saying sorry to rude people to pick and choose when you need to be aggressive so we can stop people from being this way to workers.
VIP-Princess 2 hours ago
Devil kid
Devil kid 3 hours ago
she said nope.. yup.. BUT CALMY
Alli Dolphin
Alli Dolphin 3 hours ago
How to lose ur shit in a mannered way
Daniel Carter
Daniel Carter 3 hours ago
Step 1. Be a decent person ........ Das it
NAE Sqaud
NAE Sqaud 4 hours ago
“Oh well...that’s because you’re a b!tch” Lol 😂 I’m dead
Toxic Luxury
Toxic Luxury 5 hours ago
The ending tho-
Jojo Speechy
Jojo Speechy 5 hours ago
Don't you wish you could really say that? You're so talented, fumny, and adorable!!!
jBone4400 5 hours ago
This was almost funny. Keep tryin! You’ll get there. Or you won’t, who cares.
Melinda Morton
Melinda Morton 5 hours ago
Melinda Morton
Melinda Morton 5 hours ago
Aaryannie Miller
Aaryannie Miller 5 hours ago
Just went on a plane and all they served was soda
Hi 5 hours ago
Braelyn Capps
Braelyn Capps 7 hours ago
Karen alert lol
Joana-Kathleen Hannah
I love it! “Oh that’s because you’re a bitch”
Chloee Hoke
Chloee Hoke 8 hours ago
Klu Th9
Klu Th9 8 hours ago
This is what I have to deal with at a restaurant I work at
judiv vanderkamp
judiv vanderkamp 9 hours ago
I died laughing at the end lol damn
Wrong Dimension
Wrong Dimension 9 hours ago
Smooth 🤣
Caitlin Parker
Caitlin Parker 9 hours ago
yvonne Gwarizy
yvonne Gwarizy 9 hours ago
Nice she is a b👌🏽👌🏽
Mark Horton
Mark Horton 9 hours ago
Singapore Airlines.
Midnight Rose Kitty
I dont know why but everytime they run out of food i feel embarrassed for myself- i'm just an ungrateful child- So i just thank them for what they gave me-
Lea Juliene
Lea Juliene 9 hours ago
Oh well that's because you're a bitch😆
Alexa Heryla
Alexa Heryla 10 hours ago
Oh well that’s because your a bitch :-)
Anna Marcelita Shakil
Little Arrow
Little Arrow 10 hours ago
Reuel Menezes
Reuel Menezes 10 hours ago
I think I broke my replay button
California21 10 hours ago
Rubon 11 hours ago
Wait the mean person isn’t the bitch it’s the flight attendant
Lando Boi
Lando Boi 11 hours ago
You're gonna get treated how you treat others! Also this video is golden ty
Gacha Beano
Gacha Beano 11 hours ago
Joey L
Joey L 12 hours ago
I really don't get how people can be so rude to others like this. Please be nice to those who provide services for you. If they mess up, just be polite about it. They're human too, you don't know what's going on with them. I imagine it isn't always so easy being a flight attendant, anyways.
Sleepy Maddy
Sleepy Maddy 14 hours ago
I feel this when people told 'its just 2kg too much, my scale was broken' I don't care about your excuses. Get some stuff out or pay, simple as that. Some passengers were nice though and understanding my explanation on why luggage shouldn't be over the limit. Those passengers...I treated them so nice because they made my day brighter and not harder.
Mysol Carcueva
Mysol Carcueva 14 hours ago
"Oh, because you were a B" is my fav sentence in this video
Dream on
Dream on 15 hours ago
Beautiful... Ah.. 😂😂😂😂
Liz.C.8384 16 hours ago
I lost my shit when she turned around with a beautiful smile and said cuz your a bitch! I lost it man lol 😂👍 good stuff 👍😂😂
mikaela mijaro
mikaela mijaro 17 hours ago
The b word is a bad word
Akachang's Channel Banana
Phantom Falcon
Phantom Falcon 17 hours ago
This happened to the person behind me when I was on my way to another country
MR. Memer
MR. Memer 18 hours ago
Is no one gonna talk about that she is starting to post more vids where men are more rude?
Alyson The Aly
Alyson The Aly 18 hours ago
Karen chose BEEF today
Buebito ConKatsu
Buebito ConKatsu 18 hours ago
Lesson?: Dont be a fucking Jerk with people who are doing they job and Being Kind
Lesego Maimane
Lesego Maimane 20 hours ago
Oh why didn't you give it to me Because your a B She losing anger in a kind but rude tone She deserves a reward 👏😌
Rachel Kian
Rachel Kian 20 hours ago
why would you care? you can't feel the taste as it is on the plane. you could litteraly eat beef and think its chicken 😂
Dee Day
Dee Day 20 hours ago
Jyoti Gupta
Jyoti Gupta 20 hours ago
She is smiling after saying bitch
Harshit Agrawal
Harshit Agrawal 22 hours ago
Oh what an irony!! Always happens you ask anything
Benjie Mualchin
Benjie Mualchin 23 hours ago
Savage flight attendant..😎
Brandon Alvarez
Brandon Alvarez 23 hours ago
I scrolled down and saw that tips from the ER guy.....are you guys a couple bc if not I bet you'd be a good one
gela red
gela red 23 hours ago
being honest be like HHAHAHAH
Naruto Uzumaki
Ok hold up. If you have chicken and you say you don’t, then your the b#tch. Just being real here. Cuz that would mean you lied for no reason. This would mean that before you met this rude passenger, you just didn’t want to offer the chicken. Passenger was probably like, can I have some them yum yum chicken. Attendant be like, no. We got none. I’m not siding with the rude character, but still. If you had it and said no when she asked and then She started getting rude, then like y. But if she was rude before she asked for them yum yum in my tum tum chicken, then yeah. It will be understandable.
Mākasu Day ago
I don't understand why people are saying that it's ok for a flight attendant to act this way. The paying customer asked nicely for chicken and the flight attendant lied and said there wasn't any more but, then offered it to someone else. Why is this being applauded? You all have issues you need to figure out if you think being a fake bitch at work of all places is a good thing to do.
Mākasu Day ago
Well, that's just bullshit. Not how you treat someone. How in the hell are you going to hide the truth from someone after they paid for it and then give it to someone else. If this were real this flight attendant deserves to be fired.
B Charlton
B Charlton Day ago
If it always runs out on you upgrade ur seat
Kiari !
Kiari ! Day ago
jeenies smile sometimes just goves me the creeps,but her content is pretty funny
Jericho Yagin
Turning your head slightly with a smile and a badass reply. Yous a badass
Hanin Gaming
Hanin Gaming Day ago
She wasn't shown rude until she found out the chicken was gone so- 👁👄👁
Laura Xu
Laura Xu Day ago
Bruh just I would not serve this passenger aaahhh sorry
Keke Fleeke
Keke Fleeke Day ago
U were u B***
Little sad boy
Wow 😂😂😂👌👌👌
Just emma!
Just emma! Day ago
Plot twist
Zainab G
Zainab G Day ago
Yeah that is sucks when I went to the plane I wanted a chicken they didn't have it
Gc_Dwrfy DeRs A SNaKe In MY BooT
oh because your a bitch that one person on the plane: PREACH GIRL PREACH
No name Needed
This really do be how people act and it’s infuriating
•Baby Alpha•
Oh well that’s because your a b¡tc# :) Best sentence ever
Rolly Acosta
Rolly Acosta Day ago
oh thats because ur a bitch
Sally Martinez
I always say, niceness gets you everything!
MistyBlue094 Day ago
I laughed so hard, my soul left my body, I am writing this from beyond your mortal plane, you insignificant fleshsuits of humans should fear me
Megan Sturgill
Hahha when she said because your a bitch
Jarold Martinez
Wow I hate that word but here b-b-bitch
reece McQueen
┳╮🍺🍟🍻🍟🍺 ┣┻╮*╭╮╭╮┣╮ ┃✨┃┣┛┣┛┃ ┻━╯''╰╯╰╯┻ 🍟🍻🍟🍺🍟🍻
Kane Parker
Kane Parker Day ago
idk idk
idk idk Day ago
You are one a bitch
Rose Adzuara
Rose Adzuara Day ago
Benjamin Montan
Why didn’t you offer me that earlier Oh because you a b@$ch 😂😂😆😂😂😂😂
king Roberts
king Roberts Day ago
Because your a BIT?! Lmao
Uglye Head
Uglye Head Day ago
Because you were b*tch Me: 😆 😂 😆 😂 😆 😂 😂 😂
De'Sean Nelson
Reyhan Qaedi
Reyhan Qaedi Day ago
Anna Garcia
Anna Garcia Day ago
That girl is mean bye. But the other girl was nice 👍 people do not be mean or you not going to have what you want 😑
Janal Ortega
Janal Ortega Day ago
That’s because your a B
Jiminamin bun
"Oh that's because your a B" I'm dead😂💀 Some one give her an Oscar
Samantha Burrows
Is it just me or did I think she said sorry we ran over the last chicken
madalyn Day ago
i only would’ve been upset about them not having chicken cause i’m allergic to beef
Brookie Crow
Brookie Crow Day ago
Oh well that because ur a bitch. I love that park
Maddison Land
Lmaoooo I was NOT expecting her to say that bc of how calm and collected her tone was
Kawaii & VSCO 132
This is hilarious!