How Every Hazbin Hotel Character Perished 

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A history lover's theory on how every Hazbin Hotel character died and expanding on some other theories. If you want to see me do more Hazbin Hotel stuff, be sure to subscribe!
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Apr 1, 2021




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SYCOwasnotFOUND 6 minutes ago
what if VOX wa some kind of dark web host
The minute I heard Angel Dust died in 1947, my fanfic brain started thinking of ways to make a crossover with Percy Jackson
A lot of the characters died near or in the 1940’s, Percy Jackson fans get ready for a crossover fanfic
• Ꝅeiroꝃie̱Playz •
OK SO US-first KEEPS CRASHING SO TO PUT IT SHORT 10:18 Mimzy could have died from kidnapping someone and pretending to be them and one day the person found Mimzy and saw she was drinking something and when Mimzy left her drink they then poisoned it OR they found Mimzy and on her way home they released wolves on her
Bash Boi
Bash Boi 4 hours ago
I think that Husk died in some way relating to poker and maybe poisoning his drink while the game was going since it would be in line with the lack of marks and why he's covered in the various suit symbols I also think Sir Pentious's death has more to do with a concoction rather than a machine invention, some kind of snake oil hence his design
B Mullins
B Mullins 4 hours ago
i heard a theory about Vaggie and they said that she was killed by a man she was with thus why she hates men. They also said Vaggie could be a fallen angel because of the X over her eye and she has a spear. In Charlie's song at the beginning there fallen angels with an X over one eye, and holding spears.
Lillian Thedog798
Lillian Thedog798 5 hours ago
Hold on why dose Baxter’s eyes look like the tiktok colors
Anna Wang
Anna Wang 5 hours ago
Theory for vaggie: She was groped by (most likely) a man and killed herself by stabbing herself in the eye. This could explain why there are x’s on her chest and a red x on her eye. However, I haven’t watched this and am only making a theory about it based on the knowledge from the video provided to me.
Peter Rockford
Peter Rockford 5 hours ago
I think Cherry Bomb died from being caught in an explosion and that's why her pants are all ripped and why she uses bombs as her main weapon
Emily Conway
Emily Conway 5 hours ago
for vaggie i think the was rped and murdered and sent to hell for "s3x before marige " (cant spell) evn though it was r@p3
Lily Gaming // Theories
Like the Maki reference lol
Danielle Raques
Danielle Raques 7 hours ago
I believe alastor was killed off by dogs whilst trying to shoot a deer , instead of being mistaken for one. His sin was for killing people i think
Radger 9 hours ago
I liked listening to this alot more than I thought I would. But I always find myself thinking. “W.T.F. Would I look like in this artstyle”
KatzyKins 9 hours ago
Also Viv has said sex work didn't land Angle in hell--so it's fair to assume that's not enough to land Vaggie :(
KatzyKins 9 hours ago
I feel bad for Vivzie, bc what if the cannon explanation isn't as deep as the fan theory ;w; (I'm sure it's still super interesting o3o but like--what if? D:> ) "LOL YOU GOT ME GUYS--IT'S BEEN NATIVE AMERICAN FOLKLORE THIS WHOLE TIME :)" *paper burning in the background* (apparently some Native people don't like when *anyone* says the W-word out loud, bc that's part of how the monster is summoned o3o just a headsup.)
Tokcnyecko 11 hours ago
Helluva Boss > Hazbin Hotel... even thought they both make me cringe
Rai_Pai 11 hours ago
I think Mimzy's death was actually by poison! It would explain the whole gluttony idea you had, since she might have really enjoyed eating and someone poisoned her food when she wasn't looking. I think since she was becoming more and more famous, someone got jealous of her success and decided to kill her off.
rivvy PS
rivvy PS 11 hours ago
Tbh it always felt like Alastor had rabies to me, and they didn't have medicine for it then so he shot himself to avoid dying a slow painful death, thus his hatred for dogs and the x mark
Snooka Wilson
Snooka Wilson 11 hours ago
Where can I watch this show?!
Cloudie _Mellow
Cloudie _Mellow 12 hours ago
I thought Sir Pentious died of possibly a snake or something else based on the his appearance. Not sure what the eyes could be about
Keira Richardson
Keira Richardson 13 hours ago
No husker was killed in the war
Jalissa jellybean
Jalissa jellybean 13 hours ago
Alastor has been confirmed by Vivzie herself as not being a wendigo
doctorwhofan 1000
doctorwhofan 1000 17 hours ago
Here's a little itty bitty theory I have with Vaggie about her being able to use weapons. I think that she doesn't really know how to use or fight with the spears and knives and only uses them as intimidation because they're angel tools (which is the only thing that can permanently kill demons) because besides the little knife throw that she did we don't really see her use her spear a lot, but yet again I could be wrong, maybe she's good with a knife but not a spear? Idk just a thought I had :P
Temperance Wiseman
Temperance Wiseman 18 hours ago
That was her sin
Quinn 23 hours ago
Vaggie reminds me of a voodoo doll. Maybe someone made a voodoo doll of her and killed her, or she did some thing along those lines??? (Edit) After watching that bit, maybe a man had a voodoo doll of her, or she did some witch craft and ended up there?? She could have been abused my men and that could be why she doesn’t like them, and maybe a child saw her do something with a voodoo doll, and the kid mimicked her and stabbed her??? Idk but if that’s what she reminds me of. Plus her name is vaggie
Leandro Rivera
No matter if you kill someone, even if it's self defense, you go to hell. There's no exceptions. Why do you think murder is such one of the worst sins? It marks you as a sinner immediately. There is no escape.
hand unit
hand unit Day ago
I think sir pentious died of a snake
Aurora Eckerson
Oh for Katie killjoy maybe she did that but then killed herself and the rope broke her neck!
SouthernMama Day ago
How many epusodes of thus are there
FruitSalad 22 hours ago
Only 1 the pilot but there are other things like music videos and yea
Midnight Tale
Loona was almost 18 when she died, and she mentions sifilis std or how ever you spell it, and did she die from it?
SansHatesU Day ago
Give me an sonic character who committed seppuku. What seppuku is? It’s basically suicide they Samurai used to do when they fricked up or were dishonored. Would love to see the character as an Oni or some sort of Animal for example a White Tiger or a dragon (I know it’s not an animal but Alastor is probably a Wendigo so why not)
Tim da rat
Tim da rat Day ago
How do people know all these characters theres only a pilot and yes i know there's shorts but still jeeze-
Brisk Bronco
Brisk Bronco Day ago
Vaggie is La Llorona
Goodnight Nat
Goodnight Nat 14 hours ago
I like that theory but give me the correlation
Dippin Dot Pawz Skittles
Baxter Is A FEMALE Angler Fish
Noobie Sketches
Tina Rajesh
Tina Rajesh Day ago
Theory: Vox actually did die from a TV falling on his head on set in the 1950s. NOW HERE ME OUT! I can definitely agree with the idea of him being a TV host (hence the stylish attire), but notice how his head is a TV, not a stage light.Vox's head would only be a TV if one fell on his head.
Queen Of Discord
You talk too slow
I'm gonna have to skip Al because I am fucking terrified of windgos
Noel Williams
tbh I thought of Maki Harukawa right b4 you said it-
ILoveAnime Youtoo
Guess Kolko is gonna dress up as a Hazbin Hotel Character in a convention. This vid reached 1M views. Congratulations Kolko
MARROW Day ago
Vox: died banged his head on a tv then died.
David Smith
David Smith 2 days ago
I have a fun theory with Veggie, who I can think of as a waifs (sadly she doesn’t like men) but my guess is that she was in heaven and probably like the cherubs did something wrong and it could be considered petty but enough to send her to hell or maybe she was an exorcist but thought she was doing wrong and ended up staying in hell and hooked up with Charlie because she thinks it’s a possible to be redeemed and since she was banished or hell we can say she volunteered to go to hell just to help Charlie and probably decide she didn’t feel right in heaven and this was more right for her. The possibilities are endless.
Vickie Stracener
Vickie Stracener 2 days ago
Dino Puppet group
The starting: hazbin hotel is an adult CARTOON. Me: OH... Yeah I'm NOTTTTTT 10 HEHE... I'M 474528 YEARS OLD??? 😅
depressed blanket
Where can you watch the show? This looked rly interesting so i wanna check it out.
idk if it’s ture but I have heard this Theory about vaggie so apparently she shot/stabed in the eye by homophobes
Stalimaria Galaxy
Sir pentious could have died from a snake bite
10radair 2 days ago
your'e telling me that angel dust and cherri bomb are friends ad one is from the 40s and the other from the 80s!?! ( man hell sure is timeless)
_XxWho!s laugh1nh n0wxX_ XxxXx
I was going to say he died from a venomous snake-
memento mori
memento mori 2 days ago
14:19 there’s signs of foam around her mouth. you can often get rabies or get poisoned, with the side effects of foam at the mouth. i’m thinking that she was basically a bitch and maybe she tried to poison someone or something, but it flipped and she poisoned herself accidentally.
Robert Manheim
Robert Manheim 2 days ago
Veggie was a young woman used as a s#x slave/pr0stitute by the cartel and one day she had had enough and lost it (sin is wraith) and killed a man attempting to do the nasty to her and after either kept killing the ones that hurt her and eventually was stopped or was hunted down by the cartel was shot in the head and while she was passing was violated as seen by the x's on the chest
LunerEclips36 2 days ago
I have an interesting theory for Vox. Notice the signal bars and antennas. I think he died due to over exposure of TV signal radiation. I agree, he probably was a TV host of some sort and just went somewhere he shouldn't have. Got to close to a high power antenna.
Thot slayer Ruv
Thot slayer Ruv 2 days ago
10:04 actually, husky died in ‘nam, as stated in a stream. So likely death causes, though there may be no X marks or blood stains, may have been murked by victor charlie, fragged, or commited suicide because of trauma from past combat.
Thot slayer Ruv
Thot slayer Ruv 2 days ago
2:33 vivziepop now has a big lore hole. Which in my opinion is a *FUCKING MASSIVE Y I K E S* Note: NEVERMIND! NO LORE HOLE!! :D
Stayfrostyjacketslutfallout boy
I’ve never even seen this show lmao why am I watching this 💀
ItzSupremeXx 2 days ago
Weren't charlie and Vaggie born in hell?
AL 4461 Gabriela
AL 4461 Gabriela 3 days ago
She was an Angel, Vaggie. She has that pointy thing angels have. She did something bad and ended up out of heaven, but kept her weapon. She trained to be a purge angel and kill The demons, so:: proficiency in weapons Or maybe she left because she didn't agree with what they are doing with the demons and left by herself. After all, moths seek light. Also, her skepticism with Charlie's idea about getting The bad People rehabilitated could mean she knows it's not like that, just like when in Helluva Boss it shows The three little animal angel things going to hell because they accidently caused The death of some guy. And in The pilot, on The intro, the Angels are depicted as bad and evil, too. Soooooo yeah, that's my theory
Aero Clocks
Aero Clocks 3 days ago
1:41 you can see blitzo in the back at least I think its him
kutiekitsune213 3 days ago
If you notice, when Katie's neck snaps, you hear a car screeching, perhaps she was murdered by a jealous lover who cut her brakes?
Moxxie 3 days ago
Vaggie probably went to hell just cos she’s lesbian beacause she seems like an overall nice person
RosieRay 3 days ago
I think vaggie was killed by being stabbed in the eye, and was sent to hell for being gay.
Meowzee 3 days ago
What if cherri bomb died from breast cancer?
Sidney Baxter
Sidney Baxter 3 days ago
3:13 Hehehe that's my last name
Mimzy was probably an actress who killed her co stars , performers or stage mates and she later got killed by maybe Alastor... maybe? I just going off of another theorist
Bill Williamson
Bill Williamson 3 days ago
How they will die again: *The Doom Slayer*
FoLoTi 3 days ago
Nada 3 days ago
are these theories?
Linda Schleicher
Linda Schleicher 3 days ago
Where do you guys watch this?
Fizetine Acxkernot
Someone reply so I can remember
M. Donovan
M. Donovan 3 days ago
Where can I watch Hazbin Hotel?
•Micheal Afton•
To be honest I always thought Sir Pentious was killed by a snake. I have no idea why.
Audra M. Jani
Audra M. Jani 3 days ago
Solving Vaggie's Backstory is as Hard as Solving the Puzzle of the FNAF Lore
Toxic Teacup
Toxic Teacup 3 days ago
I love this series it's so amazing I know all the songs off by heart and I generally feel sorry for the characters 😢🥰
blackfire wolf
blackfire wolf 3 days ago
Anyone else see that black thing around vaggies neck
blackfire wolf
blackfire wolf 3 days ago
Wait a damn minute....
Chaotic_ lesbian
Chaotic_ lesbian 3 days ago
Im 100% on valintino dying from a STD it makes alot of sense for his character- I still want to castrate him tho.
LD Assassin
LD Assassin 3 days ago
I look up what moth is associated with and it say rebirth Change resurrection and power of regeneration so with this you can say vaggie more likely was rape and became the killer of her rapper with rebirth showing the vaggie has change as a person so if her form was a moth this would make since but she isn’t but the gray skin and white hair is colors of moths
The Dutchman Twentyfour
Maybe vaggie cut herself? Maybe that’s why she wears the stockings and glove-like things? Idk just a thought Edit; sorry I thought of something else, her axe head, is also like a razor
Austen Walling
Austen Walling 4 days ago
fun fact: only female angler fish have the light. so Baxter is a female (this is a joke but the fact about angler fish isn't)
AnjieH 4 days ago
I thought Vaggie was a fallen angel or something 🤷🏻‍♀️
Lucy Barnett
Lucy Barnett 4 days ago
I have a diffrent idea for Velvet witch is she was getting plastic surgery and somthing went wrong
Kolko 3 days ago
That's a very interesting one!
sumkid21 ?
sumkid21 ? 4 days ago
Lunzyi Clumzyi
Lunzyi Clumzyi 4 days ago
“Man this TV is heavy, oh wait. SHI-“
Hypetalks GC
Hypetalks GC 4 days ago
Demons with no X's on the out side of their body might have one on their hearts representing internal injury instead of external injuy
Vic Hernandez
Vic Hernandez 4 days ago
First time seeing you but I already like your vibe
ARK Music Official
I have a theory of vaggie
Braeden Pancost
Braeden Pancost 4 days ago
Salesmen are evil
l_Pie Crust_l
l_Pie Crust_l 4 days ago
1:20 1:18 1:21 1:25 1:32 1:33
Little Chungus
Little Chungus 4 days ago
I dont remember half of these? Are they from another source other than the Hazbin Hotel series so far?
Nordic Wolf
Nordic Wolf 4 days ago
they were revealed in podcasts and art things by vivzie
Tananda Lynch
Tananda Lynch 4 days ago
Given how protective Vaggie is of Charlie i have two theories regarding her death 1: She was a bodyguard and had to kill someone to protect her charge. Killing another in any way, shape or form is a "mortal sin" and is a 1 way ticket to hell. 2: Still bodyguard, but something happened that caused her to take her own life, also a mortal sin. The X where her eye should be could be where she shot herself
DaZebraffe 4 days ago
My theory on Cherri Bomb: The X's on her chest and eye are where shrapnel from her own frag grenade killed her.
DaZebraffe 4 days ago
On Mimzy: Why would it have to be drugs or alcohol? It's possible to die from eating so much food your stomach explodes. Which would explain why there are no EXTERNAL marks on her body.
DaZebraffe 4 days ago
Heck, in the era those posters were common in, it was actually rarer to see a female star of any kind (not just the models) who DIDN'T use binging and purging to keep themselves thin, so maybe she just binged a little too hard, one day.
DaZebraffe 4 days ago
Another thought on Katie Killjoy: I like the "She killed her husband before death, thus the mantis-like appearance" thing, but...what if it was a murder suicide thing, and her neck was broken by a noose?
LEGOLegendbawse 4 days ago
シClxdii_Lexシ 4 days ago
Me and my cousin have a similar theory to Alastor’s death we believed 2 things Theory1:He was most likely mistaken as a deer and shot by a hunter Theory2(this was more my cousin’s idea):People accused him of witchcraft and he was either tied to a wooden pool or something and was burnt to death being stabbed/shot in the forehead to make sure he was dead he was probably living in a area with a lot of deer or something A theory on how Tom Trench died me and my cousin believe yes he was indeed in war,we think that maybe his gas mask was faulty and failed to protect him from the toxic gasses. Edit: Travis probably died from the Black Plague (I’m going off the fact he’s black and a bird)
Japonês Intelectual
Curiosity Vox and Alastor are rivals because TV basically replace Radio and laszlo is a radio host and Vox a TV host
Sporky 4 days ago
I would think that sir pentious's death would be more involved with snakes or something but an invention gone wrong would also fit his character. But if so, where'd he get his whole snake type thing??
DarkAngle 4 days ago
Maybe sir pentious died by a snake a cobra more specifically i mean he’s a snake for crying out loud maybe he was making something to kill snakes and it fail so the snake got free and bit him.
leo wins
leo wins 4 days ago
There x's on vaggies chest
selehk 4 days ago
When I heard you talking about Baxter being an angler fish in specific, I thought maybe his death would tie into the way that they hunt. Perhaps he was on a ship that was lured towards a light for some reason, thinking it was someone who needed help or they were looking for a lighthouse during a storm. I'm not saying that whatever the light was killed them, but if there was a thick fog or a storm, they may have strayed into some rocks or shallow water leading the ship to take on water. I also think the other x's on Vaggie's design are interesting, not just the eye's ex. The ones on her chest. Perhaps her breast were cut off, or she lost them to breast cancer, which she might have ended up dying from. Maybe her death involved a particularly messed up serial killer? On Mimzy, maybe the teeth on her dress symbolize that she herself was eaten, rather than dying consuming. Perhaps by wild animals? While it's been stated many, many times in the comments that Sir Pentious probably died from a snake bite, due to the fact his name is Serpent - Ios, he also just looks like a king cobra. Which may or may not be venomous. I can't quite say where he was bitten, but the eye on his chest might not be just a design choice. I find it interesting that Vox's death is marked in the 1950s, considering the Wifi symbol on his hat and chest. Maybe it's sonar? Honestly, Cherri Bomb's design leads me to believe there might have been a scuffle. Was she trampled? Did she fall down a cliff? Did somebody try to dispose of the body after she was shot, not realizing she hadn't died from it, only for her to bleed out? Maybe she died in her own explosion? Maybe she was a suicide bomber? Maybe Crymini had abused dogs during her life time, or she was mauled by dogs as a death. As a separate note, maybe the black markings on her design are body parts she lost during her death? As in her leg, foot, ear, etc.
James Shepherdson
Warning you will only see this add once. 15th time seeing it.