How Delivery Robots REVOLUTIONIZED Minecraft's 2b2t 

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Delivery robots have REVOLUTIONIZED Minecraft's 2b2t, and today we uncover how this advanced system actually works, and if this service is even lawful. These delivery robots have revolutionized not only 2b2t itself, but Minecraft as a whole.
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Never thought I'd see the day where actual delivery robots revolutionized Minecraft's 2b2t and the economy, but here we are. I would appreciate if you would consider hitting that like and subscribe button!
The oldest anarchy server in Minecraft can be a crazy and chaotic place! From VTubers invading, to immortality machines being built, and even actual crimes destroying bases. It never ends.


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May 1, 2021




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Luis Ignacio Galindo Solares
2b2t is advancing faster than actual civilisation
KARTHIK Binu 5 days ago
Ikr somehow
Robson Lana
Robson Lana 8 days ago
it has a base to evolve
omericco 8 days ago
@Holy_Crusader Of The Holy Land no
Holy_Crusader Of The Holy Land
@omericco SHUT
Pyro Byte
Pyro Byte 44 minutes ago
i am pyrobyte @FitMC
Lime Twist Animations
So it's Death Stranding: Minecraft Edition.
Fl05k8r 14 hours ago
Just kill it / make it run into a trap, and boom, you get the stuff multiple times, cuz the bot always retries.
KHOKH 69 22 hours ago
Damn Fit you built like A GoW 4 character
elementallobster x
NO WAY... Sonic Adventure AND KH Recoded music!? Not only are these songs from super dope games, but they're both robotic emed songs as well. Fit, your taste is impeccable.
AstroKen Day ago
how to make more money..sell the coordinates of the buyers
Zorena Palmer
Business is booming after this video haha
RedCyanPlayz 2 days ago
Deguns actually means nose in latvian :>
Okeus 2 days ago
Fit: I cannot endorse this Also Fit: It worked really well
Charlie Short
Charlie Short 2 days ago
Redstoner is the greatest minecraft name ive ever seen
ashistrashhh 2 days ago
stan kpopbob
Technical Tyler
Technical Tyler 3 days ago
I half expect someone to hack the site to steal coordinates for griefing
Private_Ryan1 3 days ago
his beard he has achieved operator status
Rena 3772
Rena 3772 3 days ago
The terminator lava death
Kingston Nguyen
Kingston Nguyen 3 days ago
everyone gangsta in till the bots turn on the players
Pepo 3 days ago
Imagine AIs straight up started to steal every 2b2t existing job like Base Hunting or Grieffing.
This can only go well
Anything:*exists* Redstoner:Now this looks like a job for me
GodMode 3 days ago
Wouldnt it be better to say the bot needs a ender chest and normal chest at the destionation coordinates? So it doesnt need to scan to much nearby territory? And it puts all the stuff inside the ender chest so even if killed, nothing is lost? But thats just my ideas
Moreno Kristovan
Moreno Kristovan 3 days ago
[Programmer] Michael Agarkov
Claim your "before 2 mil" here
Nightwind292 3 days ago
This is like when Don Karnage discovered the robot Pilots couldn't evade or change course....
N00BB0Y 3 days ago
1:54 that hacker forgot he opened a youtube video :)
Nikolai Manning
Nikolai Manning 4 days ago
can this leak base locations?
Germán 4 days ago
i thought this was a mod that let you have workers lol
Dan Allan
Dan Allan 4 days ago
I wonder if you can track the stash by ordering from different locations and observing the direction they come from
Tenzin 4 days ago
does anyone know the website?
Fluffy Potato
Fluffy Potato 4 days ago
Thumbnail be like PogMC
locabra10 4 days ago
Herobrine will be born soon on 2b
The Enlightened Fallen
now its pay to win
Sangita Manandhar
almost 2 M
Floco 5 days ago
Minecraft Jeff Bezos now exists
Rompstir Rhombus
Rompstir Rhombus 5 days ago
You can tell the only reason fit put is face in the cover is because he wanted to show off that magnificent beard
Relics 5 days ago
2b2t: Become Human
Jenga 500
Jenga 500 5 days ago
What's that autobot hack?
ً 5 days ago
It's not available in public only in 2b2t
FBI 5 days ago
What’s next bots reset the 2b2t server but your items are keeped
Aidan Gaming
Aidan Gaming 5 days ago
GodOfSuicide 5 days ago
if the bot makers are smart they put the bought items in the bots enderchest 1 enderchest in the bots inven when pvp kit elytra and some food and they dont lose the shulker
Technokolla 5 days ago
shulkerroad lol not silkroad LOOOL
05-7 5 days ago
This is the new amazon delivery system
BlueJagger 6 days ago
The lava also prevents its own items get stolen lol
BlueJagger 6 days ago
Wait so if they just place chests randomly and go fast people can still easily get the items hmm
BlueJagger 6 days ago
I mean it’s all great till they recode and use it to hack the accounts
Teal Golem- Gaming Anime Reviews, Games, and More
Does anyone know the site
Scibanana 6 days ago
"well they now exist on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft" Of course they do. This is 2b!
SideJadenLIVE 6 days ago
Tom Dawson
Tom Dawson 6 days ago
Blatantly an advert for the people selling the items, wonder how much they paid him
Gisrt 5 days ago
@Tom Dawson nah but there are several of these sites it's not just one now
Tom Dawson
Tom Dawson 6 days ago
@Gisrt you dont need the link to find the site
Gisrt 6 days ago
he didnt provide the link, so no
Zwingli Misiona
Zwingli Misiona 6 days ago
imagine if the bot became conscious and started to get the items for them self
Oliver Collinge
Oliver Collinge 6 days ago
What if You wanted to play 2b2t But hause said *2b2t is full* *Position in queue: 690*
Alex Thomas
Alex Thomas 6 days ago
u know that vidio about someone who took 6 moths biulding it. some blew it up. they zoom in the vidio and took the coordintates.
PabloBro 6 days ago
Blocky game has amazon
Nightdraklin 6 days ago
You know, I think 2b2t has the potential to earn some kind of irl money in the not so illegal kind of way.
Alfa Aditya
Alfa Aditya 7 days ago
These bots going on a journey across war-torn wastelands to deliver goods are basically Death Stranding couriers
Leyland White
Leyland White 7 days ago
Anyone have a 2b2t group i could join, with a semi to fully established base. please reply :)
Jose Nino
Jose Nino 7 days ago
Death stranding but in minecraft
Fallen Dragon Souls
You know, i am surprise nobody on here decided to spam ban themselves
Sans Gamer3718
Sans Gamer3718 7 days ago
1b1t was going to be the actual name before 2b2t
Sans Gamer3718
Sans Gamer3718 7 days ago
current day is 5/7/21 and i wanted to join 2b2t but the servers were full it said 951/1 I don't understand what that means
Technoboop 6 days ago
it means you are 951 in the queue. In other words you need to wait for 951 people to log on before you can.
Rohan Paranjape
Rohan Paranjape 7 days ago
0b0t is better; the bots use tpa
Nano Discussions
Nano Discussions 7 days ago
Can everyone just agree his videos is like watching a newscaster travelling though a wasteland by himself and a camera.
Mohannad Almalki
Mohannad Almalki 7 days ago
Best advice for a kid to be fit btw love your vids
Box Of Shredios
Box Of Shredios 7 days ago
this server never ceases to amaze me
Zwarrior0 7 days ago
hey fit i am really new to 2b2t and i have been having a problem recently when i started trying to get into 2b2t every time when i got into idk the 100 to 60 in the queue my computer keeps crashing and it says my nids.sys failed do you think someone is trying to hack my pc sense i did some rescearch on nids.sys?????
Technoboop 6 days ago
no nobody hacked your pc. its all good
Iqbal Raza
Iqbal Raza 7 days ago
The oldest anarchy server in minecraft
Axel Lopez
Axel Lopez 7 days ago
Fits next video n the oldest abranrchy server time travel is not possible
Stew 7 days ago
I saw the journey to the boarder. Have you ever travelled to a boarder corner?
grace4five 7 days ago
the Minecraft online TOS are a crime against fun. Moderators can permanently ban you from inline play.
Technoboop 6 days ago
play on java
nolo2gogo 7 days ago
nice pfp lol
sara omair bucha
sara omair bucha 7 days ago
Can you tell how to get ur hacks
sara omair bucha
sara omair bucha 4 days ago
Gisrt 6 days ago
he uses future client
Xluory 7 days ago
This Delivery Robots are amazing but after the robot delivered it to me he tried finding lava or something else to kill himself and he found a lava and at that time I was standing in front so he broke the block under me and WALA!! I was dying in lava
Rokkandme 7 days ago
I know I am late, but what hacks do you use?
Kakashi 69
Kakashi 69 7 days ago
Imagine popbob actually joins back when the update drops
Bleach 7 days ago
When a minecraft server is progressing more than real life
sky gamer ben
sky gamer ben 7 days ago
Hi house
TomatoNinja 7 days ago
Fabiiscool 7 days ago
that pfp doe
BLACK PIG 7 days ago
i cringe so bad wehn mc utubers take this mysticy tone and they are like "ooohhh the OLDEST ANARCHY SERVER , ITS A PLACE OF CRIMNE AND INHUMANITY" And shit like that..
Technoboop 6 days ago
MuscleChicken 7 days ago
They should totally give it a robot/drone skin
Mukti Sugiarti
Mukti Sugiarti 7 days ago
lol 2b2t hacker be like: can i trade my car for youre whole stock
Ballistic Flowz
Ballistic Flowz 7 days ago
Bearded FitMC logo doesn’t exist he can’t hurt you Bearded FitMC logo:
Evan Bennett
Evan Bennett 7 days ago
recomended client??
JimJo 7 days ago
You know, I have a slight hunch that this may be the oldest anarchy server on Minecraft.
Łukasz Wiech
Łukasz Wiech 7 days ago
can't wait for how delivery bot's were sabotaged and leaked coords on the oldest anarchy server in minecraft
omericco 8 days ago
2b2t is a giant community bigger then most viewers whole carrrier lol
Synergy04 8 days ago
Fit with beard wot he gonna do
JuniorzGT 8 days ago
the pfp looks weird with a beard
Cringe Central
Cringe Central 8 days ago
Wtf lol his pfp has a b e a r d
Penguine Pete 50
Penguine Pete 50 8 days ago
Fit: "Hes mining the gravel with a picaxe yep he's a robot" Fit 60 sec later: "Lets mine this gravel for him" Fit: Mines it with cobblestone
Lego Mindstorms EV3 Robotics
anyone realised now his pfp has a beard
Doosh Kaboosh
Doosh Kaboosh 8 days ago
2b2t players in 2021:Let me get a popbob kit and a totem chest and make it quick
Luca Rodriguez
Luca Rodriguez 8 days ago
make a video on the first Minecraft account
Advanced Micro Devices
Fitmc pfp did not change
TylerIsEpic 8 days ago
sick i found the site (im not say what its called) now im waiting for the kits to come!
FLiNT A91 8 days ago
This thing is a very unbelievable minecraft event! And my brother Flintlite was here? idk lmao
FlintLite 8 days ago
This thing is a very unbelievable minecraft event!
Jurrassic Couch
Jurrassic Couch 8 days ago
Does anybody know the URL of this website?
Bugatti Chiron
Bugatti Chiron 8 days ago
I see the beard on your pfp now
Homo Sapiens Logicus
Soon enough you won't even have to log in, you can let it play itself... And good times will be had by all!
Pixie Ch. -黒画ね光る
When 2b2t server shuts down (i hope it lasts forever) Mojang needs to recreate it as a new dimension or a separated official free DLC because dude, this server is something i want to explore someday
Nathan Anderson
Nathan Anderson 8 days ago
You should do a video on redstoner himself, he seems to appear in your videos a lot.