How Brian Pillman Broke Wrestling’s Fourth Wall (1/2) | Dark Side of the Ring Season 3 

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After enduring a horrific car wreck, Brian Pillman masks his injuries while pushing his body to the brink. His untimely death leaves his young family struggling to cope.
Watch Part 2 here: us-first.info/player/video/j5J6e3yAf2J4qoE.html
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Published on


May 1, 2021




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Comments 100   
VICE 7 days ago
Watch Part 2 here: us-first.info/player/video/j5J6e3yAf2J4qoE.html
501Bloo Day ago
I love how Jr idolizes his father and the ideals he has. There's a good man right there. Hope I live long enough to see a Brian Pillman the third.
Jeremy Berrington
@yeetusbeetus oil is teddy
LooseCan88 4 days ago
Pillman photo with VInce Mc was before his ECW debut. Photo was Jan 96 in Vegas. Great Job 4real though.
Augie Delgado
Augie Delgado 4 days ago
Jacob Baranowski
Jacob Baranowski 6 days ago
I remember watching the match with Stone Colld Astin . He looks a lot like Tommy Morris/Tommy Gun
Grimmett Janitorial Services, LLC
Somebody mentioned in the comments earlier how his high school coach missed his calling as a manager. Couldn't agree more, and the line about Vince McMahon . . . . "What do you do with a w****? You f*** them. That's what I thought of Vince McMahon." #goat
General Storm
General Storm 3 hours ago
Melanie genuinely looks like your typical methhead. I genuinely hate her.
MicP _1Da
MicP _1Da 3 hours ago
Way to many ads in this doc
Mcwhorter141 Mcwhorter
Mel is totally trash
cj dub
cj dub 5 hours ago
Kim Wood.....not a lovely fellow either
mcpolarbear13 7 hours ago
14:47 what a stud for taking that bump
Moe 9 hours ago
Pillman suck hahah
Raw & Reckless Rello
Pullman was of legend, if he ain't die the impact he would've had been uncanty, imagine a loose Canon backing up Stone Cold later on when Stine Cold feuded with Vince would've been won them the Monday night war a little earlier
Jonathan Clerine
Jonathan Clerine 13 hours ago
That can’t be the real Eric Bischoff
a40989d1 15 hours ago
Think you can cram more ads in this vid? Geez...
Thrifted Drip
Thrifted Drip 21 hour ago
My god, Melanie looks like she’s been on a 20 year meth binge. Jesus Christ. I’m an addiction specialist and I know a meth addict whether active or former she’s done some meth in her time.
Dave Hill
Dave Hill Day ago
Growing up in the 80's and 90's and being from Cincinnati, He was our guy. We loved Flyin Brian.
Roddy Reid
Roddy Reid Day ago
This is a great vice commercial on this ad channel
Matthew Slockbower
Brian Pillman’s sister sounds like Patty Mayonaise from “Doug” on Nickelodeon.
B gully757
B gully757 19 hours ago
Lnn Day ago
Vice has it right with their Dark Side of the Ring Docu series.
Germaine Carriger
Man, am I only one who thought his strength coach is dead on Red Foreman from that 70's show.
david haehnel
Hey vice, I put you down for a couple years but docu series like these.... I just can't take my eyes off the screen :)
Super Boy 84
Super Boy 84 Day ago
Its a sad story.. but being crazy ..not really
Song at 6:55?
Shawny Gang Gang
Obviously, Brian didn't like to put rubbers on his cannon when letting it loose. Only God knows how many kids he really has!!
Justin Thomas
I’m sure vice could just interview Jim Cornette & get everything they need , he’s great!
Justin Thomas
lmao you can tell he’s been working since 1982 his office trashed
Matthew Rogers
Matthew Rogers 2 days ago
Thx Jericho
Matthew Rogers
Matthew Rogers 2 days ago
the dungeon.....Stu Owen......
Matthew Rogers
Matthew Rogers 2 days ago
#58.... Retired
Matthew Rogers
Matthew Rogers 2 days ago
Made us all stop.....they didn't but was the start of the drug years.. more to come more to sweep under the rugg.....see cowArd Benoit
Clayton Briggs
Clayton Briggs 2 days ago
3 to 4 HOURS? that cant be good on the joints
Stephen Irons
Stephen Irons 2 days ago
Put you in submission holds for *hours?!?* WTF?
Greg Burch
Greg Burch 2 days ago
Pillman. HOF. When?
MrJoshuaAtwood 2 days ago
Bischoff got GOT Lmao
kauster 2 days ago
As soon as they reveal current day melanie pillman, i instantly hear rick james say "cocaine is a hell of a drug"
Videos By Bombo
Videos By Bombo 2 days ago
Damn Britt I never knew this 💔
Justin Bruscino
Justin Bruscino 2 days ago
Someone please help Dave Meltzer with that room.
Name 2 days ago
“So that’ll mess ya up.” Yup.
Miami Brando
Miami Brando 2 days ago
Is that Chris Jericho narrating?
Marcus Middleton
Marcus Middleton 2 days ago
If you mix up Brynn Hartman with Phil Anselmo that would give you Melanie Pillman. Just an absurd and heartless woman who’s now living a life when she could’ve been so dead long ago due to all the drugs she has done and the way she has embarrassed herself, like look up Melanie Pillman and watch you’ll see a bunch of mugshots
Courtside with Jerome
Rochelle is the true victim
Mandy G
Mandy G 2 days ago
Thank you so much VICE for bleeping the curse words. It's appreciated
Joseph B
Joseph B 2 days ago
You mean to tell me that's not Sammy hagar?
cask1 2 days ago
" "he loved those kids"
Kyle Miller
Kyle Miller 2 days ago
Austin over here looking better than 3/4 aew and wwe active roster
Levi Shepard
Levi Shepard 2 days ago
Bro the first daughter looks just like him
Kyle Miller
Kyle Miller 2 days ago
I really hope his kid gets to main event status . . . Outside aew . . .
Kyle Miller
Kyle Miller 2 days ago
The only man to ever be part of the world's 2 greatest organizations . . .the Four horseman and the Cincinnati bengals
Jake Powers
Jake Powers 2 days ago
Rochelle was so pretty :/
THDaGreat Films
THDaGreat Films 2 days ago
Carlton Hannibal33
Eric didn't know he was being used...
DAME DANIELS 2 days ago
Brian pillman was a IKON. He was on another level!!!!
Keith Bell
Keith Bell 2 days ago
Jim Ross would be a perfect ventriloquist. He needs a wrestler puppet on his fist.
WrestleMatics 2 days ago
41:22 you’re welcome
pemb bini
pemb bini 2 days ago
I don't believe it for a second when Bischoff says that he helped develop the loose cannon character for Pillman I just I don't buy it I think he's trying to cover his own ass so he doesn't look like a total dumbass😂
Dana Spetrini
Dana Spetrini 3 days ago
Jesus christ how many commercials do you need??
Evan Ginzburg
Evan Ginzburg 3 days ago
Bret Hart, Superstar Billy Graham and 3 dozen legends in 350 Days documentary
wally esquire
wally esquire 3 days ago
Smh damn shame what happen to Rochelle.Glad for karma for the junky melanie and brian
Christina Magee
Christina Magee 3 days ago
OMG!!!! I LOVE THE WEIGHT TRAINOR'S TAKE ON VINCE LMFAO!!!! " what do you do with a wh#@e? You F#%k Em!!!! YES!!!!!!
Cappy 22
Cappy 22 3 days ago
Pillman was the man....VICE sucks
Christopher Bassett
"So that'll mess you up(chuckle)."
Gary Mathis
Gary Mathis 3 days ago
Danielle knows she's a girl right
Money BMoney9055
Money BMoney9055 3 days ago
Brian reminds me of Eric Durden from Fight Club, if he was a wrestler … Brian was a genius
Bret V
Bret V 3 days ago
So he obviously came up with the plan to be a loose cannon with his trainer but after the first time he went off script, I’m sure Bischoff talked to him and was filled in on what he was doing... in return contributing to the storyline. So in a way, they are both right
Marcus Walker
Marcus Walker 3 days ago
The 1st Dean Ambrose
California Caveman Dastardly Dave
Wow! I cant wait for The Ultimate Warrior .
Gustavo Herrera
Gustavo Herrera 3 days ago
Meth is a hell of a drug.....that woman was in Penthouse?!!!
Jake Whitehurst
Jake Whitehurst 3 days ago
Best of luck to Brian jr. when I saw him perform a drop kick on this documentary, it gave me chills he looks just like his dad and hits that drop kick just like his dad. I hope to see Brian jr succeed in wrestling
alex c
alex c 3 days ago
Brittany is gorgeous!!
David serrano
David serrano 3 days ago
Anyone have the credits to the music for this episode? Thanks in advanced!
kidkully 3 days ago
23:29 is why they called him PILLman 💊
big boss bob ross
Anyone else binge watching these obsessively even though they never really watched wrestling before? I remember watching some when I was a kid occasionally. I like macho man and had his action figure, but that’s about it. But these stories are crazy and so unbelievable at times. This one in particular is so tragic. It’s like a Henrik Ibsen play almost.
Shorty the Pimp
Shorty the Pimp 3 days ago
Is dani a dude or girl
Vincent Hernandez
Melody looks like a dirty tweeter. She was the beginning of Brian’s end.
Kevin IG: kevinttvv
Women can’t live with em can’t live without them. Kidnapping charges is insanely wrong..but we don’t know the entire story
Joey's Adventures
Back when Meltzer was credible
John Smith
John Smith 4 days ago
Is Chris Jericho one of the narrators in this video?? Sounds like him
scattonm 4 days ago
What the hell happened to melanie? Doesn't even look like the same person. The years have not been kind.
Kyle Fish
Kyle Fish 4 days ago
41:25 best part hahahahaha
Midori Sleazoid
Midori Sleazoid 4 days ago
Does Meltzer have a problem? What the hell is going on in that room?
Pauli Flowers
Pauli Flowers 4 days ago
I sympathize with this family a great deal with all the tragedy they've suffered through. Pillman was a fucking legend and a pioneer. However, I cannot help but get a racist Floridian Trumper vibe from them. Darn
aLr boosh
aLr boosh 4 days ago
The composers do such an amazing job scoring this and all the other Dark Side episodes!
Rob Nunez
Rob Nunez 4 days ago
If Kurt Cobain was a Wrestler Brian Pillman would be him.
trap Kelly
trap Kelly 4 days ago
gabriel5718 4 days ago
Is Chris Jericho the narrator?
B1 Slee 2
B1 Slee 2 4 days ago
Damn Dave that office looked like hell
B1 Slee 2
B1 Slee 2 4 days ago
This is the best series y’all had in a while
Unclejack328 4 days ago
“Rumors and innuendo”.
thomas wilson
thomas wilson 4 days ago
Brian Pillman JR. has the best looking mullett in the world!!! Respect the MULLET!!!
Cryptic Gaming
Cryptic Gaming 4 days ago
Brian deserved so much more from his wrestling career. He truly was a once in a lifetime talent. Just never got the push needed to prove that he was truly a "Great". His wife is just a moneyhungry witch. His own son says the same thing
Drew Bush
Drew Bush 4 days ago
melanie is def on drugs
Every1H8s Chris
Every1H8s Chris 4 days ago
Ok I’ma say it Melanie looks crazy now man....when you do terrible things in life like treating Rochelle bad it wears on you literally just look at her....🤦🏽‍♂️
Rachel L
Rachel L 4 days ago
I hope it’s not lost on everyone that his last name is what he became, and was his ultimate demise.
MecHe 12
MecHe 12 4 days ago
Finally seen Dave Meltzer😂
foxibot 4 days ago
Who is the salty old guy? He’s hilarious. With his one liners.
MecHe 12
MecHe 12 4 days ago
Damn this was deep asf🤦🏿‍♂️🥲
foxibot 4 days ago
Lol that guy saying if you can eff someone over but make it think it’s a great idea. Then he chuckles. Lol.
foxibot 4 days ago
Of course it was the pressure of that mama losing her child that drove her to desperation. That’s just so sad. The woman was attacked by a stranger with an ice pick and she was not abusing the child and the child loved her. Sad all around.
TOTT TRAX 4 days ago
Melanie looking rufffffff
foxibot 4 days ago
Just watching them being thrown on their backs makes me cringe. That some later years of back pain ahead. I’m sure they have training but still you can’t take that punishment all the time on your spine.
foxibot 4 days ago
Wow that doc did the tracheotomy right on his dining room table. That’s a doc that was truly concerned with his patients well being.
foxibot 4 days ago
That guy that’s the promoter with his cute dog with red bows in it’s hair, lol. Cute dog.
Guy Williams
Guy Williams 4 days ago
Marks are SO silly... if a CAMERA WAS THERE, its a SET UP!!!