How a Lawsuit Killed Youtube’s Most Exciting Project Car 

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Movie cars are always cool, but can the owners of Gone in 60 Seconds or Back to the Future sue you for build Eleanor or a Delorean Time Machine? What do you have to do to stop your movie replica from becoming a legal nightmare? If you want to build a Batmobile, or a Jurassic Park Jeep, or a Fast and Furious Supra, there's some things you'll need to know. Nolan takes a look at some of the most recent cases to rock the car world, and we find out exactly what puts a project at risk of being shut down.
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Aug 10, 2020




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Daniel AH
Daniel AH 15 hours ago
wouldn't the modern engine/trans/everything make the work transformative?
Freshgamer360 15 hours ago
I have seen a bat mobile replica in Virginia in summer always comes by my local gas station and you can see it a couple time a year
Justin Brown
Justin Brown 18 hours ago
Disney is a parasite
XXXGOD Day ago
So if they never named the mustang, they could've just kept going with the build?
Saint Lusso
Saint Lusso Day ago
Everyone start naming everything Eleanor but with subtle spelling deference’s.
lol Day ago
i would've crushed the build before they get it
Gabriel Molina
So I cant call my car Christine? Because the devil possessed that plymouth fury? So is my car now violated copyright because its demonic possession and not tied to the car itself?
We live in America if someone tries to come take your car SHOOT EM
KTHGN Manatee
My dads favorite movie is Gone in 60 seconds so I’ve watched it many times and new what was up when I saw the thumbnail
Diesel HRT
Diesel HRT Day ago
Ridiculous. I’m building a 67 Mustang. There are body kits all over the internet literally named “Eleanor body kit”.
Dick Baggins
Dick Baggins 2 days ago
Burn down their houses. Problem solved
Logan willey
Logan willey 2 days ago
Still mad that eleanor llc did this it was so dumb
Tommuli Haudankaivaja
Well, it's time for a fucking crusade.
Claudio gamer BR
Claudio gamer BR 2 days ago
How have elenor mustang called elen0r
Clockwork Calibrations
Everybody knows lawyers suck trailerballs , but this seals the deal,
Marcello Micucci
Marcello Micucci 3 days ago
the first to get sued for building this car Denice Halicki Sues Carroll Shelby over Rights to ``Eleanor
The Great Chimera
On today’s episode of: Fuck Eleanor Licensing LLC
Dave Dörenberg-Veltman
To stump them in their face I would redo that same project but name eleanor backwards! Ronaele! Should be legal this way. Besides copyright should be recognized as the original creators! Since the creation of copyright the world is not progressing as fast as we could have been. I would be happy if someone copied one of my creations. Fans recognized my work and I recognized my fans. A better world for all of us.
TommyGTR35 3 days ago
So ridiculous.
Crusher103 3 days ago
The woman responsible for this Denice Halicki, give her hell over this.
Chris Munn
Chris Munn 4 days ago
that is so sad
Obtuse Acute
Obtuse Acute 4 days ago
I feel like this almost goes against the First Amendment
Mohammad Ahmed
Mohammad Ahmed 5 days ago
Um Nolan tell me one thing why an Eleanor car was banned
nick abel
nick abel 5 days ago
how do i put this nicely.... fuck that llc and i hope karma bites them hard... maybe a class action that bankrupts them? changing the name is one thing but then to take their build..... really hope this shit gets stopped
Brian Beard
Brian Beard 5 days ago
V-Tuned already did a early mustang body swap last year.
superstar64 5 days ago
Copyright law is a joke.
P.TSO 5 days ago
Super interesting video. Im happy to hear the mustang is still getting built one way or another
jesus sanchez
jesus sanchez 6 days ago
It pissed me off so much that they did that, just isn’t right😞
W C 6 days ago
That's gay as fuck
Jhonny Sins
Jhonny Sins 6 days ago
Honestly that's just some petty legal shit
MementoMori2070 6 days ago
Mickey is almost free?
HoennLink 2003
HoennLink 2003 6 days ago
That’s a new way to be a complete dickhead to someone. They didn’t have to take it, but they wanted to just to be an ass. Ik that when you’re building a car it’s like your baby. I’m glad they’re building a new mustang, but if it was me it wouldn’t be the same.
This was very useful to know damm big ass companies they already have money let the small guys and girls make some money to
Derek Edwards
Derek Edwards 6 days ago
That is so fucking wrong they shouldn't be able to take tha car that's bullshit!!
Jan Carvalho
Jan Carvalho 6 days ago
Proofs again, that americas legal system sucks...
Mr Samyyy
Mr Samyyy 7 days ago
Let those licenses get forgotten and rot like they deserve.
JK1988 7 days ago
How the fuck is this legally possible?
Nuka Gaming
Nuka Gaming 7 days ago
lol imma name my 2007 mustang eleanor
Kelley Smith
Kelley Smith 7 days ago
How can they confiscate the car? They should only be able to prevent you using the name or at least compensate you for the vehicle. I live in Texas and I swear to God I would shoot them before they got my vehicle. It’s in my garage and that is part of my castle
EJFXxx 7 days ago
just spell it Ellenoor
King Juli en
King Juli en 7 days ago
Those lawsuits are ridiculous, they should celebrate if someone wants to replicate those ugly designs. I forgot that gone in 60 sec 2000 movie existed, as well as that "El The Whore" tank.
Copyright lasting 90 years is some bullshit.
Feta Torsken
Feta Torsken 7 days ago
I love Gotham garage 🥰
Anton De Olifant
Anton De Olifant 7 days ago
If i name my child eleanor, will they seize my child?
Joshua Sinarong
Joshua Sinarong 7 days ago
They digging up Eleanor Roosevelt from her grave.
soapy fish
soapy fish 7 days ago
How do I contact these people?? I want to show theM my hot wheels mustang with the same name.
Arnas Vilhelmas
Arnas Vilhelmas 8 days ago
Donut: *US-first’s Most Exciting Project Car* Me: *laughs in Ronald Finger*
Gabriel Tudorache
Bryce 8 days ago
so if i name mine Dave, i am good?????
Morten Agnor
Morten Agnor 8 days ago
I kind of understand that B is for Build couldnt call their restomod be called Eleanor, but why did they seize the car? Thats f... up.
Non-Binary 8 days ago
To think id hate the name Eleanor at any point in my life ...
Dakota Snyder
Dakota Snyder 9 days ago
Grey mustang. But name it ironore. One word and say it wuick
mothafraker 9 days ago
So in other words "F*ck the fans!!"
N64Guy 9 days ago
those people are real shit stains
Jeff Spicoli
Jeff Spicoli 9 days ago
This pisses me off....I'll just take a '79 Z/28
Heidi Melcarek
Heidi Melcarek 9 days ago
If you 'depend' on copyright material to survive, you should get off your ass n GET A JOB. Like the rest of us have to!
Heidi Melcarek
Heidi Melcarek 9 days ago
I hate capitalism. Completely stifles innovation n creativity. Ugh. Intellectual property can suck my ass.
l DuBk1nDu l
l DuBk1nDu l 9 days ago
My friend's girlfriend named Elinor: OH SHIIIIII
robin hodgson
robin hodgson 9 days ago
try spalling the name another way DAAAAAAAH! LMFAO
Diablos MC
Diablos MC 10 days ago
Ima name my child elanor what they gonna do take my cild
Shene Van Aller
Shene Van Aller 10 days ago
So wait IM PERSONALLY hearing is Eleanor Licensing LLC can go fuck themselves with a cactus?
Wavicle 10 days ago
NO! NO NO NO NO NO. Good heavens you screwed this up. It wasn't COPYRIGHT that got B is for Build into trouble, it was TRADEMARK. You do not need to defend a copyright or you lose it. That's a common myth - look it up (e.g. here: www.plagiarismtoday.com/stopping-internet-plagiarism/your-copyrights-online/3-copyright-myths/). You do have to defend a trademark. Furthermore, trademarks don't expire after 90 years. Reforming copyright law will not fix this. JUST NO. Ugh...
marcus garcia
marcus garcia 10 days ago
Call it el a noir...it's black or the black one
_ Diceman _
_ Diceman _ 10 days ago
no demonize those elenor losers, its some old lady sucking up people's hard work for greed
Milktar21 10 days ago
Why are all these companies such crybabies and drama queens over copyright? Like I get you want to protect your thing but you don't have to be extremist assholes
Pip 10 days ago
Only in America ! where there are too many lawyers finding work...
Joel Shinoda
Joel Shinoda 10 days ago
Why didn’t they build a German Mustang called Älenor?
Raven Blackfall
Raven Blackfall 11 days ago
I'm going to name my next ex wife Elinore. Sure you can take her.
tyler smith
tyler smith 11 days ago
lincon futara
Keith Riley
Keith Riley 11 days ago
The land of the Free you say !
Killer D
Killer D 11 days ago
What if you own an actual Mustang horse named Eleanor?
Josh Spades
Josh Spades 10 days ago
The LLC would like to speak with you, please, hold this vial of ketamine
Monkey D. Luffy
Monkey D. Luffy 11 days ago
The DeLorean story is awesome
Jeff Froment
Jeff Froment 11 days ago
I mean all they had to do is change the name. I can't believe they sued Carroll Shelby and won. That's low life people right there. Carroll the guy who made the GT500 and they sued him. I would love to smack one of these guys.
AJ Dragon
AJ Dragon 11 days ago
I'm having a hard time believing they just seized his cars, he should have received a cease and desist order from a lawyer first for the illegal use of the name and to take down the videos. Then if he refused to comply with the cease and desist order he would then be sued, and then the courts would get involved and more then likely order the defendant to pay compensation for the illegal use of the name and the removal of the videos, and the disassembly of the car.
julifer9211 11 days ago
What about God can he sue us for copyrights on everything that exists because we copy him due to fact he is creator?
Josh Nabours
Josh Nabours 12 days ago
We need a have ford pinto with a mustang engine named Eleanor in their honor. If you are mocking them you can argue fair use. Mainly because you transformed the way the copyrighted item from a movie car to a car mocking a movie company.
Rt 12 days ago
I have a salt and pepper shaker that I call Eleanor I want if they want that
Jack P
Jack P 13 days ago
Someone needs to make a replica and name it Elean'r
Ram Vaish33
Ram Vaish33 14 days ago
Now I know why dc is slowly falling
chris garrett
chris garrett 14 days ago
Its spelt Temecula as a resident im offended 😂😂
MudkipKid2000 Legend
What if I name my car after my grandma eleanore
thfreakinacage 14 days ago
Within 20 seconds of the video I said to myself "I bet it's some stupid-ass bullshit reason", and what do you know? I was dead right...
C4 Props
C4 Props 14 days ago
find where the car got taken to. steal it back. change the VIN on the dash from a parts car. keep working on your car and give the greedy pricks the finger.
Cuchi de Soto
Cuchi de Soto 14 days ago
I remember this court case in the US. Carol Shelby did not lose it. The case was thrown out. Shelby commented at the time the whole thing had been a waste of time and money.
Chris Doleglo
Chris Doleglo 14 days ago
no Nolan,if i name my son Eleanor is? he going to be basically kidnapped and stolen from me... no, NO! so they cant steal somebodies car from them too, because it's more than just a car
Jakob Town
Jakob Town 15 days ago
I guess he owns Eleanor Roosevelt now
Nathaniel Lopez
Nathaniel Lopez 15 days ago
I’m gonna get a mustang and name it elenor and see if they come try to take my goodies they’ll have another thing comin
Nathaniel Lopez
Nathaniel Lopez 15 days ago
Totally garbage
Nathaniel Lopez
Nathaniel Lopez 15 days ago
This is bs I’m super tight about this
Hannes Krueger
Hannes Krueger 15 days ago
I had no clue the Nick Cage movie was a remake. Is the original worth watching?
bosprocket 15 days ago
just call the car bill, you're welcome
CMDR Helgwen.D Hawke
they should have still named it Elanor . but typed it as 3lanor . dout they can strike you for that ! . or what if ur own name is elanor ? and just named the car after ur self ?
nicholas papas
nicholas papas 16 days ago
The courts seem to be very unfair in America which will trickle through to the rest of us. Definitely not uniting people like the deloran has.
dbc105 16 days ago
It was only a copyright infringement because he was making money on the build via US-first. You can build one for yourself, don't name it and there is no case.
Meme fist Idiot
Meme fist Idiot 16 days ago
Do a up to speed on dukes of hazzarsd
Meme fist Idiot
Meme fist Idiot 16 days ago
U forgot dukes of hazzards
Ibnul Bevan
Ibnul Bevan 16 days ago
Fast and Furious cars doesn't have any own name of their cars except s15 mona lisa.Will I still get sued if I built replicas of fast and furious cars?
Joseph McDade
Joseph McDade 16 days ago
I like the B is for Build guys and I think it is totally wrong that they took the car. They should have let you change the name if it is that important to them . Like one other person commented what if t your daughter or wife was named ELEANOR ?? I think you guys got the shaft because of some jerk with no vision or creativity who could never build anything .
Lawrence Eich
Lawrence Eich 17 days ago
Screw them!
Lawrence Eich
Lawrence Eich 17 days ago
Chris should have Crushed it!