How a Golden Retriever and a Kitten Became Best Friends Compilation 

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Mar 31, 2021




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Syed Waseeulla
Syed Waseeulla 6 hours ago
Lovely 💐💐💕
Neusa Miron
Neusa Miron 2 days ago
love love love love 💖🐾💖🐾💖🐾💖🐾💖🐾💖🐾💖🐾
Dancy Chandler
Dancy Chandler 2 days ago
Cute and I hope you got the cat neutered, the late vid bite holds are breeding behavior.
Raju Limbu
Raju Limbu 2 days ago
07:50 Simon The force massage therapy specialist. if not willingly then he'll bite and force bailey to stay clam until he finishes his massage session .😁😁
RheinErftVideo 3 days ago
The moment when a big dog is turning into a plush toy for a small cat 🤩 ❤️🐱😋
Scott B
Scott B 4 days ago
Love the end. Nope not looking at it.
toots rottum
toots rottum 4 days ago
You need to get kitty fixed
Shaia Wolfie
Shaia Wolfie 4 days ago
This was pure serotonin. I needed this
serap küçükkırca
Lucía Castillo Barboza
Unicamente perro de raza presenta en sus videos, y los perros de la calle qué? Necesitan de amor y un hogar. ?????
Silvana de Jesus
Silvana de Jesus 5 days ago
Silvana de Jesus
Silvana de Jesus 5 days ago
Like like galera 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Silvana de Jesus
Silvana de Jesus 5 days ago
Bailey tá com ciúmes kkkk
Silvana de Jesus
Silvana de Jesus 5 days ago
Hedwig Lessnigg
Hedwig Lessnigg 6 days ago
Yank You 👍🙏🙂💯❤😇🍀
Enjoli 6 days ago
They match their colors are on point
John Sobizzr
John Sobizzr 6 days ago
9:15, kitty want to climb on Bailey, watch the Best Bailey smile. 😊. It is there 😀
John Sobizzr
John Sobizzr 6 days ago
Bailey, thank you , Dude 🇦🇺👍 great fun huh !
Thiemo Böckenhauer
Cats like woman, they want all and get them.!
Es una sugerencia. No lo tomen a mal.🙏♥️♥️🐕
Me da gusto que le presenten amiguitos , pero por que no lo sacan a pasear, correr al parque. 🐕
Amanda Youngs
Amanda Youngs 7 days ago
I think Bailey is my favourite dog on the entire interwebs! (And I'm a cat person as a general rule.)
Anabella Bacasoy
Anabella Bacasoy 7 days ago
wow❗very nice bailey
M. Hall
M. Hall 7 days ago
Precious kitten and precious goldy🐕 I am content 😊.
JUNIOR FELMAN 8 days ago
Este vídeo ha demostrado que, muchas veces, los perros y los gatos pueden congeniar y llevarse muy bien. Sería lo ideal. Gracias por subir este vídeo ha gustado mucho.
Marina Pacheco
Marina Pacheco 10 days ago
What a beautiful video. So, so cute. Made my day 🤩🥰🙏
alvia madison
alvia madison 11 days ago
❤ this video. One of my favorites😍🥰
Rosanna Santos
Rosanna Santos 11 days ago
Patrizia patty Salzano
Che bello una persona come lei che sa esprimere amore alloro grazie
endorphinz 11 days ago
I needed this video lol.....
Jean Claude Asselborn
On se lasse pas
Лин Ден
Лин Ден 12 days ago
Видео старое - Саймон уже вырос, здоровый кот))
pilar gomez calcerrada
Jaja jaja 😂 cariños bonitoss
Rachida Daggoug
Rachida Daggoug 13 days ago
Que cariñoso eres Bailey te quiero mucho y también el pequeño gatito es adorable os quiero a los dos.Rachida
Cantus Firmus Becker
Sie haben Ihre Tiere bestens geprägt. Bailey ist natürlich ganz besonders. Wer mit so viel Lebe überhäuft wird, kann das gut weitergeben. Auch ihre anderen Hunde sind klasse erzogen. Respekt!
TY ZOOM 13 days ago
Dans quel pays vit Bailey ?
TY ZOOM 13 days ago
Merci pour ce partage d'amour, les animaux sont plus humains que les humains. Adorable Bailey !
꧁ Jennifer ꧂
꧁ Jennifer ꧂ 13 days ago
When Simon is biting Bailey's neck & climbs on her back, he's not being cuddly. He's being a perv teenager! That's how they mate by biting them by the neck to hold them in place.. I have a male & female both fixed & my male would do that when he was younger.. he doesn't care she's a dog. It's just the urge & instinct to Simon 🤦‍♀️
꧁ Jennifer ꧂
꧁ Jennifer ꧂ 13 days ago
I have 3 labs & 2 cats & they _never_ act cuddly or try to play 😤 1 of my cats might try to catch a dogs tail after being hit with it but that's it 😂
Lex Fauser
Lex Fauser 14 days ago
Awww!! :-) :-D THIS is so adorable, sweet, cut and funny!! :-) :-D
Pastorpam Mena Naz Online
Cuteness overload!!
Vany Bravo
Vany Bravo 14 days ago
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Me encanta verlos!!! Me dan paz y mucha ternura!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Son preciosos!! Bailey tiene muchísima paciencia con el bebé gatito !! 💕❤️❤️❤️
Tp-TvSports 14 days ago
سبحان الله ولفو بعضياتهم
JB 14 days ago
Was the cat neutered?
Mari Oliveira
Mari Oliveira 14 days ago
I loveeeeeeee
Ashapuri 14 days ago
Why would anyone need a TV? This is so much better🙃
Kimberly M-W
Kimberly M-W 14 days ago
So sweet of new best friends!! ❤️👍😷🎉
lopas 911
lopas 911 14 days ago
Those two are adorable together! So much love and care exhibited by both...beautiful! Thank you for sharing! Blessings always!
Lily Zenarosa
Lily Zenarosa 14 days ago
I love them both
Rebeca Moreira
Rebeca Moreira 15 days ago
🤣😅😂 Que perro tan inocente e ingenuo, él muy tierno con el gato pero el gato está abusando de él
Meep en Jaap
Meep en Jaap 15 days ago
Oops 8:03 time to neuter kitty.
Carine Somers
Carine Somers 15 days ago
Amazing how fearless cats are even being just a kitty
Julie Watson
Julie Watson 15 days ago
So adorable 💓🥰💓
Erik Dahlen
Erik Dahlen 15 days ago
Dislikes on this video?? I mean, it was all in the title so just don't click it if you don't like cats or dogs. This was all a big cute fest.
Cece Davis
Cece Davis 15 days ago
Friendship and sweetness redefined here!😁👋💯♥❗
Fe Balmes
Fe Balmes 15 days ago
I was smiling while watching that video...
Tuesday’s Gone
Tuesday’s Gone 16 days ago
Joseph Ignatowicz
Joseph Ignatowicz 16 days ago
Malie 16 days ago
Rebecca Pruitt
Rebecca Pruitt 16 days ago
My golden saw kitten in a ditch, I was stopped and she jumped out the window and went after kitten, it was so tiny, she picked it up and brought to me, from that moment on they were inseparable. She would push kitten up to food bowl to eat, then what was left she would eat, they slept together, played and loved on each other everyday, was wonderful to watch.
Kelly R
Kelly R 16 days ago
Just precious!! 💕💕💕💕 Both so beautiful! ❤️
xrusostomos diamantis
Andrewm Hurth
Andrewm Hurth 16 days ago
Can you imagine 60 weirdoes gave this video a thumbs down? Let me guess, sjws.
Carol English
Carol English 16 days ago
The cutest!!!
SalonSavy64 16 days ago
So precious!❤️❤️❤️
sue Rea
sue Rea 16 days ago
Animals could teach us people some very important lessons. If we would just pay attention. Such a sweet tail of 2 tails coming together. I joyed the video very much. Thank you for sharing it.
Marissa Dela Torre
Marissa Dela Torre 16 days ago
Bailey is so sweet and so cutie!🐾❤️
debra hatch
debra hatch 16 days ago
Bailey has such a beautiful temperament. He's a real 💖 warmer. 💖💖💖
stephen wedderburn
stephen wedderburn 16 days ago
Beautiful 😍!
Peter Peekstok
Peter Peekstok 16 days ago
I love animals dog and cats i dont like humans
Joan Goymer
Joan Goymer 16 days ago
This is such an adorable video. Bailey is the sweetest; so kind, so gentle. 💕🐾🙂
EffenD 16 days ago
How cute. Bailey is such a gentle giant (for a Golden Retriever). How could anyone dislike this?
Souhaila Maroc
Souhaila Maroc 16 days ago
Super coût and docs
Evan Schaffrath
Evan Schaffrath 16 days ago
God's creations are amazing
Lucimar Gomes
Lucimar Gomes 16 days ago
amiguinhos 😁lindos👍❤️
Todd Mitchell in Alaska
Enjoyed this video very much
jorge mauricio vasquez talivento
Hermoso. ...Que linda amistad y cariño. Saludos desde Santiago de Chile.
Conciencia Compasion
Where is the cat ?
Melanie White
Melanie White 17 days ago
Nice to see harmony between Bailey & Simon
Silvia Voss
Silvia Voss 17 days ago
So adorable, what a sweet tolerant dog, both are so cute!!
Katarina Valentina
Katarina Valentina 17 days ago
BIGKAT 17 days ago
When i was a kid we had a mini white Lab then we got a Siamese cat that was preggers and had 3 kittens. I love your vids.
Moana Martinez
Moana Martinez 17 days ago
Adorable 😍😍😍
Maria Das graças
Maria Das graças 17 days ago
Brian Sohn von Josef
so sweet and funny, i love it.
Four Legged Friend
Four Legged Friend 17 days ago
Yes Bailey is really a sweetheart. I always love Golden Retriever. I love Rocky too. I baby sit German Malinois for 10 years he was so sweet.
Four Legged Friend
Four Legged Friend 17 days ago
They love ❤️ each other.
eliana.rq03 17 days ago
Bailey es taaaaaan bello, es un oso enorme de amor.
Darla Phelps
Darla Phelps 17 days ago
Beautiful retriever. So cute together
Mr. Grimm
Mr. Grimm 17 days ago
Dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria!
Lucyna Kwiatek
Lucyna Kwiatek 17 days ago
Ale cudowni przyjaciele. Mejli to niezwykle madry pies. Caluski
Eternalnight 17 days ago
"cats and dogs living together"
Sylvia Tegroen
Sylvia Tegroen 17 days ago
So peaceful n calming watching the antics n sweeetness, between them💙
Sylvia Tegroen
Sylvia Tegroen 17 days ago
Sweet puppy dog..with his new friend 😺💙
Fulanodetal 17 days ago
The cat is not fixed. He’s trying to mount the dog.
Jamie Wilcox.
Jamie Wilcox. 17 days ago
Are all retrievers as sweet as Bailey?
Daljit Rakkar
Daljit Rakkar 17 days ago
Such a relaxing video and a great friendship 💫🎈💫🌻
June Rasmussen
June Rasmussen 17 days ago
Oh the little is so adorable. Bailey loves her❤️
Asanka W- Our Cats
Asanka W- Our Cats 18 days ago
I can remember how it all began..precious ❤❤❤❤
pauline callahan
pauline callahan 18 days ago
This is beyond ADORABLE 😻🐶💕