Watch Part 1 of this announcement here: us-first.info/player/video/hs5-g3qmYqSel6c.html
The wait is over! We are more than excited to welcome 2HYPE to the 100 Thieves family! This group of 6 creators sits at the forefront of sports, gaming, & culture. Just in the past few years, they've amassed over 18M YT subs across their channels. As a creator group, 2HYPE is at the forefront of sports, culture, and gaming content. The group was just recently nominated for the 2020 Streamy Awards in the Sports category. With this partnership, 100 Thieves will be able to branch out further in the sports realm and create an inflection point for 2HYPE on content production and brand partnerships. We are excited for the future with 100 Thieves and 2HYPE!
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Nov 17, 2020




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2HYPE 2 days ago
Lets get it!!
Elahn Hodonou
Elahn Hodonou 7 hours ago
Am hyped
Kiddos J
Kiddos J 18 hours ago
Everyone trying to tell Zach what the last color was Jesse: LOUD NOISES
Zach Pasanen
Zach Pasanen 19 hours ago
lilo what
lilo what 19 hours ago
Dang y’all couldn’t give moochie some time in 2 hype
William Harrington
William Harrington 20 hours ago
I can’t believe it dude
Angelo Demarte
Angelo Demarte 2 hours ago
they just left mitchell hanging like that :( 10:12
serdy ximi
serdy ximi 3 hours ago
Tarquinius Superbus
Well now we know how old is Zack !!
XOXO DeathTrooper
XOXO DeathTrooper 4 hours ago
Try hards
serdy ximi
serdy ximi 3 hours ago
Fixyy 5 hours ago
I want zacks flannel 😂
nyc immaculate
nyc immaculate 5 hours ago
I dont like this at all
OneNightSnag 5 hours ago
Wish moping was here😔😔 but congrats
Aaron 6 hours ago
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Josh homez
Josh homez 7 hours ago
💯 thieves
Joe Nash
Joe Nash 7 hours ago
I feel like clout and fame is changing 2hype
Wemerson Costa
Wemerson Costa 8 hours ago
Henry Rocha
Henry Rocha 8 hours ago
Art by Samarjyot
Art by Samarjyot 8 hours ago
Have a look at my this art channel😉
Tbh this is bc of courage
Fisher Amen
Fisher Amen 9 hours ago
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Mike McCrory
Mike McCrory 9 hours ago
Before today was only subbed to one yt channel with numbers in the beginning of name
ASAP ROSE 9 hours ago
Two of my favorite teams
ASAP ROSE 9 hours ago
TrazwrldOn60Fps -_-
TrazwrldOn60Fps -_- 10 hours ago
That game Jidel was playing at 7:16 i used to play that in coolmath it’s called 2048
headless beef
headless beef 10 hours ago
Among us with no imposters
LIL MACC 10 hours ago
This y’all best pick up for sure 💯
Carter Lewis
Carter Lewis 10 hours ago
Moochie just got in 2hype and now he in 💯 thieves
IDexx 11 hours ago
100 okay
Bryce Andrews
Bryce Andrews 11 hours ago
Been watching 2hype since before it was 2hype. 2k house days 😴
ABDU 1212
ABDU 1212 11 hours ago
Why is jesser dressing like a 4th grader!
NNick0310 11 hours ago
Where is mop?
Enigma 11 hours ago
RCD05 11 hours ago
If all of the videos are gonna be scripted with bad acting, then i dont know how i feel about this collab
Lovely 12 hours ago
Kadyn Miller
Kadyn Miller 13 hours ago
ek 13 hours ago
production is amazing lmao
daniel akanro
daniel akanro 13 hours ago
This is actually DOPPPPPPEEE!
Major Funky
Major Funky 13 hours ago
I feel like they have everyone the memo except Kris 💀💀💀
alec knowles
alec knowles 13 hours ago
2 of my favorite groups now into one
I_amedge 14 hours ago
My 2 favorite US-first groups collaborating makes me smile
James Richard
James Richard 14 hours ago
this content so ass😭
Cordez Thomas
Cordez Thomas 14 hours ago
Who’s watched this repeatedly
Jared Barrett
Jared Barrett 15 hours ago
Ervin 15 hours ago
Security guard is actually rohn jobinson
Wesley Grant
Wesley Grant 15 hours ago
Does that mean there no 2hype?
Eli Burman
Eli Burman 15 hours ago
lets go
bobby parker
bobby parker 16 hours ago
Who else has been watching since the OG Pack and Pain days??
ITACHI SASUKE 16 hours ago
us-first.info/player/video/jLd9jXyDZXtnlYU.html jj
Omg.Dayveon 215
Omg.Dayveon 215 16 hours ago
This was a lit video 🔥💪🏾
Matthew Battie
Matthew Battie 16 hours ago
You guys have to see this us-first.info/player/video/ncelnoWbdJenl3E.html the biggest crime ever was just exposed!
JoJo Powell
JoJo Powell 16 hours ago
I liked and subbed for 2hype.
Charles Roberts
Charles Roberts 16 hours ago
Charles Roberts
Charles Roberts 16 hours ago
Xuma Fade
Xuma Fade 16 hours ago
Jesser said I’m gassed mad KSI vibes
savage prank films
savage prank films 16 hours ago
Puggo 16 hours ago
Nice pc security
co_op clan
co_op clan 16 hours ago
Danny Danny
Danny Danny 17 hours ago
Mitchell is that one guy in the group in this skit who takes drugs💀😂😂
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan 17 hours ago
Follow my g on insta @krakensquared
Ethan Hunt
Ethan Hunt 17 hours ago
I stoped watching US-first for one week and this happens I AM SO CONFUSED
Jetsuey 17 hours ago
Faaiz Hanafi
Faaiz Hanafi 17 hours ago
DavidC 18 hours ago
Mitchell casually coming out of the front
zaki chughtai
zaki chughtai 18 hours ago
Did anyone notice at 11:30 what the hell that was 😂😂😂😂
dakaari w
dakaari w 19 hours ago
1:20 “Top of the key”
Refuoe Rantsoabe
Refuoe Rantsoabe 19 hours ago
Notice how they wont get the 2hype chain
simp god
simp god 19 hours ago
I feel like I'm watching a Nickelodeon show
BustyBeaver 20 hours ago
i picked up girls during corona in my latest video. go watch and learn
Key Epic
Key Epic 20 hours ago
Random people who like this will become a Billionaire someday🔥💚💚💚💚💚💚
Key Epic
Key Epic 20 hours ago
I don’t think cash was acting I think he was just confused 😂
zeeshanbv1 11 hours ago
You really bought subs. You have 200k subs and 1k views on a video you posted yesterday 🤣
DavidC 18 hours ago
Mars 18 hours ago
@Luke Garcia ikr
Luke Garcia
Luke Garcia 19 hours ago
bruh you really copied a comment🤦🏽‍♂️
Kuba Sawera
Kuba Sawera 20 hours ago
If you like Call Of Duty Warzone or Modern Warfare go check my channel I stream it every🎂👍😯❤
Conflict 20 hours ago
imagine if this was somehow a true story of how nadeshot lost his keys
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown 21 hour ago
The us-first.info/player/video/a9WGqYRrio5mZZs.html future and what is to come.
Juice 21 hour ago
This was such bad acting but let’s go bois
FatBoyJay Plays2k
FatBoyJay Plays2k 21 hour ago
Can I have 2hype as my brand now
Sportman 326
Sportman 326 21 hour ago
New name 100 hype
YUNG SKRTT 21 hour ago
out of all people, from someone who came from nothing to now having his own team, i would think Nade would pick people who grind cod, yes things evolve but 100T is starting to be like Faze just celebrities with followers gets you into a clan, its not about working hard anymore
Jesus Mtz
Jesus Mtz 20 hours ago
So the only form of hard work is cod??? 🤔🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
TrueskiLlz PlayerZ
TrueskiLlz PlayerZ 21 hour ago
Top the Key 😂😂 nah the key on top of the table 😂😂
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michael cortes
michael cortes 21 hour ago
Ms. Parvin
Ms. Parvin 21 hour ago
Ggjhfj .
Jamaree Anderson
Jamaree Anderson 22 hours ago
Everybody : Im so happy for them, congrats! Me : y'all should do 200 presents together that will be dope.
Best music today
Best music today 22 hours ago
Anandjot Sangha
Anandjot Sangha 22 hours ago
They should have stole faze rugs toaster
Vincent Stevens
Vincent Stevens 22 hours ago
look at my speedrun
fattycheech 22 hours ago
Ayeee let’s go baby!!!! And y’all should subscribe to m yt channel!!! I’m gonna be posting next week
William Booker
William Booker 22 hours ago
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Dylxn FNM
Dylxn FNM 23 hours ago
Literally to the 1% who’s reading this, God you 🙏,stay safe and have a wonderful day ❤️. ( My dream is becoming famous US-firstr ) im on the way to 200 subs can you help me out? 🤩
derin costa
derin costa 23 hours ago
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psk ugd 23 hours ago
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Google User
Google User 23 hours ago
Cringe asfbut lezget it
John Roberts
John Roberts 23 hours ago
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jojo galasan
jojo galasan Day ago
Hi 2hype... I'm from Philippines
Google User
Google User 23 hours ago
Inaka hahaha
samrawit kasse
who is here by recomandings
Jack jeff
Jack jeff Day ago
Is it a requirement for people that watch soccer to have ugly faces and stupid looking hair cuts while they laugh at anything and everybody?
Weston Glass
Weston Glass Day ago
Proof that cash hate mitchel
Easy Stuffs
Easy Stuffs Day ago
Check this video once us-first.info/player/video/q9mjjX2IeH2CmHE.html
AnhC HoangM
AnhC HoangM Day ago
Cringe asf...
devarious miller
cash looks at the camera: get finessed cuh
Noah Detrick
Noah Detrick Day ago
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Cannon Dinger
Lessss Goooooooo they got what they wanted now time for them to have fun. Cannot wait to see them in 100 thieves merch this boutta be fire
Cory Day ago
Mitchell got that goofy comedy on point 😂