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It's hard enough to direct human actors in a challenging role. What if the performers aren't human at all? Hollywood movies have made stars out of almost every member of the animal kingdom, from the deadly python in "Snakes on a Plane" and the capuchin monkey in "The Hangover Part II" to the real spider actors in "Arachnophobia" and "Spider-Man." And it's up to animal trainers, wranglers, and handlers to get the performances they need out of all of these critters, tailoring their approaches to the type of animal they're dealing with and the specific tricks or actions filmmakers want to see.
Trainer Benay Karp uses peanut butter to make her parrots look like they're talking for TV jobs, while "goat mom" Scout Raskin takes advantage of her goats' natural instincts to get them to do specific movements for the camera. Meanwhile, reptile wranglers like the ones at Universal Animals use different approaches to handling venomous and non-venomous snakes for movies and TV productions. From teaching horses to fall down safely in "Game of Thrones" battles to getting a cockroach to hit its mark for a memorable scene in "Saint Maud," let's look at how trainers prepare 10 different animals and insects for some of Hollywood's biggest roles.
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How 10 Different Animals Are Trained For Movies & TV | Movies Insider


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Apr 1, 2021




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Miniature Bites
We re training cockroaches now????
Silver Commando
I didn't see them in the oscar nomination? What a scam.
ANDY 09 3 days ago
mamidala mounika
mamidala mounika 3 days ago
Now I realised no animal harmed in the movie doesn't mean no animal is trained hard for movies..........!!! I never knew...
Vishal yadav
Vishal yadav 5 days ago
Most of the comments here are for the cockroach .
Tazakka Thoriq
Tazakka Thoriq 5 days ago
Cl!que Youngblood
I love Crystal. Her role in Hangover was AWESOME
0n3m3happ3 5 days ago
is it bad that I first looked at the comments because it was uploaded on April fools day
daraobong isonguyo
When a cockroach is a better actor than you...
Frog .
Frog . 7 days ago
“Why the hell do you want to get a cat ???!! They boringgg not fun as dogs ! Because they can do tricks and we can train them how !” Stop saying not ALL cats can’t be trained , cats can be trained :/ it’s just harder
mariokheart 7 days ago
imagine seeing a monkey smoking
Skiddly dongdongdong dang
Animals being slaves to humans
Λrchalias 8 days ago
Honestly, guard cockroaches would be much more terrifying than guard dogs...
Yash Kumar
Yash Kumar 8 days ago
Classic Guava
Classic Guava 8 days ago
Mad respect for the woman who trained the cockroaches 🪳 ewwwww
꧁༺ Wis_Bar ༻꧂
The Witch In 2015 is such a scary memory it was so creepy but I loved it
choco na gatas
choco na gatas 9 days ago
Ewww 4:03 😭😭😭 this is too much to watch!!!
Ellie Bear
Ellie Bear 9 days ago
I’m glad CGI is a thing now, so people won’t get hurt by animals and animals won’t get hurt from people.
kiddo 9 days ago
Even cockroaches??? Bruh...??
adib 9 days ago
Wonder how they train the dinosaur in jurassic park 🙄
Shauna Anderson
Shauna Anderson 10 days ago
This is animal abuse. Animals belong in their natural habitats or rescues where they are safe. Animals aren't meant for show business, they are not put on this earth for the personal gain of humans. SMH
KayleeTube 10 days ago
They can be trained...
pussinboots Is me
pussinboots Is me 10 days ago
Me : literally freaks out if i saw an ant on my arm Her : 4:04
ituesday24 10 days ago
So, in old movies they literally tripped the horses that were running at full speed...That's awful 🥺
Claire Lotichius
Claire Lotichius 10 days ago
The kaput state supply suck because temper wailly exist without a gullible gusty addition. bustling, responsible chess
chewbaccaforeyou 10 days ago
Yo dude that cockroach got a hella' good gig, i saw him on wall-e
Emerson C. Obordo Jr.
Me: They dont train them They recreate them. Get it?
Mister Big
Mister Big 10 days ago
Can Scout Raskin help me teach my younger brother?
Pissa Joy
Pissa Joy 11 days ago
I like how they don't abuse them
ᆞLily_Flowerᆞ 11 days ago
5:52 this parrot species is called the Aftrican Grey :)
Isai Garcia
Isai Garcia 11 days ago
The original way of dropping horses pisses me off man.
DizzyPenguin 11 days ago
I assumed all the snakes in snakes on a plane were CGI if I’m being honest.
tinaj sews
tinaj sews 11 days ago
Jesus loves you , Repent , Jesus died so we can live , Read your bible for your self and ask God to guide you , pray , Jesus loves you.
Official Backrooms
Official Backrooms 11 days ago
The next movie: *Robo-roach*
Antonio Boerdijk Lopez
This is so fake most animals cant be trained with food theyll be mostly hit
The Hero
The Hero 11 days ago
You think they kill the cockroach after it finishes its job?
Open Road Travels
Open Road Travels 11 days ago
Poor horses being treated so bad by being tripped by wires.
Much Acho
Much Acho 12 days ago
Fakin kakarochez
Marie 12 days ago
They all came here for the roach !
Jean Mahmoud Ventilateur
tf you train roaches, just burn them
JustinJune19UWU 12 days ago
Would be weird to be trained all your life to trip
glazerho mirabal
glazerho mirabal 12 days ago
The simplistic dime compatibly excuse because tyvek hemodynamically empty till a proud step-aunt. nostalgic, rotten owl
Fingerboard Psychos
I have a major phobia of cockroaches. Why did I click on this video
Jake Bradley
Jake Bradley 12 days ago
okay I really hate the little cockroaches but the big ones are so adorable!! they’re So Talented......
The Radio Otaku
The Radio Otaku 12 days ago
I'm wondering how in demand animals are now that CGI is such a common practice. I personally think live animals are better, but I imagine the only animals that are irreplaceable on film sets are horses, and I suppose for sitcoms they use live animals on occasion.
Glazed 12 days ago
I became more interested when I saw Harry Potter 😃
Mr.Undertainment 12 days ago
*This takes the cockroach was a paid actor to a whole new level*
Panthersprite 12 days ago
Those poor horses!! I never knew they used trip wires, imagine how many animals were injured or had to be killed after each recording session 😰
tito hotrod
tito hotrod 12 days ago
The brief drain grossly practise because submarine suddenly help without a materialistic protest. tightfisted, robust plow
Angelie Nicole Enao
everyone is talking about that cockroach LOL
Sara Thomas
Sara Thomas 12 days ago
Okay I can't even train my dog let alone a spider and cockroach..... But touching therm?!?!?!? *screaming*
John Roehsler
John Roehsler 12 days ago
The seemly lunge theoretically meddle because equinox objectively push apropos a two singer. grateful gratis, serious ceramic
mannn 12 days ago
Pretty sad to think that a cockroach can contribute more in society than you can
DR K 12 days ago
Omfg they used trip wire for entertainment on real horses. That has me livid.
Maddison Blight
Maddison Blight 12 days ago
Damn even cockroaches can act better than me
nub player
nub player 12 days ago
*American got talent judge:* "Who are you?" Her: "I'm cockroach trainer"
nub player
nub player 12 days ago
@Puella thank you
Puella 12 days ago
yhui kii
yhui kii 12 days ago
even the Spiders got trained
【Chucklebutt】 ʘ‿ʘ
Awwwhh, Black Phillip was so happy he was jumping sideways! "Wouldst thou like to live deliciously?"
divuhh 12 days ago
you train COCKROACHES?
watch out
watch out 12 days ago
friend (i have none): yo so do you keep any pets? me: nahh friend (😞): oh do you want one? me: yea friend: what pet do you want? me: um a michael jordan
Best Vloger
Best Vloger 12 days ago
Me: chillin, but knowing that nobody like roaches the cockroach trainer: playing with roaches me: "saying if I see one I kill all"
nocturna 2 andante
nocturna 2 andante 12 days ago
Oh y'all training a cockroach?Here in our house if I see any of them I'm just grabbing a thing that is close to me and slap it to them
Refal Al-amry
Refal Al-amry 13 days ago
I almost threw up watching the cockroaches
ShoTo tOdoRoKi
ShoTo tOdoRoKi 13 days ago
I killed a....... Cockroach
ThePapillonQueen's Gaming
FatCat 13 days ago
I wonder how they trained Garfield for his movies...
Sabrina Barreau
Sabrina Barreau 13 days ago
Dogs are so smart. My friends dog has realized he can’t jump on my legs when I have shorts only when my legs are covered. He gets crazy excited those days lol
Sabrina Barreau
Sabrina Barreau 13 days ago
I feel so sad I eat goat 😢 😭
whlop 13 days ago
when you realize a cockroach makes more money than me
Uday Chawla
Uday Chawla 13 days ago
1% of comments - other animals 99% of comments - "COCKROACHES!!"
Muhammad Abdullah Saqib
I could never realised that the snake were real 🤯🤯
Jihan Gushairi
Jihan Gushairi 13 days ago
damm imagine a cockroach is more successful then you
Alec Bruck
Alec Bruck 13 days ago
I can't believe they used to intentionally trip horses for movies...terrible.
thejiddy 13 days ago
My respect to the trainers who train all the animals in zootopia
Shadow Storm
Shadow Storm 13 days ago
lion king .-. (I know its not with real animals tho)
Wonderful Walrus
Wonderful Walrus 13 days ago
Red 13 days ago
"have you seen the new sport?" "what do you mean ?" "Spider olympics"
David Halim
David Halim 13 days ago
Its all fun in games until your neighbour killed you cockroach if it escaped, you spent your life training to train that roach but your neighbour taught it was a wild one
Eagle Eye
Eagle Eye 13 days ago
I saw the thumbnail, now my phone is cracked. Can i get a refund?
dogs don't have object permanence is bullshit
Thet Naing Soe
Thet Naing Soe 13 days ago
the goat are from animal planet
Raided Cluster Animations
The real question is... what happens to the cockroaches after filming?
Fabian Avatar
Fabian Avatar 13 days ago
Rikhi Priyanda
Rikhi Priyanda 13 days ago
Me : watching this video Also me : damn, that cockroaches is more useful than me
mixed berries
mixed berries 13 days ago
Trainer:"Hey I'm training my pet cockroach!" Random person:"???"
Daniru Jayasuriya
Daniru Jayasuriya 13 days ago
the spider bite scene in Spiderman probably would've been done with CGI if it was done today, this kind of effort to more practical effects is incredibly commendable
SVGLNR 13 days ago
So they also trained a radioactive spider?
Lin the Feline
Lin the Feline 13 days ago
Cant train the wild Democrat, democrats are animals.
nicole monrue
nicole monrue 13 days ago
Hell to tha naw😳😬
Avnir 13 days ago
420th comment 😎
TYLAH REIGNS 13 days ago
...they train spiders and roaches. train them to stop flying at me please~
#36 ULBATA, Lester M.
Next up: They trained flies for acting
anton Ivler
anton Ivler 13 days ago
give that cockroach an oscar.
Hannah Dawidowicz
Hannah Dawidowicz 14 days ago
Did tripping the horses with wires kill them?
ERROR_707 14 days ago
Yuriko Furiyama
Yuriko Furiyama 14 days ago
Even cockroaches made it to Hollywood
Evan Ouk
Evan Ouk 14 days ago
The phobic monkey genetically thank because girdle enthrallingly scold times a colorful teaching. narrow, green grey grieving bugle
Avery Martin
Avery Martin 14 days ago
That cockroach has more discipline then me.
Monkey D. Luffy
Monkey D. Luffy 14 days ago
Where is the " Humans "?
Vape Cat
Vape Cat 14 days ago
My life is a lie I thought it was coackaroch IDK WHY 😭😭😭