Hot Tenting in the Rain With My Dogs 

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I head out with my two dogs, Monty and Rueger, to spend the night in the woods in the hot tent. We encounter some rain and have a good time cooking up some delicious campfire food!
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May 2, 2021




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Comments 100   
Larry Bush
Larry Bush 7 hours ago
I'm like I love to eat . but when you eat theirs enough for 3 . love the videos and those babies . Monte is such a riot
Anon Ymous
Anon Ymous 7 hours ago
please please please .... don't use that chainsaw on film. The noise has ruined it for me....part of the attraction is to get away from that kind of hideous noise...for the first time ever ...switching to something that sounds nicer..... sorry guy x
Katana 8 hours ago
keep allive fire!
Romulo M
Romulo M Day ago
Which video is this part of? 4:16 :D
Alex Fyock
Alex Fyock Day ago
This is honestly some the best damn content on youtube. It's so simple, but so sweet. Entertaining, relaxing and educational all at the same time. Thank you, Matthew!
Robert Easley
That branch got " All up in there" haha!
Terry Bailey
Terry Bailey Day ago
If that green limb had slapped my face, I would probably have had to edit out some of the reaction. haha Great video.
akj1818 2 days ago
That’s my favorite way to wake up...dog pile!!! ❤️❤️🐶🐾🐾
ME K 2 days ago
The puppies looked the cutest with they outfit. I guess you like the rain ☔️ I’m not sure if I do? Maybe sometimes.
BlazingsNL 2 days ago
18:50 might be the funniest scene I've seen on this channel so far lmao. They even seemed to be looking at each other like "can you believe this guy?". Never seen Rueger so calm/paralyzed before.
Rhonda B
Rhonda B 2 days ago
Hello from Texas, my dad and I love your episodes. When my dad hears your theme song come on our big screen he says, "turn it up"! Anyway we love it so keep it coming.
Sivley 2 days ago
Popcorn machine ASMR
Kozm0h 3 days ago
Almost 1:23:45... You were sooo close to achieving timestamp greatness, Matt! Why you do this?! Ahah jkjk, you're already great! Love ya bud and I hope you're doing well. Stay warm, stay safe, and keep being your amazing self!
hwastrike 3 days ago
Bro you forgot the most impt ingredient - MSG.
TokyoTimeAttack 3 days ago
The introduction of Monty and Ruger was hilarious!
steve bendel
steve bendel 3 days ago
Oh for the competition from Monty... open the flue more to increase the air flow.. or try gasoline.
steve bendel
steve bendel 3 days ago
Mat, its hard to reason with dogs. How many Woofs is 32 degrees do you think?
Matthew Posa
Matthew Posa 2 days ago
A woof or two
Nancy Mattus
Nancy Mattus 3 days ago
@31:14 LMAO...RIGHT Matt, sure, he did...🤣
Sandi SST8123
Sandi SST8123 3 days ago
Go live you’re life poncho boys. 😂
Sandi SST8123
Sandi SST8123 3 days ago
You are so cute and so funny. If only I were 20 years younger. 😂😂
John Hamlin
John Hamlin 3 days ago
Come forth Sir stinkalot lord of the poop stinks where is thy faithfull servant Monty Cristo! :)
MURSHID 3 days ago
Bro when next video coming ☺️❤️
MURSHID 3 days ago
@Matthew Posa I'm excited to watch thanks ❤️☺️
Matthew Posa
Matthew Posa 3 days ago
At some point on Sunday! ;)
Giggles 3 days ago
It's so amazing that even though you'll have had a busy 'Mother's Day' today, you're still working hard at getting this week's video out on time, your committment is incredible & hugely appreciated, lots of love
Bruce Dakin
Bruce Dakin 3 days ago
If I was your Dogs and it was raining inside the tent is where I would be too..:)...
David Brennan
David Brennan 3 days ago
Cole Anderson
Cole Anderson 3 days ago
So what's up with the new upload it's Sunday sir
David Brennan
David Brennan 3 days ago
You won't smother it
Debra Van Winkle
Debra Van Winkle 3 days ago
Wishing Monty an rues mom an happy Mother’s Day boys give mom lots of love❤️
榊田海人 3 days ago
The very reason that I start wanting to go camp somewhere is seeing you cooking and eating. Idk why but that's the reason.
Brandon Godron
Brandon Godron 4 days ago
Thanks for the hard work you put into these videos. I dont think alot of people understand the grind this takes.
Hairshampoo 4 days ago
This channel will always b the best nbs
SleazeMonger 4 days ago
Monty and Rueger just gettin tinder ready for ya aye?
Imapotato 4 days ago
Wonder if it was a laughable or crying moment when Matt cut and pasted then cropped and zoomed that green stick whipping in his editing software
Amber Rhea
Amber Rhea 4 days ago
Hey 👋. Love your channel. So you know how you did the stream asmr video... I would love to have a rain on the tent one!! It just sounds so relaxing 😌 ✌️
Gins 4 days ago
Wondering what late May will bring to the area. Camping along the shore then. Weather seems unpredictable nowadays. Guessing I need to be prepared for any event.
Patricia Lawton
Patricia Lawton 4 days ago
This is so relaxing
ErikExtinction 4 days ago
There's no late start for the Posa Boys. Always on their own perfect time :D
Joe Cater
Joe Cater 4 days ago
These are really good.
Angela maria Borba da silva
Que lindos os teus cachorros um abraço do brasil
johnfrank tullo
johnfrank tullo 4 days ago
That look that your getting from Ruger I’m sure he’s going to leave a nice present in your boots one day
mac.attack 4 days ago
Is that a Monty on your pants at 49:42 or are you just glad to see us 😂😂😂
McRambro 4 days ago
Listening to the rain on the tent is really relaxing, thanks for the awesome video again Matt and I also received in the mail my patch and stickers, thank you so much.
Arachnophilia 4 days ago
My name is Montius Decimus meridius Stinkius! Commander of the dogs of the North, father to a murdered smashroom and a stinky stick! I will have my treats in this life or the next!
Just Me
Just Me 4 days ago
You reasoning with the dogs about wearing the rain coat things is adorable.
Ethel Menhart
Ethel Menhart 4 days ago
I can't get over the expression in their eyes....Ruger is like ....what the heck....he does actually seem a bit perturbed....so funny....to read that look of exasperation in a dog's eyes.......but fun they did have and lots of love and excitement !!!!
Patty Dodero
Patty Dodero 4 days ago
montis pacontis
132900dx 5 days ago
Dude the funny scenes are getting better..lol bite up we ass, poor River n rhen Monty I. Has Aquired the force n a Saber.. Da waz cool
Gouthamgopal 5 days ago
Best scene of the day is the 🐶🐶 in raincoat
maddie 5 days ago
Can I hire you to be my personal chef?🤌🏼
Matthew Posa
Matthew Posa 3 days ago
EyeOfTheBeholder Inspirations
Always such a joy to watch your videos and your pupper-dawgs. Thank you.
Gerald Montagna
Gerald Montagna 5 days ago
If you heard of the 1970s rock group "Three dog night", their name refers to camping in the Outback. Outbackers measure the coldness of a night by the number of dogs they have to cuddle with to stay warm. A "three dog night" is a very cold night indeed.
Iroxinping 5 days ago
Neat he opened the vent lol 50:53 better not be a joke
Janice Eagan
Janice Eagan 5 days ago
Good Grief Dude! The stick in the face replay had me rolling! I feel bad for laugh crying so hard. SO veey glad you didn't stick your eye!!!!
TenNine D
TenNine D 5 days ago
Love this channel
Teckno 10
Teckno 10 5 days ago
You had me all the way until I heard fish oil...food looked great tho XD
Michelle Verdugo
Michelle Verdugo 5 days ago
I'm obsessed with that little spatula
Bruno Vit
Bruno Vit 5 days ago
I’d love to see you camping in Mexico, it’s such a big country, you can even find bears in the northern states
Julia Abadi
Julia Abadi 5 days ago
Paralysed by a poncho., they are so good.
ทัศนีย์ คงดี
Darren Vidler
Darren Vidler 5 days ago
Love you Matt, especially the old video s for some reason. You just seem to get more done, back then ❤️❤️
that rice's legit!
Manny K
Manny K 5 days ago
love the rain noise on the umbrella
YouTubeSurfer 5 days ago
The three stooges
James T
James T 6 days ago
Always bringing a smile ☺
Kerry Biery
Kerry Biery 6 days ago
“So I’m not going to burn a fire all night in here because it’s so warm out-like 34°.” And the people in southern New Mexico faint. At 34° or 44° or even 54° they are in heavy coats 🧥 and mittens. They can’t even fathom -40°!! And they certainly don’t understand why Matthew goes out CAMPING ⛺️ in the snow!! “Why does he do that?? I tell them, “It’s fun!” And then they give me a Monty-Ruger look.
Edmon Lessley
Edmon Lessley 6 days ago
Thank you Posa....🌌
ghostpine 6 days ago
Been off YT for a while, great to be back with the lads ! Glad Monty is healthy !
Phuong Vo
Phuong Vo 6 days ago
Who dislike this video has their own problems,not happy with their life
Lee Weyer
Lee Weyer 6 days ago
Once again the fur children steal your thunder. They are not spoiled just loved a lot 😉
Brent W
Brent W 6 days ago
Ponchos a bit of a mood killer? Like when you put capes on little boys, they think they Superman but put a poncho on a Rueger and they’ll think they the Statue of Liberty.
Jason Brasfield
Jason Brasfield 6 days ago
I absolutely can't wait for the 10 hour loop of the rain on the hot tent, I know what I'll be listening to every night!
Emma Angel
Emma Angel 6 days ago
man, i watched your videos with my mom all the time about three years ago but lost your page when i made a new youtube account. now I'm in college pretty far from home and this video showing up in my recommended definitely brought back some good vibes. glad to see you and the boys are doing well!
Robert Swan
Robert Swan 6 days ago
My sister just told me about yo channel. I checked it out, love it! I'm looking forward to more. Liked, subscribed, and commented.
Marleth Unzueta
Marleth Unzueta 6 days ago
Qué maravilloso 👀😍🥰
Julius Huidrom
Julius Huidrom 6 days ago
monty censored , lol
Sho H
Sho H 6 days ago
The sleep loop is brilliant. Just want to snuggle up between the two stinkers. Really meditative. ♥️♥️♥️
Outdoor Beast
Outdoor Beast 6 days ago
I cracked up 3 times. The stick to the face, Ruger to the Gooch and the smores with a fart on top. DEAD
Outdoor Beast
Outdoor Beast 6 days ago
Sarah Worley
Sarah Worley 6 days ago
This was awesome. I'm always using smashrooms now. Hey, I saw some really interesting videos by Dr. Berg here on the tubes on skin conditions. Sure you've tried it all but if you're curious do check him out.
earl Wright
earl Wright 6 days ago
Ruger looks at you as if your crazy, or nuts 😜
Carolyn Costain
Carolyn Costain 6 days ago
Some people see snow in May and might think its a re-run or older video. lol but Yes there are some places still getting snow this late in April to May. Love you guys! Its probably the last snow you will see of the year. :)
Sherri Brawn
Sherri Brawn 6 days ago
Davy Crocket meets Martha Stewart??........or Bear Grylls meets Julia Child?? Love your channel btw! New subscriber! :)
Sherri Brawn
Sherri Brawn 6 days ago
You should have named the other dog "Python" to go with Monty. lol
red 6 days ago
I like how a dog biscuit ad was playing before the video started lol
Vanessa Ward
Vanessa Ward 6 days ago
"NOT the right amount of salt, just too little salt" - The world is falling apart!
Marvin Balabat
Marvin Balabat 6 days ago
I like your two dog so cute 🙂🙂🙂🙂
Alyajouri 7 days ago
I defy you to find a more wholesome relationship than these three. incredible.
Chai time
Chai time 7 days ago
I can’t even explain the sense of happiness watching these shows. Dogs threw there lot with man a millennial ago and you can see why the way Matt treat his dogs. It’s the ultimate symbiotic relationship in real time. It brings this city boy so much joy when I see you have a new show for me to watch, peace upon your house.
Coleen Goodell
Coleen Goodell 7 days ago
The Aussie poking you in the butt because you may have done something not approved of. Very smart breed. Still keeping an eye on you to make sure you don't do anything stupid, right. The Collie is just on guard duty to make sure nothing gets you, they do that, but they smell. Love em, but they smell. Aussies don't smell, but they will shepherd you like it or not and also guard you from strangers, until you introduce them and they know whoever is good to go. The posturing is a bit off putting, but they just make a good show. If a bug, a bird or a vacuum cleaner was involved, you may be on your own.
Dean Longthon
Dean Longthon 7 days ago
Love it. I basically enjoy camping when it's nasty raining and snowing just like Matty .
Eric Davies
Eric Davies 7 days ago
You might find this cute My 7yr old and i watched the 1961 101 Dalmatians the collie they drew in the movie looks so much like Monty down to the beady eyes my seven-year-old said Daddy Monty's in the movie Monty's in the movie he's saving the dalmatian family he is such a good boy
mark witte
mark witte 7 days ago
22 minutes in and went out. same post from rhe past three years
mark witte
mark witte 7 days ago
but so much work for a night or two.
mark witte
mark witte 7 days ago
excelent camera angle. did you upgrade your camera?
Matthew Posa
Matthew Posa 7 days ago
Same ol camera!
Dottie Rogers
Dottie Rogers 7 days ago
Rain putting you to sleep Matt? Making me tired! 😴😴😴😴🥱🥱🥱
mark witte
mark witte 7 days ago
small battery chainsaws are awesome for car camping.
OBSESSED1954 7 days ago
Sorry did not know you could see your car
OBSESSED1954 7 days ago
Dude have a backpack the size of a Volkswagen on your back and both hands are full wow. Get a sled and have the two legged monsters pull it. Just sayin’
Rikki Bell
Rikki Bell 7 days ago
Rueger message bubble above his head "I am never, ever doing this again if I see Dad pack the raincoats "
superdivemaster 7 days ago
Gee, I'm so surprised that you got a late start !!! lol Like I'm surprised when my wife is late for everything !!! lol
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