Hot glue fix dents? #Shorts 

Dylan Ayres
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Apr 1, 2021




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Iva Vlasimsky
Iva Vlasimsky Hour ago
My mom says me to watch something smart and my cousin says let's watch 5 minutes crafts
Gamerdezxx Hour ago
Maybe let them dry then pull
Some 1
Some 1 2 hours ago
Should've used a plunger
Wael Boutari
Wael Boutari 2 hours ago
I think that you have to wait until the glue is completely dried up
꧁Dell Yraii꧂
꧁Dell Yraii꧂ 2 hours ago
did you even dry the hot glue it looks kinda sticky 😆
Ayan Parui
Ayan Parui 2 hours ago
95% of 5 min crafts solutions dont even work. Lol.
Tom Slick
Tom Slick 2 hours ago
Gotta let the sticks dry first
Alana Morris
Alana Morris 2 hours ago
Hypothetically it could work if you LET THE GODDAMN GLUE DRY
Amy Gray
Amy Gray 2 hours ago
I will take it to my secret stash were I keep my moustache
milkboccle 2 hours ago
Wait until they cooled, or just get a sucker from the same shop
Bruno Guerrero
Bruno Guerrero 2 hours ago
I think it's becouse you don't let it dry
hypocritical cynic
hypocritical cynic 2 hours ago
"Cap?" Proof from where all invention has derived.
Nacho libre
Nacho libre 2 hours ago
stay out in the internet.
ezie piezie
ezie piezie 2 hours ago
You have to leave it cold for few minutes for it to be hard and sticky enough. The glue still hot bruh
GReigns gaming
GReigns gaming 2 hours ago
I'm pretty sure , that you're supposed to let the glue dry first and then pull
faded_ 3 hours ago
Bruh you have to wait for the glue to stick lmao
ƏAlexVƏ 3 hours ago
u need to wait, that's hot, need is cold
J Hunt
J Hunt 3 hours ago
Probably let the glue dry?
Emirhan Hızoğlu
Emirhan Hızoğlu 3 hours ago
I can't believe 5 minute crafts is not the crappiest thing in this video
Ethan and Maddox Smith
He looks like he comments (simp) under a video of a guy respecting a woman
Isabella Vicente
Isabella Vicente 4 hours ago
He is the reason there are directions on soap
happyblackred uwu
happyblackred uwu 4 hours ago
I think there was another guy use hot water and they use a plunger
SWR 4 hours ago
It worked a little bit
SporkCunt 4 hours ago
Internet people are dukb
ThatDudeCanCook’s Fridge
This is the type of guy to have a rubber band ball.
Owarz 4 hours ago
Imagine him helping his grandma walking to her room
KBF 4 hours ago
It worked for me but only with one dint the rest just stayed
Nathania Wijaya
Nathania Wijaya 4 hours ago
BRUH when it see that I'm dont want try._. If im fail.. Rip me;-;
Shamiran Tamras
Shamiran Tamras 4 hours ago
Just grab boiled water and a toilet plunger
Fuck you mate I wish you were dead
You have to have it on for longer
Jhillian khate Grafil
You didn't wait it to dry
Junmin Hwang
Junmin Hwang 4 hours ago
Did he let sticks be cool?
Aza 4 hours ago
Anything that’s from 5 minute crafts etc, don’t trust it. While yes it may, and I say I mean there is a 0000000000000000.000000000000000000000000001% chance that it will work. There is also the fact that the channel is full of bullshit. Like TroomTroom. Yeah. I’m calling you guys out. Anyway
Justine Biebler
Justine Biebler 5 hours ago
How does a kid afford to buy that car just to trash it, I'm guessing his daddy bought it for him
y asi fue como pablito daño su carro 😻👊
SERENITY CHO'ZEN 5 hours ago
Indeed cap
Jovelyn Puda
Jovelyn Puda 5 hours ago
Hey 5 minute craft is fake
Mythridatis Lamprianidis
You're supposed to let the glue cool for like 2 minutes and then pull it not instantly pull after the glue just became a liquid
Boomer Taylor
Boomer Taylor 5 hours ago
if the dent has a crease of any kind, this method (any type suction, glue stick, etc.) generally won't work. This process is for "oil can" type dents.
Mr Buddypie
Mr Buddypie 5 hours ago
Moral: don't trust 5 minute crafts every time
Minju Kim
Minju Kim 5 hours ago
Try hot water like boiling hot water and push from inside of the fram
Shafiq Yusmizi
Shafiq Yusmizi 5 hours ago
So Stupid, you must wait a few minutes for silicone be freezing enough and use yellow silicone better than u have used , i know much about silicone because i used for everytime on my DIY projects, the key is u must be patient
Random User
Random User 5 hours ago
I think this could have actually been working if you let it cool down long enough and make it as liquid as possible
Ankur Dutta
Ankur Dutta 6 hours ago
Looks like he didn't even wait for the joint to solidify
Abdulla Alsayed
Abdulla Alsayed 6 hours ago
You need to leave it to dry
Julian Neric
Julian Neric 6 hours ago
try wqit for it to dry
Laughing cries
Laughing cries 6 hours ago
Some people are even worse than autistic people at doing simple things.
FaZeThanh06 6 hours ago
You have to do it with hot water and something that you can stick on it and pull
lightning claw
lightning claw 6 hours ago
Never seen someone more stupid
JAZNOK 6 hours ago
You need to wait more
niduoe stre
niduoe stre 6 hours ago
these US-first shorts are killing me 💀😭
Donovan Tep
Donovan Tep 6 hours ago
Pour hot water on it then dry it fast then put the hot glue on it
Pucci 6 hours ago
That in 5 minute crafts was im pretty sure for a plastic car
The Jisoo
The Jisoo 6 hours ago
Beau White
Beau White 7 hours ago
Let the glue harden and if that doesn’t work use a toilet plunger if that doesn’t work spray the car with a water bottle to dampen the Metal it will help the plunger stick better and be quick to
alphonse peter x business & lifestyle
You are a Karen 😀😀 lmfao
DaNkMooN 7 hours ago
You are the reason for the do not pull or remove tag on mattresses.
Apa Sihhh Gak Jelas
wait cold stupid
Justin's Journey
Justin's Journey 7 hours ago
I feel like you weren't waiting for the hot glue to dry well enough and harden
Awful Lawful Waffle
Well just use a plunger if it all falls down
LETHAL BATTLES 7 hours ago
Please wait for sometime to get glue stick to be stuck on car dent
cristopher herrera
cristopher herrera 7 hours ago
Y won't u what till its all dry dum ass
lizyaboi._ 7 hours ago
Litterally gluestick ads--
QUEEN DESTINY 7 hours ago
You got to wait for the glue to harden dummy.
Buku Duckets
Buku Duckets 7 hours ago
You should try using gorilla glue instead of gel
Sam ASP 7 hours ago
So, i tried this on the school bus and yes, it didn't work right after waiting 10 minutes
Its no cap just wait for it to dry u just pullin it when its still wet and soft! Just wait for it bro!! Yur the one who is 🧢 Bro i would like to contact yo 🧠
young hoodlum
young hoodlum 8 hours ago
fails to use brain....makes another dent...talk about being privileged
Arief Ash
Arief Ash 8 hours ago
Lmaoo so epic
Dolly m1lk
Dolly m1lk 8 hours ago
Leafadealy 8 hours ago
Inpatient child
Mrs. Potato Head
Mrs. Potato Head 8 hours ago
Try a plumber
Supararu 8 hours ago
US-first short more like Tiktok but in Red Play Button
Thicchawk45 8 hours ago
You know what’s dumber than this video? The fact that I watched a long compilation of his stupid rubber band ball. I need help.
A I 8 hours ago
Common sense would dictate one would wait for the hot glue to dry. Wtf is wrong with you youtubers?
Logan Currey
Logan Currey 8 hours ago
Try it again but let the glue harden a bit you actually use hot glue to take dents out it works
Yaboimoney56 8 hours ago
If he decided to use a brain cell he would realize it needs to harden
ZiyaBeast 8 hours ago
Wait til this kid finds out about plungers
LucidAnime 8 hours ago
U have to wait for it to dry 💀
Cave Man
Cave Man 9 hours ago
You have to let it cool down and harden bro. You have to keep them bundled together too
Allen Ilano
Allen Ilano 9 hours ago
Let dry for like 5 mins and then try
PrimalX60 9 hours ago
I mean I'm not gonna say 5-min crafts is smart...there not it's pretty stupid but like...you didn't even wait for the glue to dry....your the reason why we had lessons on how to work a fucking tv remote
Koby D'marcus
Koby D'marcus 9 hours ago
An idiot😂
Mahesh Sharma
Mahesh Sharma 9 hours ago
isaacfitandcaiharo fitandharo
your cap your trash bro and thats bot cap you just sucks at it
Jubeidono2012 9 hours ago
You have to try the tide pod challenge next.
John Jelar
John Jelar 9 hours ago
This feels like user error
Kaeli Sullivan
Kaeli Sullivan 9 hours ago
Plunger w hot water
Tailor Made
Tailor Made 9 hours ago
Sell me a car
Ofer Tetardas
Ofer Tetardas 9 hours ago
I just burned my neighbor car I will try it
Tsukishima’s Wife
The fact that it was gorilla glue sticks😭
Angel Sera
Angel Sera 9 hours ago
This is the reason why we instructions on water bottles (joke)
Giannis Psilopoulos
Giannis Psilopoulos 10 hours ago
좀 굳은다음에 때야지 ㄷㅅ아
Spreading Positivity
😂😂😂 This is too funny!! When life gives you dents, you gotta somehow deal with them! Have a great day everyone!!
Nazf X
Nazf X 10 hours ago
You can’t blame him for being an idiot. In the 5minuteCrafts video, they put the hot glue sticks on and then instantly took them off. He was just doing what was in the video. Proves people on the internet get too much ahead of themselves and dont think.
sembang kemas
sembang kemas 10 hours ago
small dent not a big dent
Robbie Niemand
Robbie Niemand 10 hours ago
Lol wow this guy didn't wait for it to dry 😭😭😭😭
Mechagodzilla Roar
Mechagodzilla Roar