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The Miami River evolved over thousands of years from a tidal channel into a freshwater stream that carried water from the Everglades to Biscayne Bay. It is the oldest natural landmark in Southeast Florida. The 5.5-mile (8.9 km) long river flows from the terminus of the Miami Canal at Miami International Airport to Biscayne Bay. The 15-foot deep navigable waterway's shoreline features public riverwalks, city parks, over 7,000 new residential units, 17 restaurants, and 16 historic sites.
Take a look at these huge yachts, expensive boats, and very good looking ladies. Miami River has a vibe! Don't forget to like, share, comment, and subscribe. Also, ring the notification bell to be notified of all my upcoming videos.
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Apr 30, 2021




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Comments 100   
Boat Zone
Boat Zone 13 days ago
Happy Friday everyone. Hope you like the video: leave your thumbs up and comment. Remember we blur because US-first’s policies says: “explicit content is not allowed on US-first”. What’s your opinion?
Ryan Rossi
Ryan Rossi 12 days ago
@Boat Zone I support you 100%!
I think the uncensored version should be posted on another platform then. Thick curvy hot AF woman flashing tits because she wants to be seen‼️
Boat Zone
Boat Zone 13 days ago
Those channels uploading naked people are not monetized. If you partner with YT, you can’t do it
Shawn Wood
Shawn Wood 13 days ago
But naked yoga is allowed, why not.
D McD 13 days ago
US-first is becoming their own worst enemy!
jose gilson
jose gilson 18 hours ago
0:44 And here I always thought Larry Flynt was the founder of Hustler. 3:30 Is that a new brand? I've never heard of a Woston Whaler LOL 4:47 And the boat owner prays that his GF never tells him that "She's Late". . . . 5:53 I like the paint on the Tiara! I'd prefer the coupe model but that's just me.
Marlin Perkins
Marlin Perkins 7 days ago
3:42 - She's sinking.
War Sn
War Sn 8 days ago
Fuck that world where this happen and millions of people are hungry and homeless
Max Bmw
Max Bmw 8 days ago
Music 0-30 ? ????? )))))
Tony Robins
Tony Robins 9 days ago
Just beautiful boat's and ladies to 🥰💖😜😍
David Dowling
David Dowling 9 days ago
I said bud light not cellulite
David Dowling
David Dowling 9 days ago
Bob Harold
Bob Harold 9 days ago
You need a more powerful lens. Close ups are best.
DJ PIKE263 9 days ago
I was not disappointed 😏😏😏😏
R L T 9 days ago
Why do women always put their arms up in the air?
fruckler bullpit
fruckler bullpit 9 days ago
Are they all heading offshore to make that "ultimate" glamorous porno or something?.
Red DevilXT
Red DevilXT 9 days ago
If this video offends you….why are you here? Bleeding hearts everywhere!
Clint Eastcoast
Clint Eastcoast 10 days ago
This channel has the best eye candy by a mile, I need to get to Florida for the live experience.
Matt Ward
Matt Ward 10 days ago
I’m here for the same reason you are.
Tom Ingle
Tom Ingle 10 days ago
Johannes Brouwer
Johannes Brouwer 10 days ago
How can these men afford all those women?
Anthony D.
Anthony D. 10 days ago
6:45 for the best part of the video!
WATER-MAN 10 days ago
where is the uncut version ?
Rich Diana
Rich Diana 10 days ago
Hot is very debatable. I prefer porker.
Mark Baumgartner
Mark Baumgartner 10 days ago
Often wonder if some of these dudes are paying these girls to hang out on their boat all day.
Red DevilXT
Red DevilXT 9 days ago
No. Chicks love son, booze, and to show off the goods. If you knew a female who wasn’t exactly attractive, but invited you out on her amazing boat for a day of fun in the sun, would you say no?
Vova Video
Vova Video 10 days ago
Nice !
Tim Guerin
Tim Guerin 10 days ago
Some of those girls have got to much junk in the trunk for those thongs😲
Red DevilXT
Red DevilXT 9 days ago
Nope! Nothing like a nice meaty but shapely arse!
Richard Malcolm
Richard Malcolm 10 days ago
defo not that hot
david sanders
david sanders 11 days ago
The Beast Midnight express no money left to hire girls. How sad!
dean woolston
dean woolston 11 days ago
I think they need more motors on some of those boats.
Salty Fishing SF
Salty Fishing SF 11 days ago
good evening what is your camera setup amazing footage
Boat Zone
Boat Zone 10 days ago
Sony A7S3
Koyote Tracker
Koyote Tracker 11 days ago
What's really offensive is that yatube finds nipples offensive. You can literally watch people die but oh my gosh! A nipple! Carry on guys.
Marlin Perkins
Marlin Perkins 7 days ago
Sure do appreciate US-first protecting us from ourselves and mean words.
Koyote Tracker
Koyote Tracker 9 days ago
@Boat Zone thank you for your courage. Like many, I find much delight in the willful public display of nipple. Thank you for the inclusion of these bounties.
John 11 days ago
I am still waiting for the offensive part . . .
Debbe 11 days ago
Lots of cows on boats ! Even my husband couldn't watch much of this. It made him sea sick !
Ethan Conroy
Ethan Conroy 11 days ago
Another demonstration of Miami has the cultural armpit of America
James Bedfordshire
James Bedfordshire 11 days ago
Wow, that was awesome, the right size and a good attitude.
Boat Zone
Boat Zone 11 days ago
Your are awesome James thanks
James Bedfordshire
James Bedfordshire 11 days ago
No worries Brother, just show me were, and I am there with 20 of my colleagues.
Phil Biggs
Phil Biggs 11 days ago
I didn't find that the least bit offensive!
배바우 11 days ago
三浦金造 12 days ago
james baskins
james baskins 12 days ago
330 I want it and them too.thats boat is awesome man oh man
james baskins
james baskins 12 days ago
That kitty at the end was a man eater
Duke Jet
Duke Jet 12 days ago
Oh dear........ Put-em away girl!!
Jerry Hansen
Jerry Hansen 12 days ago
Daytona vice FAF what a D bag scene.
themopar426 12 days ago
live it up now four years of biden be collecting cans like the rest of us!
Gusto J
Gusto J 12 days ago
Where exactly is that channel located in FL?
Boat Zone
Boat Zone 11 days ago
Miami River
Gusto J
Gusto J 12 days ago
@Boat Zone what part?
Boat Zone
Boat Zone 12 days ago
Gusto J
Gusto J 12 days ago
Wow 🤩 🔥🔥🔥
Maxuir 2
Maxuir 2 12 days ago
No subir las versiones sin censura en otra pagina es una perdida de dinero jajajajaja, (o un alivio a mi billetera).
Boat Zone
Boat Zone 12 days ago
@Maxuir 2 las dos
Maxuir 2
Maxuir 2 12 days ago
​@Boat Zone Entonces subirán los mismos que aquí pero sin censura o solo nuevos???
Boat Zone
Boat Zone 12 days ago
Ya tenemos otro canal para subir contenido sin censura us-first.info/player/video/atl-mX6Rl6CCgHk.html
steve beuchert
steve beuchert 12 days ago
Cottage cheese
Jim Wattenburger
Jim Wattenburger 12 days ago
Just how many strippers are there In Miami!
Esad Beganovic
Esad Beganovic 12 days ago
You guys have the best intro song!!
Boat Zone
Boat Zone 12 days ago
Much appreciated Esad!
Esad Beganovic
Esad Beganovic 12 days ago
Just subscribed to it keep up the great work!
PurplePeoplesParty 12 days ago
Boobs! Universal appeal!
thomas schiller
thomas schiller 12 days ago
I guess they are not enforcing the weight limit on bikini's
Christopher Biggs
Christopher Biggs 12 days ago
Star Gazer
Star Gazer 12 days ago
Kinda seems like most of these girls are strippers on their day off ... putting on a nice show for the camera.
Bourbon Street
Bourbon Street 12 days ago
There's obviously no shortage of fast food around there.
peanutbutterpaul 12 days ago
Drinking on a boat is just as bad as drinking on a party bus... YOU SPEND YOUR WHOLE TIME WISHING YOU NEVER GOT ON BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO PEE‼️🤣
The Bandit
The Bandit 12 days ago
How are you supposed to see anything "offensive" when it has a blur over it?
Sell Side Dream
Sell Side Dream 12 days ago
almost everyone looking at their phones - such an addiction - sad
Robert Lewis
Robert Lewis 12 days ago
Why is every boat so full of people?
Shankar Sharma
Shankar Sharma 13 days ago
I would like to invite some of those girls - on Saturday I need to repair the wiring on my boat, wash the boat with powerwash, inflate the tires on the trailer, replace the water pump in the engine. Finally, fold the fabric from the bimini top, wash it, dry it and reassemble it. We'll spend a nice day on the boat, girls. Do not forget your bikini and sunglasses.
LA Best
LA Best 13 days ago
Love itttt!!!!
LanceThe 13 days ago
I will be out there on a yacht May 8th! Hopefully you guys catch me on video (:
LanceThe 11 days ago
@Boat Zone Just did!
Boat Zone
Boat Zone 12 days ago
DM Instagram
david diehl
david diehl 13 days ago
Not that impressive, well used yes.
Ynech 13 days ago
Nice video.
Neil Master
Neil Master 13 days ago
Why does it always have to be the fatties?
INVI SIBLE INC 13 days ago
Amazing the money in that area.
INVI SIBLE INC 13 days ago
All they care about is their phones. Sad reality they live in.
Glenn Voshell
Glenn Voshell 13 days ago
I’m in my mid 60’s and I’ve been boating my entire life and it’s never occurred to me dance and giggle my but on a boat. Oh, and the fat girl should keep her top on, we can’t unsee that.
Dyer Farley
Dyer Farley 12 days ago
Vinnie Corbit
Vinnie Corbit 13 days ago
All the lonely people, where do they all come from...?
Chadron 13 days ago
The gentlemen at 3:20 have the best Hot Chick : Cheap Boat ratio. Very impressive.
Michael Giordano
Michael Giordano 13 days ago
Another edition of “Girls with phones”.
She was flashing towards the big luxury boat #golddigger 🤑
brianswimmer23 13 days ago
Juz go to 6:53.....
Reinier Mayer
Reinier Mayer 13 days ago
Can you please tell that last frivolous lady, that I’m indeed offended by her naked body, or would she hold it against me? 🤣
Danny Mitchell
Danny Mitchell 13 days ago
If that’s a hot girl in Florida then you can keep them!! 🤢🤮🤮🤮. Good looking boats though!!
Let's Dig One
Let's Dig One 13 days ago
Use to be a prerequisite that if you had money, you had to have class. Now people that have money, appear to have 0 class. What a shame.
Stinky Piece of Cheese
You can buy anything. Just be careful of what you get.
Lar Simin
Lar Simin 13 days ago
Yea doc, i was staring at this girl riding in a boat and all of a sudden "something" just poked me right in the eye- wink.
Chris Cars
Chris Cars 13 days ago
These women are nothing but tarts
carr bruton
carr bruton 13 days ago
I’m so offended, I mean so... wait I’m going to replay that offensive part...
Barry Goffe
Barry Goffe 13 days ago
Is it bad if one keeps watching the same ten seconds over and over again? just asking for a friend...
Boat Zone
Boat Zone 12 days ago
Much appreciated!! We are editing our next videos...be ready, it’s going to be a little crazy 👍🏻
Barry Goffe
Barry Goffe 12 days ago
@Boat Zone You're my hero! +1 subscriber. Thanks!!!
Peter 13 days ago
When I clicked on this video, my laptop suddenly smelled like ass!!
Boat Zone
Boat Zone 13 days ago
Niceeee. You may like this other video: us-first.info/player/video/atl-mX6Rl6CCgHk.html
Web Crawler
Web Crawler 13 days ago
It can’t be offensive if it’s blurred out. Just saying!
Douglas Schmidt
Douglas Schmidt 13 days ago
Major hale damage at the 7:12 mark
The_ Sword
The_ Sword 13 days ago
Another fine job, BZ
Boat Zone
Boat Zone 13 days ago
Thanks The Sword. Hey, check my new collab channel : us-first.info/player/video/atl-mX6Rl6CCgHk.html
Robert Poore
Robert Poore 13 days ago
I like the fact you are including descriptions of the boats. Can add more pricing? Keep up the great videos
Boat Zone
Boat Zone 13 days ago
Sure! Thanks for watching
90milessouthmiami 13 days ago
The following is intended only for mature audience. Viewers "ERECTION" advised
Boat Zone
Boat Zone 13 days ago
Ahah. Thanks for watching and check my new collab channel : us-first.info/player/video/atl-mX6Rl6CCgHk.html
Dalton Smith
Dalton Smith 13 days ago
From the beginning to the ending👍💪👊🙌 totally awesome the girl selection was perfect through the whole vlog The boats fantastic great job guys
Boat Zone
Boat Zone 13 days ago
Thank you Dalton. Hope you like our new collab channel: us-first.info/player/video/atl-mX6Rl6CCgHk.html
ckaz007 13 days ago
That's the kind of woman you want if you're stranded out at sea. There's no way she is drowning.
Chuck CTS-V
Chuck CTS-V 13 days ago
Not impressed!
Stadler le Roux
Stadler le Roux 13 days ago
1:28 Putting fake wood trim on a boat is one thing. Boats used to be made out of wood in the past, so it pays some kind of homage to that, I guess, but fake wood trim on an engine has got to be one of the silliest, tackiest ways of tarting up anything devised by mankind...
Jean Wood
Jean Wood 13 days ago
Tell me Boat Zone is Haulover near to Silicone Vally ?? Looking at some of these beauties it can’t be far away 😂😂🇬🇧🇬🇧
Mike Simms
Mike Simms 13 days ago
Your definition of hot 🤢
E Santos
E Santos 13 days ago
there has got to be a correlation in this universe that there are as many "captains" that shouldn't be behind the helm as there are girls that shouldn't be in bikini's- JESUS
Sell Side Dream
Sell Side Dream 12 days ago
agree looks like they have managed to get some whales on board
The Roid Raged Trex
Somewhere out there, there is a really lucky guy
moomoo clark
moomoo clark 13 days ago
Girls need to learn a new dance pumping pumping so childish and lame dancing It's supposed to be dancing not sex acts in the air
Inside the Casino
Inside the Casino 13 days ago
I didn’t know hippos had bewbs. Kinda gross.
moomoo clark
moomoo clark 13 days ago
I'm watching this video then puttin gas in me boat then to lovango key USVI... the girl with the boobies hanging out is looking to upgrade looks like she's going to get a bigger boat this weekend... I learned a long time ago never take a girl on a boat bigger than the oneyou have
Howard Cornwell
Howard Cornwell 13 days ago
That was a lovely verluptuas little filly, wot wot🧐
Аркадий Шпаченко
Девушки на яхтах прекрасны-смотреть можно бессконечно!!Завидую парням на яхтах-с ними такие красавици!!!
Chester 13 days ago
Why do these women want to act like strippers? Maybe some fantasy? Most of them should know better as they don't have the figure for it. Miami babylon.
american taxpayer
american taxpayer 13 days ago
Size matters. the girl was flashing the guy in the bigger boat saying, "I need a bigger dinghy."
Earl James
Earl James 13 days ago
@exile survivor *lowest
exile survivor
exile survivor 13 days ago
@Curt G She goes to the highest bidder.
Curt G
Curt G 13 days ago
Or a bigger bank account...
Jimmy Jimmy
Jimmy Jimmy 13 days ago
Livin that sweet American dream...
ItsDevlcon 13 days ago
I think I speak for everyone when I say DAMN YOU FOR DOING SO GOOD ON THE BLUR THIS TIME!! :(
Donald Bailey
Donald Bailey 10 hours ago
Except for that split second right at the end. Screenshot!
Maurice Fails
Maurice Fails 13 days ago
@Boat Zone Subbed. :-)
Boat Zone
Boat Zone 13 days ago
I know. Maybe in next video, we will include a little messy part of this clip, it was so good