Horse Gets Offended After Owner Removes Marshmallow Stuck on Their Lip - 1188199 

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Apr 3, 2021




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Bucket Head
Bucket Head 12 hours ago
It’s not offended mate. Horse doesn’t prolly like Marshmallow. 😑😑
Sergio Alcantara
I didn’t think bojack was real. 😂
MikaMi Chan
MikaMi Chan Day ago
This not funny, The horse just wanted to remove it, he was not offended, don't stress your horses like that.
Nicholas Antinarelli
What a spoiled brat. Even for a horse.
presisy Day ago
Okay enough no more sweets for today 😆🐎🐎🤦
Victoria Day ago
Clearly didn't want it
Kathleen Beveridge
OMGosh!! Talk about a dude with a tude!!! That was hysterical when he had it on his nose. Apparently, he thought so too and was mad that you ruined his good time. 🤣 🐎🐴🐎🐴🐎🐴🐎🐴🐎🐴🐎🐴🐎
squaltermann 2 days ago
Please put the marshmallow back where it belongs, madame!
J-Brock 2 days ago
He was like no ur mean
Dennis Wenger
Dennis Wenger 2 days ago
I don't think the horse has enough chains on its face. Can you add a few more.
Gabriele Scharnhorst
Marshmallows are nothing for animals!!!!!
Seven Jones
Seven Jones 2 days ago
dog + dirtbike= horse
Dragonne Aspie
Dragonne Aspie 2 days ago
Please don't humanize animals, pretty please.
niko b
niko b 2 days ago
Horses are majestic creatures also horses:
Eric Brandenburg
Eric Brandenburg 2 days ago
You just got a "Mare Stare"
human being
human being 2 days ago
Hah. And ARMYs saying that Suga got the fastest tongue technology, Clearly they haven't seen this horse yet.
human being
human being 2 days ago
I'm faster than Baby Army's finding my comment. Ya'll this is a joke. You can go now.
Maurya Gupta
Maurya Gupta 2 days ago
The horse has beautiful eyes.
Em 2 days ago
“Yeah I’m pissed off hooman..” “Hey-HEY! That doesn’t mean I still want it..”
Kevin Bhasi
Kevin Bhasi 2 days ago
I someone have to wonder why they were on chains.
Tiffany Moore
Tiffany Moore 2 days ago
Love this!!! I could see mine becoming ’offended’ too! Haha
Debbie Billings
Debbie Billings 2 days ago
That would have done done something stupid like put it back on his lip
Steven Daniels
Steven Daniels 3 days ago
Offended? I looks, to me, like you are just deliberately harrassing the horse. Horses are not humans...they don't get offended.
codecaine 3 days ago
Don't touch my food :(
Alexis Almondwall
When You're Eating Your Candy And Mom Takes It Away Because You Have Had "Too Much"
Ma Ni
Ma Ni 3 days ago
Marshmallows are questionable for people, let alone horses...
Lee 3 days ago
He was saving it for later.
akaBrucee 3 days ago
Sharon Gilley
Sharon Gilley 3 days ago
Awww feelings are hurt... Poor baby..
Arya Deepak
Arya Deepak 3 days ago
Mikasa to Jean
veryFamous 3 days ago
He was saving it for later.
Candice Santillo
Candice Santillo 3 days ago
😁 too funny
B.L. W.
B.L. W. 4 days ago
Lol. Goofy. Our gelding, the life the party, would probably do the same thing. We gave him a roasted marshmallow once and it was so funny to watch him.
J A 4 days ago
I saw myself in the camera, c’mon?
Charlotte A
Charlotte A 4 days ago
Oh I suppose it makes a change the horse being offended rather than every other person on the planet
Lyssa 4 days ago
I hope those are the gelatin free brand 😂
ginger cox
ginger cox 4 days ago
Marshmallow. The treat for those toothless.
Toyka Williams
Toyka Williams 4 days ago
Such a stinker!!! 💖
Don 4 days ago
That's some woke horse
YAH BAEKHYUN!!! 4 days ago
Wait doesn't marshmallow have gelatin made from horse bone ??????💀
Arctic Draws
Arctic Draws 3 days ago
quote from another user: "Gelatin is made from the bones and cartilage remains of the animals they slaughter for meat, so in that sense it's possible to get gelatin off a horse but y'know, horse meat is not the most popular so they use pork and cow parts available and grind it into powder, basically
Vickie Stracener
Vickie Stracener 4 days ago
Yep I think I did didn't mean to hurt his feelings but he was talking to double sword here he was making a friend of him and judging nobody could do that except for me can't judge another person like that you give them knowledgement of Jesus knowledgement remember these humans twisted the book a little bit benefits it's been many many many thousands of years it's been rewritten and you know but I know you do I won't stop fighting for you you really do all just touch my heart a lot you came into my job today I'll tell you a story to gentlemen came in today he asked me did I know who he was I said no because I did it he said that he was Kenny Rogers brother and my heart you should have felt it I got all excited and happy and shook her hand and beautiful souls that was in front of me and I forgot to mention the lady that gave me a Starbucks gift card dear you're so beautiful and I want to say thank you lots of love world children of God
Bug Catcher Jacky
This is the kind of stuff I watch at 5 AM on a day off work. Interesting
Jason Simmons
Jason Simmons 4 days ago
Dam my boy was triggered
Marianne M
Marianne M 5 days ago
such stuff ist not good for horses, can cause colic - smart horse, smarter than the owner
Emma Wieson
Emma Wieson 5 days ago
Well or course he's offended, lol. You just took away potential hours of entertainment for him. 🤣🤣❤️
TK W 6 days ago
"I don't want that one anymore, it smells like a booger."
Emmaleigh 6 days ago
Horse : "NO I do want it anymore and now I'll never eat again so thanks mom😡" Likely a few mins later, horse : "um.... When's dinner?☺️"
C H A M P 6 days ago
he was licking the marshmallow instead so it can last.
Mimi B-L
Mimi B-L 6 days ago
Marshmallows contain pork gelatin, and aren't recommended to horses.
Jesus taketheWheel
Good day to you Madam.
joseph gamble
joseph gamble 7 days ago
Mr Ed isnt happy
Baskerville Bee
Baskerville Bee 7 days ago
What beautiful eyes.
Jacqueline Leubin
I hope this was just a treat for the video, as it is a very unhealthy and unnatural treat/food for horses. If you want your horse to stay healthy, and live longer, please just feed it horsey stuff.
Leonardo ponse
Leonardo ponse 8 days ago
Ain’t that fucked up to give a horse gelatin?
Michelle Christian
Marshmallows are made of gelatin that is made from ground up animal bones not a choice a horse would normally make.
Benjamin Raymundo-Ramirez
The horse was just horsing around lol
Stacyann in Az
Stacyann in Az 10 days ago
That explains the long face 😜
Maurice Jones
Maurice Jones 10 days ago
She ruined the horses fun.
MrDenis7p 10 days ago
Good example of people who shouldn't be allowed unsupervised visitation with animals.
Jos frost
Jos frost 10 days ago
i wonder if its bad for the horse,,
Jos frost
Jos frost 9 days ago
@Eijiro Kirishima ok thx
Eijiro Kirishima
Eijiro Kirishima 9 days ago
some horses should not eat marshmallows or marshmallow-based treats. Since marshmallows contain a significant amount of sugar, horses that suffer from insulin-resistant diseases can't not eat them since it will be bad for them. A sugary treat like a marshmallow could spell disaster for an insulin-resistant horse. it's also really bad for their teeth since it has a lot of sugar
Norman Alvarez
Norman Alvarez 10 days ago
You could have your marshmallow
Alex Jones
Alex Jones 10 days ago
Horse: When? Girl: When what? Horse: When did I ask for your help?
Shining Stars Farm
Shining Stars Farm 11 days ago
those eyes are just gorgeous though ❤️
fruit salad
fruit salad 11 days ago
I hope that marshmallow doesn't have gelatin in it.
Mukund Saroj
Mukund Saroj 11 days ago
The marshmellow: ⬆️⬇️⬆️⬇️⬆️⬇️⬆️⬇️
Stormy Effects
Stormy Effects 11 days ago
That’s both a beautiful and cute horse
mikayla. 12 days ago
this looked super adorable 😂
Ricardo Juliet
Ricardo Juliet 12 days ago
Offended? No. Annoyed? Maybe a little.
gamer playz
gamer playz 12 days ago
i hate this video cause anything with sugar are not good for horses
Arctic Draws
Arctic Draws 3 days ago
Marshmallows are safe for some horses depending on the horse/horse's vet . They are used as treats, but they are given in small amounts. Horses are allowed many human foods including ones with sugar (sugar cubes, marshmallows, etc.).
Godzilla the Kaijuwing
Not true. Apples have sugar, and does that mean they are bad for horses? No.
Sharon Hewitson
Sharon Hewitson 12 days ago
god I love horses.
Syrath Douglas Foot tall Neko Boy Likes being held
I’m laughing too hard at the fact the video ends and there’s just N O S E
Q M 13 days ago
Horses are just big long rideable dogs. They all goofy bois 🤪
ThunderAppeal 13 days ago
Horse: 'It wasnt supposed to be this way'.
Ewa Rodewicz
Ewa Rodewicz 13 days ago
chain on a horse - great horsemanship right there...
Arctic Draws
Arctic Draws 3 days ago
The chains do not hurt the horses, because of the strength of horses they are used to keep them in place. They don't have any negative effects on the horses. Every horse owner uses chains or rope on a halter to hold the horse in one spot.
Eijiro Kirishima
Eijiro Kirishima 3 days ago
@Godzilla the Kaijuwing bruh really tho
Godzilla the Kaijuwing
dude that's a halter, stop trying to sound smart when you literally know nothing about horses
Eijiro Kirishima
Eijiro Kirishima 9 days ago
it's a halter....... wtf? why is it bad
C. Lance
C. Lance 13 days ago
Perhaps, he was so happy to get the marshmallow off of his lip,that he doesn't care for more.
Sharon Eastwood.
Sharon Eastwood. 13 days ago
You kinda took the fun outa of it.
Sharon Eastwood.
Sharon Eastwood. 13 days ago
Mmmm sugar.
Cheryl Teo
Cheryl Teo 13 days ago
Horse has character😁🐴
Theson 13 days ago
Such offense
Stephanie Yee
Stephanie Yee 13 days ago
TheAnimewolfchick 13 days ago
Okay but isn't that made of puffed gelatin? Like the stuff from hooves?
V D 13 days ago
You killed the fun karen
Pro Cow
Pro Cow 13 days ago
That was there adversary you had no right to intervene in there glorious battle
Peter Vlčko
Peter Vlčko 13 days ago
So horse want to get rid of it and the moment you took it down you offer it back. So who is horse here?
Wolfsong Moondancer
Humans are killjoys...
The Fog
The Fog 13 days ago
Heyyyyyy I was just gonna toast that
Laylla's Locker
Laylla's Locker 13 days ago
I wouldn't give artificial sugar to any animal. Cute horse. ♥
Arctic Draws
Arctic Draws 3 days ago
Horses can actually have many sugary foods safely, just in small amounts. It's a treat for them.
Chaoui hamza
Chaoui hamza 13 days ago
Horse: I took that personally!
M varela
M varela 13 days ago
Horses are herbivores I don't think MarshMellows are very good for them..
Eijiro Kirishima
Eijiro Kirishima 8 days ago
@M varela im not sure if you have that where u live but where i do we have vegan candy and marshmallows to ofc and they tend to give those to horses which is still really bad
M varela
M varela 8 days ago
@Eijiro Kirishima Oh I said this because of gelatin
Eijiro Kirishima
Eijiro Kirishima 9 days ago
some horses should not eat marshmallows or marshmallow-based treats. Since marshmallows contain a significant amount of sugar, horses that suffer from insulin-resistant diseases should not eat them. A sugary treat like a marshmallow could spell disaster for an insulin-resistant horse. So they aren't very good but it has nothing to do with them being herbivores
т Green_Demon14 т
That horse was just mad that you helped him, because he was so sure that he could do it on his own.
邓Bongo 14 days ago
I just died when I realized the horse still had the pink marshmallow mark 💀💀💀💀
E Blat
E Blat 14 days ago
someone needs to get off their high horse...
SoapierScroll 14 days ago
Horse: Lick......DAMMit, Lick........DAMMIT, lick .........DAMMIT, Lick..... DAMMIT
Lag Swag
Lag Swag 14 days ago
Dont want it now, you totally ruined it😆😆😆
Big Blue Swisher
Big Blue Swisher 14 days ago
it's dangerous to feed a horse with your fingertips like that, they can't see that angle too well and many people have lost fingers doing that. If you feed them from your hand, best to use the center of your palm facing upwards, fingers out of the way
Eijiro Kirishima
Eijiro Kirishima 9 days ago
@Big Blue Swisher i agree i guess i just understood it wrong
Big Blue Swisher
Big Blue Swisher 9 days ago
@Eijiro Kirishima oh, I seriously doubt the author will read this. I intended for some other commenters to see it and not get hurt one day by trying to feed a horse for the first time like this. An expert doing something with a particular animal doesnt mean that itll always go well for an in onlooking imitator
Eijiro Kirishima
Eijiro Kirishima 9 days ago
@Big Blue Swisher true but then again she owns the horse so yeah i'm pretty sure (i hope) she was aware of that
Big Blue Swisher
Big Blue Swisher 9 days ago
@Eijiro Kirishima it's a physical inability of the horse. My grandfather used to tend to them and this was one of his biggest pieces of advice to those new to horses. I think it's worth sharing if it'll save a finger one day.
Eijiro Kirishima
Eijiro Kirishima 9 days ago
it's her horse i'm sure she knows him/her well
Tommy BRO
Tommy BRO 14 days ago
Why the long face?
Max Mustermann
Max Mustermann 14 days ago
I don't think he is offended. He could be scared of the color of the marshmallow.
Eijiro Kirishima
Eijiro Kirishima 9 days ago
nah he is not
Larry Nottingham
Larry Nottingham 14 days ago
Geez I enjoyed savoring my marshmallow and you ruined my experience. Go away.
Jols De Vera
Jols De Vera 14 days ago
The attitude..
Georgie Ippolito
Georgie Ippolito 15 days ago
he was eating it like a lollipop! put it back on his lip so he can enjoy it. he must like the texture and the feeling of the marshmallow too. so cute!
Counting Strides
Counting Strides 15 days ago
Put it BAAACK!
Oh No.... 😂