Honey Ham vs. Watermelon "Ham" 

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There's nothing like a good spiral ham. Now, if given the option between ham and most other meats, I'd probably choose the others. But there's something special about a caramelized, well-glazed honey ham. You'll likely buy this pre-cooked, and all you have to do to bring it to the next level is mix a few common ingredients together to make something truly special.
But what about vegans? Not to worry. I've also made a watermelon "ham." And you might ask, why on earth would anybody EVER turn a ham into a watermelon, but don't knock it til' you try it. This is one of those things that sounds a bit odd, even looks incredibly weird, but somehow...kinda works. It's soft, juicy, slices just like meat and almost has the texture of raw fish the more your watermelon dehydrates. So, so unique.
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Apr 3, 2021




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JC_Bassin 17 days ago
You inspired me to buy a whole red snapper and cook it. And now I buy all my seafood whole and fresh
Lucas Archer
Lucas Archer 3 hours ago
@Nick DiGiovanni love you bro
KillerFrog 22 hours ago
@Nick DiGiovanni or razzel
KillerFrog 22 hours ago
@Nick DiGiovanni the candy is a razzle
ChikChik555 YT
ChikChik555 YT 4 days ago
Hehe broke the 69 comments get ligma
King Reap21
King Reap21 5 days ago
Thomas Fallanca
Weren’t there wood chips at the bottom of the ham pan that you dunked your brush into?
kkm35 kkm35
kkm35 kkm35 5 hours ago
I have to tell you that I did exactly what you did with the pig and I smoked it in my traeger. OH MY HELL, it was AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS 🤤🤤🤤! I highly recommend trying it that way sometime 😁👍.
Rayven bird
Rayven bird 7 hours ago
sid Ashwood
sid Ashwood 9 hours ago
The watermelons looked like a granade
u can make it tastier by some sesmi sos
Neo cheese
Neo cheese 11 hours ago
What if you cover the whole watermelon in a box of salt or a few days or weeks to then make it even more like meat? Wouldn't it dry it out like you did with the cured egg yolks?
handyisfound :D
handyisfound :D 16 hours ago
The watermelon ham actually looks like meat good for vegan people I'm not vegan just saying
b9ruJq2 21 hour ago
ALPHA 22 hours ago
Hey you didnt do the wishtishirrreire you just said the word that's a first for me I've never heard you say the regular name
Spiderman 23 hours ago
Ik Jewelry
Ik Jewelry Day ago
I believe the candy you are thinking of is called "gum"
Oliver Galindo
Virtual FPV
Virtual FPV Day ago
I literally thought this was an april fools joke
Đặng Trọng
Watermelon with salt taste very interesting
Bellgames24 Day ago
As somebody with trypophobia the ham looks lot more unappetising then the watermelon because the squares are so small
Imperated 2 days ago
and I thought salt on watermelon was strange
Kaydence Crack head
Nobody: Literally no one; Him:you’ll have a b r o w n n u t t y” EVERYONE AND ME:AW BOY U GAY HIM: butter”
AJK239 2 days ago
1:05 did that ham just get bigger??
Loaf of Bread
Loaf of Bread 2 days ago
Fun Fact, Watermelon is a kind of squash
weebkid 2 days ago
Nick, where do you get your kitchen equipment and tools?
Yash Yadav
Yash Yadav 2 days ago
Vegans left the chat
Tristan !
Tristan ! 2 days ago
MERCD_THO 3 days ago
I'm from England nick and its pronounced wistershire sauce
Your Mother
Your Mother 2 days ago
everyone British person I know pronounces it woustershire sauce
Fallen. pengu
Fallen. pengu 3 days ago
Ham good
4ngvls_ 3 days ago
3:48 "A little of onion powder"
Johannesburg 3 days ago
Somehow, the watermelon is waaaay prettier and tasty-looking
yyy Zz
yyy Zz 3 days ago
He’s 10 years old inside
MrAgril 3 days ago
is it just me or the way he handles the ham makes me unconfortable
Your Mother
Your Mother 2 days ago
It kinda looks like a very golden brown bread
Ibrahim 3 days ago
Were did you learn fluent hand
Maria Maria
Maria Maria 3 days ago
Its april ..............though😓🤔
Zauki 3 days ago
So cute
Mymywillow 4 days ago
Is... nobody gonna mention that he basted the normal ham with its juices... that..ya know, HAD WOOD CHIPS?! Idk, maybe I missed that day in my culinary classes. The “how to cook and serve micro wood” 🤷🏻‍♀️
Adler Day ago
Eating tiny bits of roasted wood has no affect on your body at all
Sincerely Da villians
I never seen white ham
Youtube Empresa
Youtube Empresa 4 days ago
No te pases de verga loco, bien sabroso está eso no antojes
totally a bunny
totally a bunny 4 days ago
16:11 Skittles?
Diego M.
Diego M. 4 days ago
C Greene
C Greene 4 days ago
There’s a place near I live that sells ham. That is the greatest ham you will ever have, I mean, not better thanks nicks but, u know what I mean
Noah Hughes
Noah Hughes 4 days ago
Now make a ham taste like watermelon
Thammachon Hawsiwalai
‘ A little of Sugar ‘
Mitch Connor
Mitch Connor 4 days ago
Thats the complete wrong way to pick a watermelon. Knocking on it means nothing. You want one that has a flat yellow bottom. That means it sat there long enough to become dense, juicy and ripe. Ur welcome
Gireesh kumar
Gireesh kumar 4 days ago
8:40 finally someone understands my pain
16:10 I think you were talking about a mentos
xXBlackJamXx 4 days ago
a little bit of sugar proceeds to dump entire bowl of sugar into the pan
Smittzy Lick wick !
We did it guys we turned the juices fruit that I know chewy
SparkyMTB 5 days ago
You could try & use a dehydrator on the watermelon before cooking it
Hanh Diem Ta
Hanh Diem Ta 5 days ago
Wow I looked at the thumbnail, not read the title, and really thought that watermelon is some kind of roasted meat, not a fruit
Lostous Gd
Lostous Gd 5 days ago
Please..... introDuCE peStoO to mY CatSsS
Hello Human
Hello Human 5 days ago
I’m wondering how the extra spice that fell off of the watermelon tastes like
E M 5 days ago
Trust me that watermelon it's bad 🤢
ICrazPancakez 5 days ago
Didn’t know you could over season ham but he did it
alice practice
alice practice 5 days ago
"So let's get rubbing"
Mutaz Taha
Mutaz Taha 5 days ago
Charlie Bell
Charlie Bell 5 days ago
After working produce I know enough to see that that watermelon isn't ripe enough, unless that's what he wanted?
Gage Hummel
Gage Hummel 5 days ago
What is your favorite food that you made
Xanipator 5 days ago
You talk about being "nerdy" as if it's a bad thing...which makes no sense. Lol.
Deniz Oz
Deniz Oz 5 days ago
"I know its hard right now, but we gotta work it into the crevices" 😏😏😏
Ruby Parkinson
Ruby Parkinson 5 days ago
samyty 5 days ago
Not to be that guy lol but that ham...kinda burnt xD at one point it's just black bits that tastes bitter :/ That watermelon wasn't done right either xD but nice try nonetheless
Ruby Parkinson
Ruby Parkinson 5 days ago
Nathan W
Nathan W 6 days ago
Did u say Worcestershire sauce perfect at 6:00 ????
Addie Hinz
Addie Hinz 6 days ago
Ill pass. McDonalds awaits.
Griffin Stirling
Griffin Stirling 6 days ago
Wut cooking gloves do h have
Ahmad M K S Darwish
Do you ever just watch this dudes videos because ur hungry and its ramadan
timmy cooper
timmy cooper 6 days ago
test *lol*
Jus_Fire 6 days ago
Me at 11pm 4:17 Me after 4:20
CIVOHD 6 days ago
looks like a good hamsandwhich
Jamie Reid
Jamie Reid 6 days ago
The frame rate is very off-putting
Sapphire Gaming
Sapphire Gaming 6 days ago
chewy ham thats cooked right is amazing
ITZ DOPE FIRE 6 days ago
It’s his eyes for me
areyyyyyyy 6 days ago
why would you destroy that beautiful gravy with wood chips...................????????!!!!
NUGGET POOP 6 days ago
Wow vegan ham and non vegan ham
Caleb 6 days ago
What is wrong with you?
Micah Knutson
Micah Knutson 7 days ago
This guy doesn't know shit about ham
kkm35 kkm35
kkm35 kkm35 7 days ago
Now you want me to try the watermelon ham. They both Look amazing 👏🏻👏🏻
A Squeaky Fishy
A Squeaky Fishy 7 days ago
we do pineapple ham :)
Tran Tran
Tran Tran 7 days ago
*casually puts steak seasoning and smoked paprika on a juicy sugary fruit*
Flying _melon
Flying _melon 7 days ago
Watermelon is better
Mossy Shotgun590
Mossy Shotgun590 7 days ago
Great, now I'm craving HAM !!!!!😳😉😳
Julian Dos Santos
Bro I do not think you know what "a little bit" means...
shaonie cuya
shaonie cuya 7 days ago
I love you!!!
I love you but
I love you but 7 days ago
Brown = crispy Black = burnt
Bimisola Babalola
🎶🎶Watermelon sugar ham🎶🎶
Spaghetti Slinger
Go away you discussing non meat eating monsters
0becca0 7 days ago
“Chipotle cheeelay”
XOTK LEGENDS 7 days ago
You bought a bad melon 🍉 btw 🤣 I’m black & Ik a good watermelon when I see one.
Jakub Modrzew
Jakub Modrzew 7 days ago
14:27 basically how convergent evolution works I like how people can make one thing taste almost like another even though it's almost from across of the ohter in terms of taste :OO Great video, I wouldn't imagine something like that before :))
Kos Kos
Kos Kos 7 days ago
Watermelon has very little nutritional value, I don't recommend watermelon "ham"
Lividbutton 7 days ago
Nutritional value? I think you just mean macronutrients compared to a regular ham
Judy Waray
Judy Waray 7 days ago
Thank you for sharing this recipe 😊
Judy Waray
Judy Waray 7 days ago
That’s very interesting, I want to try it 😊
Wyatt Jonas
Wyatt Jonas 7 days ago
Lol anyone else rocking to the background music
Gacko CL
Gacko CL 7 days ago
Thermus Aquaticus
4:23 that was a satisfying massage😂
Thermus Aquaticus
3:42 A little bit of sugar: : pan is fully filled 😂😂
OBAD 76 7 days ago
That ham is not juicy 😂😂
Laze 8 days ago
If I expect some ham and get boiling hot water melon, can someone help me hide the body?
Gordon Blasphemy
Gordon Blasphemy 8 days ago
Frozen mentos
billy burrett
billy burrett 8 days ago
Only problem is you said they can start putting the liquid from the actual ham, you put wood chips in it and you cannot consume those, so I would recommend using the juices like he said
Rustyduck !
Rustyduck ! 8 days ago
Bro if i bite into some nice honey ham and get hot watermelon i would throw some hands.
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