Honda Made A Real Truck? 

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Wow at this rate I could hit 20k soon! My mustang exhaust coming soon btw.

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Feb 21, 2021




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Andrew Barajas
Andrew Barajas 26 seconds ago
nope. honda ridgeline will NEVER be a truck. garbage.
Kaktusschaf 420
Kaktusschaf 420 Minute ago
Is there a difference between awd and 4x4 ? I dont think so
MWAclanGaming 3 minutes ago
He needs to stop talking about cars at this point, his credibility is just going down and down
Zuki ?
Zuki ? 3 minutes ago
“Wide body” 😂
Juan Herrera
Juan Herrera 4 minutes ago
Trash lol
Anthony Leiva
Anthony Leiva 5 minutes ago
But AWD is better then 4x4, so why would you ever ask for 4x4 on a AWD truck 🤣😂
Hector 14 minutes ago
Lol NEVER over a tacoma
Helios YT
Helios YT 14 minutes ago
So cringe to see these Japanese brands copying American trucks you will never beat the Z71 and FX4
kyle thomas
kyle thomas 17 minutes ago
Real trucks have 4x4... it looks better then previous version though ngl, still ass though
Tony 20 minutes ago
Who even lets this guy near cars
Luke Tony Denham
Luke Tony Denham 29 minutes ago
Ridge lines used to be 4x4 and this guy is like “I wish they made 4x4 ridgelines”
Rob Sorgdrager
Rob Sorgdrager 30 minutes ago
This is and never will be a truck. Number one requirement to be a truck....full length ladder frame, with out this it's just a fat car.
Sandoval Bruh
Sandoval Bruh 32 minutes ago
🤮 wack
sirrednexx5 36 minutes ago
Those rims are horrid.
Quentin Upshaw
Quentin Upshaw 40 minutes ago
That car has the best sounding intake stock.
N Esco
N Esco 41 minute ago
My grandmother will love this
R N B 43 minutes ago
Awd and 4x4. What the difference? street and offroad.
Lee Betsuie
Lee Betsuie 45 minutes ago
It's a karen truck, KNOM SAYN!!!
Cazey Plant
Cazey Plant Hour ago
Bro I really don't wanna hate this guy but I DO
Jose Alvaradoo
smh! honda dont make trucks!!!!!
ZippY Hour ago
Yeah but it’s also a Honda truck so
AllegorX FPV
AllegorX FPV Hour ago
Dude just bc you can make content about a truck doesn’t mean you should
eric irving
eric irving Hour ago
I'm not familiar with your channel. Is this satire? Respect for taking a weird stance on "trucks"
Tony C
Tony C Hour ago
5 lug nuts..Not a truck
Jorge Navarro
Jorge Navarro Hour ago
Honda should just stay in its lane and not do trucks. They gonn fail miserably and ask themselves why lmao
Infant Tree
Infant Tree Hour ago
these reviews are literally cancerous and iv blocked your page yet I still see this trash pop up
yurizaitsef Hour ago
No its not a real truck as far as competition goes. Still using the same timing belt driven V6 still doesn't have a solid rear axle and still priced like a full size pickup from the big 3
Nervex IV
Nervex IV Hour ago
Still not a truck
Nervex IV
Nervex IV Hour ago
raptor2569 Hour ago
What a joke
Randy sanchez
Randy sanchez Hour ago
Mo Yang
Mo Yang Hour ago
Looks like it’s still on the van (odyssey) frame. Hard pass.
Timothy Castanon
Ok they look better but they aren’t even in the same conversation as Tacoma’s.
Vin D'Andrea
Vin D'Andrea Hour ago
More better we have a real scholar on our hands
Steven D
Steven D Hour ago
This looks like something a dealer would tack on and call it a “limited edition” and stupid people would fall for it.
AC DETO Hour ago
Yea why would anybody buy that over a Tacoma let alone a new frontier
Joshua Maravilla
It’s still shit
Spiffy spiferson
Spiffy spiferson 2 hours ago
Jeff Bowman
Jeff Bowman 2 hours ago
Roomiest interior of any compact truck. Tacoma's are cramped
UN civilized
UN civilized 2 hours ago
AWD is better than 4x4. All wheels getting power all the time versus only when you activate it. And a locked front diff isn't something you want all the time that a 4x4 would have, unless there is unlockable hubs so you have the option to have it locked or not like on new Fords with 4x4
mike zoyhofski
mike zoyhofski 2 hours ago
still looks like a minivan upfront
Colby Stende
Colby Stende 2 hours ago
Wow you got like 15 horsepower in badges there
Rancher911 2 hours ago
Still not a truck
marinesniper42 2 hours ago
Still very hot garbage
Surraka Surovec
Surraka Surovec 2 hours ago
Yo how do u get f150 out of a basic honda grill? 😂
Cup Walker
Cup Walker 2 hours ago
Ugliest truck I have ever seen .Does some person in a room just sit around in a room and design the ugliest vehicles ... If a prius looked like a 69 camaro we would all love them most likely... Not me but some people would
Xdsniper 351
Xdsniper 351 2 hours ago
It’s still not a real truck
TON O'CLAY 2 hours ago
Looks to still be a unibody
Mikayla Moreau
Mikayla Moreau 2 hours ago
Say 4 by 4 one more time. ITS 4 WHEEL DRIVE
aterack833 2 hours ago
Front to just before the cut off for the box shows makes this look like a basic crossover
aterack833 2 hours ago
Those rims look good but just ugly enough to not be stolen often, I like it
Magic Strawbury
Magic Strawbury 2 hours ago
4 door and front looks like an SUV💀💀
shychi 777
shychi 777 2 hours ago
Still ugly AF LOL
Zac HK
Zac HK 2 hours ago
this car comes with 3.5 v6 280 hp, the 300 hp 3.7 has piston ring or cylinder wall issue
Gilbert Garcia
Gilbert Garcia 2 hours ago
It kinda looks like a sheriff's patrol truck.
Adrian A
Adrian A 2 hours ago
ryankosik18 2 hours ago
deadpanda12109 2 hours ago
He's that kid who goes to a car show in a civic saying that VTEC is very tall engine cooling. You know, if he didn't have daddy's money for his 5.0.
liggy man
liggy man 2 hours ago
Those wheels do look good
Brody Poppenhager
Brody Poppenhager 2 hours ago
I would really love to know what I he difference is between awd and 4x4
AA720 Vlogs
AA720 Vlogs 2 hours ago
No matter what anyone says I will always think that the Honda Ridgeline is a piece of garbage
Master 2 hours ago
Show me the body on frame construction then it's a truck uni body try again and the bed still looks attached!
Sloop Sr.
Sloop Sr. 2 hours ago
My daughter wants one
KEN 3 hours ago
Houston police department lmao
Matt of Trades
Matt of Trades 3 hours ago
The answer is no, they did not make a re truck. Still unibody, not body on frame
Daniel Serrano
Daniel Serrano 3 hours ago
It's still just a crv with a bed they should have made it like every other truck with an actual chasis instead of unibody
Chris 61982
Chris 61982 3 hours ago
Still a better vehicle than most actual trucks
Nathan Yu
Nathan Yu 3 hours ago
I see Honda I see what you’re doing you’re jealous that Toyota has Trd Toyota racing development so you’re jealous and you’re trying to make a Racing package or modded package well your cars are still lawnmowers
d D
d D 3 hours ago
I am HPD negative
chris devine
chris devine 3 hours ago
Looks just as dumb as the Honda Accord it came from. “Wide body” wow, you’re not very smart now are you?
Andrew S
Andrew S 3 hours ago
I wouldn't get caught dead in one of the other ones. Half minivan half pickup.
Big Hygiene
Big Hygiene 3 hours ago
He's fuckin' with us, right?
travis mantooth
travis mantooth 3 hours ago
If it's not an 8' bed, it's not a truck.
mat marchand
mat marchand 3 hours ago
Pos honda toyota doesn't know nothing about trucks and neither does nissan
Garroutte238 3 hours ago
Bruh, i straight up blocked this dude and it still shows me his crap. Wtf is wrong with youtube
Josey Wilds
Josey Wilds 3 hours ago
Don’t knock the Honda, cause the Honda doesn’t knock back!!!!
Wiggy 3 hours ago
Honda really needs to either drop this badge or man up and make an actual truck. This is a Honda Accord with no trunk and some ugly wheels.
Meldrian Junior
Meldrian Junior 3 hours ago
Lmao awd.
Cheif Investigator
Cheif Investigator 3 hours ago
Go electric. Stay away from this ICE trash... You won’t be sorry...
Jovanni Frank
Jovanni Frank 3 hours ago
Disgusting not even a truck 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 you call That a truck there something wrong with you
Lauchlan Still
Lauchlan Still 3 hours ago
Tristan Vaughn
Tristan Vaughn 3 hours ago
Awd is getting better with the tech so why go 4x4
vinasu maaj
vinasu maaj 3 hours ago
I stopped when OP said "its still all wheel drive, would really love to see a 4×4 tho"...
Venz Motors
Venz Motors 3 hours ago
HPD? So Honda just ripped off Toyota’s TRD
Uli Fehr
Uli Fehr 3 hours ago
FUN FACT, the Ridgeline has storage compartment under/in the bed of the "truck" it's like a pilot with less seats, but I mean tell me this, is a 2.7l 4 cylinder Chevy Silverado with short bed and that tiny back door really called a truck over this? Also Honda has proved great reliability on the pilot and these Ridgelines ride good and look 10x better than the previous model so I mean its not the Ridgeline you used to know, but ill stick with a nice F-150
Professor LS
Professor LS 4 hours ago
Does it have a ladder frame or is it still just a Honda Pilot chassis? It was never really a “truck” before
vinasu maaj
vinasu maaj 3 hours ago
Real truck? It’s a fuckin van
Trill successes
Trill successes 4 hours ago
And does this guy not know 4wd and awd are very similar, it’s just you can’t turn off awd
Trill successes
Trill successes 4 hours ago
A Honda Ridgeline isn’t a truck and will never be a truck
Matt P
Matt P 4 hours ago
They wont make it a 4x4 because this shares the platform with the Pilot and they arent going to manufacture another drivetrain just for this truck. They want to save money so thats why no 4x4
Rick Miller
Rick Miller 4 hours ago
So is it using a ladder frame or split frame? And awd is nice for a car but I’m uncertain for a truck.
Chowder 4 hours ago
That must be trash honda needs to stick with civics
Number 47
Number 47 4 hours ago
It’s a minivan with a bed instead of third row seating. Seriously, NOT a truck!!!
ShyChey 4 hours ago
Still a car with a birth defect
Drew White
Drew White 4 hours ago
Jeff Clark
Jeff Clark 4 hours ago
HPD... not very catchy but I guess it’s better than putting Turd on the side of your truck like Toyota... oh my bad I meant TRD
Myles L
Myles L 4 hours ago
Me when I see a nice vehicle in public when I was 6 yo “it looks pretty cool”
Cameron Lynn
Cameron Lynn 4 hours ago
If u buy a Honda Ridgeline ur labeled as a pussy cuz that ain’t a truck that shit could only tow a little trailer is a smart car and that’s maxed out.
Erik 4 hours ago
Still has the Odyssey frame. Not a real truck lol
Ricky None
Ricky None 4 hours ago
Things a piece of shit. Don't call it a truck
Grooove e
Grooove e 4 hours ago
It's still not a real truck if it shares a chassis with the Honda pilot
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