Homemade Electric Airplane MK4 

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Oct 25, 2020




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Comments 100   
LIM VUN HIEN Moe 20 minutes ago
I want that plane if u dont want haha
Manuel Nuebel
Manuel Nuebel 2 hours ago
i would be fucking scared without aileron. Never heard of a real plane without aileron!
Alexandr Petrov
Alexandr Petrov 3 hours ago
Great! living everyone's dreams.
Tim Foale
Tim Foale 5 hours ago
This is amazing I would totally fly that, you should do a sea plane version.
Greg Inman
Greg Inman 9 hours ago
awesome dream come true
Vitor Hugo • 21 anos atrás
OTREZWIN 11 hours ago
My suggestion for the aeleron-less controll - keep tail (vertical wing) not up, but down, this geometry will allow you to use rudder as a rear aeleron plus tail control. I did that on one of my model, it looked like flipped over airplane.
Ste Hen
Ste Hen 11 hours ago
For an aircraft engineer he is quite sexy and hotter than a hot potato smothered in sweet n salty butter.
Jojo Crazy Cat
Jojo Crazy Cat 12 hours ago
That is awesome !
Mott Palmer
Mott Palmer 13 hours ago
why did you pick that angle (dihedral) for this particular setup?
yamo khettat
yamo khettat 13 hours ago
how does an airplane turn without using the ailerons of the wings !!!
Comrade Kyal
Comrade Kyal 13 hours ago
Me and my friend who are in year 8 are gonna build one
Mashood Karim
Mashood Karim 14 hours ago
is this leagal
mgt97PUN 16 hours ago
Ever think of making your own airplane making business? You should because you have this gift.
Eben A.
Eben A. 16 hours ago
You're f*cking crazy and I love it lmao
mgt97PUN 16 hours ago
I want one!
solo mate
solo mate 17 hours ago
so impressiv & loving dream
Whisky Weasal
Whisky Weasal 17 hours ago
I like the gun idea to shoot the water bottle. Lol.
TGD FPV 19 hours ago
Plot twist: it’s actually an RC plane being flown by a guy on the ground.
TGD FPV 19 hours ago
“Experimental aviation” lol as long as you’re the one doing the experimenting and I’m safe on the ground. I’m all for it!
Rocky6able 20 hours ago
Great design, video & narration! What’s the blue tube coming from the wing? Pitot?
Puttaiah Puttu very good tips
Which motor is used
oduarts99 21 hour ago
Nice Work Peter!
Nishita Murali
Nishita Murali 22 hours ago
What is the material that u used for making the wings?
BUT WHY? 22 hours ago
I will say ur plane will glide more with no tesla battery than my paper plane.
Caleb Butler
Caleb Butler 22 hours ago
Nice plane, next you should try a engine on each wing to make it go fast!!
Дмитрий Навроцкий
Молодец! Очень интересно!
Baruna Sanjaya
Too much bacot
Titan slayer 909
Do you have your other plane's if so do a vid eo on it
Aladdin Day ago
Im worried about too much air pressure at the wing tips just folding those wings
VR Experience
When there’s a zombie apocalypse he got an ultralight for the whole group
Bravo Yab
Bravo Yab Day ago
You should actually fly somewhere in one of your planes. I think Like a 50 mile journey would be dope
maximiliano moscolo
Your results in this job are amazing :o wonderful work and results, i'm interested in the creation of vehicles that can fly to move yo far áreas faster, we are un 2020 the things that humans showed in the 1900 - 1999 that the future will be with flying machines and a lot of electric and electronic technology, the future is in the air and you are one of the pioneers that's teaching how to do it, thanks for your knowledge and most important for sharing it ❤️✊⚡
the wonder guitarist
After watching this Virgin, Etihad, fly Dubai, KLM, indigo airlines be like :- am I joke to you!
Travis Knecht
I love that tesla battery on the thumbnail cuz that tells me that tesla made my everyday vape batterys
Джедай с
hi! tell me, what is the engine on this plane? I'm interested in its revolutions per volt or KV.
Cool bro!
Ethan Monroe
Ethan Monroe Day ago
Peter Sripol is gonna beat Japan to building the first Gundam
Wolf Bradshaw
hey theres the rigid airship designs lol
ojsefg Day ago
That’s one way to die.
Raul Gonzalez
Hay ginius ,you most work in the vertical taje ok prototipe for you fallowers,good job 👍🏻
Harley Pyles
Harley Pyles Day ago
Blue Sea Systems 187 Series, 285 Series & Klixon Circuit Breakers www.amazon.com/dp/B0051OWRHE/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_fabc_PLqXFbZM96TWT?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 this would make a better kill switch?
Thomas Küng
Thomas Küng Day ago
start using metrics... please
Kim Hart
Kim Hart Day ago
Good Job !
Amazing.. 😮 you flew it perfectly. 👏👏👏
Ahmad Sholahuddin
😲 Wow.. Amazing.
very nice and some good flight skills
Yves 2 days ago
Height is your friend, normaly. But I very much agree with your vision regarding staying low in this case. A light weight protective cage is imo something you could conceive. Hell why not using car airbags ? :) The windsock is your best friend here, stay safe and fly happy :)
SuperSuperka 2 days ago
why didn't you put sand bags to the end of the wing?
shahi hussain
shahi hussain 2 days ago
what kind of motor is that?
λNON 2 days ago
now make it run on a wood burning gassifer
robert hage
robert hage 2 days ago
Hey Peter i would love to build a gas powered rc model of your #4 plane do you have a 3 view i can use to build one?
Kago Bonestalker
Kago Bonestalker 2 days ago
I felt proud after building my first PC. Meanwhile this Peter's building styrofoam airplanes and 4-stroke nerf blasters.
your "crappy homemade airplane" is definintly better than my airplane
tomcoryell 2 days ago
I don’t think I’m alone in wanting to build this plane. I’d even lose some weight for better performance in the air. A bolt together electric airplane that you can putt around in low and slow. What’s not to like? It looks to be within FAR 103 limits.
SAVAGE MONKEY 2 days ago
I need a fishtail in my shop.
Yos pearson
Yos pearson 2 days ago
you look sick in that helmet
Michael Sevens
Michael Sevens 2 days ago
Mahvelous... Absolutely... Mahvelous!!!!... Very inspiring. Follow your dreams kids.. . And see where they bring you, unless they're nightmares.... Well.. that can work out too.. . You might be the next Stephen King.... Dean Koontz.... Anne Rice.... Either way.... If you love doing something...
Guvna07 2 days ago
You’re a genius
Mark Anthony Muldong
Buy a laser printer and you know what you need to do
Mark Anthony Muldong
At the back
Mark Anthony Muldong
Or put some solar at the back and put two wheels instead of of one
Mark Anthony Muldong
I also want to make the and some parts of the Wing with solar panel
reader writer2015
Kodjo Agbovi
Kodjo Agbovi 2 days ago
Dope as fuck then the G force bto weight ratio breakdown? Like subcribe &&&&&& heres my comment
jwb 01
jwb 01 2 days ago
and now with a jetcat turboprop rc motor :P
Strode 66
Strode 66 3 days ago
I would like to see ailerons and a second push motor at the back and maybe a sheet of fibre glass over the foam . Good work. I’d like to see more advancements in the future 👍🏼
Strode 66
Strode 66 3 days ago
Unreal Peter, you can fly like a bird and that’s no small feat, congratulations, super impressive, it will be nice in the next couple of years to see you step it up a notch and go faster higher and be more nimble , but that’s up to your desires, cheers mate👍🏼
LFOVCF 3 days ago
Excellent video.
dirtdude 3 days ago
it will never work
Eric Chen
Eric Chen 3 days ago
Dude, you need to ask FLEX to sponsor you
ShiP wReCk
ShiP wReCk 3 days ago
I've now seen youtubers making electric planes, jetpacks, self landing rockets, doing genetic engineering, and all on youtube budgets... This is a really cool time to be alive.
Osvel Ríos
Osvel Ríos 10 hours ago
Thats just very very real my dear friend, the human has started to become more intelligent, the scientific stuffs that everyone it used to see so hard to apply, now can be easly fast to find and to build. There are a lot of cheap, strong and lightweight materials! You said well: This is really cool time to be alive!!
Robb W Cochran
Robb W Cochran 3 days ago
Dude!!! Where you guys at?? I would PAY to come help you with some projects...
mcnabb4mvp06 3 days ago
Nice 4Runners!
the equalizer
the equalizer 3 days ago
Thanks jim
Bruce Lund
Bruce Lund 3 days ago
Way Cool ! Good Job!!! :{)
DPM37 3 days ago
Nice job Peter! Keep up the good work.
Fidd88 3 days ago
Amazing work - and some courage! Just a thought, as electric motors are not immune to catching-fire, and this might be a trifle awkward with foam wings, have you considered fitting suitable fire extinguisher operable from the cockpit which can flood the area of the motor with CO2 via pipes? It probably wouldn't extinguish the fire, but it might suppress it long enough to get it on the ground without it spreading to the wings. (retired ATPL/QFI)
Ryan Kojabashian
Ryan Kojabashian 3 days ago
Genius! Just curious, what is your education background? I’m assuming engineering? Beautiful job, sir! Would you share with us total cost of the project?
STU377 3 days ago
Excellent,....yet crazy.
solsmps 4 days ago
Hi Peter. The airplane is amazing. Which is the electric motor and the battery that you're using. What type of power it is generating. Thanks.
Assty 777
Assty 777 4 days ago
And people are selling planes for 100000000000$$$$$
Assty 777
Assty 777 4 days ago
He spent like $2 on the project
David 4 days ago
Can you put solar panels on it?
Eugene Buyvis
Eugene Buyvis 4 days ago
Airplane of this version has no ailerons? How does the pilot roll? Amazing video, thank you!
Davis Chou
Davis Chou 3 days ago
Can take a look yaw induce roll due to lift differential on each wing. Still that is not substantial compare to aileron design.
BD View hot video
i want this airplane ...
firecloud77 4 days ago
I wonder how much faster it could fly without that giant wind screen.
Luis cyrus lobina
You look like pilipino guy
Van 4 days ago
Are those gopher trails in the grassy field?
sweekar nd
sweekar nd 4 days ago
Ok the plane is almost ready now let's ducktape this thing..😶 😂😂😂
Krisna Maharani
Krisna Maharani 4 days ago
#sponsored #airship
Krisna Maharani
Krisna Maharani 4 days ago
Furrowed Brow
Furrowed Brow 4 days ago
Is that a washing machine motor?
Furrowed Brow
Furrowed Brow 4 days ago
It sounds like a real airplane.
Furrowed Brow
Furrowed Brow 4 days ago
Social distancing by flying over everyone else.
Furrowed Brow
Furrowed Brow 4 days ago
Did you actually weigh each bag of sand or just take the weight printed on the bag as gospel?
Alan Hodge
Alan Hodge 4 days ago
where can i get plans/kit?
Yuhboi Morgan
Yuhboi Morgan 4 days ago
Would it be illegal to use this in a public space
Harish Vara
Harish Vara 4 days ago
You are absolutely awesome 👏🏽
SMG 888
SMG 888 4 days ago
Это правнук братьев райт))
Diaphragm Air Engine