Homeless lady cries after getting gifts from stranger #shorts 

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Absolutely loved surprising this sweet soul with blessings to make her day ❤️
Guys if anyone wants to help out with future videos our venom is @isaiahgarza and here’s our donation link! www.isaiahgarzaintl.com/donate

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Feb 19, 2021




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JESSE 8 minutes ago
I stopped giving homeless people hard cash when I realized the majority just give it to the Meth / heroin Man
Bondi Bread
Bondi Bread 14 minutes ago
The flowers are such a beautiful touch ♡︎ꕥ
Smina Sueva
Smina Sueva 2 hours ago
These videos put a smile on my face🥺
ken masters
ken masters 3 hours ago
Your mom really appreciates it esp the flowers mother's Day
Tasmiyah Rosay
Tasmiyah Rosay 4 hours ago
Rei Lea
Rei Lea 4 hours ago
Wonder how long THAT'S gonna last. She needs a home and social security.
Josh BS
Josh BS 4 hours ago
You are a god man
da realyas
da realyas 5 hours ago
THE FACT HE NOTICES THE SMALL DETAILS); like the fact she had jack .. nd he got her JACK N THE BOX🥺
Emily Nastacio
Emily Nastacio 8 hours ago
I'm going to go find some homeless people and make their day
Emily Nastacio
Emily Nastacio 8 hours ago
I'm crying 😭😭😭😭
GJU GJU DARLING 8 hours ago
What City/State is this guy in?
jessie kid
jessie kid 11 hours ago
I just love Isaiah, he’s always helping out people who need things the most. God bless you man❤️
Nurul Izzah
Nurul Izzah 12 hours ago
She looks like my late grandma.. i miss her
Horselover2021 14 hours ago
No hate but does she notice the camera o.o
Charlie Bowman
Charlie Bowman 14 hours ago
Our love to the both of them
Boris Horvath
Boris Horvath 14 hours ago
canadiana patricia
canadiana patricia 15 hours ago
For all the people who are making assumptions about posting these videos for views. Why be so cynical?! Do you ever think Isiah makes these videos to spread the joy of being kind, and to encourage others to do the same? Do you ever consider his life story, or why he decided to start giving in the first place? And, does anyone consider that maybe the money he makes on here that he's using it to give away? Lastly, is it really that big of a deal if he really is making videos for views, why not just skip it and move on to the next? Last point, no matter his reasons, I'm so thankful he's helping these humans who are often forgotten about. Isiah is an amazing person who has an incredible heart. And please remember - if you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all. 😊🤗❤
Alison Fowler
Alison Fowler 15 hours ago
Do you know how long it's been since she had flower's!? The kindness of this man... So much energy from his acts of kindness
Resilient Soul
Resilient Soul 16 hours ago
Isaiah you are an Angel for these beautiful people. They open up to you like buddies. It’s so nice to watch. God bless your ❤️ heart!!
Beverly Mecha
Beverly Mecha 18 hours ago
i wish she was my grand ma
Roger Arnold
Roger Arnold 20 hours ago
this is what caring is really about. God bless you good brother. You keep doing what is right in your Heart!!!♥️♥️♥️✌✌✌
The Simple Gig
The Simple Gig 20 hours ago
You arrogantly just assumed your better than her
land apex
land apex 21 hour ago
Imagine if people did this not for the clout but just cause
cezzy abarca
cezzy abarca 21 hour ago
Lovely videos. But the reason im commenting is damn do i miss jack in the box
Piper K
Piper K 21 hour ago
Omg you did the right thing I’m crying
drawing life
drawing life Day ago
Omg she was shocked it was beutiful
Rose Quinones
🗣This story is Basically keeping us informed on how very few Homeless people Appreciate the small things Given, Shared, Or Shown to them. These days...A lot of people treat Homeless Individuals as if they were a Deadly Disease!🤦‍♀️ Smh😪 Let's NOT forget the same God we Pray to is the same God that's Taking Care of the Homeless.🙄
Courtney Chase
That is so sweet
Admiral Allen
She’s a real because she didn’t ask for money
Masquerading Madam
This is so sweet
Regina Danette Winters
God richly bless you for sharing your wealth with the least blessed.
sky sky cuz
sky sky cuz Day ago
Homeless people dont ask for much but deserve so much more
Danielle Cadiou
Who is this guy? I want to work with him
ajimon adcrane
That women : tysm omg it made my day 😭 Me : crying and saying that ur the one who's butiful than others ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Brandi D. Lewis
I love this man! Blessings to you
Twanna Winn
Twanna Winn Day ago
Thats god🙋🏾‍♀️👐🏾👐🏾🌹
Shayla Juskevicius
I'm about to cry!
Rhys Binney
Rhys Binney Day ago
This guy is probably going to turn into the second mrbeast
dark Day ago
This man is so nice bro
Michaela De Lima
Why is he filming this though? If he really was kind then he wouldn’t
safonda peters
How about those stimulus checks President Biden!!! you’re making housing arrangements for illegal aliens coming into the country what about housing for our current legal residence and citizens?? They are all over my neighborhood sleeping in the streets
Alvaro Pablo
Alvaro Pablo Day ago
You people r so f up. I really sad you think that's a good thing.
MissME Day ago
Exploitation for likes...yelp
gerardo salazar
You made me cry I keep seeing your videos you're so nice you make their day and you make them smile if we need more people like you like seriously you're so nice you make this other people smile and you're not mean like people that judge books by their cover and that's the lesson don't judge a book by its cover
Keisha Damus
Keisha Damus Day ago
You should start a foundation, and I would love to be apart of it, and help out. It’s been one of my goals to do that
Courtney Welch
You do such a good job with these videos
Fancy Romero
Fancy Romero Day ago
aww that so sweet what you did and captured it all on video for content on your channel. god bless you !!!
Keep up the good works Christian soldier
Shi USA Day ago
Cool keep it up the good work
Margaret Schick
Nia Dream
Nia Dream Day ago
I piss me off we haft to pay for food and a home 😡
Klaire Teo
Klaire Teo Day ago
Please keep doing what you do to make people happy.
The Real Shakawyd
Plot twist: she is allergic to the flowers and dies
angela anthony
Lundyn Gaming
That was so nice my prayers and I love you every night
I cried -
Lori Gonzalez
You are an amazing young man
Tomato Man
Tomato Man Day ago
This is so heart warming! Nobody deserves to be on the streets. ❤️
Dana Johnson
Dana Johnson Day ago
I love how you asked her FIRST what she needed. When people are able, it is important to ask each person their greatest need(s) at that particular time (besides their own warm, safe home to live in, a new good job, & the training &/or schooling to prepare for that job, clothing, and enough nutritious food for sustenance each day, & medical/dental/emotional/mental help where needed, of COURSE! 🙂), because, although each of us in this world are all part of the human race & all humans have certain daily needs, every human being is also very unique and mostly always in some different stage or season in with individual circumstances and situations going on that differ from others, whether homeless, or with some kind of home or shelter to get to stay in, right? Just as each human who IS fortunate enough to LIVE in a relatively safe & out-of-environmental-elements home has some needs tailored to THEM & THEIR families, so too have all individuals who DO NOT get to come home to some kind of a safe & warm place of their own . Also, the actual ASKING them what are their needs right now is treating them as all humans ought to be treated & how WE each would like to be treated by others as well and that is - with the respect each child of God that was created by Him should be treated, AS SUCH, and because every one on earth, regardless of nationality, race, gender, religion/faith, socioeconomic upbringing & current status, language, disability, circumstances, opinions, emotional state at the moment, education or lack thereof, attitude at the moment or as a general rule 🙂, and without judgement, or any preconceived ideas or opinions or EXPECTATIONS by the giver, and without any condemnation or battering them with your words. And REMEMBER: Once you GIVE someone a FREE GIFT (meaning the recipient is under NO obligation to make any reparations for at the time nor any time in these future & this is fully understood by all parties!), it is ONLY FREE if it is given without instructions or demands or conditions,& even without suggestions or one’s own opinions revealed to another person AND is given WITHOUT ANY expectations or worries about what will be done with that gift by the person you gave it to (even when it is an actual monetary gift)!! It isn’t a GIFT at all, is it, if any of this is verbalized to the recipient (or to anyone else, for that matter), or even THOUGHT in your own mind. Consider instances when you, YOURSELF, have been given a gift, whether cash or some kind of a tangible, material THING any time in your life from all the people who GAVE you gifts, & ask yourSELF how YOU felt if the gift you received ALSO came with conditions, admonishings, or demands on you IN ORDER to GET that gift, or with the giver’s warnings or facial expressions of which.you felt threatened, etc. Would YOU even WANT that gift after all, if it comes with some sort of monetary or emotional grief attached to it? Because, more than likely, we ALL have been given or offered THIS kind of what-is-CALLED-a-gift-but-really-is-a-kind-of-DEBT-to-pay-that-is-TOO-COSTLY-&-DISAPPOINTING-in-reality-that-leaves-a-BAD-taste-in-your-mouth-like-bile kind of thing, RIGHT? Lol. And even if or when the receiver of your gift, regardless of that gift’s grandeur or simplicity , great cost to the giver or something gained at NO cost, does not ACT as if they are as grateful or appreciative of it as you THINK they SHOULD be in this situation, make no conclusions to yourself as to why you think this is and any opinions you have of this, because then your “gift” is NOT a gift either (EVEN IF YOU KEEP ALL THAT TO YOURSELF). That is a condition and an expectation that true GIFTS do not possess. Can you remember a time in YOUR life that you might have FORGOTTEN to say “Thank you” when something was given to you or something nice had been done for you? Most likely you have missed your opportunity to thank a person, whether stranger or loved one, for something, & probably more times than you can remember, and we ALL are susceptible to forgetting or being somehow unable to EXPRESS gratitude to someone and we ALL fall short of expressing the DEGREE of gratitude EXPECTED or WANTED by some people, no matter WHAT we do! So do not have any expectations of ANY persons of what WE THINK is the appropriate amount of gratitude shown to us-by strangers AND by our loved ones TOO! Love and peace to anyone reading ! Jehovah JIRAH!
LmS Pau
LmS Pau Day ago
That was kind🥺
Mohammad Butt
Mohammad Butt
Bless your heart you selfless man that lasy cried from not only the things you gave her but the charm you showed in your side of being a gentleman.More men should do this keep up the good work c:
Renad :0
Renad :0 Day ago
This dude is foreal so kind
Levi Curtis
Levi Curtis Day ago
Good job young man
Mika saunders
Wow thats so nice of him to do omg
you dont need to show what you do for others... “Beware of practicing your righteousness before other people in order to be seen by them, for then you will have no reward from your Father who is in heaven. “Thus, when you give to the needy, sound no trumpet before you, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may be praised by others. Truly, I say to you, they have received their reward. But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you. “And when you pray, you must not be like the hypocrites. For they love to stand and pray in the synagogues and at the street corners, that they may be seen by others. Truly, I say to you, they have received their reward. ..Matthew 6: 1-34
Reorders Day ago
Felecia Lewis
I'm vibing on this,is this what women need to do is be homeless to get attention.it's the little things men!
Charlie Ochu
Charlie Ochu 2 days ago
This would be perfect without the camera
Jay Blazin
Jay Blazin 2 days ago
Larry Henery
Larry Henery 2 days ago
Eating I get but clothes?
NeaNea Scenters
NeaNea Scenters 2 days ago
MKS 2 days ago
Good move. 👍
Tony 2 days ago
Maybe off line God is good
cheesy 2 days ago
She’s not homeless this isn’t real
qt.julieee 2 days ago
Maybe for us, 200$ isn’t much, but for homeless people 1$ is a lot
XxPartner_EarthxX play's games On Roblox
It’s nice that we have people like this it just warms my heart
b o b a_candy
b o b a_candy 2 days ago
It does put a smile on my face
Dray Way
Dray Way 2 days ago
I fucking love your energy. I love you for these good deeds brother
꧁Hanako's GoodStuff꧂
Nfl she sounds like Micheal Jackson when she said "that made my day"
Berry McCockinner
Tired of these "look at me I'm such a saint!" videos
Alex 2 days ago
If u have to record yourself doing something nice then your motivates are wrong, but enjoy all the likes your getting off a homeless women
A A 2 days ago
You have to record it though if not it’s just a waste of time
mary holt
mary holt 2 days ago
Thank you so much. She looks really happy. God bless her
Speedbreaker 2 days ago
This inspired me
RavenQueen187 2 days ago
Maybe humanity isn’t so bad after all.
Zach Fox
Zach Fox 2 days ago
We need more people like you bro. The world right now is terrible.
•{Ally_ キツネ}•
Mah hart Mah soll
patrick holbert
patrick holbert 2 days ago
Great job. Now next time don't film it.
Karam Albasit
Karam Albasit 2 days ago
Jack 2 days ago
An able-bodied woman in the richest country in the world with a plethora of hiring jobs gets handouts from simp? How is this supposed to be heartwarming
Cynthia hbh
Cynthia hbh 2 days ago
That made me realize how much happy I would be to help ppl
Rachelle Pinto
Rachelle Pinto 2 days ago
Granny:I'm so happy👁👄👁
Zarah Ali
Zarah Ali 2 days ago
He a blessing in this earth 🥰😍
Tanishka 2 days ago
That's humanity
Nothing 971
Nothing 971 2 days ago
What is she was like a house what would he do but her a house that she will first off not have the money for second off that would be waaaaay too expensive
Josh Greenbеrg
Josh Greenbеrg 2 days ago
please make more but not for fame or anything but for good hearts of yours
Melissa 2 days ago
I've seen other videos and he has a really BIG HEART💖💖 cuz he goes around and always tries to help as many homeless people as he can even helped a man by buying him clothes..got him an apartment AND paid ALL his bills for 1 year plus gave him a job so he could get a 2nd chance in life💕 This man has a huge..kind..loving💚 heart to help as many ppl as he💐 can....has never 🤗asked for anyone for anything and doesn't do it for praise...🌷
Melissa 2 days ago
God bless you🙏💖😊💐💚🌷💜🌹💕💋🦄🤗
league of player legends
Ok I d k why mr beast doesn't doing like this guy he save poor people what they want ... But mr beast have alot of money's that he can save the poor people... Why he doesn't doing like this guy ... Why???