His Glory - Take 5: And We Know! LT Interview 2/19/21 

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His Glory - Take 5: And We Know! LT Interview 2/19/21
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Stay well & God bless

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Feb 19, 2021




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Lou Ellison
Lou Ellison 41 minute ago
Lou Ellison
Lou Ellison Hour ago
LT is amazing! What a story about his faith.
Darala Ayala
Darala Ayala 2 hours ago
Who in their right mind would give a thumbs down on this video? THANK YOU LT awesome video.
Suzette Sharpe
Suzette Sharpe 6 hours ago
Thank you for finding And We Know and truly have been missing this youtuber ! 💘March 4th, 2021
Jana Jenkins
Jana Jenkins 14 hours ago
I was blessed to find LT years ago. 🙏🙏🙏
denise seiberlich
denise seiberlich 16 hours ago
Timothy dixon
Jana Jenkins
Jana Jenkins 16 hours ago
Amanda L
Amanda L 20 hours ago
This was. A great interview. Love LT, his voice is so calming in such a difficult time.
Michelle Anstadt
I'm new to your channel, when I saw that my favorite LT was on then I started listening to more of your shows, God has blessed me in this new find. Thank you for what you are sharing!
Donna M
Donna M Day ago
That was amazing ❤️
Lucinda Randolph
Oh yeah, And We Know the FAKE Christian/Marine who stabs friends in the back who sponsor him for a year, in their darkest hour. What a joke! You need to look up and re learn "Semper Fi" LT
cynthia churchward
Thank you LT for your calm and perseverance through the last few years. Please thank your wife as well for picking up so much with your large family so that you can guide so many.
swoodson9 2 days ago
Awesome interview! So inspiring!
Pretty Nickle
Pretty Nickle 2 days ago
Wow. What a great show. Love you guys. Praise God. Thank you both!!
Connie Kline
Connie Kline 2 days ago
Thank you for this interview, what a great blessing. LT, thank you for using all the gifts God has blessed you with and for pointing us to the Lord and how He has led you through your life. You and Scott Kesterson (BARDSFM) are encouraging all of us to step out and use the gifts God has blessed us with.
scubalady2 6 days ago
Thrilled to find this video I had missed. God knew I needed this today. Thank you for having LT on your channel. I have followed LT for years now and one of my favorites. God bless you and LT and your families. 🇺🇸😇🙏🇺🇸
Treva Badeau
Treva Badeau 7 days ago
Oh LT, it’s so great to hear you, being you!❤️. I loved you on Patriot StreetFighter too! But hearing you, talk about your journey, and the tears run down your face, just made me ball my eyes out, too! 😢 beautiful tears, you are for sure, real! Not that I ever doubted, it’s just been great to hear you be able to talk & be you!🙏🏼💙🇺🇸💥 I’m now a new subscriber on this channel❤️
Doyle Harris
Doyle Harris 7 days ago
Thank you for telling us your journey LT. I cried with you brother! Thank you thank you and thank you lord🙏
Beverly Rutherford
LT I love to listen to you:). Lately you have been able to talk to different people who are Christians & think by your able to talk I think this helps you to. I hear it in your voice to lift you up also:)
Beverly Rutherford
We love LT
Beverly Rutherford
Hello from GA
Jonathan Gems
Jonathan Gems 7 days ago
Wonderful. Inspiring. Thank you Pastor Dave! L.T. is an angel.
Ann Seward
Ann Seward 7 days ago
Thank you LT Taking back the media mountain 🌄!
Ann Seward
Ann Seward 7 days ago
I love my President ❤️
blisstickmystic 8 days ago
Godly men with practical application of their faith
2Chronicles 7:14
2Chronicles 7:14 8 days ago
Love LT!!! What a treat!! 👍😁
j ma
j ma 8 days ago
inspiring lt thank you and God bless!
Lynn Riley
Lynn Riley 8 days ago
I have just found you and I am so impressed. Thank you for what you are doing. I will become a regular listener. Thank you again and God bless you.
Deborah Ansley
Deborah Ansley 8 days ago
I could listen to you all day every day. Hail King Jesus
Red Pill 68
Red Pill 68 8 days ago
Lt played a part in me turning my life over to the care of our most precious Savior Jesus Christ
Tawny Lyon
Tawny Lyon 9 days ago
LT I LOVE YOU. It touched my heart so much. I love this video. God Bless this world.
Gracie G
Gracie G 9 days ago
I so enjoyed hearing you and LT on this show. LT has such an entertaining gift of storytelling. And you, Dave, are a beautiful host. It’s so inspiring to hear both of you wonderful Christian men. We’re so blessed to have you.
Viper4 Gaming
Viper4 Gaming 9 days ago
I love LT, and I.found a new channel.to sub to, to boot...win win here, a friend of And We Know is worthy of my friendship as well
Sandye Brown
Sandye Brown 9 days ago
You guys are amazing... thank you!!! I love LT!!!!! He's brought me a lot of brightness!!!!
lonnie armstrong
lonnie armstrong 9 days ago
This was such a double blessing today. Sending love to you both . Thank you.
Jana Sisney
Jana Sisney 9 days ago
Thank God for marines that cry!! Amen
Todd Jensen
Todd Jensen 9 days ago
What a great conversation. Thank you and God bless you.
darrell klein
darrell klein 10 days ago
David an LT please get message out to Juan O'Savin. This thing is growing in big steps now. We need this. Wed Tribunals the reading of charges & rights. Charlie Ward Intel 8 hour continuous tape. Station managers freaking out. They now have to air the people an charges they have protected!
Mila Direy
Mila Direy 10 days ago
I love LT and how he ends his videos with a bible teaching and a word from the Lord. God Bless You, LT!!!!
Joe 10 days ago
WOW Thank You Pastor David and LT ! We are So Blessed by this Video and Beautiful Testimonies that You Shared! Its So Wonderful how GOD gets Joy Working in our Lives as we Trust HIM to Lead and Guide us Through Good times as well as the Bad! He Always Works it all out for HIS Glory and our Good! So Thankful For our President Trump his family and Team That Our Heavenly FATHER Chose HIM as our Commander and Chief to Lead our Country and We can not wait for him to come back!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!! WWG1WGA J& K
Elizabeth Headley
Elizabeth Headley 10 days ago
Hallelujah! Wonderful interview! Thank you🙏 God Bless American!
alisha green
alisha green 10 days ago
Aww.. I did not know Ravi passed away. This was the first I heard of it. I loved that man's preaching. I listened to him for 20 years. He is the blessed one.
Darla H
Darla H 10 days ago
🇺🇸😍 Thank God for all you guys do! 😍🇺🇸
monica woodman
monica woodman 10 days ago
I love the video LT did a few days ago with the little boy at the end singing, everthing is going to be okay. So precious!
Bry Gar
Bry Gar 10 days ago
He is an excellent storyteller with a very soothing voice
Cindy C
Cindy C 10 days ago
I don't know how I missed this video 2 days ago but I'm glad I did because I needed it today. Thank you lord for your blessings.
Robyn Bowman
Robyn Bowman 10 days ago
LT you are amazing, The sound of your voice comforts me. Please keep doing what God wants us to hear. My family loves you!! Robyn Gulf Shores Alabama
Kathy Duff
Kathy Duff 10 days ago
does anyone have the video address for LT?
Amanda Hallman
Amanda Hallman 10 days ago
1Corinthians 15:51-52 51 Behold, I shew you a mystery; We shall not sleep, but we shall all be changed 52 In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.
Corina Goggans
Corina Goggans 10 days ago
Amen! Holy Spirit led program today!! Thank you JESUS
Sharon Robinson
Sharon Robinson 10 days ago
Bless you LT, so appreciate your broadcasts, you are truly talented by the Lord's grace❤🇺🇸💪
Teresa Huskins
Teresa Huskins 10 days ago
Just love LT"s heart for God. Needed this today.
Heidi Malsam
Heidi Malsam 11 days ago
In the last days true believes will Not be found in church but in small groups in peoples homes. History repeats it's self. God bless Jesus Loves you
Leigh Ann Cronin
Leigh Ann Cronin 11 days ago
LOVE LT and his inspiring videos, I'm just at the beginning of the video, and was sooo hoping to see his face, instead of the logo. His beautiful voice is so calming to me, and just wanted to put a face to that voice.❤🙏
Computer Guy
Computer Guy 11 days ago
Who AUTHORIZED the National Guard to be in DC? Who is AUTHORIZING them to still be there?
cynthia graves
cynthia graves 11 days ago
LT I always wait for your spin on certain things and you always cover what is happening. You always cover the story I want to hear more about. I suggest looking into Hart Island where they buried all the bodies during last spring. New York!
Don S
Don S 11 days ago
This movement from the beginning it’s been bringing more people to Christ around the world is so powerful thanks be to God the Almighty 🙏🎚😊
Gail Mayberger
Gail Mayberger 11 days ago
Best conversation between 2 God-honoring, brave, and visionary men! God is forming His Gideon’s army! I am blessed! Thank you so much!
Can anyone on this forum, please tell us where we can find LT/AWK. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Blessings - Soldiers
xxAniko 11 days ago
I love LT! Been watching And We Know through the past years. Love From Australia.
angieutube1 11 days ago
God bless you Marines of our Lord Jesus Christ, be strengthened, the joy of the Lord is our strength
We've been listening to LT AWK, since Oct 2008! Having trouble finding him now, miss his vids! Love His Glory show - the interviews, Amanda n spontaneous hilarity! Blessings and favor upon you all! Soldiers
Debra Ridout
Debra Ridout 11 days ago
Yay!!! God wins!!! He has won this from the foundation of the earth! Let it be so❤
Casey Jones
Casey Jones 11 days ago
Thank you LT love your work! Much appreciated, God Bless you
Sandi FedUp
Sandi FedUp 11 days ago
I’m not seeing fewer people wearing masks in stores 😢. We have a local favorite family restaurant where maybe 2 of their customers in the full restaurant even come in with a mask on. LOVE that place, feels normal for a moment. Only place like that outside our home. Once it warms up, maybe the beach here in FL will feel like that 🙏🏻🇺🇸🙏🏻💪🏻.
anna jolly
anna jolly 11 days ago
I love the ‘And We Know’ guy...LT is my 100% news source and so fantastic to listen to! Thank you for this interview. I finally learned LT’s story!!!!!!! God bless you both!
Jules Justice
Jules Justice 11 days ago
God Bless You Love L.T. ❤🙏💙🇺🇸
Jacqueline D
Jacqueline D 11 days ago
God bless you both 🙏 I love you both Thank you for your service to our United States of America and the World 🌎 Thank you both for your obedience to the Lord. Hallelujah. Glory be to God
Snazzpatriot 11 days ago
Very Enjoyable and Inspiring Message today with LT! thanks Pastor Dave. Many nice words and stories from LT. I love his show, and now know him better. Thanks for your Service!
Jen Blossom
Jen Blossom 11 days ago
I just started studying the Bible. I’ve read it, but did not STUDY it. I’m soon going to turn 61 and I want to finish before God calls me home. Thank you LT and HG for your inspiration.
Heather Bartelheimer
Thank you for the words of encouragement. My son enlisted last week (USMC) and ships out in 4. He went to college at 16 (finished credits early because we homeschool) and nearly finished his AA by 18 and is a fully certified Auto Tech. I know the Marines is the best place for him and I believe Gods call for his life (we also put verses and the creeds on our walls!). I have suspected since he was about 4 and am not surprised at all, but sincerely proud. This boy could pass and AQT by the time he was 13 and we raised him to be the sheepdog. Iam not worried at all. God's got this!
Beth K. Mathews
Beth K. Mathews 11 days ago
The LORD guided me to Mark Taylor, First. (2013) Q and LT very early on. Listen to several others, Redpilled78, X22+ Amanda Grace and Dave came later. LT, ANDWEKNOW has been my "mainstay" for these years. I thank HIM, in remembrance of you❗ YAHOVAH continue to bless you and yours, LT ❣️✝️🙏🙏☝️🙌
Robbie Phillips
Robbie Phillips 11 days ago
God Bless all of you Awesome Marines.....for your service for our freedom ....and now all of your encouragement and information. I pray ALL of God's Best for you and your loved ones
Sandi FedUp
Sandi FedUp 11 days ago
Where can I listen to LT? I listen to every episode of His Glory and will continue.
Beverly Parkison
Beverly Parkison 11 days ago
Romans 8:28 is on my sons grave marker. He passed after an accident at age 19...24 years ago.
Pierre Labrosse
Pierre Labrosse 11 days ago
awsome video encouragant
Tammy Barth
Tammy Barth 11 days ago
Love LT and Love Pastor Dave. You have both touched me beyond words. I am very excited for His Glory to be broadcasting 24/7. So needed right now! Thank you for all that you do! God bless you.
Bob The Builder
Bob The Builder 11 days ago
You made me cry
Gloria Paddock
Gloria Paddock 11 days ago
I sooooo love LT ❤️ I want to give him A Big Hug ❤️🙏❤️
Denise Quezada
Denise Quezada 11 days ago
LT is a good guy a man of God he truly loves Jesus
C Hutch
C Hutch 11 days ago
I love LT's heart for the Lord. Thank you for your videos, they're excellent!
Suzanne Henderson
Suzanne Henderson 11 days ago
Thanks for the outstanding interview with LT.
Amber Mcclure
Amber Mcclure 11 days ago
How can I watch LT? And we know isn't on US-first anymore
Varouj Amirkhanian
Varouj Amirkhanian 11 days ago
Great interview. I love The Spirit Filled discussion of two Patriot Marines. We are in a Great Awakening and our Lord God is in Full Control...Harvest Time is coming. We need to wear The Full Armor of God and Stand Still. God bless
Deanna McManigal
Deanna McManigal 11 days ago
This was an absolute gem of an interview!! LT is a Holy Spirit filled man who expresses himself so we'll. Thank you both for the great encouragement to me in my walk of Faith!! God Bless !!
Renewed Hope
Renewed Hope 11 days ago
Thank you LT for weeping.. you helped me so much to release my bottled up emotions & find peace in the midst of this storm. I Appreciate you brother!
kent deborah Risinger
As an old Navy wife, this was a great exchange between you two....I fought back the tears a couple of times too.... I passed this on to an old Marine friend still at Norfolk Va Naval Base ! God's Blessings'
Douglas J. Turnbull
Great interview! God Bless you both.....thanks! 🙌🏻🙏🏻🙌🏻🔥✝️🔥🇺🇸
Teresa Davino
Teresa Davino 11 days ago
Mindy Miller
Mindy Miller 11 days ago
Kuuppon 11 days ago
LT is so precious I pray for all the best things in his life! So awesome! Also I pray for all the listeners and those in the program to have a beautiful, healthy and anointed life. We'll get through all of this together no matter what with God we've already assured our victory!
Johna Leaper Wright
God's amazing grace indeed! Godly Men we can trust and learn from! Thank you Lord for moving mountains! Lead the way! Fill us with wisdom! Amen 🙏
firee812 11 days ago
I love LT and And We Know
James Halloran
James Halloran 11 days ago
Great show! LT...I loved the story of your "Three Kings" in the corps. I hope you write that book soon. I would love to read it. God bless and godspeed, brothers!
Reenie Dep
Reenie Dep 11 days ago
I love how Poland, Australia and I think Russia are suing big tech over censorship.
Angella Byram
Angella Byram 11 days ago
Our LORD JESUS, handed the devil his behind at Calvary. Rose from the dead, 1st born of many brethren. The Sons of GOD & the Sons of Liberty are rising from a type of death, uniting as one to hand the devil his behind, again, in the MATCHLESS NAME OF JESHUAH... Standing strong for GOD & COUNTRY. Blessings & peace
Andréa D
Andréa D 11 days ago
We used to put these people in asylums; now we give them platforms . . . and money. I prefer the asylums for them.
HIS GLORY 11 days ago
You seem nice
Andréa D
Andréa D 11 days ago
PRESIDENT BIDEN IS OUR PRESIDENT. DEAL WITH IT, JUST AS YOU TOLD US TO DEAL WITH FOUR YEARS OF DRUMPF. AND LOOK WHERE *THAT* GOT US; JUST ASK THE FAMILIES OF 500,000+ DEAD. 500,000 deaths. Roughly one year since the first known coronavirus-related death was reported in the U.S., an unfathomable toll is nearing - the loss of half a million people. As of Sunday, the pandemic death toll was 497,403, higher than in any other country. More Americans have died from Covid-19 than on the battlefields of World War I, World War II and the Vietnam War combined.
Glenda Sherrill
Glenda Sherrill 11 days ago
Trump is speaking on Feb 28th at c p a p , hope everyone get to see it