Hilarious 2HYPE GIANT Scrabble Board Game! 

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2HYPE plays Giant Scrabble, see who can spell and get this highest score!
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Sep 8, 2019




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Comments 100   
2HYPE Year ago
Hey Guys sorry we posted this week late but we'll be back posting on Saturday next week! Thanks for all the love, ROAD TO 500K! yeet We were dying laughing filming this! Hope yall enjoy the video!
tommie stinnett
tommie stinnett 9 months ago
yall need to make another one of these videos. its hilarious😂😭
ON PLOT CASH 10 months ago
2HYPE is the BEST sport channel EVER!!!!!!
TheLastSoldier14 11 months ago
Hey 2hype taog is a Filipino word meaning high tide:rise of tide
Mr. Trolling
Mr. Trolling 11 months ago
Cash made this because of the yeet
Arsenal 4
Arsenal 4 Year ago
Jiedel said 9x7 equals 35
Kaley Smith
Kaley Smith 3 days ago
Jesser lost 3 rounds and still beat cash by 30
Eathen Heaverin
Eathen Heaverin 18 days ago
3:13-3:15 how is that 24. Double word on the x is 16. 16+4 is 20. They didn't do that for mopi's they only took the triple letter so 4x3=12 and then added the other three letters to get 17. For Jesse's they took the double word and multiple the whole word by two. I don't get this game.
TRAY 2CRA Month ago
Jesse got the hell of kris
Ian Teufert
Ian Teufert Month ago
6:35 sounds like james said the answer to 9×3 is 35. 🤔
cquick 3
cquick 3 Month ago
Jesus Saves ✝️
Jordin Pittman
Jordin Pittman Month ago
Jesus and god love you
Jukeski Month ago
Who else coming from Mo’s video and realizing the treatment he was talking about from the judge of this game🙊
G32 Xyza Retamar
ah is actually a word search it on google
Jacob Myers
Jacob Myers 2 months ago
y’all challenge the dumbest things smh
Jacob Kimm
Jacob Kimm 2 months ago
8:22 lmao
The Edwards
The Edwards 3 months ago
Cash GOATED 💀😂😂😂
Everett Bonk
Everett Bonk 3 months ago
bonk is my last name
Ethan Fasil
Ethan Fasil 3 months ago
Soccer Crew
Soccer Crew 4 months ago
Honelstly I’m mad at James for not giving mopi the hive on because bee hive is a word so
Garrett Peterson
Garrett Peterson 4 months ago
Mopi was bonked as a kid
Darren McNeil
Darren McNeil 4 months ago
Yall hoed mopi ah is a word
Bryan Jordan
Bryan Jordan 4 months ago
Wtf is wrong with jesser holy. He is also like you guys are bullying me but every video that has existed he bullies mopi. .. and you guys literally took 2 words from mopi and there not windshield swipers they are wipers
Habs Crew
Habs Crew 5 months ago
Aruf Abidi
Aruf Abidi 5 months ago
Mopi got robbed 2 words
Shabd Rai
Shabd Rai 5 months ago
Jesser sucked!
Khalfani Harris
Khalfani Harris 5 months ago
Kris says 9×3 JAMES OK SO 35
Shabd Rai
Shabd Rai 5 months ago
Jesser sucks!
Kervin rivera
Kervin rivera 5 months ago
You should do more scrabble
Shawna 6 months ago
I can’t get over how mopi said “da da”
Fran Jo
Fran Jo 6 months ago
Jesse became james in this gane hes salty lol
coy hendrix
coy hendrix 6 months ago
They should play scrabble but they can only play the word if they know what it means
Antonio Carmonajr
Antonio Carmonajr 6 months ago
Jesser us so toxic
Soham Banerjee
Soham Banerjee 6 months ago
First time I saw jesser triggered
Samith Ganesh
Samith Ganesh 6 months ago
Bro Jesse just tried to fucking challenge “an.” Should have stayed in high school bruh 😂🤦‍♂️
Coco Nefertiti
Coco Nefertiti 6 months ago
As in be hive
Ant Corto
Ant Corto 6 months ago
9 times 3 = 35 🚶🏾💀
T Danka
T Danka 7 months ago
Cash playing run twice has me dead 💀
Jordan 7 months ago
Is it just me or was kris acting different during this lol
Daanyal Agboatwalla
Daanyal Agboatwalla 7 months ago
Wapse 7 months ago
8:17 😂😂
Bryce Michalk
Bryce Michalk 7 months ago
Kris literally called game at the end. Boss move 🥶
iDontShoot OG
iDontShoot OG 7 months ago
Do the scrabble game again!
Brennan Adkins12
Brennan Adkins12 7 months ago
Kris was drunk
Soly Hasbani
Soly Hasbani 7 months ago
Jesser is the funniest person
ERF_CL4PZ 7 months ago
Why the hell cashes legs so shiny bruh
Nolan 7 months ago
Kris shoulda got +50 for using all his tiles smh
Gabriel Davis
Gabriel Davis 7 months ago
Hive is a word
Nobu 8 months ago
12:53 Did Jesser rly just say “gaw-may”?
Lol Dj
Lol Dj 8 months ago
Go to 0:21 look how concentrated Zack is
Devon Magana
Devon Magana 8 months ago
The only 2hype video I’ll dislike because y’all were messed up to mopi
Reflex Plays
Reflex Plays 8 months ago
Kris got bingo
Michael Scott
Michael Scott 8 months ago
Kris wasnt playing the right way
Dionisius Jonea Lesmana
dude lebron the toag
Jesser should have never dropped out of high school
Paxton Krafft
Paxton Krafft 8 months ago
Galaxy Bed
Galaxy Bed 8 months ago
Cash Rip 8:00
andrew bissanti
andrew bissanti 8 months ago
James I wanna see you play
peachlou 8 months ago
when zack says there is are no Us he does not know that qi is a scrabble word
peachlou 8 months ago
when kris played dusting he deserved 50 extra points because thats how it works in scrabble
Rohxn 8 months ago
i swear cash spelt goat not toag
Lil Tree
Lil Tree 8 months ago
Jesser fucking pissed me the fuck off
IGetBuckets90 8 months ago
did kris really say 9 times 3 equals 35?
Mike zDonato
Mike zDonato 8 months ago
Kris: “9x3” James:”35” Math is hard
Toaster Toad
Toaster Toad 8 months ago
It says ah is a word but it’s 2020 so
LookAtCurryMan 30
LookAtCurryMan 30 9 months ago
Ok so this is alright Jessie is I guess a little mad at kris 7:51
LookAtCurryMan 30
LookAtCurryMan 30 9 months ago
8:03 Bro I never seen Jessie this mad to Kris 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 and I guess kind of Zack also
LookAtCurryMan 30
LookAtCurryMan 30 9 months ago
Bro cash 😂😂😂😂😂 7:57
DJ Brown
DJ Brown 9 months ago
Mopi is taller and stronger
Daniel Niuia
Daniel Niuia 9 months ago
Evidence on 6:45
Daniel Niuia
Daniel Niuia 9 months ago
Hold on!! 9x3=35??? WTF!!! 9x3=27
Brett Harpt
Brett Harpt 9 months ago
Everyone just bullied Mopi wth
jojo_juventus •
jojo_juventus • 9 months ago
7:29 another reason i dislike Jiedel
Jacki Berman
Jacki Berman 9 months ago
I lost it when Mori spelt da and he started saying “dada”
Naruto Uzimaki
Naruto Uzimaki 9 months ago
Bro da is not a word
Ryan Bialeck
Ryan Bialeck 9 months ago
10:21 karma
Nick Wagner
Nick Wagner 9 months ago
ah: used to express a range of emotions including surprise, pleasure, sympathy, and realization. mopi should get that one
Ramesh Vasudevan
Ramesh Vasudevan 9 months ago
Ah is definitely a word. If it wasn’t then ah would be underlined in red on my screen.
Marc Steven BALAORO
Marc Steven BALAORO 9 months ago
Technically, ah is a word since it is considered an onomatopeia.
Ospos YT
Ospos YT 9 months ago
More scrabble plzzzzzz
Dague Dague
Dague Dague 9 months ago
I love how Jesse was making fun of cash for toag but the next turn tries to spell disgustinger
juaneezzy209 9 months ago
Jsr chill the fuck out
Christopher Boyd
Christopher Boyd 9 months ago
Cash: 37 points from all the rounds Kris: 37 on one turn
joshua murray
joshua murray 9 months ago
Sonam Rinzin
Sonam Rinzin 10 months ago
May 2020
Eric Chege
Eric Chege 10 months ago
Kris 9x3 James 35
TWITCH MONKEY 10 months ago
IG 10 months ago
Tox1cBravo 10 months ago
James has the rich kid pencil that everyone always wants to steal
Tyler Mark
Tyler Mark 10 months ago
G A MMM E. This is the 4th time I am watching this video
Noah Martin Tuggay
Noah Martin Tuggay 10 months ago
Ah is allowed
XxK3xCHITxX _ 10 months ago
Jesser: Ga Mae
Oliver George
Oliver George 10 months ago
Kris rages 😬😂
Tony Smith
Tony Smith 10 months ago
Bro they cheated mopi
Gimme The Cankles
Gimme The Cankles 10 months ago
The screwed mopi be cause james didnt use the actual definition
Grant Raffetto
Grant Raffetto 10 months ago
Pretty sure 9x3 is 27 on 36
Ryan Over
Ryan Over 10 months ago
Cash plays like me makes 3 letter words like “Fun” and “Eat”
wantedbyneos 10 months ago
Bro when mopi put aw that challenged it and it was not a word. Jesser put aw and nobody challenged it. Thay forgot the hole thing . Disrespect to mopi
Stan Nicklin
Stan Nicklin 10 months ago
Kris should have had an 85 point word. If u use all your letters it’s plus 50
Hayden Silkenson
Hayden Silkenson 10 months ago
When you use all the letters like kris did you get a 50 point bonus.
Shirou 10 months ago
Never forget the toag moment😭
dwn 10 months ago
He should had said "mopi where your height at"
Arziteezy -
Arziteezy - 10 months ago
Omg cash is stupid
Sweaty P
Sweaty P 10 months ago
7:59 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Bharath Chowlur
Bharath Chowlur 10 months ago
Nobody: Not a single soul: Jesser: I wAs GoInG tO SaY ThAt
ON PLOT CASH 10 months ago
My name is max and max is 50 points for Jesse
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