High School Theater 

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Apr 28, 2021




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Emirichu 16 days ago
Things I didn't have time to talk about/draw but wanted to mention: -when the curtains fell during intermission we liked to dance goofily in the dark right on the stage to get rid of the stage fright jitters in preparation for act 2 haha -group trip to Denny's after the last day of the shows. Every time.
ostronic 5
ostronic 5 3 hours ago
나는 최고다 따봉 데봉
ostronic 5
ostronic 5 3 hours ago
EverlastingEcho 14 hours ago
I too use the blind technique for my performances!🤣
Dragon Ball Fan Playz
Can you do a face reveal
Zao AnimatorZYT
Zao AnimatorZYT 18 hours ago
Best story I've heard recently. Emily? Your stories r awesome and ur animation skills r incredible.
Brandon Hill
Brandon Hill 18 minutes ago
8:46 LMAO
aaden george
aaden george Hour ago
bxb 2 hours ago
✍always carry✍a chocolate ✍when you✍see a ✍sad person✍ noted
Maria Rafei
Maria Rafei 4 hours ago
free palestine!!
Харли Крутош
Ah, that made me remember playing minor character in highschool production but missing a cue because guys accidentally skipped a scene right before mine.
Finescam 8D
Finescam 8D 4 hours ago
I was in "theater class"... but one was actually the chor, so it would be always musicals and i can not sing (i always got the sidecharacters with one line anyways for some resons) and the actuall theater class just stopped after half of a year bc the theacher left our school :( Im sad bc this was actually fun, since we did a lot of improvising and where just a smal group all alone in an empty classroom :D
Monika Piwinska
Monika Piwinska 7 hours ago
this amazing video was actually out the day Genshin Impact version 1.5 was out:)
TGG /Brian Do
TGG /Brian Do 10 hours ago
Casually bluffing that she got more than one A+
QuarterXS 10 hours ago
Bethany is basically Lila Rossi
ame 13 hours ago
are you okay
ame 13 hours ago
i am vincent
logan izzo
logan izzo 14 hours ago
I wish my high school had a drama program they got rid of it the year I got to the school .
johnty01 15 hours ago
Your a pretty cool US-firstr I barley know anything about anime so am a noob of what shows are only one I saw was dangaronpa
Dragon Ball Fan Playz
Can you do a face reveal
Flying Lasagna
Flying Lasagna 18 hours ago
👏REMEMBER👏 NO MATTER WHAT ROLE YOU GET YOURE STILL IMPORTANT AND ITS 👏UP👏TO👏YOU TO MAKE IT A GOOD CHARACTER SMALL CHARACTER IS ALSO IMPORTANT TO KEEP THE SHOW GOING (and sometimes THEY're THE FUNNIEST ONES TOO :o ) please, acting isn't really supposed to be a competition ,its about having fun and give the audience a good time! if youre joining a drama class only because you want to be the main character and nothing else (like having the back thought that youre not ok with being a small role), then youre not doing it right man
infamous Depth
infamous Depth 18 hours ago
ew an extrovert
Anonymous User
Anonymous User 18 hours ago
"You didn't hear it from me, bestie"
Anonymous User
Anonymous User 19 hours ago
We have a landscaper called jesus (hey-zeus) who we refer to as jesus
Regina_Martin 20284014
My friends joined a play in school and they didnt need to speak in it and they keep nagging me about my stage frisght and how i should have done it
Warhawk971 20 hours ago
Ok, incoming wall of text doomed to be buried, but this was just so relatable to me. I really want to share my theater experience with you, and maybe anyone else still in HS thinking about theater. SO, I grew up in a very musically inclined home: my mother sang and did theater and my father was in band, heck, my parents met at drum core after they finished high school. Singing and shows were something I grew up around and grew to love, and I'm no Neil Patrick Harris, but constant singing in the car means I can carry a tune pretty well. Also, whenever I saw a show, I'd see that big stage and wonder what it would be like to stand on something like that, even for a moment. However, I was definitely... the weird kid when I was younger. My constant singing and eccentricities became a target for school bullies, to the point that I became afraid of singing and had serious doubts in my own abilities. It didn't stop me from joining the school choir, but even when sophomore year of High School came and I made the schools top choir, I was still around some pretty shitty people who had no problem taring me apart for the slightest mistake. Now, that year was the first year in a hot minute my school was planning on doing a musical, and I told my self that if they decided to do one certain musical, South Pacific (because it was set in WW2 and I was obsessed with the history of that era back then), I would audition. Well, that, for some god forsaken reason, was what they went with. But I was too scared. So the day of auditions comes and I'm having lunch in the choir room, skimming the music for the audition when the choir director comes in, stares me dead in the eye and says, "You are doing the musical... riiiiiiiiight?" And that was how I got drafted into my first show and landed a fairly major supporting character. I wound up becoming an officer in the club the next two years, scripted three historical skits and directed 2, and got major roles in another stage play (The Man who Came to Dinner) and another musical (Adventures of Tom Sawyer [lol]). After that, I went off to college to peruse a STEM degree and figured that was that. Only it wasn't. 4 years in I had a massive depressive spiral caused from a mix of burn out and a really bad break up/falling out with my bestfriend from high school. I'd met her through theater, and it was a big part of our relationship. So, as a way to pull myself out of my spiral, I got recommended to audition for the upcoming musical the theater club on my college campus was hosting. I knew there was a theater club but I figured that I, a geology major who had done zero theater or singing in 4 years, would not stand any kind of a chance against actual theater people. But.. I needed to reclaim what theater meant to me so I said "**** it" and pulled the trigger. I wound up getting cast as Kurt, the second billed guy, in Heather's the musical. I finally got to live that dream of performing on a big stage, with lights, and effects; the whole nine yards. Emily, I could go into so much more detail, like how I too was scared at the idea of seeing a huge crowd in front of me, or having to take over a roll that wasn't initially mine, crappy people not memorizing their lines, even the midnight Denny's! Thank you so much for sharing this because I have also been really missing theater, and this video brought me back to when I got to do it. For anyone reading this who has the chance to be a part of the stage and is second guessing themselves: Do it. There is a great chance you will have an experience and meet people you will treasure for the rest of your life!!
rookhouse studios
rookhouse studios 20 hours ago
Anyone else forget Emily wears glasses
Vince Davis
Vince Davis 21 hour ago
hi im new here
Kristina Tetelepta
Kristina Tetelepta 21 hour ago
Mute 21 hour ago
we all had that one kid that nobody wanted in their class.
10:15 : The guy that had a little line looking at soley staring into his soul : *It was at this moment that he knew* Also Chocolate can fix anything ❤️ 🍫
Kiyomi Crystal
Mr.C is my fav....seriously he rocks..😂👍🏻...best teacher EVER!
canika Day ago
My first time working with cameras: When I was 9 I created a flamingo vs toucan skit. It had paper props that I held up when they were needed. It was recorded on a tablet
Nikola Stoychev
please Emili watch the anime Fairy tail and make a video for it please please please
David Ong
David Ong Day ago
Stitches Day ago
Bethany storytime? sounds so triggering but sounds so interesting stuffin'
Mama Mia meme pls
Madeline Weiss
Am I the only person who was a theater kid when they were really little who later in life felt really embarrassed?
Hajira Bibi
Hajira Bibi Day ago
i always perform but in 2020 cause of corona i could not perform and in 2019 the 2 teachers pet used me to take a part in the play and they did the same this year for a speech and now one of the teachers pet katreena is my worst enemy because of alot of reasons
which software you use it seem like photoshop for some reason
Ole Fredrik Skjegstad
This didn't take place in high school, but all the way back in 7th grade. My class was putting on _A Christmas Carol_ and rather than landing a role as such, I was instead given the job of Prompter. Giving cues and keywords to the other kids if lines were forgotten and so on. As it happens, I did need to step in when another kid couldn't make it , and so I had the role of Jacob Marley's ghost in the actual performance. Even had to nudge the guy who was playing scrooge just a little bit while on-stage.
The Tank On Crack
For absolutely no reason,I'll just say my finger tastes like soap
The Tank On Crack
Don't worry,I feel ya,had to propose to a random girl in my class IN FRONT AS EVERY SINGLE STUDENT IN MY BATCH
Charity Heath
The Phantom of the Opera😍😍
Michaela Zoe Tan
Emirichu do do you date daidus? 🤔🤔🤨
Tokuou Day ago
but can we just appreciate how pretty you are?? UGH
Riddle's Tree House
So I'm actually in an orchestra for the phantom of the opera which starts tonight, and I will gladly hide you in my violin case so you could watch
Techno 646
Techno 646 Day ago
Thought you were gonna use the stereotype card on bethany
Dylie Animates
Soley on that one day is when that one hard hitter in an RPG get full force and gets to attack with no setbacks
The way she described Bethany reminded me of Sae from Peach Girl
Alexa Bonita
Alexa Bonita Day ago
We need more Jesus's in this world
I͓̽c͓̽e͓̽d͓̽ ͓̽T͓̽e͓̽a͓̽
*me about to head to high school* *also me puts myself in tech theatre* Sis I am gonna get out of that class if they are not making those period time costumes from scratch💀💀💀💀
cha cha real smooth
jesus (i have no idea if i spelled that right but thats how the cc's spelled it lol) is a certified KING. AN ANGEL SENT FROM ABOVE. THAT WAS SO WHOLESOME OMG
gordon Ramsay
Bethany is toxic
Greninja Pro
Greninja Pro Day ago
3:27 is that an Animal Crossing reference?(if it is then.....cool)
RiVer Pebbles
RiVer Pebbles 2 days ago
The fact that instead of making Kate a boy for the role, and made her a lesbian just makes me really happy 🏳️‍🌈
Kymani Bernard
Kymani Bernard 2 days ago
Never feel bad if you mess up I play piano and when I mess up I keep going to see what the problem is and my teacher says that if you try it again you fill just make the same mistake SORRY THIS IS SO LONG 👍
The first story sounds like a legit movie!!! I love it!!! :D also, every time someone talks about theater club I get so sad that my school doesn't have one TT
Mila Hancock
Mila Hancock 2 days ago
5:56 oooh! I did those back in high school for choir class! A LOT of students wanted the caramel chocolates. I like the W.F. Crisp
Muaz Gaming
Muaz Gaming 2 days ago
The drawing looks like Jaiden Animations nice
Der Nerd Der Kluge
Bethany: *exist* Fake story time channels: WRITE THAT DOWN! WRITE THAT DOWN!
Games N' more
Games N' more 2 days ago
I think just I just mistook Kate to be a boy because of that short hair. Don't tell me that Soley is not okay with me mistaking her sister to be a boy.
Linn Le
Linn Le 2 days ago
love you
Jacob Frye
Jacob Frye 2 days ago
I must say Mr C is the chad XD
Juan Diego Chona
Juan Diego Chona 2 days ago
About to present a very important school presentation (required to graduate and universities may see and requerst a presentation as well) and I wish I was as blind as a bat as wel...
aqualucy_48 2 days ago
Our plays have to be virtual because of the pandemic. They're still quite fun
ARCANA BLAZE 2 days ago
No wonder you did such a great job with the voice acting in CDawgVA's Video. Now everything makes sense.
Cheese Guy
Cheese Guy 2 days ago
the guy passing the chocolate: "Have a break, have a Kitkat."
michi 2 days ago
theatre is awesome
Natalie Ruelas
Natalie Ruelas 2 days ago
I’ve always wanted to do theatre but the teacher has her favorites students and that’s it so I’ll basically work my but off then get no role :(
Emma The Froggy
Emma The Froggy 2 days ago
i like ur energy *subscribes*
Zebraworm1265 3 days ago
I remember that when I was in 4th grade I had to learn how to cartwheel for one musical number. It took me so long to get it right, that when it was opening night for the first performance, I sprained my ankle so hard that I could never do a cartwheel correctly again. The play was Aladdin.
PM - 06KC 792901 Tecumseh PS
barley no dislikes gj!
Ds Animationz
Ds Animationz 3 days ago
how do you draw the eyes so well emily
Itzmidnight Straz
.... my NAME IS JOHANA!!!!
StupidA**Content 3 days ago
I love how Bethany's face is drawn as Dio's hahahaha (mostly for the eyes)
Crystallation 3 days ago
We're both the same Emily, blind as a bat, blind as a mole (not really blind but still poor eyesighted as hell)
Viron Pabunan
Viron Pabunan 3 days ago
8:37 man's really throwing shade to one of his students LMAO
MochiMations _SI
MochiMations _SI 3 days ago
That slacker genuinely pissed ME off to, I had a slacker in one of the plays I was doing to. Moral of the story if your not interested in joining a play DONT GOD DAMN AUDITION
Ralph Zabala
Ralph Zabala 3 days ago
Hi I dare u to ask them if they like one peace gur. l
Nullify Z
Nullify Z 3 days ago
Man Emi's mich got better i just noticed.
Alter_Chaos 606
Alter_Chaos 606 3 days ago
*laughs in no drama teacher*
Hughs R
Hughs R 3 days ago
I just discovered you only yesterday (why not before I wonder!?) and have been binge watching your videos. I love your art style so much i’d read or watch anything that uses your art, no matter the story or its quality.
foxfernfire 3 days ago
Jesus was a top-tier classmate
MyNameIsNot 3 days ago
choco delivery man
Ryan 3 days ago
If this woman commented on my delivery I would have gone “well I think your delivery could have used some wo- oh wait... you didn’t have any”
Zaid Nava
Zaid Nava 3 days ago
Bethany is just another bojack.
Rike Frosch
Rike Frosch 3 days ago
Mr. C. is absolute favorite teacher material
Hey sister
Kirbo Trainer
Kirbo Trainer 3 days ago
Just going to say it, I've performed in two Shakespeare plays and it has really made me hate Shakespeare.
Vai 3 days ago
Is no one gonna talk about how she put the sponsor at the end instead of the beginning of the video? Legend.
moonliight127 3 days ago
why are Bethanys always portrayed as b***** I'm not like that TT TT
MIGHTYKNOWN 4 days ago
Bethany Stephanie same thing
Cristopher Antonio Garcia
The circuit of theater is to not act, but to become
Sun Flower
Sun Flower 4 days ago
Lmfaoo I also did the glasses hack when I did my first show too XDD
Z Z 4 days ago
Bethany probably has a brother named hunter
Preap Sowyanet
Preap Sowyanet 4 days ago
This is just a video request/idea but can you do a tutorial on how you draw anatomy in your style like body,hair,eyes and all that stuff.
Isabelle Jakobsson
DR ADEEL Qamar 4 days ago
Emirichu why do you like anime. Your a nerd
what happened
what happened 4 days ago
Really hope this was sarcasm
4thImpulse 4 days ago
It counts.
Vive la resistance
5:21 history has it’s eyes on you..........
Elai Gamer
Elai Gamer 4 days ago
changed oc?
Drawergameryeet 4 days ago
Could yaaa.... make the ending for that Christmas manga ;_; I was getting into it
Ebuslamente e
Ebuslamente e 4 days ago
shes cracked ngl
Warden 4 days ago
The only part I don’t like about this channel is that I gotta wait for a new video lol. Kinda wish I could draw like that. I am the WORST drawer in the world.
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