Here’s a fun way to turn that frown upside down! 

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My niece wasn’t having the best of days. I noticed a Capri Sun laying on the counter and remembered I used to freeze them to make Popsicles when I was younger. I figured this would cheer her up but at first she didn’t understand what I was doing with it until we put it in the freezer she realized she had a special treat coming to her but still was not 100% sure what tho?
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Mar 25, 2021




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xxx emily 123 ksks beatri. siva 123 no avaki
Ksksks kkkkk haha. #-#
Julianna Sabella
Fun fact! Did you know that the dot from the i is where you put your straw?
Michael Fatiha
Michael Fatiha 2 hours ago
When I’m bored I do the same thing
Anthony Nefeli
Anthony Nefeli 3 hours ago
Stupid videos from stupid people
Hayden Sobie
Hayden Sobie 4 hours ago
I've never done this and I tried it today cuz obviously I was bored but I did not use a straw I used to popsicle holder LOL I'm not dying today
VOIDContent 5 hours ago
Or just buy a popsicle
Kuro The Beat
Kuro The Beat 14 hours ago
Ayo, this is mighty close to disrespecting the pouch....
Tsu_on_crack 14 hours ago
This is how to properly get rid of anyone you hate 😃✨ *Make sure the sharp thing stabs their mouth when they're done.*
David Dotson
David Dotson 22 hours ago
"I'm sure a lot of you have done this" bruh I don't think a lot of us are killing people
Savanna Day ago
Why did I think when he said "kill some time" he was going to say "kill some kids"?
And peggy
And peggy Day ago
This man is a genius
PhrozenCPU Day ago
Look up Capri Sun mold Will never touch another one.
Joshua Vaughn
Spend 5 times the price to create a popsicle. White people
zoomers invented ice
Death Cactus
Death Cactus Day ago
I read this as a fun way to drown upside down
nathan ballew
Quite interesting though I certainly wouldn’t leave a screwdriver in there
Melinda Morton
Make sure not to stab the back of your throat
Shadowwolf K7
Whats the spike thing called lmao
unknowplayer unknownplayer
Thats cute and cool
Dalton Fears
Dalton Fears Day ago
Here small child :) chew on this extremely dangerous sharp object 😦😨☠️
Dave Day ago
You have armed a child with a sharp thing wars have started over less
nemoye Day ago
*put the poky thingy in the hole*
Stpotter Stan
"Pokey thingy"
Titanium Owl
Titanium Owl Day ago
What's a compreson do we have them in Australia
Vomer Conch
Vomer Conch Day ago
don’t have capri suns in australia lol
claudia geerlofs
You can do this with small yoghurt pots
lil Trashbin
lil Trashbin Day ago
Or, you could go to the store and actually buy a popsicle
kkayy Day ago
Seriously...Capri Sun costs 5 euros in my countries...and that’s only a small pack-
Classical Gas
Ooooo....if you freeze it most of the way and then poor it in a cup and crush it, they make the best slushees!!
Rose Flower
Rose Flower Day ago
I babysitting my sisters everyday
Andrepic SAN
Andrepic SAN 2 days ago
I use to and sometimes still do is just freeze it and then take a knife, cut it in half and use a spoon to scape the frozen juice out.
Lime Art Tv
Lime Art Tv 2 days ago
That doesn't taste good
Trash 2 days ago
You are terrible at removing the straw from the pouch
ninjafireball 2 days ago
That pokey thing looks dangerous, not only because its mentioned to hold it by children, but also the fact you put it in the lowest drawer of your fridge. 😳
Inky Stars
Inky Stars 28 minutes ago
That's the freezer some fridges are made like that
Makenna 123
Makenna 123 2 days ago
It’s all fun and games till you get to the spike
Joe Meister
Joe Meister 2 days ago
I'm a dad. Maybe not the best dad. But something seems not right here.....
Bit Froggr
Bit Froggr 2 days ago
Aspen M
Aspen M 2 days ago
I was today years old when i learned that superior capri sun flavor pacific cooler is pink colored
BRISEN 2 days ago
Punch it's called a punch. PokEy ThiNgY
Trollip0p 2 days ago
Or u can use something that isn't pointy for the stick
Lisabear77 !!
Lisabear77 !! 2 days ago
This isn't safe
Marina Oleinik
Marina Oleinik 2 days ago
Cool I want too try that
RAM BRAHMA 2 days ago
Could have just bought a popsicle
SeafishNeko 2 days ago
Find the sharpest object in your house and hide it inside a popsicle for a spiky surprise :D
No, no one else does that. What trailer park you grow up in?
Perkler says hi
Perkler says hi 2 days ago
just buy a popsicle
Sarumai 2 days ago
...D-Did you just disrespect the pouch?
Ulien Sembiring
Ulien Sembiring 2 days ago
You sound like michael from gta 5
G Rivera
G Rivera 2 days ago
Growing up we did this all the time but I mean with less effort. Just stick the caprisun in the freezer and once frozen with scissors cut the top part off and enjoy. No need for a stick or murder weapon at all 😂
ZchryPlys 2 days ago
I wish they banned tiktok when everyone was saying it might happened. I think its lowering people IQ.
Its_ Tgirl
Its_ Tgirl 2 days ago
I hate that they named it Capri "Sun" after so long it was called Capri "Sonne", idk if it was called Capri Sun in America the whole time, but... yeh
Sail 2 days ago
That's not how you fucking take the straw out
dani 2 days ago
d i a n n e .
d i a n n e . 2 days ago
Furious Rajang
Furious Rajang 2 days ago
Remember kids.... don’t drink while pregnant.
Ladybugg Singleton
This video isn't sensible..The poker thingy ,as you call it, is sharp and could eventually injure the child mouth...never put a protruding sharp object in a child's mouth!!!!!
Nobaqui 2 days ago
What the fuck is a Capri san
ROCKY the FOX 2 days ago
i thought it was reverse
Stephanie Miranda
It’s a popsicle with a pokey thingy
Encrypted _Jay
Encrypted _Jay 2 days ago
Or you could have got yo lazy ass up and go to the store and buy some popsicles
Edward Silva
Edward Silva 2 days ago
I’ve done this accidentally when I forget the caprisun in the freezer
EntirelyBonkers 2 days ago
Just poke a hole with a knife and add a popsicle stick or spoon in there I wouldn’t even let my kid touch that thing let alone eat off it
Celeste Utz
Celeste Utz 2 days ago
So he kills some kids, I was just wondering about how weird he pulled off that straw. Heart palpitations.
Sarah Likes Bread UwU
American Capri-Sun's are Hella different to my ones
L I F E S U C K Sシ
i thought he was gonna 5each me how to use telekinesis to get the justice box into my hand 😭
Karl Paff
Karl Paff 2 days ago
Or you can just drink a caprisun how it is, that shit slaps
Nur Sameeha Ateefa Mohd Rosdi
At that time.. When u fasting but this video got in recommended Ok I'm now hungry 😂👌
Ooga Booga Chan
Ooga Booga Chan 2 days ago
Poggers moment
Connor Crowe
Connor Crowe 3 days ago
I dont think anybody except you had done this, ever
First Last
First Last 3 days ago
Actually I’ve never done this but that’s one expensive popsicle
Alejandra Guzman
Alejandra Guzman 3 days ago
I like to take it out right before it completely freezes. it becomes a slushie
Healer Yui
Healer Yui 3 days ago
That little girl in the end is so cute istg
MorgaNation 3 days ago
Did it bug anyone else that it took half the video for him to take the straw off the dang Capri sun??
Elvira Sol
Elvira Sol 3 days ago
😕😣😦😡😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒b beo
Byte Knight
Byte Knight 3 days ago
Sorry but I have been doing that for 3 years
Becky Wagner
Becky Wagner 3 days ago
Oh yes
harvey 3 days ago
This Ain't it chief
Terrence The demon
I havnt had that in my life what are they?
uzman grozi
uzman grozi 3 days ago
Kill some time? Freezing takes 4 hours..
red fang yt AMONGCRAFT
How dare you drink my kind 😤 ... my name is kapri so ... ya
jess wentz
jess wentz 3 days ago
When I first got my braces (circa 2007) I used to put them in the freezer and then scrape it with a spoon. It definitely helped with the pain
Wow I’m impressd
Ey bruh brb gonna go buy a stash of capri suns
Hey Aha
Hey Aha 4 days ago
Babysitter: sooo how does it taste? child: it tastes like juice! But also kinda irony, and salty... *is red stuff supposed to come out of it?* Babysitter: *red stuff?* 😃
James Dude
James Dude Day ago
Watch the video, he puts the metal toothpick through the straw, which would prevent it from cutting them.
Chris 4 days ago
Fun fact, Capri Suns get their color from crushed insects. You're welcome for me ruining your childhood.
Jocelyn Robyn
Jocelyn Robyn 4 days ago
Respect the pouch.
Lanii 4 days ago
Please watch my only video
Drea Brielle
Drea Brielle 4 days ago
I don’t got free time at all :”)
Connor Krohn
Connor Krohn 4 days ago
NEVER disrespect the pouch.
Pissy Lissy
Pissy Lissy 4 days ago
Awww she seemed so happy at the end!
TENSHI 4 days ago
Caprisun ist scheiße. Die heißen einfach nicht mehr caprisonne und im Gegensatz zu Durstlöscher ist für den Preis zu wenig drin... Die stehen auch wenigstens zu ihren deutschen Wurzeln
Nawfal Faris
Nawfal Faris 4 days ago
Bored? Try Make an ice cream lite version: Bored of waiting? Make another one Bored of waiting? Make another one Bored of waiting? Make another one Bored of waiting? Make another one Bored of waiting? Make another one
Ricki Romo
Ricki Romo 4 days ago
N C 4 days ago
Okay but wtf is the pokey thingy?? Where can I get one?? I want one with pretty gem on the top like you
LiquidBlackWolf 4 days ago
We did this 20 years ago with small cups of yoghurt and a stick.
XLostGamer 4 days ago
Watching someone fail at a this is cringe
shadow 4 days ago
You wanna kill some time ? Kill someone
aziz 4 days ago
لأول مرة بالمملكة المزاز مو بالداخل
Aitchtick 4 days ago
'I'm sure alot of you have done this' Literally nobody ever doing this before: 👁👄👁