Heath Was Wrongfully Accused For A Crime - UNFILTERED #68 

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Just when you thought we couldn’t be more chaotic, episode 68 has entered the chat...lose your minds with us over the ridiculous things we learned as kids, unbelievable small world stories, and near death experiences. Did Heath get wrongfully accused of being a criminal? Will Zane find out his medication limits the hard way? Get your hearing checked, watch out for any muppet invasions, and find out all the answers this episode. Enjoy your (just enough) dose of Unfilitered energy!
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Feb 23, 2021




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Christian Dream
Christian Dream 4 hours ago
madison hoskins
madison hoskins 13 hours ago
LMAO I live in the same town as LA Dance. Everyone knows Tracey!
The Continental
The Continental 16 hours ago
Tsa employees are interchangeable with Macdonald’s employees.
Averie Provost
The last part about near death experiences. It sounds like the book “Heaven is for real”
Mah M
Mah M 2 days ago
1:07:25 Matt's laugh 😂 😂😂 I love them
Diego Anaya
Diego Anaya 3 days ago
Ross and marshalls wasn’t made for poor people? 😂 those companies take all the shit that didn’t sell/had slight imperfections from other manufacturers at a super low price and up it a bit for profit. I don’t think their mission statements have anything to do with helping “low income” families 💀
Melanie Owens
Melanie Owens 3 days ago
I laugh so hard every time I watch this one. "Main character energy"!!!!!
Madison Gerber
Madison Gerber 3 days ago
I’ve missed Matt sm
ThiccCheerios 4 days ago
1:30:36 Apparently bat can cause a pandemic TOO😂
Jax Johnson
Jax Johnson 5 days ago
Bat poop is in CBD gummies
Pj_Productions 5 days ago
Matt is talking about lucid dreaming, astral projecting is different. Fully awake.
Stickz420 5 days ago
Anb one know tome when henflr robbed?? Ok 👌
Ajla Dzinovic
Ajla Dzinovic 6 days ago
Not me actually looking for the survey link-
Itzzz_Dylannn720 7 days ago
I keep my boxes for the serial number
Hermelinda Garcia Casillas
Where is the survey
Melissa Fantato
Melissa Fantato 7 days ago
I too in school elementary we didn’t have enough money for even a projector in fact we got closed down for financial reasons but ya we had big desktops not flat screen
• hahaya •
• hahaya • 7 days ago
chey cat
chey cat 7 days ago
I have to say it.... I was SUPER addicted to aderal (which is the ADD med that Zane was talking about) from 10th grade till I got out of highschool. I was sooo skinny and would stay up all night long like every night. All I’m saying is.... that shit is dangerous and I’m kinda glad he didn’t feel good rather then love the feeling of it. It did get me through school but I was taking a dose much much higher then I was supposed to.
Tshepi _
Tshepi _ 7 days ago
What happened to Kenny though?
Haute Voltage
Haute Voltage 8 days ago
WHAT HAPPENED TO THE CURLY HAIR GUY?.. why did yall fire him?
Karin Wilcox
Karin Wilcox 8 days ago
Hate to tell ya AIM was boomer messaging even when it came out lol. There were so many other msging things out before aim that we used as kids and young people.
Anthony mendoza
Anthony mendoza 8 days ago
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Eve Sar
Eve Sar 8 days ago
I went to take the quiz and it was spot on down to the city haha
Maddie Um
Maddie Um 9 days ago
Now I don’t feel bad about spending $30 on the property brothers game 😭 I hate them mfs so much
The Bird
The Bird 10 days ago
Thank christ you guys make podcasts. I would be so bored waiting for my downloads to finish up
Alexia Pinhas
Alexia Pinhas 10 days ago
Lmaooo the echo locate part has me dead!!!
Snap Dragon
Snap Dragon 11 days ago
Of a crime*
Edwine 21
Edwine 21 11 days ago
Those little moments when heath and Mariah look at each other,adorable ❤️
Maysen Brown
Maysen Brown 11 days ago
Y’all didn’t link it but I found it anyway 🤣. That’s so cool though! It said I was from north Texas area which I lived in Dallas for the first 6 years of my life and now I live in Houston. But all my family is from North West Texas area so I get a lot of my slang from that side 😂. It’s crazy how accurate it was.
Ayline Betancourt
Ayline Betancourt 11 days ago
not a podcast teaching me more about credit cards and finances in 30 min than 11 years of public school ever has
Miranda Busakwe
Miranda Busakwe 11 days ago
smack my ass sandwiches 😂😂
jojo miller
jojo miller 11 days ago
is matt’s fly down
M Wolfe
M Wolfe 12 days ago
Me a currentl suffering addict watching when they’re talking about Zane having fun with the pills👁👄👁
Heather Allen
Heather Allen 12 days ago
Zane talking about taking 2 of his adhd medication sounds like me when i took an edible
Christolph 12 days ago
Oh I live in Grand Prairie Matt, thats so cute
Rebecca Kalenda
Rebecca Kalenda 13 days ago
sorry, Mariah love you so much & love you and Heath together but DAMN HE IS FO FINE lol.
R J 13 days ago
I stopped watching I feel bad but Matt and Mariahs vibe brings it back to season 1!😍
Joselyn Soriano
Joselyn Soriano 13 days ago
Heath really said my mom would be like he can see 😂
Neomi Martinez
Neomi Martinez 14 days ago
Lmao!!! Yo I’m from Grand Prairie!!
Kylie Rowland
Kylie Rowland 14 days ago
mariah! where in PA did you live?
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Yureli 14 days ago
Does anyone know what’s the Netflix show they were talking about at the end ?
Ari Romero
Ari Romero 15 days ago
me, 14 almost 15 trying to figure out wtf credit is
Joysing Polash kumar876
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laura herman
laura herman 15 days ago
Heather Rovner
Heather Rovner 15 days ago
Omg I go to camel back beach Mariah hahaha I went to overnight camp right near there lol small world !!
Odette Alvarez
Odette Alvarez 15 days ago
I’m usually a Spotify listener during work and commute but had to literally pause and look up this video so I could see the muppets at Mariahs parent’s wedding 💀
Brenna VanBuskirk
Brenna VanBuskirk 15 days ago
my school has a math and money class but its an elective and only a semester. i took it earlier this year and i dont remember anything bc it was so quick and nothing was in depth😂 OMG they should have a course of the stuff they wish they wouldve learned in hs!😂
Ku133r 15 days ago
i couldnt breath most of the vid because i was laughing 😂😂🤣 i love you guys
Human Hært
Human Hært 16 days ago
Who else got stressed out about the whole credit card talk lol
Idalis Santiago Ramirez
The way you guys describe FL is literally spot on. I was born and raised in Hollywood FL and literally know nobody from plantation and it’s literally right there lol . I moved to GA about 2 years ago and it was like a whole different world. Me and my husband were calling our friends like “ people actually talk to you in public out here. It’s weird” LMAO
sky cloud
sky cloud 16 days ago
1:07:26 Matt 😂 HIS LAUGH
lexi lex
lexi lex 16 days ago
Theyana Ruiz Pena
Theyana Ruiz Pena 16 days ago
I don’t get tired of y’all dancing EVER
Bria N
Bria N 16 days ago
I woke up my dad I was dying about the camel
Savanna LaBiche
Savanna LaBiche 16 days ago
i love stories like the staton island story they make me so happy
Ani Aharonyan
Ani Aharonyan 17 days ago
Ccvcv V
Vanessa Garcia
Vanessa Garcia 17 days ago
i love how comfortable Matt and Mariah are with each other 😭 i missed it so much
Courtney Zentz
Courtney Zentz 17 days ago
YOOOO the adhd meds part hit different lmao I’ve spent so much money on games for no damn reason 😂 deadass me and Zane are the same person
Yadira Tapia
Yadira Tapia 17 days ago
In our middle school days we used clever bot
skipppyy 17 days ago
ZANE!! ADHD TIPS I’ve been taking ADHD meds since I was 11 and I’m 21 now I have quite a few tips. My biggest thing is to eat a full meal before taking it!! It helps the anxiety A lot and helps you stay focused!! I would love to talk to anyone who needs help or anymore tips my Instagram is @schipelliti_ ❤️
May 18 days ago
This is one episode where I facepalm with how dumb Zane is with something’s that seems so common sense.
tiamarie92 18 days ago
It’s not just a thing you can do while you’re dreaming. when it comes to astroprojection people can actually meditate deeply enough that they can expel their soul from their body and if you are not protected with a crystal etc. you can get separated from your body and some thing else can take your body over whether you want it to or not. also if you go too far and the proverbial rubber band that connects your soul to your body snaps, If that severs you can be completely separated permanently n also if nothing hops into your body at that point then you’re just dead. And on the subject of people dying and being brought back in giving their experiences especially the lady that actually remembers speaking with God those are things that happen for a reason because he wants us to share our testimonies as much as possible and hers is just amazing among many others of course.
Out of body experiences are more if a dissociation astral projection and reality shifting are considered to be similar Matt's experience sounds more like a lucid dream butit could have been reality shifting
Ally y
Ally y 18 days ago
I stopped watching this to go take the quiz and it got my city
Kayla Farrell
Kayla Farrell 19 days ago
Keep the boxes because if you ever need to get it repaired and you have to mail it somewhere you can put it in the box that it came in
LOV 19 days ago
I love watching y’all baffle over probability 😂😂 bless y’all
Humanure 19 days ago
the end of this podcast creeped me the fuck out i am not sleeping well tonight
Kirstyn Woods
Kirstyn Woods 19 days ago
is it the plot tho
Kirstyn Woods
Kirstyn Woods 19 days ago
i spent 2 thousand of my parents money on my singing monsters bc there card was on my ipad
Kirstyn Woods
Kirstyn Woods 19 days ago
i should not go on my phone
maritza mendoza
maritza mendoza 19 days ago
We all need a friend like Matt
City of Skylar
City of Skylar 19 days ago
The Dancing is literally my favorite part
Sam Small
Sam Small 19 days ago
Maria needs to be more respectful and stop cutting people off.
Aye Meh
Aye Meh 19 days ago
Not me listening to this podcast and a higher up coworker hearing Heath say “kiss my ass sandwiches” 😭💀💀
Kaylee Randall
Kaylee Randall 20 days ago
I’m proud to be a Floridian but not proud to be a Floridian
Jaden Aviles
Jaden Aviles 20 days ago
Every episode I feel like I’m just chilling with my friends
Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith 20 days ago
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Madison Trent
Madison Trent 20 days ago
Ok I had to search up that quiz y’all mentioned and my top result was literally where I’m from and I’m MIND BLOWN
Madison Trent
Madison Trent 16 days ago
@Nova Peterson just search NY Times location quiz
Nova Peterson
Nova Peterson 19 days ago
What is the quiz called lol, I can't find it
Franny Mayer
Franny Mayer 20 days ago
when heath said "take his water" I LOST ITTTT
Triata Hopkins
Triata Hopkins 20 days ago
What episode has them talking about a bear hibernation?
Kel Star
Kel Star 21 day ago
Unpopular opinion (? Pls, lmk, s’il-te-plaît [lolz]): the best part of the whole podcast is the ad read! You both are so genuine. I was so moved by your authenticity. I paused the video, did the actual math, and determined whether or not it would truly be cheaper to subscribe to hello fresh. 🌹🕊😆🐢
Alyssa O
Alyssa O 21 day ago
Not me learning these myths about animals from you guys 😂😂
deja Mckenzie
deja Mckenzie 21 day ago
1:04:06 - 1:04:12 is so adorable 🥺
Grace Walt
Grace Walt 21 day ago
isn’t bat poop how covid started
KJ 21 day ago
I learned more about credit cards in this video than I had in my entire public school experience
Athena 22 days ago
Found out Matt’s back in, time to start watching again lol
Jasmine McSweeney
Jasmine McSweeney 22 days ago
In Australia they put limits on how many tins of baby formula you can buy as people were going in buying literally shelves and shelves of it. If not all of it then selling it online to a Chinese market who had lost faith in their own formula after a few incidents over there. This was before corona. And these limits still exist. It was starting fights in stores.
Danii 22 days ago
Bigger charge once you go through, that's why
Lauren Viska
Lauren Viska 22 days ago
I took that Mew York Times survey and it said I could be from Oklahoma or Texas. I'm from Minnesota...
Alison Irwin
Alison Irwin 22 days ago
this episode was too funny
Kyra Brown
Kyra Brown 22 days ago
I moved to Largo Florida for my first 3 years of high school and Florida is a fever dream. Just overall a wack ass state. It was a vibe though.
ky 22 days ago
What the fuck are points
Terry Gibson
Terry Gibson 22 days ago
“Don’t take anything from anyone... Unless it’s a yardsale “ By far my favorite part 😂
Kyra Brown
Kyra Brown 22 days ago
Now they teach how to pay taxes and shit in economics and government. Or at least they try. Pretty shit.
EthanolLancx Music
EthanolLancx Music 23 days ago
Zane take some addie
Prerna Shetty
Prerna Shetty 23 days ago
Sleep paralysis....?
S Fk
S Fk 23 days ago
Camel don't have water over there lmao that's all fat stocked over there it's just like a fat a** belly but on their back lol
Emily Blott
Emily Blott 23 days ago
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