He officially quit 

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You will be missed Noah
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May 4, 2021




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FaZe Rug
FaZe Rug 11 days ago
goodbye noah... we'll miss ur editing
Salma Saeed
Salma Saeed 7 days ago
Tbh Noah’s editing was bad cuz the of the sounds and yea it was lame
Caleb Auman
Caleb Auman 10 days ago
Idk if u know this but May the forth we with you it is a StarWars reference. Nice vid keep it up.
Donkey 10 days ago
@GAMINGWITHRON Pubgm shut up
Sebastian A
Sebastian A 10 days ago
I rug how you doing.
Josefina Soto
Josefina Soto 10 days ago
Faze rug is the best US-firstr i will Give life for you
Jacopien 42 minutes ago
brian is the besrt
Izabella Salter
Love you you videos 🙂
Piper rockelle squads Biggest fan
If your reading this you are enough and I love you
Isaac Galbraith
Isaac Galbraith 2 hours ago
You got me
The Twinsys
The Twinsys 4 hours ago
Love ur videos rug! Ur awesome and so kind to ur fans
Nathan R
Nathan R 4 hours ago
Luqman Zulfikar
Luqman Zulfikar 5 hours ago
My heart skipped a beat hearing noah was quiting
Lexus Lambert
Lexus Lambert 8 hours ago
Imagine being so desperate to hit 20 mil subs, you accidentally reveal how good you are at faking content...
Elise Hyde
Elise Hyde 10 hours ago
Every who sees this god bless them
shut up
shut up 12 hours ago
noah is smart he started his own channel for a living when he had enough subscribers he quit what an asshole
shut up
shut up 12 hours ago
shit i didn't watch the whole video
ELmaruchansanty 14 hours ago
Bro what was that thumb tho from the editor
Alex Vallejo
Alex Vallejo 14 hours ago
I hate this so much I knew it was a prank though we should’ve all knew it
Taliyah Clayton
Taliyah Clayton 17 hours ago
I knew it was Tesla
Aaron Melicher
Aaron Melicher 17 hours ago
Dope hoodie rug
Sadie Naidoo
Sadie Naidoo 19 hours ago
Positive vibes ❣️❤️
Emman_daniel_yt 21 hour ago
Ahh nice prank guys oh wait.. You ALREADY DID THIS lAsT tImE
Henry Handley
Henry Handley 21 hour ago
If you quit I wouldn’t watch US-first anymore
Henry Handley
Henry Handley 21 hour ago
Aholic Game0
Aholic Game0 21 hour ago
1:03 of course u just said he will visit u that means he is leaving the house
Anas X Edits
Anas X Edits 22 hours ago
Something positive that what rug said
Stefany Here
Stefany Here 23 hours ago
Jeremy Alicea
Mr Beast
Mr Beast Day ago
Mr Beast
Mr Beast Day ago
Mr Beast
Mr Beast Day ago
Jeremy Alicea
Jeremy Alicea
Jeremy Alicea
Jeremy Alicea
Jeremy Alicea
Drixx Day ago
godbless everybody and Brian keep up the good work love you’re vids
Zib Day ago
This guy makes my day everyday
Swae Day ago
I love your content Rug! Keep Pusing forward & it don’t matter what content it is I’ll always watch🖤 I enjoy everything you Vlog tbh
Swae Day ago
Had me in the first half not gonna lie 😳😂
wow he quit on my birthday
BLD. Clan
BLD. Clan Day ago
This video was made in my b-day may 4th can I get a happy late birthday from faze rug?
Alexander Ragonia
Thats a weak prank squidward
Skaf Day ago
You can tell Noah’s lying when he starts scratching his neck
Daniella Butenko
i knew it was a prank lol
Ethan Hernandez
Does Brandon not like lakers anymore?
Rhinogod Day ago
Ethan Hernandez
I thought he quit working for you😌
Modulex Day ago
One thing to take away from the editing is too much captions
Cole Piers
Cole Piers Day ago
The amount of times he’s click baited Noah is so dumb
poooping_sun Day ago
Shalane Lawrence
You make my day bro love you
Bornuuf Furi
Bornuuf Furi 2 days ago
yOu HaVe A pOiNt, FaZe. YoUr ViDeOs ArE FuNnY AfTeR AlL. nOt JuSt ThAt, YoUr ViDs ArE FiRe, RuG:)
Mary margaret Brien
Mary margaret Brien
Love wahing your videos US-first
sky's plays
sky's plays 2 days ago
Noah was a hoo
Weird Walking Dead Theorys
Something positive lol
CNCOwners 2 days ago
Hey Brian, I just wanted to say that you inspired me a lot. You always made me happy😊. You make me finish my works at school. You make people day. You are the best US-firstr💕. I love your video so much. I hope you get to read this comment. Hope you make more people's happy. And hope you all the best 🤗💕
Jack Sheet
Jack Sheet 2 days ago
You got me....and this is like the first time I have EVER watched you! I found you through Omar Gosh, and I subscribed straight away.
Sophia’s Hamster
You inspired my
Jordy shore
Jordy shore 2 days ago
You already know I’m subscribed but I’ll drop a like cause you literally so wholesome. Love you Rug and Noah
Jordy shore
Jordy shore 2 days ago
And family
Glockiin 2 days ago
8:37 I love this new editor for that😂
H1sky4893 2 days ago
noooo simplistic quit editing but... HE IS STILL A CAMREA MAN WOO HOO
Trvqtz 2 days ago
Guadalupe Torres
Guadalupe Torres 2 days ago
Mama around like stupid
Lil Huevo
Lil Huevo 2 days ago
1:30 ICE!!!!🥶🥵
Micheal O Scanaill
Faze rug is the most positive youtuber I know and I love his vids
Iris Torres-Osuna
lol it is a prank
Copream 2 days ago
why is that guys thumb so big?
Mihajlo Vukosavljevic
Positive P parrot O opposite S side I is T the I ice V verrifyng E equador
Dream Team
Dream Team 2 days ago
Ur the best keep the Same energy
Normal 2 days ago
Adm - craze
Adm - craze 2 days ago
My frechie had puppies
Joanna Sinclair
Joanna Sinclair 2 days ago
I love you faze rug
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi 2 days ago
at striker
at striker 2 days ago
Yh ur too predictable rug nice try
Solo - VIBIN-2k
Solo - VIBIN-2k 2 days ago
Rug is such a great person man he has to be my favorite US-firstr❤️
FaKeUnicorn123 3 days ago
Erik Sanchez
Erik Sanchez 3 days ago
Noah is a essential to this channel
Matt 3 days ago
Brian seems like a genuinely nice guy. Glad the success came to him
minight 3 days ago
your videos warm my heart and make me happy on my worst days, not just you, but everyone in your family
Bobbie Lee Buckaloo
lets go lackers
March Pom
March Pom 3 days ago
stay positive and stay safe i hope everyone is safe from the virus
OK RISE 3 days ago
Wow u got me lol!!!
Josh R
Josh R 3 days ago
this new editor is dog shit
Sawberrys Gabriela
I would of missed him
Sawberrys Gabriela
You got me!
Forever Nanz
Forever Nanz 3 days ago
Lol i even said SUNS haha
Myaan Pandita
Myaan Pandita 3 days ago
Great video love it
Sharoo Aisha
Sharoo Aisha 3 days ago
Nathan Brickman
Nathan Brickman 3 days ago
Faze rug is the best US-firstr in known I love watching him
Aris Nepoose-Crier
Bruhhhhhhhh He actually got me bruh
Bevan Sandesh
Bevan Sandesh 3 days ago
Ur vids are the best yo!!!
Noe Alejandro
Noe Alejandro 3 days ago
Hi brian my name is noe I love you’re vids love you guys my dream is to see you in person and you can sign my shoes kept up the good work
Lim Jian En Lim
Lim Jian En Lim 3 days ago
Ya got me bruh
Antriksh Tiwari
Antriksh Tiwari 3 days ago
You got me Bro ❤️ love your work ❤️
Teresa Pulido
Teresa Pulido 3 days ago
Can we see the editors face if he is ok with it
EmmaGrace Pope
EmmaGrace Pope 3 days ago
Love the editing
Dog Tube
Dog Tube 3 days ago
Noah a Weirdo
jude butt
jude butt 3 days ago
neighbor kinda has a long thumb
Amira Benmokhtar
Amira Benmokhtar 3 days ago
Is this cap
Namirembe Juliana
I would love to win an iPhone when you hit 20m
Hector Rodriguez
Hector Rodriguez 3 days ago
Why bro
Csf playz lol
Csf playz lol 3 days ago
So u guys click bait us wow
FaZe mug
FaZe mug 4 days ago
get to 20 mill
Flicc is Cute
Flicc is Cute 4 days ago
rugs videos are so funny to watch
VoiDSixPlate 13
VoiDSixPlate 13 4 days ago
noah's next pickup line has to be " you cant spell quarintine withought u r a q t
Syafika Samsul
Syafika Samsul 4 days ago
Rug why u pinch ur nose? U alrdy use the goggle 🤣 tht so funny
Jordi Hernandez
Jordi Hernandez 4 days ago
Expect Nothing Appreciate Everything 💫
Traitae Simiyu
Traitae Simiyu 4 days ago
love you so much rug
Wxiaaah 4 days ago
брух Google translate
Nice vlog