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Feb 19, 2021




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Comments 100   
Mike Turner
Mike Turner Day ago
How did he change from shroud to the other one in mid game ??? When I update my class it says it will Change when you respawn
Jude Damiani
Jude Damiani Day ago
Me a person who hasn't speedrunned when I heard HES DOING IT IN ENGLISH
Md Gunner
Md Gunner Day ago
DaPickleRick 2 days ago
Boi pulled a Freddie foodie king face at the beginning
Samir Abawi
Samir Abawi 2 days ago
Does anyone know what loudout the speed runner is using it looks really good
the next
the next 2 days ago
noah has gone insane
Kendra Jones
Kendra Jones 2 days ago
Sandwichemi Roberger
lol he is probably the best ever zombies player but he also has the multiplayer diamond camp lol how
James Beaudry
James Beaudry 3 days ago
The new tiers for the perks are gonna shave so much time off now
Yableka. 3 days ago
EliteBlaze 3 days ago
That's uhh very nice intro their
W4LL33 3 days ago
Prolly gonna be another one because of how fast you run with aether shroud and stamin up Sorry Noah
Explosionrux YEET
JoelDaKing 3 days ago
am i the only viewer who’s never played zombies once?
Greg Vickers
Greg Vickers 4 days ago
Noah bro he targets a zombie near boss to shoot first missile
DripSplash 4 days ago
Like I said I knew the last record could be beaten cause that one had mistakes
Saul Soto
Saul Soto 4 days ago
Actually ridiculous that you have 600,000 views on this when you didn’t even do anything for the world record you’re literally just commenting on it proves my point to show how trash you are zombies
Travis Derby
Travis Derby 4 days ago
This run i noticed moments that could be done a few seconds faster
Asian Man
Asian Man 4 days ago
Dude dosent need the rai k he needs the stoner at spawn
do you are have spEED
guys really stop
Christopher Gaffney
Noah ur channel sucks now
Ah the classic "the text lines move faster in Japanese" same misconception with Mario 64
All Greens
All Greens 5 days ago
To shoot another missile you have to press L2
Dino Nuggs
Dino Nuggs 5 days ago
Man beat the speed run world record before I can craft the rai k😭😭😭
Nuk4lear 5 days ago
I completed the Firebase Z EE in 00:00:01 Noah: *eyes lit on fire while screaming.
Checkmate 5 days ago
Why do imagine Noah with a bald head big round popped out eyes balls and a creepy grin.
Taco 5 days ago
@0:00 I can imagine this being his reaction too looking through the new additions to perks and specials
Stu_Gahtz 5 days ago
So if they have the two wr building ww and not building did they do the same for maps like IX
Anarchy Entertainment
Wheres Scotty Dogs when you need him?
Chocky milk For life
You good?
bruh bruh
bruh bruh 5 days ago
I didn't know you could switch from aether shroud to ring of fire mid game?
luis garcia
luis garcia 5 days ago
Oh no that laugh in the first few seconds looks like it's full of pain 😢
LacrosseSaint 5 days ago
WAP time ? ;)
Alexander Cress
Alexander Cress 5 days ago
Noah hot shoot in the missile. It makes the second one come off......
Connor 5 days ago
Well they can beat it by those 3 seconds he lost
maxton-_- 5 days ago
Am I the only one where I’ll go to catch a mimic and the essence trap will not acknowledge that there is a mimic to trap even though the mimic is standing right on top of the trap? Like it never says target in range
Robert Applegate
Robert Applegate 5 days ago
I'm calling BS!! Show me under leaderboards where is shows 22:59. Because when I have done it, the time doesn't stop until all cut scenes end. Don't get me wrong it's an amazing run but 22:59 I don't think so
Rick San Agustin
Rick San Agustin 5 days ago
I got the special ak from the box as soon as I started and I didn't know it was for this
yrn_smoney 6 days ago
I hope IISteveII saw this video ❤️
Binks D
Binks D 6 days ago
Does no one notice he spawned in with a selfie already?
YoItZTangoMangoBro 123
Noah: no time loss. Also Noah: except for that 3 second loss
Lost Capone
Lost Capone 6 days ago
Ayee been looking at your beats but I think the big thing u are missing is getting hooks with your beats as well and putting it for more money. I think I can help you. Message me on IG @iamlostcapone
Justin 6 days ago
Run was so good other speed runners are losing there will to go on because of the time Steve put up.
Grvxvity 6 days ago
Hey sorry to be that guy and shit, but if any of you have time to check out some of the zombies content I’ve put out lately I’d greatly appreciate it and owe ya. Any feedback is appreciate, thanks gamer bois
Oklahoma Overland
You can hit the crafter through the wall before power is even on.
Oklahoma Overland
I wonder if his silver shotgun looks pink to him
Kenneth 6 days ago
Steve: im sorry, i dont speak japanese
austin brown
austin brown 6 days ago
Are glitches allowed in Speedruns?
ViperZ_BehindYou 6 days ago
Anyone tried Spanish instead of Japanese it’s kinda the same speed I think
bisrat nigatu
bisrat nigatu 6 days ago
0:00 that face still haunts me to this day, going to sue for emotional damage xD
funtime9378 6 days ago
Anyone see aim bot around 16:15
funtime9378 6 days ago
JD 6 days ago
This guys uses 'D' as his key for his power? What does he use to walk?
lucas smith
lucas smith 6 days ago
Gamingdevil123 6 days ago
KnightOwl390 6 days ago
Like you said him go in Japanese some better RNG and minor things like when he fell off the ledge would save a lot of time combined.
KnightOwl390 6 days ago
Okay my only thing is another way he could have saved time earlier when he went back through the portal he seen the mimic was spawned there and it popped out and attacked him and then he went back to the portal and triggered the doctor Peck dialogue
Im_Lagging_Kid00 6 days ago
Adrian G
Adrian G 6 days ago
Now he has to do that WAPPPPPP😩😩😩😈😈😈
Rixo 6 days ago
Why they are all on Japanese what’s the purpose
Tony Winship
Tony Winship 6 days ago
Just waiting for Shadows to get beaten again just for Noah lol
Dr Jones
Dr Jones 6 days ago
Hey I’m gonna beat this btw
La Rosa Jeff
La Rosa Jeff 6 days ago
Wait, I thought when you are running and stop was stick drift
Luis Ambriz
Luis Ambriz 6 days ago
Isn’t the street sweeper fastest to kill the orda?
H3RO993 6 days ago
Is no one gonna talk about his key binds
Stephen Thedford
Stephen Thedford 6 days ago
When will people we saved Samatha ya know the main zombies antagonist....
Stephen Thedford
Stephen Thedford 6 days ago
I apologize for posting this on a speedrun but still!
Tommy Walker
Tommy Walker 6 days ago
Noah You get the first missile to fire by spam clicking
Nick Schuman
Nick Schuman 6 days ago
Park simp gang
Nick Schuman
Nick Schuman 6 days ago
You can warp from like trial machine to aether reactor by jungle defense with aether shroud
Batman -
Batman - 6 days ago
Man if you pause at 0:00 he looks like crazy but love the content man
Garrison Gatmough
When the video started I thought he lost his mind
LilJrzs 6 days ago
Intro be like 👁👄👁
MetroBoomin 24K
MetroBoomin 24K 6 days ago
I knew when he saw dat aether shroud he lost it 3:50
Jadedcrayfish 35
Jadedcrayfish 35 6 days ago
I did the whole Easter egg on round 8 me and my friend
Tobe Smith
Tobe Smith 7 days ago
The best COD players are silent 🤫
keef 7 days ago
Waiting on noah to do the WAP🤷‍♂️
I like horses
I like horses 7 days ago
Cant wait till someone beats soe world record and see Noah's reaction
David Moreno
David Moreno 7 days ago
Dude I’ve never played a round of zombies in my life but I love watching your commentary on these speed runs
Justin Slavenski
Justin Slavenski 7 days ago
Wait... how did he switch from aether shroud to ring of fire and not going dying? I may have missed it
Just chillin
Just chillin 7 days ago
Let's say next time it gets beat u shave ur head or upgrade eather shroud 😅
Fissin 7 days ago
react to the splatoon2 world record speedrun please!!!!
KRONOStvx 7 days ago
guy makes like 20 correctable mistakes, Noahj456 - "This guy has done this as fast as humanly possible"
Devin Fox
Devin Fox 7 days ago
Does anyone ever think “who is Martha?”
Ghost 7 days ago
Or you can get the rpg out the box before the boss fight than pack it 2 time Than use the ring of fire
R6 Player
R6 Player 7 days ago
Get some sunlight please
Gage Nichols
Gage Nichols 7 days ago
he gets bank he doesn't need it
Enervative JS
Enervative JS 7 days ago
Since when can you just switch field upgrades mid game?????
Deviant soul
Deviant soul 7 days ago
The amount of times you said this box spin and it wasn’t then act like you guessed it 🤣🤣🤣
Kyzra 7 days ago
Noah just a fyi the cruise missile works when there are zombies to lock on to
Your Boy Avans
Your Boy Avans 7 days ago
Noah's going crazy about the language im going crazy bout the mimic step
Mustard Gaming
Mustard Gaming 7 days ago
the missile fired because it was targeting a zombie. the missile doesn't like targeting the boss
sean martinez
sean martinez 7 days ago
New next rule to apply, try without using shroud to skip through walls. How fast can you go?
Danny Galindo
Danny Galindo 7 days ago
I beat it in 22:58
JD ROX 7 days ago
Hey Noah I just wanted you to know that I bot merch i bot it on the fourth and it has not left the place
Ziqsi 7 days ago
Why are you still surprised that the record keeps being beaten? I could’ve told you the first time you said it that you were wrong xD
Toasty 7 days ago
Every thumbnail with his face in it, is basically always the same
Sten Dawg
Sten Dawg 7 days ago
13:07 - i did not know you can change classes mid game, this makes things a lot easier
RedJIMMY123 7 days ago
You say “he’s gonna get the rai K in this hit” everytime he hits the box
Michael Sarnelli
Michael Sarnelli 7 days ago
I swear Noah is getting crazier by the day
Big Boy Customs
Big Boy Customs 7 days ago
mickel 27
mickel 27 7 days ago
Noah is it a good strat to get the ray-k with the challenges? cus with 2 challenges you can get the legendary reward and it's very probable to get the ray-k
Cold Lazerus
Cold Lazerus 7 days ago
Should probably lose the Guinness world record logo considering they have absolutely nothing to do with Speedruns.... ever....