Harry Potter Special Ed 

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Tom Hinchliffe & Don Greger
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Aris Laretis
Caleb Jordann
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Aris Laretis
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Caleb Jordann
Backgrounds ►
Javier Navarro naav_draws
Soured Apple SouredApple
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Eurn arne.billen
Morro morrokhai
Sound ►
Justin Greger
Music ►
Tom Ryan
Cast ►
MeatCanyon - Mrs Spanelli, Talking Painting
Don Greger - Jeremy
Tom Hinchliffe - Teacher, Exploding Wizard 1
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Oddest of the Odd
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Apr 29, 2021




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Comments 100   
Flashgitz 7 days ago
Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: clcr.me/teHpDC ✅ ANDROID: clcr.me/U6v6aY ✅ PC: clcr.me/9oEKus and get a special starter pack 💥 Available only for the next 30 days
@PhatDookie 420 ok
Supar Actions
Dude it’s just a game
Lupine Lich
Lupine Lich Day ago
@WolfyRed the fuck are you smoking?
jake 2 days ago
ill download it when my dad lets me use his iPhone 4 thanks for the starter pack
GuyFromUkraine 2 days ago
@WolfyRed i don’t think they are...
Tyler Fisher
Tyler Fisher 27 minutes ago
Their animation is just getting better and better
Justin Villarreal
Justin Villarreal 43 minutes ago
When are you going to make furry apocalypse part 4
Omar Mohammed
Omar Mohammed 47 minutes ago
جاي من بندر .
Senjin 801
Senjin 801 Hour ago
Video starts at 3:31
Wii Shop Channel
Of course jeremy is in hufflepuff
Kowjack Yow
Kowjack Yow 3 hours ago
F.uc.k shadowlegends. I'm sooo disappointed, the video was so funny... Well, you had a new subscriber for almost a whole minute there!
Sherudons 3 hours ago
That teacher did the right thing, brave soul.
Hunter Vicari
Hunter Vicari 5 hours ago
Can we get making of videos to come back
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 5 hours ago
This needs its own series. I’d see this in the movies anytime.
Quit Seven Six
Quit Seven Six 6 hours ago
Dud Bloods 🤣
Maga Land Bros
Maga Land Bros 6 hours ago
Harry potter fans are special needs
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 5 hours ago
Floyd v Logan
Maga Land Bros
Maga Land Bros 6 hours ago
If there was special ed that class was blown up before Harry got to hogwarts
Gigamind Borderlands 3
As someone who is in special ed I can say that this is relatable
Shadman awareness, he is a sick minded "artist" and shouldn't be given a platform on any website #banshadman -JACKTHEGOLDWATCHER OF R34
kevin Liu
kevin Liu 7 hours ago
Mariano José Peralta Pizarro
Gracias, épico
Michael Anthony
Michael Anthony 8 hours ago
Loved the smashing beetles!! Lol. (Possible GRRM reference?) ...also, I can honestly say I’ve never seen a better promo for Raid: Shadow Legends.
Andres Garza
Andres Garza 9 hours ago
2:32 is pure comedy gold
RavenArrowz 9 hours ago
That raid shadow legends ad at the end.... LOL
Jame Retief
Jame Retief 10 hours ago
Jeremy joined Moaning Myrtle....via Mrs. Spinelli.
Angelic420x 10 hours ago
i would not have a problem if i saw your commercials everywhere lmfao god dammit im dying
pharris morgan
pharris morgan 10 hours ago
Though it was meat canyon a bit.
MV WRQ 10 hours ago
Jutan in martian means Shorty
High Admiral Bittenfield
Sometimes, for kids like Jeremy, there's only one solution. I guess you could call it a *final* solution.
Spectre Gaming
Spectre Gaming 10 hours ago
I get it gets you money but please for the love of God STOP PROMOTING THAT TRASH GAME CALLED RAID SHADOW LEGENDS! FUCKING CHRIST
Will Curran
Will Curran 10 hours ago
Floyd v Logan
Lolee 1234
Lolee 1234 11 hours ago
Dio Brando
Dio Brando 12 hours ago
Bro when he ate the painting
Clover 12 hours ago
Jeremy the adult who isn’t actually special was the one who ate the painting
Skip Passover
Skip Passover 12 hours ago
2k dislikes from certified dud-bloods
PKwa!fu 12 hours ago
Reminds me of 2010 cartoons
Bird Eats Everything
Why did dudbloods get me so good?
josh hall
josh hall 14 hours ago
The short train 😂😂
Solomon Chalouh
Solomon Chalouh 14 hours ago
Bruh, why does Ms. Spanelli sound so much like Linda from Bob's Burgers, dude? Is it just me, or am I crazy? Specifically, at 0:26...
Helgleypr 14 hours ago
When the ad is way more fun and epic than the actual game.
Phish N' Chimps
Phish N' Chimps 14 hours ago
dud-bloods.... lol
Fig Bat
Fig Bat 14 hours ago
Omg im 29
CorruptionPoint 14 hours ago
This video is basically twitter
Eli 14 hours ago
Please for the god tell me that the Harriet Tubman and Harry Potter print is a real thing I can buy
Neo2266 15 hours ago
That ad is a piece o fart
Prase Domácí
Prase Domácí 16 hours ago
"When you hear the word Hogwarts, down syndrome isnt usually the first that comes to mind". Considering general levels of retardation among wizards... are you sure about that?
insaneweasel1 16 hours ago
Where are my magical tendies mummy? If I don't get them soon I'll unleash a flood of treacle fudge from my eye of sauron!
Renan David Soria Ahumada
Bronwyn Greenacre
Bronwyn Greenacre 16 hours ago
Why did you have to animate a kid getting drowned
CorruptionPoint 14 hours ago
He's not real. Why do you care?
COOKIE WOKE 15 hours ago
He's 29. It's ok
Dominic Jackson
Dominic Jackson 17 hours ago
"The short train" really got me
Darrin Simmons
Darrin Simmons 17 hours ago
Dudbloods. Lost it when they dropped that term.
djmcc83 17 hours ago
Wouldn't they just more likely toss these kids into st. Mungos?
E man the memer
E man the memer 17 hours ago
Meatcayon but its not just carrtons
Imagine 17 hours ago
As a person who is in special Ed, this is accurate
Mac Kinnon
Mac Kinnon 18 hours ago
Best ending EVER
Rayson Woods
Rayson Woods 18 hours ago
dislike because of the raid shadow legends ad
Foul Mood Central
Foul Mood Central 19 hours ago
Those paintings should become mandatory everywhere. if only to encourage people. myeheheheheheh.
Corxeth 117
Corxeth 117 20 hours ago
Gaaaaawwwd DAMNIT!! Idk who the fuck i can comfortably share this with..... most of my acquaintances are left leaning..... so i’m afraid they may be offended..... gaaawd the struggle....
Cypher Soc
Cypher Soc 20 hours ago
Eugenics can sometimes be really attractive
Kahgotcha 21 hour ago
This was too funny
James Blakley
James Blakley 22 hours ago
Silly games
David van den Bos
David van den Bos 22 hours ago
I literally just finished up rereading all the books and re-watching all the movies in a marathon what the fuck...
faethor ferenc
faethor ferenc 22 hours ago
Atleast the Raid-Add at the end fit the whole video about "special".
DeftestAphid2 23 hours ago
"Dudbloods" let that name sink in rq and realize how messed up it is...
Shane Sygiel
Shane Sygiel Day ago
Sounds like Meatcanyon
Cut a Nut
Cut a Nut 15 hours ago
@Shane Sygiel it’s ok I forget to switch accounts all the time too
Shane Sygiel
Shane Sygiel Day ago
Thanks, friend. I didnt notice it
Shane Sygiel
Shane Sygiel Day ago
wait, he is in it, you fool
SubmarineFTW Day ago
Strong South Park vibes. Very nice.
The artist known as Zack
I want a part 2 to this top notch
Travis-Phoenix Williams-Wright
I need to see Mrs.Spinelli on rule 34...
Garon Elliott
That is the shortest train I've ever seen.
Maya Lockhart
Raid Shadow Legends IS bussin.I'll check it out
M D Day ago
Wait, he’ll just be a special Ed ghost. Now he will never leave!
3:20 for the greater good of all
Colin Monaco
Colin Monaco Day ago
“dudblood” got me dying....😂😂😂😂😂
Zombee Harlee
The fact Jeremy is a Hufflepuff makes me sad.🤣
L33 LAV S1
L33 LAV S1 Day ago
Better than the actual movie
elmodelo101 Day ago
Now kids, what did we learn today? That's right, don't touch Mrs Spinelli nose
elmodelo101 Day ago
Jeremy kills other kids, no problem Jeremy touch the teacher nose, choked to death
Area51Alien 1234
I’m gonna get a lot of hate for this even though it’s a joke but I find it funny Is it just me or do a lot of special Ed teachers look special ed?
Negus Tehuti
Negus Tehuti Day ago
WHAT THE PHUCK is this 😭😭
Cam The man
Cam The man Day ago
Based very pog
Alicia Anderson
For people like Jeremy, there’s really only one solution. I guess you could call that a... final, solution. I’ll see myself out now.
1:15 Game of Thrones reference?
Zombie Killa
Zombie Killa Day ago
These vids are genuinely the most hilarious shit ever
Butter man
Butter man Day ago
Zelda cartoon???
Butter man
Butter man Day ago
Zelda cartoon???
Seth Long
Seth Long Day ago
That screech tho🤣🤣 1:45
I'm completely mindblown that I had to sit through advertisements for this video and youtube policy being what it is lmao
Graham Gamer
Graham Gamer Day ago
This should be a whole series
rambobunny1 Day ago
like my school Demolish now
ooga booga
ooga booga Day ago
I thought Chris was voicing Jeremy
Elitegamer 2773
1:37 i think I got that after the 3rd time watching this.
sнιтsтσмρ, тнε cαяεвεαя
the art quality is fucking insane for a shitpost/
BadGato gaming
Ohhhh my god I love these guys!!
Dumb Luck
Dumb Luck Day ago
I came to see some retards fight with magic, instead, I found people making fun of losers who still like fantasy as adults
Brother Productions
I I know this guys voice!
Old Man
Old Man Day ago
"Harry Potter and The Underground Railroad"
A Name
A Name Day ago
Courtmala83 Day ago
James Green
James Green Day ago
I like how the neurological kid was the one who took a bite out of the painting.
Mert günhanı koymuşlar thumbnaile
NatInTheHat Day ago
We all know a Jeremy...
AngryEchidna Day ago
Acknowledges Jeremy has a Harry Potter addiction Decides the best course of action is *bringing him to Hogwarts*
Synetik Day ago
E Bola
E Bola Day ago
Eat your cereal