Hammering a drainage trench behind a house 

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Using a Kubota KX121-3 mini excavator with a Mongo tilt bucket and a Yanmar b37 excavator with a rock blaster hammer to dig a drainage trench behind a house.

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Apr 18, 2021




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Sojaman Rt
Sojaman Rt 23 hours ago
When will you buy your own mason dum
Artford Lowery
Artford Lowery 3 days ago
Awesome 👌 job 👏 👍
David DyG
David DyG 4 days ago
Safety hand ear muffs! haha
BJM1 TV 5 days ago
Wow my son like watch this vidio ..nice bro thanks👍
iDisOrder 5 days ago
This summer's project suggestion: _build an enclosed heavy equipment storage complete with crenellated parapets_
hardlyb 6 days ago
The owners probably realized during the first shovel-full they needed to bring in heavy equipment. That's even rockier than my back yard. Here we have to go down through a couple of feet of caliche to hit bedrock.
Ken Cousins
Ken Cousins 6 days ago
Always clean from the top
11 11
11 11 6 days ago
svelements 7 days ago
Any particular reason for bringing two excavators to the site instead of just swapping attachments or are they not interchangeable?
Mishary bin Fahd Al-Ghamdi
Nice pro👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Katie Montana
Katie Montana 11 days ago
@15:25 what song is that?
TRAP Levy א
TRAP Levy א 12 days ago
Amo seus tipos de vídeos! Você tráz conteudos que tira meu tédio, faz vídeos de maquinas, consertos e tal, amei seu canal! ♡
jacques baltazard
jacques baltazard 13 days ago
c'est vraiment un connard avec son camion rouge , il trille les tuyaux qui vont a la décharge , il est lamentable ce mec , des claque ce perdent
David Quirk
David Quirk 13 days ago
Great job. A real improvement to the property. Well done.
In The Woods With The Capone’s
Always a joy to watch your video, I’m must say I do learn a lot ,but more I enjoy watching. Thanks again 🇨🇦
Ionut Geanta
Ionut Geanta 14 days ago
👍 👌
Church-Mouse 36
Church-Mouse 36 16 days ago
~~~~~~ That makes a long day hammering that much but with excellent results!, plus i seen that a very thorough 'Lab Inspection' was preformed. Looks like you passed with flying colors according to Cody :-). Your camera work makes us feel as if were there with you. So many camera angles and thorough coverage....Thanks for sharing as always!
Guido Lyons
Guido Lyons 17 days ago
Nice work as always. Cody at the ends was hilarious, that dog is nutso. Waterfall at the ends was pretty cool.
Lukasz Koluch
Lukasz Koluch 17 days ago
Now all the homeowner gotta do is put down some perforated pipe and cover with some rock or make a cool bridge over to get to their wood 😂
Nick A
Nick A 18 days ago
Sweet ear defenders 😀
Angelo Paulo
Angelo Paulo 18 days ago
I am on the internet
Do you go swimming at that waterfall in the summer? Looks really nice
Delta Force
Delta Force 21 day ago
Good Video
Simon Weston
Simon Weston 21 day ago
wouldn't the swale bucket have worked better?
Otaku Nation
Otaku Nation 22 days ago
I wonder if Andrew into firearms? Didnt see yet he talk about owning guns.
CaringDolphin 22 days ago
Whoa, what is that place at 22:31 called/where is it? That looks so cool, would love to go see it in person.
Mike K
Mike K 23 days ago
Awesome job Andrew!
hippie_ shit
hippie_ shit 23 days ago
Andrew this may help you in some kinda way.... While u are breaking up rock u can use it to help u move rock also just move the tip back and forth leaves a gap
Billy Bob Thornton
Billy Bob Thornton 23 days ago
Upstate New York is so beautiful
Morgan Noecker
Morgan Noecker 23 days ago
Andrew, why not use the Ditch Witch, or that swail bucket you recently made from scratch?
Syran 23 days ago
TheInvisibleOne 23 days ago
What ever happened to that ditch digger machine thing?
mik 88
mik 88 23 days ago
I think it would have been faster and easier just to lift the whole house...
Женя Чернышев
Brian Kapp
Brian Kapp 24 days ago
Hairuddin Saharol
Hairuddin Saharol 24 days ago
Like all your video...from Malaysia.
S Masoumi
S Masoumi 24 days ago
They could totally make a simulation game based on you and it would be absolutely fun.
Florian Probst
Florian Probst 25 days ago
Whats the Songs name at 12:18 ?
ewan stewart
ewan stewart 25 days ago
Speaking from experience that tilt bucket won’t take a great deal of that treatment I’ve found out the hard way that the mounting bracket will break 👍🏻
etTuX 25 days ago
I love how he holds his ears because he forogot earprotection ^^
Mike Co
Mike Co 25 days ago
I always watch your videos, without even having a tractor or dump truck, but I'm doing my best to have it one day. I love your job, man, it's the best job in the world. Greetings from Mexico
Björn Glemhorn
Björn Glemhorn 25 days ago
I,m not use to that kind of elevation, you got other selution than us..
kctyphoon 25 days ago
We should get a pool going and bet how many different machines Andrew will buy before he starts hiring an employee to help. I bet 20.
Mike Fullerton
Mike Fullerton 25 days ago
This man is the guy when someone says, “I know a guy!”
sardonic_ smile_
sardonic_ smile_ 26 days ago
Impressive. Seems a costly project. They must value the property.
n325aej 26 days ago
that's hard going. i would like to try a single big claw that could be dragged through. i think it would make it faster. if this tool exists
Brent Sutherland
Brent Sutherland 26 days ago
Hello from Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada. Great show’s thanks for sharing with us
Life with Lilah Marie
Andrew get some darn ear plugs hahaa , good vid
H Dee
H Dee 26 days ago
That's how the grand canyon was started. 🤣
Falxie_ 26 days ago
I'm really curious about the business side of this sort of work: things like expenses and income. Not the most interesting of subjects, but that's just me
Rimrock300 24 days ago
I'm not into the details, but in general what we can observe from Andrew is he likely got no debt, most of the excavators are older used ones, but of good fabric, quite simple and dependable, and he can fix them himsef if any problems. These factors are a big advantage when going into this business as a small/1 man company. There is a certain competition, one don't become a millionare at this small scale, but can do okay if keeping debt to a minimum and work long hours in the summer season
Annie 26 days ago
Very interesting to see. Water always follows the mountain. Now you have gotten yourself a creek with an on/of button. But, if you get heavy rain over a longer period of time, a lot more water will run down to the house. We had rain for 350 days in a row a couple of years ago. And that is not a joke. I have a cabin on a hill as well. I am very familiar with what damage rain water can do. Can't get heavy machinery like that up here.
jkwo2007 26 days ago
So probably the property owner needs to build a small bridge between the firewood shed and his house sometime later.
J Hemphill
J Hemphill 15 days ago
Real men ford the stream.
Tony Scott
Tony Scott 26 days ago
it is such a pleasure watching you work on jobs
Thomas Yerbey
Thomas Yerbey 26 days ago
Great video Andrew 🇺🇲
Paul Patterson
Paul Patterson 26 days ago
Great job!!
John Lowe, Photographist
Matt Eckert
Matt Eckert 27 days ago
Damn thats some serious rock. Doesnt break apart like shale
Tony Giustino
Tony Giustino 27 days ago
Your a great inspiration. I’m glad I’ve found your channel. Great work
Gryffin Hoffman
Gryffin Hoffman 27 days ago
You should do a video showing all of your jet skis and boats and review them.
Kevin Plowman
Kevin Plowman 27 days ago
make the hammer a point thats y its not going in the rock fast cus its not a good tip on hammer!!!!!
Karmanya Bhandari
Karmanya Bhandari 27 days ago
He need a 20 ton excavator 😌
O Marc
O Marc 27 days ago
I wonder what that homeowner's intention was for the landscaping. Not much available to him besides filling it with rocks?
Yohannan Mathai
Yohannan Mathai 27 days ago
This machine 1hour how much working money
Handy Henry
Handy Henry 27 days ago
Bummer you forgot your hearing ppe. Hope your ears are ok.
John Campbell
John Campbell 27 days ago
A wee bridge from house to woodshed would be a blessing as keeping feet dry would be a bonus 👍
Willian De Pauw
Willian De Pauw 27 days ago
Looked like a good job for the rock trencher.
DIGGINSKILLS 27 days ago
How do you like your tilt bucket? Thinking of buying one for my Hitachi Zx35u.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata 27 days ago
I don’t think it was quite that much money, I can’t really remember though, the name is on the side of that thing, give them a call.
DIGGINSKILLS 27 days ago
@Andrew Camarata I looked into getting one and there about $3700. What did you give for yours?
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata 27 days ago
I like it, it’s perfect for jobs like this
Phil Collins
Phil Collins 27 days ago
Would be finished better with a shallow french drain and a perforated pipe easier to walk on .
trey chiri
trey chiri 27 days ago
song at 16:20 reminds me of 2008 youtube
Thelen500 27 days ago
Where is your Engcon tiltrotator?
Samir Al Balushi
Samir Al Balushi 27 days ago
Hi Andrew please watch this video and awesome equipment attachment Thank you
Samir Al Balushi
Samir Al Balushi 27 days ago
olesandoy 27 days ago
Nice hearing protection you got 😆
Graem Elliott
Graem Elliott 27 days ago
House is totally built on the wrong spot
Salman Zafar
Salman Zafar 27 days ago
I remember when you posted video buying this hydraulic hammer. Good time put this hammer at work. Hammer on!
liveuk 27 days ago
Make a drive through exteme mega power wash that even does the tracks, massive water pump loads of angles jets spinning brushes that does any size track go nuts invent flappers washing thing do hickey, tracks are under the water adjustable height drive through lift ramp thing all filters out and self contained water ..... Mike
kman 4443
kman 4443 27 days ago
Lots of rock to dig, I can't wait to see Andrew get permitted to use explosives to bust up rock. Also, it would make a great additional radio dash install video to compliment the chainsaw one.
Юмз CASE 580
Юмз CASE 580 27 days ago
Dalton791000 27 days ago
It’s the little things, like getting out of the machine to rake things away from that deck, that make you an exceptional operator.
B- Ray
B- Ray 27 days ago
Customer propably didn’t wanna pay for it but I would of put in perforated pipe and drain rocked it to make it nice and level and no ditch through his backyard , anyway wicked video as always
Rad Buggies
Rad Buggies 27 days ago
Would a saw have been an option?
Matt Hall
Matt Hall 27 days ago
Excellent job
Johnny Tolley
Johnny Tolley 27 days ago
I guarantee you that one ended up costing them more than they thought
Nathan Barratt
Nathan Barratt 27 days ago
That loose worse than before not gona lie
crazywoj 28 days ago
great job, that was some strange ground shale or something? i couldnt help but wonder if a toothed bucket woulda helped. im not sure though that seemed like some tough ground, for a while i was like man.. this is gunna take forever but he got what was necessary done!
Jorge Antonio Romero Espinola
No entiendo un carajo de lo que dicen, pero da gusto ver los videos, a pesar de ese problema del idioma...
David Null
David Null 16 days ago
Spanish "I don't understand a damn what they say, but it's nice to watch the videos, despite that language problem ..."
Jorge Antonio Romero Espinola
No entiendo un carajo de lo que dicen, pero da gusto ver los videos, a pesar de ese problema del idioma...
Cohen G
Cohen G 28 days ago
@18:43 When you forget your Ear plugs xD
CodeX 1500
CodeX 1500 28 days ago
question is... what pattern do you use? john deere, or cat?
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata 27 days ago
Jim Morwood
Jim Morwood 28 days ago
How friggin deal is that concrete ?
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata 27 days ago
Thats bed rock.
Mountain Sledder
Mountain Sledder 28 days ago
Would it help with the pushblade on the mini excavator down with the rock hammer, might put more weight onto the bit. Just an idea, maybe it could help
steve shoemaker
steve shoemaker 28 days ago
Thanks....Andrew again....Fun to watch....l always hit the thump's up button for you....!
joe_mule 28 days ago
17:47 forgot your earplugs? LOL
GREEK GODS 28 days ago
love it
gman03887 28 days ago
Andrew, I'm sorry but any heavy rainstorm will easily flow over, especially that upper rear corner of the house section.
Josh Linkhart
Josh Linkhart 28 days ago
That’s a lot of water!
First Gan
First Gan 28 days ago
Thanks for always following up on the vids. Seeing the trench actually diverting the water is very satisfying. Cheers mate.
Richard Glazer
Richard Glazer 28 days ago
Will they leave it like that? Eventually that trench will fill up again with dirt and need to be cleaned out again.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata 27 days ago
The way the water flows, it will probably not fill up.
m & m
m & m 28 days ago
I really enjoy watching your videos, your style is quite unique. Thanks Andrew
Bas Wit
Bas Wit 28 days ago
The owner missed a chanche, water and house, falling water and house. Call it architecture and 1000 people come to visit your house, greetings from Amsterdam
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