Gutfeld: Trump vs. Biden’s migrant facilities for children 

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Gutfeld examines mainstream media's coverage of Trump, Biden's migrant facilities for children.
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Feb 28, 2021




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Comments 100   
Robert Hadden
Robert Hadden Hour ago
I love how the Trump Vaccines have magically changed to the Biden-Harris Vaccine and been accepted, and are now a moral obligation.
Joe Reilly
Joe Reilly 2 hours ago
“Checking a box “
Jack Frost
Jack Frost 2 hours ago
Don't let Someone else Police your Children, I can' Police my own Kids" I'm doing a great job! Your not a Judge.
Chingo Mandinguez
Chingo Mandinguez 2 hours ago
the P-saki actress NAILED IT!
Garry Andrade
Garry Andrade 2 hours ago
maxine waters 2.0
Ken P
Ken P 2 hours ago
Psaki qualifications include being the State Departments mouthpiece for the "Benghazi was caused by a video" lie
Jmich 3 hours ago
Anderson Lemon.....bwahahaha
Margaret Duffell
Margaret Duffell 4 hours ago
So so funny, but a sad commentary on an invidious situation.
Jonathon Tsamantanis
This is not funny wow fire the writers already there is so much to make fun of and this is what you come up with
Ämm Äll
Ämm Äll 5 hours ago
Gutfeld is a word twisting moron. Harris did not say she would not recommend the vaccine. She simply said she would not trust Trump. Many sensible human beings do not trust Trump as a source for information.
Bruce Mills
Bruce Mills 5 hours ago
You cannot use gender in Congress, so why is the White House not following those rules ???
Search of the Spirit
LMAO....... love it
Anton Lucas
Anton Lucas 6 hours ago
Psaki skit was hilarious
Kay Evans
Kay Evans 7 hours ago
I love Kat as circle back Psaki because she is spot on with the kind of answers ole circle back gives
curvy mervy
curvy mervy 7 hours ago
Only Trump is relevant, Biden is boring. They've been making money out of Trump's popularity.
Davey 8 hours ago
The skit would have been perfect if she was wearing 15 masks.
Stephen Hill
Stephen Hill 9 hours ago
“Concentration camps” three years ago apparently.
Danny Besler
Danny Besler 10 hours ago
When did fox become comedy central?
Francine Perez
Francine Perez 13 hours ago
Omg well guess what i don’t trust her.. where the hell is she visit the border Harris!!! You are incompetent.
Connie Letien
Connie Letien 13 hours ago
Harris, you do not have Americans interest at heart. I will never get your vaccination any of them
Alpha Libra
Alpha Libra 13 hours ago
Hey Kimmel, member-berry last year when Vp Kamala and P Biden were the first two candidates to lose in the primaries? They attacked each other bitterly and exposed each other’s dirt, yet these are somehow the winners...
Raul Rodriguez
Raul Rodriguez 14 hours ago
The World knew this the First 30 Days!!! Demoncratics Worst Administration Over 200 Years!!! This what happens when The Elites, BigTechs, and Propaganda Media Started.... Human Trafficking and Child Endangerment. 💪 🇺🇸 In God We Trust 🙏
Leon Woods
Leon Woods 15 hours ago
Dawn Clabaugh
Dawn Clabaugh 15 hours ago
Teens? I DOUBT IT. I'd guess many "teens" are closing in on 25 - 30.
Thomas Tucker
Thomas Tucker 16 hours ago
Harris is a lying radical Socialist who dont give a damb.
Breathe GreenLife
Breathe GreenLife 16 hours ago
Lmfaooooooo alright Fox News this the one 🤣😂😫😫 I’m screaming
neuralcircuit 16 hours ago
Gender and ethnicity matters a hell of a lot more than competence, if you don't you get that, you must be a racist.
Spud Westhaver
Spud Westhaver 17 hours ago
Obama was White and I am stickin' to it.
frank 17 hours ago
Lmao. More of this and fox will crush em’. People love to laugh and it makes Democrats and liberals look like out of their mind fools. Subliminally. Keep it up! Really
Sherry Smithperry
Sherry Smithperry 18 hours ago
Ty gutfeld!!
J Starr
J Starr 18 hours ago
Hey what happened to her false eyelashes or is this before the false eyelashes just asking I bet you if they did some DNA testing they'd find some parents somewhere around they don't all get thrown over the wall that was a Despicable Act she kind of just brush that one over
Paul Isham
Paul Isham 19 hours ago
Everything will be OK when all democraps are kicked out of office.
Dynamic Kernelيُعَمِّد
The biden/harris administration is a JOKE
D R 19 hours ago
Every time I see her I want throw up! I cant stand her.....
Justin Bousum
Justin Bousum 19 hours ago
Because Harris is saying it is safe and good, nobody I know is getting the vaccine. If she kept her lying mouth shut, maybe we would get it.
Michael Chillak
Michael Chillak 20 hours ago
Lets be real honest here if pres Trump or even if one of his most distant relatives did this while he was in office the media would have tried to crucify him and every dem voter would have been rioting and looting stores. That said if you whoever you are thats reading this right now if you or me did this we'd be prosecuted and thrown in some dump of a prison to suffer for yrs to come all before we had the chance to spend the first dollar of profit, that said lets sit back now and watch and see what if anything at all happens to this crooked dinosaur nancy Pelosi..........
Lina Love
Lina Love 20 hours ago
It’s kids in (jiffy pop bags). Remember the stove top popcorn??? Here’s the human version.
Jack Vai
Jack Vai 20 hours ago
BoneHeadBiden destroying the nation, one day at a time.
Iscam for pieces
Iscam for pieces 20 hours ago
Always thinked it... Demon Crap...
Amy Richardson
Amy Richardson 21 hour ago
Hey commie Kamala-eon....so what changed with vaccine?? Ohhh.......cuz we're now under Uncle Joe's administration, okayyyyyy! NOOOOOOW it's a safe vaccine!!
Whop Junior
Whop Junior 22 hours ago
Anyone else ff when they show Beijing biden, heels up or the red head 🤡...? I can’t stomach even listening to this circus...sorry Fox just tell us what they said we don’t actually need to hear the ignorance directly out of their pie holes
Lina Love
Lina Love 20 hours ago
Wise Woman
Wise Woman Day ago
Joe Machi looks an awful lot like Elijah Woods...
Wise Woman
Wise Woman Day ago
Thumbs up was for Gutfeld, not for the channel. And Harris et al are consummate LIARS!
Cóy M
Cóy M Day ago
Robert Paulson
They're like Al Bundy. Forever suck in that high school football game he lost 30 years ago
James McHugh
James McHugh Day ago
It's nice to see that jerkoff smirk on her face has been removed. She'll resign soon
Rob Moss
Rob Moss Day ago
She never answers a question
Jimmy Dean
Jimmy Dean Day ago
Wait!...you can't drink in a national park?
Rose Sacks
Rose Sacks Day ago
loved your parody of "women in the kitchen", and "Biden was Obama's principal" 😆
Tyra Sophia Zandaam
Psaki is so ridículos & so stupid like biden what is mopped zombie. CREEPY 😡😤
Rachel Phillips
These people are pathetic
HeelerHealer Elma Bay FPV
Camel-a's almost crying tone of voice is extremely devoid of truths, like the scarcity of water in the desert that she wandered out of.
tubeyourself Day ago
I saw kids in the dirt
Kaytyl Day ago
These Democratic politicians and comics are all like lying little children, it’s like infants school.
Diane Johnson
Lol now that's funny
Trew Tube
Trew Tube Day ago
Who is this Psaki imposter? No really. What is her name?
Sandra Lee
Sandra Lee Day ago
I've never watched them...they're just not funny ....
owen lund
owen lund Day ago
The boys sisters are still in crack houses in Honduras
unfettered axes
Don't lie.....you'd hit it...
Renee Osorio
Renee Osorio Day ago
This actress is hilarious!!! Love her!
Liz Barrett
Liz Barrett Day ago
Wow this show is trash preying on a bunch of ignorant boomers.
Motorhome Mac
Eric Gordils
Eric Gordils Day ago
Kamala Harris can take my vaccine and also she can take my chip
Ronald Hendricks
Hey you can say what you want but when they make a joke on late night its actually funny. Stop copying them Gutfeld your version is cringe worthy to the max. Biden isn't terrible so he isn't funny trump was so yes late night is funny its expected to laugh as you see the comet destroying the world. the laugh isn't a funny laugh its a we are all going to die laugh and that is the trump effect.
Peter Combs
Peter Combs Day ago
Kevin Maxwell
So funny and much needed laughs 🤣
John Moynihan
Joe Biden's Chimo Casino (border)
Steve Ham
Steve Ham Day ago
Laughing Hyena Harris and Bumbling Biden “Diaper Change. I think “. What a F’ing JOKE
fjb664 Day ago
Thanks to Donald Trump! !
Mino Mokwa
Mino Mokwa Day ago
Thank you Greg to expose those dirty liars and criminals who rule now.
Racing 2 recycle
HELLO Obama ordered the cages not Trump. HELLO!!! Kamala Harris is an Indian Islander who hates America and white people.
Kevin Marsh
Kevin Marsh Day ago
Hahahahaha 😆 🤣 😆
This channel is fkn gold!!!! ATN is brilliant lmao.
Gigi M
Gigi M Day ago
I have a dilemma 😳 I’ve learned from lefty that gender is fluid. So, considering that truth, how do we know that the women we hire today will still be women in 3 months ? And what should we do in case they become men ? Fire them ? The fluid is changing constantly , at what point should we trust that the gender stabilizes itself and is not changing again ? And how do we know for sure 😳🤔🤫
Burned Again
Burned Again Day ago
As far as I can tell the Biden admin can be impeached for dereliction of duty
Marc A.
Marc A. Day ago
Greg..... Very, Very, Very...Elegant Jacket.....
Paladan Hunt
Paladan Hunt Day ago
Ole Joe’s Nose must be full of Sand with all the Border Kidds he Sniffed! Good show!
Paladan Hunt
Paladan Hunt Day ago
Has Joe Sniffed Dana?
Paladan Hunt
Paladan Hunt Day ago
Tis Good EHGood show! 👏🏽👏🏽👍👍💯Have yah noticed all these lefty’s have Rodent like FeaTURES! HUH!
Paladan Hunt
Paladan Hunt Day ago
NAW just the truth! For a change! Heh Dem/RINO’S /Greenies/!
Tina Poucher
Tina Poucher Day ago
Exactly what I said!!!! But If it’s got anything to do with Bill Gates and Melinda Gates I want no part of it!
Justsomeguy Day ago
The girl who played Jen looked NOTHING like her....she was actually attractive. Jen looks like a troll.
clayton mccormick
Biden does not have an emigration policy he has an invasion policy and and other president would be charged treason. Isn't it time we wakeup and take our country back before it is to late and it goes away forever. Slay the wokeadial it is not real and never could bite our fear was its only power!
MD S Day ago
I agree but late night style anything, no matter which side you lean is cringey
Jamie Lane
Jamie Lane Day ago
Boy that didn’t age well
jaime esquivel
Kamala sounds like she is taking a dump when she talks.
Graigory Gilbert
Gutfeld is awesome! Fox should start a skit show with him.
Andromeda Native
Just like "All Trumpers and Republicans are racist's, but it is not RACIST for Democratics to pass a bill that will pay for all farmer's to get free government grants and low interest loan's, but only if the are (African American's) not Caucasian's, no one with white skin can be included even if they are farmer's! Please tell me this is all just a episode of the Twilight Zone!
Paul McGhee
Paul McGhee Day ago
Wow , Kat Timpf is as hot , as Jen tsaki is stupid.
Peter Smith
Peter Smith Day ago
They have lots of ammo with hiden . Resident berden. Joe
DemoCLOWNS are a disgrace to this great country
Linda Torres
Linda Torres Day ago
Start cancelling Counter Culture, only way to do it as get aggressive on the them. The only voice they understand is violence, hense, no talk, no cowardice, you can't beat an enemy without it whom only understands one way, cancell them.
mike christian
it's not kids in cages, it's minors in secured iron bar-line boxes.
RedRiding Hood
Belly button lint .... PERIOD!! 😂😂
RedRiding Hood
Think I'm a Greg fan now 😊
RedRiding Hood
This BTW fox is how news should be ...the American people will be able to trust if you'd just tell all truths we tough we can handle it.....it's your job as the press to get to the core of truth for the people good job
RedRiding Hood
I truly wish this guy would ahhh tell em bout the aliens coming
RedRiding Hood
Ya this guy is hilarious but speaking truth troll style😂😂😂😂
debbie hellion
I can't believe that I am saying this but I love this brand of news it was honest and refreshing 💖
Mechagodzilla Roar