Guess That NBA Player Emoji with 2HYPE House !! 

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In this IRL sitdown video I show the guys an emoji and they have to guess what nba player that it represents. Make sure you guys play along as well and see if you can guess faster than the group!
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Apr 12, 2020




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Comments 100   
ZackTTG 10 months ago
Download Houseparty here! pixly.go2cloud.org/SH1bc Thanks to Epic Games for sponsoring this video
cquick 3
cquick 3 2 months ago
Jesus Saves ✝️✝️✝️✝️🥰🥰❤️ Love God
Evan Fitzhugh
Evan Fitzhugh 2 months ago
ʙᴇɴᴢ 7 months ago
Canes Cheahoo how?
Alex Revilla
Alex Revilla 7 months ago
I had house party for like a year Before all the ads and stuff
Tiago Domingues
Tiago Domingues 8 months ago
Kyree Ford congratulations
NoLimitTwan 2 days ago
Dude cheating for kris and jesser was way before him
Daksh Thakur
Daksh Thakur 11 days ago
J Bros
J Bros 29 days ago
The person in front of zack at Taco Bell: Hello can i get the burito with black beans Zack: That is racist
Jackson Goodness
I was screaming Dwight Howard and kawhi when there emojis were up!!😂
Devon Soto
Devon Soto Month ago
how did it take so long for Jason Kidd
Watson Jolden
Watson Jolden Month ago
Wyatt raney
Wyatt raney Month ago
Bunch of snakes
Seahawk D51
Seahawk D51 Month ago
I subscribed
Balston Brown
Balston Brown Month ago
Noah Holloman
Noah Holloman 2 months ago
James cheated 😂
Clapz 549
Clapz 549 2 months ago
eve 2 months ago
Is it just me or jiedel cheated in the chris bosh one
Milos Janko
Milos Janko 2 months ago
Look at james 4:07
Rodrigo Montes
Rodrigo Montes 2 months ago
Doesn’t Jesser have an arm brace?
Maty 117
Maty 117 2 months ago
Why do i feel like 50% of americans cant name more than 3 flags bro
Chantel Bazile
Chantel Bazile 2 months ago
Wheres cash
Christian Davison
Christian Davison 2 months ago
I feel like James let chris win
Money Caldwell
Money Caldwell 2 months ago
Underrated but true comment
NopkinXholo 2 months ago
you guys are dumb you don’t know what the Greek flag is this hurt me cause I’m greek
jamretuj pc acc
jamretuj pc acc 2 months ago
who rememvers in one of these videos the answer was karl malone and mopi said : post malone.. LOL!
John E
John E 2 months ago
This was so easy I got 15
milo root
milo root 2 months ago
Mopi is back
milo root
milo root 2 months ago
Let’s go mini is back
cquick 3
cquick 3 2 months ago
Jesus Saves ✝️✝️✝️✝️🥰🥰❤️ Love God
Daniel McLaughlin
Daniel McLaughlin 2 months ago
Go to 4:09 and look at james cheating
Ronnie Tawil
Ronnie Tawil 2 months ago
I am a house party og
Kelon Wayne
Kelon Wayne 2 months ago
Jacob Gonzalez
Kelon Wayne
Kelon Wayne 2 months ago
Kelly Laschinger
Kelly Laschinger 2 months ago
U should do guess the nba players by their bit moji
Marjorie Armentrout
Marjorie Armentrout 2 months ago
I had 13
Dean Baker
Dean Baker 2 months ago
At 5:58 they just start naming nba players names that start with Z
Dean Baker
Dean Baker 2 months ago
And zacks
Erupt CODM
Erupt CODM 2 months ago
*show dragon* Mitchell:Jeremy Lin Zack:racist Me:😹😑bruh
Pelas 2 months ago
Super man=SHAQ Superboy=Dwight Howard
panda gamer yt
panda gamer yt 3 months ago
Jesse, the Finnish flag is this🇫🇮 Lauri Markkanen is Finnish
KT_ Money
KT_ Money 3 months ago
Jesser do not dance EVER AGAIN!! 👎🏽
Caleb Crockett
Caleb Crockett 4 months ago
all of them
Adam Gillett
Adam Gillett 4 months ago
I got 11the same as kris
Jaay Murray
Jaay Murray 5 months ago
On behalf of Heat Nation, we respectfully remove James’ from our establishment for not knowing who the Dragon is. They literally say it every game 😂
The Thinker
The Thinker 5 months ago
I got 12
Death 6 months ago
Tell me y james looked at the answer😂😂
Swoosh 6 months ago
Their bball knowledge really dropped
Nik 5
Nik 5 6 months ago
Loll these dudes
LS3 6 months ago
Epic 8 points. Let's go
Yordin Astro
Yordin Astro 6 months ago
4:10 I think he cheated
Bigbodyslidin _22
Bigbodyslidin _22 6 months ago
OoBoyBoy 6 months ago
4:07 james smh my guy is a slick one
tyler jackson
tyler jackson 6 months ago
as close as the Latvian flag is to what was shown, that was 100% an Austrian flag and that threw me off haha. latvia has bigger red stripes and deeper red color. either way that’s just me complaining about misses that one lol but love the content man. fav in the 2hype house! keep it up man
xMandyx 6 months ago
I got 8
Rodriquez Hodges
Rodriquez Hodges 6 months ago
Teleci Glabas
Teleci Glabas 6 months ago
Bruh James is bad with flags.....
Robert Likesdonuts
Robert Likesdonuts 6 months ago
FearlessGaming 6 months ago
Me:🧖🏼‍♀️ 👖
FearlessGaming 6 months ago
For the thumbnail, 👨‍🍳 is supposed to be harden,it makes more sense... WHY THE FUCK R U STILL HERE STOP LITERALLY,TURN BACK BYE
Austin Massaquoi
Austin Massaquoi 6 months ago
Look at kris's face from 8:41 to the next guess
morro 7 months ago
ESBFerFer 7 months ago
james choked so bad 😂
Its Flayze
Its Flayze 7 months ago
I’m an idiot I thought I was dirk German Jesus
Chuck Carreno
Chuck Carreno 7 months ago
nobody: Jesse: that’s an airline
Keenan Cain
Keenan Cain 7 months ago
Greek freak emoji was easy
Big PP Man
Big PP Man 7 months ago
10 first
Number 1 Sports Fan
Number 1 Sports Fan 7 months ago
Asu Pelima
Asu Pelima 7 months ago
Anybody else feel like jiedel sold on purpose
ʙᴇɴᴢ 7 months ago
4:10 James looked at the answer when Zach wasn’t paying attention
Joie Fabus
Joie Fabus 7 months ago
Mitchell be like 😐
Blake Canady
Blake Canady 7 months ago
i got 4
Tanner David 155
Tanner David 155 7 months ago
I got 8 you should do 🐏 lebron
Seymen Görgin
Seymen Görgin 7 months ago
That was fucking austrias flag man wtf the latvian flag the red is darker
Richard Stocker
Richard Stocker 7 months ago
James didn't try on the last one
Anton Karbelius
Anton Karbelius 7 months ago
im suprised that 🤴 for lebron james wasnt in there
Zefl1xy 7 months ago
Omg im from latvia when i saw that flag i freaked out
Madis ;]
Madis ;] 7 months ago
I’m from Sweden but James how did you mix Greece and Sweden’s flag bro🇸🇪🇬🇷 Like if you’re from 🇸🇪
Jonathan Young
Jonathan Young 7 months ago
Śéáń Rádíćáń
Air canada That’s an airlinr
CC theGOAT 7 months ago
I got 5 right, more than Jesse, Mitchell, and Tyler combined
ItzDallasBtw 7 months ago
i use houseparty
Diamond BOI
Diamond BOI 7 months ago
6:25 Zack: Air Canada Vince Carter Jesse: Thats a airline Kris:🤔 Zack:😤 Jesse:💀⚰️
Diamond BOI
Diamond BOI 7 months ago
Zack: Infinite means a lot Me: Hey Siri, what does infinite mean? Siri: Infinite means limitless Zack if he read this comment: 😨😨😱
PIKITIN 23 7 months ago
I got 20 on the dot
Shadow Nitemare
Shadow Nitemare 8 months ago
Why not just put a bottle of henny for jr dmith
Shadow Nitemare
Shadow Nitemare 8 months ago
Epic games made Houseparty???
The Almighty One
The Almighty One 8 months ago
Jesser called dragic the dragon in a video actually a draft vid
Dominic Wilmes
Dominic Wilmes 8 months ago
I was yelling Jason Kidd as soon as it came up and groan dragic lol
KrexP 8 months ago
Lithuania gang like
Brody Storm
Brody Storm 8 months ago
Mopis growl at 7:36😂
Hattmakaren Elias
Hattmakaren Elias 8 months ago
Im being so happy when you star talk about sweden my homeland🇸🇪
AIXA SANTIAGO 8 months ago
Look I'm here to comment on the protests and I think we should stop because then we will lose more and more people in the world and corcoronavirus is gonna win this fight so people stay inside wear your mask and put hell of a lot of hand sanitizer on y'all hands zack I'm white but I'm not racist but I'm also black so yeaaaa
Jesse does to many weird hand movement
Hogges 2k
Hogges 2k 8 months ago
James disrespecting my country
Ben MacDonald
Ben MacDonald 8 months ago
Yall dumbasses need to learn flags gawd damn
GTA MADE ME 8 months ago
i got 12
Grantil Dismantil
Grantil Dismantil 8 months ago
9:48 Zack: That is racist Also Zack: Kenny I’m not trying to be racist, but how are you not good at math?
Douglas Giebel
Douglas Giebel 8 months ago
Jiedel Really out here cheating lmao
Winning every championship BY JUNE
Wheres Curry Man??
ILuvToSnxg-_- 8 months ago
I hate james
Melwin Z¿
Melwin Z¿ 8 months ago
James is cheating he looked at the answers
Yaseetharan Ratnakumar
Kris is incredible Jiedel too
Kellen Funkhouser
Kellen Funkhouser 8 months ago
I got 5
Taria Butler
Taria Butler 8 months ago
I have a house party
Josie Summerville
Josie Summerville 8 months ago
You didn’t have to do Noah like that now😂😂
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