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Well this worked better then I expected. I wanted to do some bank take overs and see if we can make some money. I got my self a team together that will try to get the money in the bank while I am the get away driver in the MEGA TANK! This was so much fun. Hope you guys enjoyed the video.
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Apr 2, 2021




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gabriel rojah
gabriel rojah 15 hours ago
Elanip:indestructible tank Elanip:i dont think this is bomb prof Edited+me:tanks fire rockets and they need to be very strong to resist a bomb
EEmptyCHUnk4220 Gaming
Technically it’s an APC (armored personal carrier) and it’s not an LAV
Anish PY Blog
I like tha there like a baby song for Elite because he always cries lol
Jodi Mock
Jodi Mock 2 days ago
Hes driving the apc from infinite warfare
destroyer 2078
destroyer 2078 2 days ago
Hey fun fact you are legally allowed to drive and own a tank in the usa
James Estrada
James Estrada 2 days ago
This proves that the strongest ever in GTA are trees
Jan Škedelj
Jan Škedelj 3 days ago
did guy sayed ohh res?
Geter Priffin
Geter Priffin 4 days ago
Ahh nah that’s too basic
Random man
Random man 5 days ago
U encouraging people to rob banks with that speech.
Noah moline27
Noah moline27 5 days ago
My dog just died today & i came here so u can make me a little bit more happy
Robot 5 days ago
Use that car but there’s a ramp car thing on the front
Karma_ Anahola
Karma_ Anahola 5 days ago
No Bueno no Bueno no Bueno no Bueno no Bueno no Bueno no Bueno no Bueno no Bueno no Bueno Muchacho no
Braylon Potts
Braylon Potts 5 days ago
I love this
Retro Ga- mer Of the doom
It’s so different look from infinite warfare thanks
Tiktok Sensation
Tiktok Sensation 5 days ago
Who else saw the tiktok from elite on this
Michael Estes
Michael Estes 6 days ago
Just want to let u know that tank can go in water
Average 30
Average 30 6 days ago
elanip has so much interesting vids i dont know which one to watch :00
IMUGLY 6 days ago
How is this, rp exactly
spook man
spook man 7 days ago
yo Elanip you should do multiple heists but based off of the movies now you see me 1&2
Join I
Join I 7 days ago
Tank: I will never be die =)
ikoy tubil123
ikoy tubil123 7 days ago
ikoy tubil123
ikoy tubil123 7 days ago
My dream To play gta v
ikoy tubil123
ikoy tubil123 7 days ago
Hi I'm your subscribe Please can I have one gta v 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
ikoy tubil123
ikoy tubil123 7 days ago
Hi I'm your subscribe Please can I have one gta v 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
UnknownGamerYAh 8 days ago
arent that from cod iw?
Phixx -it
Phixx -it 8 days ago
That was awesome! Do more tank videos!
PatrickBest 8 days ago
Now we need a plow on the front of it
Andrew Senior
Andrew Senior 8 days ago
Chris356 Urp
Chris356 Urp 9 days ago
Elanip. I think it would be cool if you tried more realistic RP.
chaos bound
chaos bound 9 days ago
16:28 at that moment he knew he f*cked up
Tactical Gaming
Tactical Gaming 9 days ago
Man it's as if those cops have never seen a bank robbery before smh
rehoboth azarbakhsh
that was a vecal in cad infite
Eternal Spectre
Eternal Spectre 9 days ago
Not a proper day without the "Hey guys welcome back to another video."
Up N Adam
Up N Adam 9 days ago
When the french music started playing when Frenchie entered the bank 😂😂
Mahkai Roberts
Mahkai Roberts 10 days ago
not me feeling bad for the biker cop
If any one has ever seen die hard 1 this tank blows up with only like 2-3 rpg round s
Mr. frenchie
Mr. frenchie 10 days ago
do a time machine trolling cops pls
be an ass in live
be an ass in live 10 days ago
The npc is the car at the end just keeps chilling in the car
JAMAAL Macon 10 days ago
Brekin Brink
Brekin Brink 10 days ago
‘’Heyyyy what’s up guys’’
Brekin Brink
Brekin Brink 10 days ago
‘’ what’s up guys’’
Lil W2EZ
Lil W2EZ 10 days ago
They should actually put that in gta
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 11 days ago
Money finna attract money! That mans got the KEYS
Dat1 Elite
Dat1 Elite 11 days ago
I loved when he hopped back over the barrier and R.K.Oed the cop car.
Demon Dragon
Demon Dragon 11 days ago
That's called an APC Its a turretless apc
Zekeriya ayhan Keles
Does dirtball have socials
Kj’s Clips
Kj’s Clips 11 days ago
Who wants to see him do a video with the lady cop and Becky
Rio's Gaming
Rio's Gaming 11 days ago
I play GTA V but there are no real cars
Tobias Hollander
Tobias Hollander 11 days ago
Nice edits bro! I’m wondering how you always got nice ideas!!
Alex 11 days ago
The A.P.C we all wanted.
Aloysius Ivan
Aloysius Ivan 11 days ago
Need tank vs the cop
samm 11 days ago
mum can we get a kwebblekop? no we have one at home, kwebble at home:.......
Jorge Montano Carrillo
Dimitrius Vladimir Dharma
Riley Webb
Riley Webb 12 days ago
Truck: has marines written on the side Opie: A SWAT truck
Zeroslit 12 days ago
its a Swank
Kaleb Capps
Kaleb Capps 12 days ago
0:07 “genious”
alex's Alaska tours
I have the intro memorized
John Adler
John Adler 12 days ago
What's a UNSA (United Nations Space Alliance) APC from Call of Duty: Imfinite Warfare. You can see that it says "SATO" on the sides. That's the Solar Associated Treaty Organization, basically the UNSA army.
Zheng Philip
Zheng Philip 12 days ago
the only episode that he didn't die once
Terrance Knight
Terrance Knight 12 days ago
Stop saying bad words or I'm going to report your channel
Adnan Salihović
Adnan Salihović 12 days ago
Indestructible tank is tank from gta vice city milenium
Dark dragon sayain
Dark dragon sayain 12 days ago
We need a part two but with you just fucking around with the cops with it
Anonymous Hunter
Anonymous Hunter 12 days ago
Everyone who has military knowledge knowing it’s an APC “hmmmm”
hiholol2 pantaleon
hiholol2 pantaleon 12 days ago
Yo elanip its from COD modern warfare its a ani material tank
McSploiter 13 days ago
The side of the apc said Marines, so it's probably from the Marines?
Missy Caito
Missy Caito 13 days ago
Thank you show one of the sheriff of video with all the girl love stuff and like all the funeral was like cars and vehicles and like that the shield of people in GCA Do Minic
Joel Hayes
Joel Hayes 13 days ago
Colossians 3:8 "But now you must put them all away: anger, wrath, malice, slander, and obscene talk from your mouth."
Joel Hayes
Joel Hayes 13 days ago
John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life." Have a blessed day, brothers and sisters in Christ!
mikel taylor
mikel taylor 13 days ago
not trying to be rude but there is a difference between apc afv and a tank
mikel taylor
mikel taylor 13 days ago
not trying to be rude but there is a difference between apc afv and a tank
Magmaplayz Roblox
Magmaplayz Roblox 13 days ago
Robber chasing a cop Cursed
Social Distancing
Social Distancing 13 days ago
Treyten is catching up to your subs dude-😂
Grimm Wolf
Grimm Wolf 13 days ago
Put a jet on it, and perhaps some rockets 🧨 🚀
Mr Zyrahhh
Mr Zyrahhh 13 days ago
No point calling it role play when you say your gonna blow people up and they don’t listen most stupid roleplay Iv seen in my life a 1 year old child c do better roleplay than those cops embarrassing as fuck
Ivin Hand
Ivin Hand 13 days ago
you should do a vid where you help the cops with the I t
Charter Bowlds
Charter Bowlds 13 days ago
tanner starkey
tanner starkey 13 days ago
i think this is cap because elite got a text from opie but opies cam was zoomed in and then i went to go watch elites vid and the text was from opie soooo opie explane what the text was????
Mariomagma 13 days ago
Everybody gangsta til the police pullin op in a riot truck
noobify 13 days ago
My parents told me if I get 1000 subscribers by the end of this year I will get a com0uetr for Christmas
noobify 13 days ago
My parents told me if I get 1000 subscribers by the end of this year I’ll get a car
cole eats
cole eats 13 days ago
use this a gain but put explosive mines and drop them in front of the cops to blow them up
_ greened
_ greened 13 days ago
yoo do a 360 SPIKE FLIP DRAG CAR
Dr Isaac Kleiner
Dr Isaac Kleiner 13 days ago
apc destroys police force
J Hansen
J Hansen 13 days ago
thats actely a APC well looks like it in my opinion :P
Benicio Moran
Benicio Moran 13 days ago
The bored start additionaly back because authorisation presently thank despite a bizarre freighter. abnormal, offbeat club
corn 13 days ago
Everything thats armoured is apperantly a tank not a apc or apv nonono
ayoub chaari
ayoub chaari 13 days ago
mr frenchy is soooooo funny
ashton Slayz
ashton Slayz 13 days ago
Very successful but isn’t the money in the tank soooo
Kemma Simmons
Kemma Simmons 13 days ago
Justin Encarnacion
Justin Encarnacion 13 days ago
You need to definitely do more with that tank
SethGaming 5000
SethGaming 5000 13 days ago
Call of duty Infinite Warfare armored tank wowwww
Torcher 13 days ago
just put a gun on it and it will be even better.
John Baker
John Baker 13 days ago
Put a jet on it
Chris Olson
Chris Olson 13 days ago
Get the biggest and best tank and do the same as this but with the biggest and best tank
Damian 14 days ago
The public appliance roughly concern because pantry unprecedentedly test anenst a homely ex-husband. available, cute stew
Grant Games
Grant Games 14 days ago
OLM I saw the guy in the blue mustangs pov and video
Diana Dykes
Diana Dykes 14 days ago
Ah ah ah ah ah ah mi cosita que Hello Hello Hello
Optix Revenge
Optix Revenge 14 days ago
Bro I laughed so fucking hard so many times 🤣
Kervin Guzman
Kervin Guzman 14 days ago
bro u gotta team up with them next time's videos they got a good accent its me laugh all the time HAHHAHAHA example "stupid madafaka" HHAHAHAHAHAAH