Great Dane Compilation | 2 

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This is the second part of my video series featuring Great Danes.
I hope you enjoy watching these huge Great Danes as much as I do.
If so feel free to like and subscribe to the channel as there is much more to come :D
Thanks for watching.
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Great Dane Compilation | 2
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May 3, 2021




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Im Dumb
Im Dumb 9 days ago
HIIIIIIIII I LOVE YOUUUU [can I get pinned?]
Karina Viana máximo
@Unwxnted_ aáa
Unwxnted_ 6 days ago
K please just stop
famous I am the
famous I am the 9 days ago
-LOVE -BLUES- 16 hours ago
Great Danes Grey hounds My greyt pets!
n1k3il 17 hours ago
Are they aggressive?
Berenice Ocampo
Berenice Ocampo 18 hours ago
genes QB 0ññññ0ñ
Depressed Pupper
Depressed Pupper 21 hour ago
Small dog go’s flexing on Great Danes like come under the bed with me
- Cloudy Sky -
- Cloudy Sky - 22 hours ago
I wish I could get one, but they don’t live that long. And eat a lot .
Annah Chan
Annah Chan Day ago
If I stand side by side with them, it would be like standing with horses.
austin armstrong
0.44 is the weirdest and best xD
Ze_Angle _of_the_Fallen
Comment what dog breed yours is Mines a German shepherd beagle mix
Foxtrot36 2 days ago
My mom and I had to put down our Great Dane. But I know he is in heaven having lots of fun.
Big G
Big G 2 days ago
Great Danes and French bull dogs are the highlight of my day
Tadgh Jones
Tadgh Jones 2 days ago
At the end in the grass when the dude was lying down that puppy looks like my brother's amiriacn buli and it's a puppy -_-
serenity 2.0
serenity 2.0 2 days ago
3:10 why is the dog so skinny?
catherine carden
catherine carden 2 days ago
My dog is really big and she’s a black lab
Ma Re
Ma Re 3 days ago
Wie heißt der große braune hund....also die art
Alberto-Sama 3 days ago
I just seen one and a aggresive one. Never been so scared to a dog before. Well can you blame me its aggresive and definitely taller than me!
AshTheDash WhoWantsSomeCash
I used to have a great dane, this reminds me so much of her
Chad Cruz
Chad Cruz 3 days ago
1:32 I donnu but I think that's the tinyes doggo I've seen
Mason F
Mason F 3 days ago
Baby Jelly
Baby Jelly 3 days ago
1:06 oh man
Stella 3 days ago
I HATE IT when they cut their ears!!!!!!!!!!
Zita Muncan
Zita Muncan 3 days ago
Moon 4 days ago
Just talking my horse I mean dog for a walk 😂
A P 4 days ago
Such lovely clydesdales
zxncing 4 days ago
U know dogs have evolved to much when the one Great Dane is getting water from the fridge
No_ Name
No_ Name 4 days ago
0:09 Collies: haha you little toddler 0:13 Great Dane: uno reverse card
Tahjania Gibbs
Tahjania Gibbs 4 days ago
I want a great dane so bad they're so cute🥰❤
Ansia Els
Ansia Els 4 days ago
I'm going to be that person but 3:06 that dog looks underweight
Amy Hamilton
Amy Hamilton 4 days ago
I’m a big kid now
chandrima dey
chandrima dey 4 days ago
Zara Hossaini
Zara Hossaini 4 days ago
is so cool !!!!!!😁
Giedrius Skuodas
Giedrius Skuodas 5 days ago
i have one and they are so so cute ive got a black one if you want to know anything about them im happy to answer them!
Jacque Taylor
Jacque Taylor 5 days ago
1:48 imagine it full grown. BRO!
Safina Rehman
Safina Rehman 5 days ago
i love great danes
Jenna Miller
Jenna Miller 5 days ago
Kayana Joseph
Kayana Joseph 5 days ago
The dog just bit his cake like *WTF ya'll taking to long* *Impatiently bites bday cake* LMAOOOOO:)
Imma Savage
Imma Savage 5 days ago
They look like horses, probably shit like horses too
Nê Filipa
Nê Filipa 5 days ago
If I had a coin for everytime a Great Dane is called Zeus...
Mona Jagot
Mona Jagot 6 days ago
Sophie Henderson
Sophie Henderson 6 days ago
My mom calls my dog a giant bull or a horse
Chip Fox
Chip Fox 6 days ago
2:37 gentle leaders actually hurt dogs a LOT and it's why they submit so quickly to it! They are abusive and not a training tool. If your dog is having issues pulling get a herm Sprenger prong and actually train your dog
Chip Fox
Chip Fox 6 days ago
0:39 nails are WAY too long on both dogs
kayla 6 days ago
they walk so elegant, but yet taller than me.
Lexy Gessler
Lexy Gessler 6 days ago
3:10tego psa ktoś wogole karmi
Darrell Dansby
Darrell Dansby 6 days ago
I'll subscriber to anyone who can guess the answer They're friendly They're cute They're goofy They have long slobbery tongues They have cute droopy eyes They have very long ears They're very VERY Big... What are they?
Exalts 5 days ago
Great Dane
Gonçalo Simão
Gonçalo Simão 6 days ago
I have 4 dogs, a "Serra da Estrela", a "Transmontano Mastiff", a "Great Dane" and a "German Shepherd". that's why I'm putting saddles on horses and I realize that I lack two dogs :), guess what dogs I lack.
Giada Guiduccio
Giada Guiduccio 6 days ago
(Pinned) Great Content!!!!!!!!! :)
Quite Shellisa
Quite Shellisa 6 days ago
OMG I want a great dane now and I asked my dad and he said no so I am jelly
jessica k myndai
jessica k myndai 6 days ago
I actually wanna see a malamute and great Dane mix 🤭
Robert James Veenstra
Robert James Veenstra
Oh and any one watch jjba it anime
Pink Flush
Pink Flush 7 days ago
Must suck to be short and having a great dane
Rebecca Abrams
Rebecca Abrams 7 days ago
Love this! I have a 1 yr old dane and she's my baby. Giant goofball and so cuddly. Definitely my heart breed and a breed I always want in my house.
Alexis Oelberg
Alexis Oelberg 7 days ago
Tell me why our GDs are scared of everything, and our basset literally doesn't give a flying f#ck about anything? 😅😅😅
Rinhlua insane
Rinhlua insane 7 days ago
2;44 🤬
Crafty Kingdom
Crafty Kingdom 7 days ago
I’m getting a Labrador in December this year and I’m so excited! These videos help me a lot on getting me excited! I’m excited for some things but eventually when we have to put the dog down it will be sad
chandrima dey
chandrima dey 4 days ago
@Deej lol you’re the one who called me weird without reading , and obviously I assume you tend to think everything is ‘not that deep’ when you literally start attacking without reading. Have a good day. Bye 👋
Deej 4 days ago
@chandrima dey Im not triggered. From youre response, you’re obviously triggered. Your comment appeared to be in response to mine, so I asked a question. Calm down, it’s not that deep.
chandrima dey
chandrima dey 4 days ago
@Deej wtf ? You’re the one being triggered , he wrote that he’d be sad when the dog is put down I genuinely asked why it would need to be put down , because I own a cat and don’t know how owning a dog goes about. Learn to read before you mouth people off. Nobody was talking to you idk why you need to interfere
Deej 4 days ago
@chandrima dey Warning the owner about a dogs temperament is putting the dog down? Not everyone can handle a labs energy level and should be aware and prepared before having one. You people are weird.
chandrima dey
chandrima dey 4 days ago
why would you have to put the dog down ?
Alex 7 days ago
everytime i see them with cropped ears i feel so sad for the puppy and so angry at the owner. Youre absolutely repulsive if you do this, or tail docking.
Z 6 days ago
Me too, my friend's dogs are all cropped ears. He didnt do it, the previous owner did,he rescued them from abusive owners and whenever i visit him, i feel bad for the dogs.
Bryant Basbayar
Bryant Basbayar 7 days ago
Bryant Basbayar
Bryant Basbayar 7 days ago
Who’s horses that is so funny
Rosie Dragon Gaming
I just... I want a Great Dane so bad.. I’ve wanted one for years... I got a pit bull 4 years ago and I love her but she’s not the big goofy creature I hoped for but I still love her and when I move out and get a house I’ll get one of my own and sage will finally be a mom :> sage is my pit bull
Rebecca Abrams
Rebecca Abrams 7 days ago
I have a Saige too! She's a lab mix. I got my great dane when I finally moved out after YEARS of wanting one and she's truly the best, and so worth the wait - hope you get the dane of your dreams on day!
Gabrielė Kaluževičiūtė
My dogs vet is 5-1 She took my Great Dane like she is so small compared to my Great Dane well im lucy to be 6 feet
Sophia Knutson
Sophia Knutson 8 days ago
Also the bigger they are the dumber the are
Bryan Johnson
Bryan Johnson 7 days ago
Bigger skull equals bigger brain. Get one before you speak on it. These are some of the smarter easier to train dogs I've ever worked with.
Sophia Knutson
Sophia Knutson 8 days ago
I have a Great Dane he is my dog
Ok 8 days ago
dodobunnie 8 days ago
I wish i had more time with my two great dane mixes they were the cutest
Spiitz 8 days ago
3:43 this is where all our toilet paper is going lol
Miilkyways 14
Miilkyways 14 8 days ago
I’m getting a Great dane when I’m older!!
Scott Bond
Scott Bond 8 days ago
Great danes are very loyal dog breed
Cute Pet City
Cute Pet City 8 days ago
Danika James
Danika James 8 days ago
My Great Dane is a crackhead sometimes but I love him😂😂
Mother Ramen
Mother Ramen 8 days ago
Reminder: Please don’t crop your dogs ears. There’s not actually health benefit.
alysha allison
It’s always the people with bad grammar. This isn’t true.
Sara Lamont
Sara Lamont 8 days ago
maribel lopez
maribel lopez 9 days ago
i love those doggies there so cute and cool but expensive oOo
Anthrax the bacterium
My oldest brother has two great danes, and one of them looks like the one in 0:13.
Jordan Connor
Jordan Connor 9 days ago
Can we please get another Cane Corso compilation?
One Punch Man
One Punch Man 9 days ago
These things are legit taller then tigers
zoey murphrey
zoey murphrey 9 days ago
Hi, I want a great dane again because of this video.
Jex Slapped u
Jex Slapped u 9 days ago
That lady tgat said drop it drop it is a idiot
famous I am the
famous I am the 9 days ago
Priscilla Zeng
Priscilla Zeng 9 days ago
0:44 are they mating 👁 👄 👁
Mother Ramen
Mother Ramen 8 days ago
I’m a CACTUS 9 days ago
No- 💀
famous I am the
famous I am the 9 days ago
Smlfe zee
Smlfe zee 9 days ago
Can I get pinned please please?
famous I am the
famous I am the 9 days ago
Vitali Frei
Vitali Frei 9 days ago
Vitali Frei
Vitali Frei 4 days ago
famous I am the
famous I am the 9 days ago
Eva Edwards
Eva Edwards 9 days ago
Da babys are sus
Amani Macklin
Amani Macklin 9 days ago
4:30 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣😂
علي المعمري
Wow so cuo
manisha morgan
manisha morgan 9 days ago
Jovy Tesado
Jovy Tesado 9 days ago
Awwww I hope my dog meet her father after he die
famous I am the
famous I am the 9 days ago
MapleBear 9 days ago
So sad that they have such a small lifespan 🤧😢
RunefromAlvaYT 2 days ago
They can live to ten, makes me wanna get one knowing that
Alberto-Sama 3 days ago
What about american bullys? Their small compare to great danes.
MapleBear 5 days ago
@amie rhodes all my neighbours that have had Great Danes also say that have a very short lifespan. I searched it up on google, and yeah, it says 8-10 years. I guess some have longer lifespans than others.
Robert James Veenstra
Yeah 😭😭
Cute Dogs Tv
Cute Dogs Tv 7 days ago
yes, indeed
Meelourie Lundy
Meelourie Lundy 9 days ago
I love dogs too cute
Meelourie Lundy
Meelourie Lundy 9 days ago
@One Punch Man I had dogs most of them died I only have one left
One Punch Man
One Punch Man 9 days ago
But sadly I don't have s dog
One Punch Man
One Punch Man 9 days ago
Fr there your best friend
Cathie Stewart
Cathie Stewart 9 days ago
stop- cropping- dog- ears- ❤️
- Cloudy Sky -
- Cloudy Sky - 22 hours ago
What do they look like with cropped ears?
Daniel 3 days ago
Make me
Sxnflower Gaming
Sxnflower Gaming 4 days ago
Some people do it bc it makes them look tough, or some people do it bc it lets the air out and is less likely to have ear infections
RylanTheRat 4 days ago
thank you 😭
Thanaws 7 days ago
@Mother Ramen It’s mainly done from people who hunt animals, not for aesthetic ._.
Chase Brown
Chase Brown 9 days ago
Great Dane mastiff mix... that’s gonna be a huge dog omg prayers for who ever’s dog tht is in terms of having to get food for it
Danika James
Danika James 8 days ago
@Chase Brown it was
Chase Brown
Chase Brown 8 days ago
@Danika James at least it was a long life
Danika James
Danika James 8 days ago
@Chase Brown thank u. My oldest mastiff lived to be 11 years old so it was time
Chase Brown
Chase Brown 8 days ago
@Danika James oh no I’m sorry about ur puppers
Danika James
Danika James 8 days ago
I had 2 mastiffs but they passed years ago😢 and now I have a Great Dane. I can tell u that u r accurate 😂
Penny Dennis
Penny Dennis 9 days ago
"Who's horse is that" took me out 😇
KHAY RAZANE 5 days ago
Aziz Putris
Aziz Putris 9 days ago
1:05 oh no dude
famous I am the
famous I am the 9 days ago
Athina Rickert
Athina Rickert 9 days ago
love this!!!!
Athina Rickert
Athina Rickert 9 days ago
anyone else have a comment glitch???? hahahahaha sike
*Janae* 9 days ago
Athina Rickert
Athina Rickert 9 days ago
i have a great dane he is the color gray blue and he’s super rare
Kage 9 days ago
Awww uiiiii ein feini!!!!
Loki 9 days ago
I dont care how big they get they are the fucken cutest
Kakao_Tyan 9 days ago
Это немецкий дог?
famous I am the
famous I am the 9 days ago
heartbroken1012 9 days ago
I wuv big tok videos
famous I am the
famous I am the 9 days ago
Ocean Perridge-pohl
first comment? (also can I be pinned? It’s ok if not) I really love ur vids btw!!! 💝💗 (sorry if it’s too much)
famous I am the
famous I am the 9 days ago
Dharson A
Dharson A 9 days ago
3rd comment
Pitbull Compilation!