BABYSITTING! Good Sister vs Bad Sister 

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Sister vs sister, from sharing clothes to snitching on each other these sisters are always at it. One sister is a popular cheerleader at her high school and the annoying younger sister loves to bother her like siblings do. They annoy each and make up but at the end of the day there will always be competition between these two sisters.
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Feb 24, 2021




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Dan and Riya
Dan and Riya Month ago
STRAWBERRY AND BLUEBERRY Q&A HERE! us-first.info/player/video/f7mChaOAn39kd2Q.html
Justin Lockett
Justin Lockett 5 days ago
I love strawberries hair is always so pretty and I always want to be like a rhubarb
Isaiah Resendiz
Isaiah Resendiz 8 days ago
Isaiah Resendiz
Isaiah Resendiz 8 days ago
Shaun Duerson
Shaun Duerson 11 days ago
Y’all should start a show
jlecroy2 15 days ago
sūnfløwer Hour ago
😎. 👖👚👟
Dorota Radley
Dorota Radley 7 hours ago
Nobody: Strawberry's mum is mother nature OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!
local fox
local fox 19 hours ago
Are we not going to talk about how fun it must be to play rhubarb in every video like you get to eat!?
Tom W
Tom W Day ago
DeDe Shannon
DeDe Shannon Day ago
Strawberry I thought you was dating Chad I mean trying 2 😐😐😐😐😐😐
ii_xx gloria
ii_xx gloria 2 days ago
strawberry is amazing 😏🤡😩😉
Julian Partida
Julian Partida 2 days ago
The baby is soooooooooo cute 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
itdshoeygaming 2 days ago
Can we talk about how cute is austin😘
Jaquilla Jeter
Jaquilla Jeter 2 days ago
Y’all should really be a Netflix star ⭐️ make Netflix vids or try y’all are so good at this if it was me honay!we would have to do it over and over and over like 21 time so don’t work with me🕐🕧🕝
Kirsty Iqbal
Kirsty Iqbal 2 days ago
If they don’t make this a Netflix movie! I am gonna lose my MIND
Yolanda Benitez
Yolanda Benitez 2 days ago
No or yes
Sasha-lee Green
Sasha-lee Green 3 days ago
Reneshia Proctor
Reneshia Proctor 3 days ago
can strawberry watch my sister
Hilda Moreno
Hilda Moreno 3 days ago
I’m the only child 😌
That one biss you met
12:35 me: UhH- well- dont be shy light her sisters clothes on fire then run out the house :D (I- LMAO I THINK THEY OUT FOR THEY NECKS .-.)
bunny watermellon
Bruh hes a baby ofcourse no girl
Anna Harms
Anna Harms 3 days ago
Does anyone think that Dan should be more Violent for that pink pretty princess I forgot her name 👇
Khalaya Miller
Khalaya Miller 3 days ago
if strawberry has pink has cause shes a strawberry shoudent blueberry have blue hair?
Rosy Akter
Rosy Akter 3 days ago
Bye the way I love you guys you make the best videos
Rosy Akter
Rosy Akter 3 days ago
Huh why did someone distlike if they had a US-first I will distlike then 100 times
Nailla Rigodon
Nailla Rigodon 3 days ago
the petition for them being on netflix(this is better than fuller house) 👇
Jessie Angeline Gllin
Strawberry's and blue-berry's mom is very calm... A bit tooooooo calm
Naseeb Natuh
Naseeb Natuh 3 days ago
I can say that strawberry is a really bad sister and blueberry is a good sister
Kendra D'Andrade
Kendra D'Andrade 3 days ago
Blueberry why did you snitch on Strawberry, Strawberry you have anger issues. I love Strawberry and Bueberry.
Kk Sings
Kk Sings 4 days ago
Me watching thw vid chill When they mension angeloan italian: OML DID ANGELO THE 10 YR HO ON TINDER OML I HAVE SOME TEA TO SPILL
Ashley Brown
Ashley Brown 4 days ago
You haven't made a video in a long time I'm not talking about the other new ones so yeah when you haven't made a video in a long time I thought you were dead to be honest yeah I actually thought you were d or I can't say it I thought you!
Paige Cabrera
Paige Cabrera 4 days ago
When strawberry said she has anger issues I was like Bruh I have anger issues
Fallen Møønlight
I feel bad for the baby because he looks so sad because he gets the blame for everything and I also feel bad for Strawberry because she got ganged up on
Zoey Dyson
Zoey Dyson 5 days ago
AWWW the baby is so cute 😄🥰😍
JDAIZ Esannason
JDAIZ Esannason 5 days ago
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luar eclipx
luar eclipx 5 days ago
Chelsey With c
Chelsey With c 5 days ago
I love your video you are so good I’m from London as well
Kemoya Cobourne
Kemoya Cobourne 5 days ago
We Tre gerhlkjmnbs
selia alberaqdar
selia alberaqdar 6 days ago
This should be a Netflix show it's amazing👍😍🤩
Angel Lasalle
Angel Lasalle 6 days ago
The baby so canfised like what the baby look so cute
901TM 6 days ago
Videos are. So cool. When. Do. You. Post. Videos
Xxxfatiah Theqween
I would never not like a video of yours your videos are amazing I’ve been watching your videos since I was seven years old and now I’m nine
Toys and Charisa's World
fraildolli 7 days ago
the babies a paid actor when blueberry said "You know this is all your fault right?"
ELLA GARRETT 7 days ago
Blueberry should have blue hair
poophead 8 days ago
Also cinimons mum and tootsie dad gets to gether
poophead 8 days ago
They should do a video where raja and rhubarb have a baby and tubabrb is a teen mum that should be. A series
Mary Ojo
Mary Ojo 8 days ago
That’s strawberry’s mom
Lizzyew •o•
Lizzyew •o• 8 days ago
Why is the baby so cute tho🥺💗
Lizzyew •o•
Lizzyew •o• 8 days ago
🙂 💪👕🤳 👖 🥾🥾
giorgia 8 days ago
Thiinn9inibbbou yiv
namsrai bundun
namsrai bundun 9 days ago
i love how bluberry said strawberry
ليليان خلو
Evie Franklin
Evie Franklin 9 days ago
Question why does blueberry have pink hair? she should have blue hair
Idiot Midarii
Idiot Midarii 10 days ago
Idiot Midarii
Idiot Midarii 10 days ago
Polar Chanちゃん
Alyssia Gest
Alyssia Gest 10 days ago
the baby is so cute
Moon glamour you are Beautiful LightXox
Hi i have a skech
Black And White _gachatuber
I bet that tootsie's mom is going to marry cinnamon's dad
Shaun Duerson
Shaun Duerson 11 days ago
Y’all should start a show
M C 11 days ago
Set novel boys stop acting like you better girls get some more squads like put the head will you go to the best meaning something because you guys look here this head And redhead you you gotta give me some freaking movie something else could be honey Bunny money like it some redhead cool but you should be Your mama dad did not phrase you to be bad OK you you guys stop making those video guys call to make 100 more videos because live Boys stop acting you got just get some more friend better real girls
Yo girl Fatima
Yo girl Fatima 11 days ago
Yes 👍 is. Ok 👌. 😇🤩🥳😎
mya kawaiii
mya kawaiii 12 days ago
Jade Ann Scott
Jade Ann Scott 12 days ago
Love you strawberry
Dress 12 days ago
mrssexyyella 13 days ago
Aubrey Varnell
Aubrey Varnell 13 days ago
Jssggs be
Aleyah Carr
Aleyah Carr 13 days ago
Emily Carreno
Emily Carreno 14 days ago
Does raja have a sibling 🥺😃
Martha Hernandez
Martha Hernandez 15 days ago
Pls make this PG I’m a kid and I love watching ur vids
YEE JHYLLEM Moe 15 days ago
I hate to break it to u strawberry but I love ur sister blueberry more. I’m sorry
Steph Hyde
Steph Hyde 15 days ago
Just a second of a sister bonding happened in this video (strawberry,blueberry) ;-;
Dq Vezro
Dq Vezro 15 days ago
When she drink the baby bottles me LITERALLY DIED😂😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂❤️😂😂😭❤️❤️😭😬😂😂
Dq Vezro
Dq Vezro 15 days ago
When she talked to the baby I went like 🤦‍♀️
Faye Gauani
Faye Gauani 15 days ago
🍓strawberry s mom has no clothes
Mackenzie McGee
Mackenzie McGee 15 days ago
Strawberry Berry
Strawberry Berry 15 days ago
The baby is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Xochitl Aguirre
Xochitl Aguirre 15 days ago
Hifyy giuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Agnese Grieze
Agnese Grieze 15 days ago
Maike mor videos candi
jaiden3612 16 days ago
Netflix show top 10 up to season 20
Ruben Dylan Ramirez
The fact she whispered at the nail salon when blueberry was roasting cinnamon strawberries literally whispered pig in a row she really is my sister I’m dead💀💀💀
xXdemonicxXalexX 17 days ago
is it just me or is strawberry starting to like hreen more then pink :O
Paola Chan
Paola Chan 17 days ago
This needs to be on Netflix
Paola Chan
Paola Chan 17 days ago
I would quit school to watch this ever single day!!
Tsamina Semoedi
Tsamina Semoedi 18 days ago
Aw the baby 👶🏼💓💯😘❤❤😍
Tsamina Semoedi
Tsamina Semoedi 18 days ago
The baby is so cute👶🏼💓
Vicky Hernandez
Vicky Hernandez 18 days ago
Vicky Hernandez
Vicky Hernandez 18 days ago
M.Khulan M.Khulan
M.Khulan M.Khulan 18 days ago
Omg ther mom is so calm
It’s Ava :P
It’s Ava :P 18 days ago
The fact that the girls aren’t aloud to call her mom 🥺😂
Nuzuko Chan
Nuzuko Chan 18 days ago
This should be a Netflix series called Beverly Valley high AKA BVH for short who thinks ? 👇🏻
Glorious Phillips
Glorious Phillips 18 days ago
Girl bye strawberries mom is a whole vibe 😭☠️🤚🏾
allahwill bewithusforenternity
for some reason I don't like strawberries mom, Lol.
Rene Robles
Rene Robles 19 days ago
Wait uh minute did do cinoman has a job on her place
Pj Amrollah
Pj Amrollah 19 days ago
Love you guys
Stephanie leonor!
Stephanie leonor! 19 days ago
Daniel Palomares
Daniel Palomares 20 days ago
Dixie D'Amilio is with Noah Beck but you put her with someone else on the Francine's book she had. Sorry i don't know how to spell Dixie's last name
Sophie Hernandez
Sophie Hernandez 20 days ago
Mm mmml Lllllllllll. 8'o9
Chloe White
Chloe White 20 days ago
I love when strawberry 🍓and blueberry 🫐 bond
Sofia Brielle G. Viola
9:39 okay that baby is so cute
Milk isn't blue - ROBLOX
Aria&arianna Forever
I’m a kid!
MaleahMalik MaleahMalik
Amberly Arthur
Amberly Arthur 21 day ago