Golden Retriever Dad Tells Daughter Playtime is Over 

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Although this behavior may seem shocking to those that have not spent time around dog parents and their puppies, this is completely normal. Sassa's Dad was always very loving and playful towards his puppies and would often cuddle with them and teach them how to play. However, puppies are HIGH STRUNG and often don't understand when its time to calm down. Puppies need to learn how to act from their parents in the first critical 8 weeks together. Many times it is the mother that does the most growling and snarling at her pups when they need to learn a certain behavior. Rest assured - Sassa's littermates and herself were very loved by her fur parents :) Enjoy!

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Apr 22, 2021




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Laura Uzan
Laura Uzan 10 hours ago
It’s weird to see a Goldie snarl
Psycho YT
Psycho YT 14 hours ago
pou ti jereis eimai egw
7Holes 14 hours ago
Plot twist: dog was asleep snoring with his eyes open
gavin gouveia
gavin gouveia 16 hours ago
Animal Documentary
Animal Documentary 18 hours ago
Baby dog oh common give me 5 more minutes dad dog no
FA Ferran
FA Ferran 22 hours ago
Michael Chau
Michael Chau 23 hours ago
I guess pure breed golden retrievers are more inclined with their own breed... Because i have heard of alot of cases where cross-breed dogs tend to kill their young for the masters attention, this is the type of stuff that separates us humans from the animals.
Sky Blue
Sky Blue Day ago
Der ist ganz lieb das sieht man an den Augen 😅
marvel bound
marvel bound Day ago
Playtime is ova bitches😬
Tiro Mandal
Tiro Mandal Day ago
Daddy's bluffin. They know what's up.
Kyle Eller
Kyle Eller Day ago
the zombie pigmen after i hit one accidentally
kaleb dickerson
Dad dog: "I should've pulled out"
Ostarū Empire
He's too much of a sweet heart
Adriel Day ago
The thumbnail is telling me he’s serious.
Farzana Hussain
What next papa please save from from the ultimate doomsday among incredulous stupid-morons!!!!! Please please please
HooDie Day ago
0:27 what're you doing step dad?
She snuck a bite in 😂😭
D Day ago
Love you Daddy!
주영김 Day ago
Delete my childhood video.
Piztech Day ago
...That's a male pup
mr Phoenix
mr Phoenix 2 days ago
The Honest Truth
The Honest Truth 2 days ago
Dogs seem harmless until they show their teeth.
The Switch Gamer
The Switch Gamer 2 days ago
That thumbnail tho
Jim Carroll
Jim Carroll 2 days ago
Yes, this is clearly a vicious beast. I'm a bit surprised he has not eaten the puppies, though it does seem possible that he likes them . . .
ItzAutumnShadow 2 days ago
"This party is over."
ensaba 2 days ago
He sounds like my Mustang GT V8
Matthew Wehrle
Matthew Wehrle 2 days ago
I was like yeah I’ll totally want to watch an ad for this and then paused it and said see ya.
SweetiePie 3 days ago
Aww.. cuties
Harry Fox
Harry Fox 3 days ago
This be like Dad: get of me Daughter: nooooooo Dad: NOW Daughter: noooooooo Dad: NOW OR I EAT YOU Daughter: noooooooo Dad: fine
A lala
A lala 3 days ago
Awe that's scary 😨
Eric Valkenaar
Eric Valkenaar 3 days ago
More human parents should be like that.
Christian Lawson
Christian Lawson 3 days ago
When them dogs show those teeth they ain’t playing
Lil Coodi Dos
Lil Coodi Dos 3 days ago
Just another day with sassa and sassa’s dad “/
LxveBryan 3 days ago
0:29 what are you lookin at bud? 🤨
mj cowgill
mj cowgill 3 days ago
mounir Bari
mounir Bari 3 days ago
Depressed butter cat
The dog's expression: *angry* The dog's tail: *happy*
Penn 4 days ago
Big doggo: stop climbing on me Lil doggo: o hai sowy fo baitin u I diden men any of dat
Mindless Rover
Mindless Rover 4 days ago
Well that deescalated quickly!
밀우 4 days ago
자 이거보고 골댕이가 왜저럴까 영상 부가설명 펼쳐본사람 손
Luis Gutierrez Jr
Why am I watching this
Anirudh Sehgal
Anirudh Sehgal 4 days ago
Dad will always be dad
Joseph Pantolon
Joseph Pantolon 4 days ago
Hi Daddy, we are playing smell our silent fart...
Arma 4 days ago
Lack of authority
d_cates23 4 days ago
Blue Berry
Blue Berry 4 days ago
0:07 how my dad snores
Taylor Craft
Taylor Craft 4 days ago
Golden’s are the sweetest
Josiah Marrow
Josiah Marrow 4 days ago
That’s my dog when he see’s his pups
Ukkgjwsion Zkccclpmlu
logachu 123
logachu 123 4 days ago
Dad: I don't like you kids Kids: aww we love you too dad :D
Larry Islington
Larry Islington 4 days ago
Bandit Heeler does not approve.
Cheerio girl
Cheerio girl 4 days ago
Why was the puppy spanking the dog with its foot? Lol
le bébéque
le bébéque 5 days ago
why does he look like Jamie Foxx in the thumbnail? lol
Reg Rock
Reg Rock 5 days ago
The patriarchy and toxic masculinity at work, oh wait, sorry that’s only for virtue signalling humans.
Mathew Maldonado
Mathew Maldonado 5 days ago
Bad daddy
johnny maximum
johnny maximum 5 days ago
"three horns dont play with long necks"
Kundra Kumara
Kundra Kumara 5 days ago
I love the puppies
Jenna Burnett
Jenna Burnett 5 days ago
No offense, but that was boring. Sorry you could of made the video a little longer.
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코 실룩실룩하는 모습마저도 귀엽잖아🤭
play growl
Jack Vaughn
Jack Vaughn 5 days ago
Native Newyorker
Native Newyorker 5 days ago
Typical dads….
Vin H
Vin H 5 days ago
No doggospeak or weird captions? This is a good video
bestdulce13 5 days ago
I feel these great doggie parents should give child rearing lessons to humans that can't control their kids at grocery/shopping centers :)
Ramsey Bonny
Ramsey Bonny 5 days ago
Good evening bestdulce how's your day going so far my 🌹
Kevin Mojarro
Kevin Mojarro 5 days ago
POV: this video popped up in your recommended today
OnFight1997 5 days ago
The dog is actually mad, because he knows going to the grocery store to buy milk is a terrible excuse to go away for 20 years, but then he gets out of it and goes back to dad duty.
F.G.H. 2 days ago
Why would he need an excuse if he's never coming back
Nikhil 5 days ago
I have seen main Street dogs doing this with their puppies
Mr Charles Cavalier
He sound like the way my dad’s snoring in middle of the night
Ssc Official
Ssc Official 6 days ago
Me when I pet my dog:
Epic Spiderman
Epic Spiderman 6 days ago
Dad: PLAY TOME IS OVER puppy: why why why why why why why!
Phillip H
Phillip H 6 days ago
I want them. I want all golden retrievers. I just want to eat their faces. Thats all.
EXZILE Aztecz 6 days ago
0:16 sounds like my dad when he’s drunk sleeping
i Larold
i Larold 6 days ago
What a jerk
Ivan Aparicio
Ivan Aparicio 6 days ago
Lol why are the males dogs always like this to the their pups
Alan Noronha
Alan Noronha 6 days ago
Cause they are males
Chuck Fitch
Chuck Fitch 6 days ago
why so serious?
zohrya kanowah
zohrya kanowah 6 days ago
Just beautiful 😍💙
Valencia T
Valencia T 6 days ago
No like human Dads he's thinking "WHERE IS YOUR MOTHER!?" After being left with the kids 20 minutes 😂😂😂
leafs2234 3 days ago
Lol probably true
Karsten Meanor
Karsten Meanor 6 days ago
Puppies are so cute oml
Neil Oliver Ebarat
TheJTcreate 6 days ago
Because many humans today are so narcissitic, they believe everything in the world follows their unicorn rules. Jeez, human nature doesn't even follow those unicorn rules. Pretty much all animal species follow a domination hierarchy, including humans. We are decedents of primates. The dog is teaching respect and obedience to his pups through command and hierarchy. Its imperative to their survival. -And yes, some pups push the line while the other gets the picture and wanders off camera. The more the pup pushes it luck, the bigger the back lash. So, yes, even a dog understands the importance of consequence (which is obvious). .
Wolfy Whitefang
Wolfy Whitefang 6 days ago
We came here from Markiplier's video let's all agree..👌🏻
Susan Essmaker
Susan Essmaker 6 days ago
Fake. Dogs take being manipulated. He's aggravated by that
Just A Random Person
Sounds like me trying to breathe with a clogged nose
Aetherflame 6 days ago
Half way between a snore and a growl
M R 6 days ago
Sure, the dog sniffs the puppy’s crotch and growls, everyone thinks it’s adorable. When I run up to people in the park and do the same thing, I get arrested. What a world!
Charles R. DARWIN
Why I'm watching this video?
CASTLE VISION 6 days ago
LMFAO how does one figure thats what the dog was trying to say, lmfao people funny AF. they think they can talk, understand dogs. they even think dogs are humans having them on their beds and shit
E J K 93
E J K 93 4 days ago
We can infer from the facial expressions and growls that the father was annoyed and was not interested in continuing the so-called "playtime" with the puppy. Also, what makes you believe you are in a position to judge some's sleeping situation with their pet? Many if not most people consider their pet as a member of their family because they love them unconditionally. Obviously pets have their place, but that wouldn't necessarily preclude them from creature comforts like sleeping in a bed.
Miguel Cruz
Miguel Cruz 6 days ago
dang kids don't listen now a days
Da fruit
Da fruit 6 days ago
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Arku 47
Arku 47 6 days ago
That one snoring guy in the Bus
John Smith
John Smith 6 days ago
With the STAGED Corona SCAM the governments all over the world are trying to eradicate our FREEDOM. If we don't FIGHT back we will end up as SLAVES
xCarpexDiemx 6 days ago
Aww ❤️
jdzspace33 6 days ago
It's crazy what happens when children respect their parents. Though I was wondering what he would have done if she didn't stop....probably just grabbed her by the scruff of her neck or something. I think that is the puppy parent version of "I'm counting to 3"
Clotilde Streater
lol too cute!
Juan Rios
Juan Rios 6 days ago
Here comes the "dog experts" 🙄
Barkin 6 days ago
Q Bigolo
Q Bigolo 6 days ago
The bean dog
Fluffy Catto
Fluffy Catto 6 days ago
Heccin doggos. Even annoying their parents!
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