Gold Girl vs Silver Man / I`m Pregnant! 

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Is gold compatible with silver? Without a doubt, yes! Moreover, such a couple may well have a baby!
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Feb 19, 2021




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Troom Troom Trick
Nathan Silverman loves superhero stories. Jules Golding is as elegant and beautiful as 24 karat gold. Their relationship is one for the ages! Watch what happens to this happy couple in our new video!
Soultane 222
Soultane 222 3 hours ago
fathima husain
fathima husain 5 hours ago
mGemma Dorkin
mGemma Dorkin 12 hours ago
Kimberlee Otero
Cnb go de xhcncbcbdj BB bc but xbxbxbdmdnxbbcnbcbcxnncnncncbbcbcbbmddmndnd
Gianna Vassel
kalpana rai
kalpana rai 15 minutes ago
Part 2
Pika Chu
Pika Chu 21 minute ago
Why do they always look the same...
aileen vidal
aileen vidal Hour ago
What the
Suzy Hanton
Suzy Hanton 2 hours ago
Suzy Hanton
Suzy Hanton 2 hours ago
Bennet Oswin Fraga
Bennet Oswin Fraga 2 hours ago
Felice Stella Goon
Felice Stella Goon 4 hours ago
You guys can make like this video again i like it
Zareille Jones
Zareille Jones 6 hours ago
Chef Kitz
Chef Kitz 7 hours ago
I am mav
Luke Tyrese Caleb Reboquio
I think the baby is diamod
Kirana Goodson
Kirana Goodson 10 hours ago
in the picture of the race in gold room you can see silver
pro gamer
pro gamer 12 hours ago
Gold and silver together is diamond
ÅŁŸŠŚÃ 12 hours ago
My favorite part was the end you will know maybe
darrentbrown 12 hours ago
i love all of that
Ralph justin Buena
Ralph justin Buena 13 hours ago
The baby should be named leather
Xx.fidget.toysxx Xx
Xx.fidget.toysxx Xx 14 hours ago
Nathan feel head over heels in loveeeee
charlie coplin
charlie coplin 15 hours ago
A recharging
Muhammad Umar Javed
Muhammad Umar Javed 16 hours ago
R̶a̶i̶n̶e̶y̶ P̶l̶a̶y̶z̶
Nathan is the real tinman
Jessica Mullaney
Jessica Mullaney 18 hours ago
I hate you too
Jauvious Amerson
Jauvious Amerson 18 hours ago
all was my fav
Jauvious Amerson
Jauvious Amerson 18 hours ago
is she really having a baby
TANICE TULLOCH 18 hours ago
Vymino X Taniesha
Vymino X Taniesha 19 hours ago
Green_Tea 19 hours ago
*and a amazing look in general* Alright , stop- , you don’t need to run it in bc your acteur is handsome
Chelini Family
Chelini Family 14 hours ago
Sidiqi Sidibeh
Sidiqi Sidibeh 23 hours ago
Bb v gvgggg
Ayham Mahmoud
Ayham Mahmoud 23 hours ago
I like gold and silver it’s my favorite color
Jenna’s Playhouse
Cool 😎 lol
bagya rai
bagya rai Day ago
The gold girls toothpaste looks like ma poooooooooooop😆
bagya rai
bagya rai Day ago
XD jk jk jk😆😆 or am i
PC Club
PC Club Day ago
What his name the baby
Gürkan Turan
Ew annisatur
Mitu Ismail
Mitu Ismail Day ago
anzinaira 123
I love this two love birds
Shasna mansotra
I thought their baby would be browns
Sis vs sis vs dog
This is the best video I ever seen from tromm tromm
By the way do you mean sister do you see the picture because because I am the Sistine you’re here cause I just want to use for school and this is my name my name is Alexa Rodriguez and I like to watch the videos a demon sister am I like to see your videos so much
Love the girls so much I was thinking you wanna have a girl can
Liliana Botts
Raised On Rockets
The baby
Julia Goodwin
I love how they put paint on a tooth brush and some sort of foils on his teeth
wensday Frog
wensday Frog Day ago
1:20 when mom tells me
Arianna Gonzalez Chicas
Why are they so fast
Marcin Rak
Marcin Rak Day ago
Butterfly Queen
We want part two ☺☺☺😊😊
Janneke Ramaker
Gold zilver copper
Dimitriy Castor
Dimitriy Castor 2 days ago
It's actually silver surfer
EllenDaGamer 2 days ago
I thought the baby would be bronze
shekinah johnson
shekinah johnson 2 days ago
Nor elysha
Nor elysha 2 days ago
I love gold
Arsenio Bayarcal Jr
is this real
Tanay Srivastava
Tanay Srivastava 2 days ago
i need to work in troom troom
hey hey
hey hey 2 days ago
Sliver girl it that i Will be 😁 i dont like gold
Teresa Calderon
Teresa Calderon 2 days ago
A little close for corona
Princess Celia Linda Paras
Hi! Are you the all in the whoo hoo?
Ann Ates
Ann Ates 2 days ago
I'm beautiful than you
Masakan khas Cina muslim
Alicorn Aisyah kahwin eh aku macam mana tekan
Marvel DJs clan
Marvel DJs clan 2 days ago
It’s Silver surfer not silver skater
Ashley Worth
Ashley Worth 2 days ago
Sliver sufer
Victor Olivo
Victor Olivo 2 days ago
Enda Cormican
Enda Cormican 2 days ago
You should give her Orange juice it is gold
Enda Cormican
Enda Cormican 2 days ago
Wow you did very good doing the haunted house!!!!!!
Enda Cormican
Enda Cormican 2 days ago
Those gold bars are fake they are made out of cardboard still very cool
Joshua Barbara Counterman
Summy Messer
Summy Messer 2 days ago
It's so happy
Royalty 2 days ago
Why is this in my recommended
Neelu Verma
Neelu Verma 7 hours ago
Neelu Verma
Neelu Verma 7 hours ago
Hater Matter
Hater Matter 18 hours ago
Mine tooo
bagya rai
bagya rai Day ago
Yeah mine to
Savanna Levy
Savanna Levy 2 days ago
Love you guys
Deqo Abdi Aden
Deqo Abdi Aden 2 days ago
Jenece Sales
Jenece Sales 2 days ago
i like jules because i like gold my brother will be nathan but we cant mary each other
Treasure Chest
Treasure Chest 2 days ago
Thanks for using my name
Ant _.
Ant _. 2 days ago
Silver toothpaste . 💀
David Tucker
David Tucker 2 days ago
1st place is silver gold is second place
the blakes
the blakes 2 days ago
Fake belly
Drnidhi Anand
Drnidhi Anand 2 days ago
максим голыбин
Ачо. Англиский. Там
Rafaela Z
Rafaela Z 2 days ago
Bryan Giovanni
Bryan Giovanni 2 days ago
i like it but first why is the girl with a silver top???
ALL IN ONE !! 2 days ago
Treasure is not a not a good name
Karen Chan
Karen Chan 3 days ago
Super beautiful
Mel Seabrook
Mel Seabrook 3 days ago
It is a fake marry it is a fake pregnat
Maricelfffyt Dela Hostria
Wow 😲
Bettye Lynchard
Bettye Lynchard 3 days ago
It’s silver surfer
Sasha Gold
Sasha Gold 3 days ago
Troom:oh no she's sick Me:do u think with all that makeup on
bagya rai
bagya rai Day ago
i just wanna make emojis
bagya rai
bagya rai Day ago
Same XD :D :) :(
Maria M Menjivar
Maria M Menjivar 3 days ago
Basicly they had sex to have the baby if not than the "baby" is a toy and the "pregnant stomach" is just a ballon or a ball
Jaelle Naarah Gamueda. hello
My favorite part is the baby ❣️🍼
Nathan PlaysGaming
Wait Nathan
shannon harper
shannon harper 3 days ago
I bet the baby is gonna be iron
shannon harper
shannon harper 3 days ago
I was wrong
Jigme Tenzin
Jigme Tenzin 3 days ago
Happy cople
Carrie Griffith
Carrie Griffith 3 days ago
I loved it so much
Leah the wolf
Leah the wolf 3 days ago
Charlotte Kwong
Charlotte Kwong 3 days ago
So sweet
Turtle Boy
Turtle Boy 3 days ago
I have question why did she not dye her hair gold
breanae williams
breanae williams 3 days ago
Shauntel Daniels
Shauntel Daniels 3 days ago
My Favorite is they wasing having fun and the baby
Timeka Woods
Timeka Woods 3 days ago
Maddi Is Mad
Maddi Is Mad 3 days ago
That was the best family ever!!!!
Noodles For poodles
Hoi how are you
Wølfie O.O
Wølfie O.O 3 days ago
Wtf did I click-
William Morgan
William Morgan 3 days ago
Deviled Eggs!
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