Goku Finally Meets Raditz 20 Years Later! Dragon Ball Super GR PART 1 

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Throughout the story of Dragon Ball, we have only seen brief glimpses of Goku's family. At first we saw his grandpa Gohan, then saw his father Bardock only through short OVAs. And now only after the recent dragon ball super movie, have we seen his mother Gine. But one member of his family has been all but forgotten, and that was his older brother Raditz. In todays video, Goku will finally meet Raditz again all these year later in Hell, as well as Nappa.
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Feb 19, 2021




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CALLMEARJ 10 days ago
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KitKat Kookie
KitKat Kookie 9 hours ago
*I want a part 2* #raditz
Jhali Da Jeenu
Jhali Da Jeenu 13 hours ago
Please review Record of Ragnork ❤️❤️
sordnes 15 hours ago
#RADITZ part 2 plsssssss
CJLAKE Day ago
Ahhhh I was hoping this was canon! It was good. I’ve been waiting to see this moment in DBS or when Goku finally meets Barddok. I believe that that’s still on the table.
CJLAKE Day ago
Lol you spelled Angel Angle. 😂😂😂
Liquid 18 seconds ago
Man dude I never have seen your content until today. I was so wowed by all of this!!! Very nice
Melmar Calungsod
Melmar Calungsod 27 minutes ago
lol rip raditz
TheDeadCobra 30 minutes ago
Goku is made dumber here so wrong
LunicGamer575 Colon-Corujo
Mohd. Umair Khan
Mohd. Umair Khan 45 minutes ago
Great work bro
Brandon Drennan
"In this super sayian 3 form we look alike" And now we know why raditz was not revived. They hate drawing that form
Thông Nguyễn
Thông Nguyễn 2 hours ago
Thatguy Overthere
Thatguy Overthere 2 hours ago
Kaio what...?
dansketch 2 hours ago
Tina Perisich
Tina Perisich 4 hours ago
We need a VE BG and GR part 3 or a rewrite to make it like 1 long manga arch brining back saying and training with other universe 7
Ra Marty
Ra Marty 4 hours ago
Who else followed along with the english dubs going in thier heads, ignoring the video voiceover?
David Gutierrez
David Gutierrez 4 hours ago
I kept on forgetting that this isn't real😢
Ka Ho Lo
Ka Ho Lo 5 hours ago
John Moore Jr.
John Moore Jr. 5 hours ago
Gine and Bardock didn’t raise shit. Lmao
Ryan Labrie
Ryan Labrie 5 hours ago
Vergil on a Chair
Vergil on a Chair 5 hours ago
0:34 That's a funny line to hear about at this time.
not me
not me 6 hours ago
Is this fan made?
wolfstaks 6 hours ago
yes please we need more bro !!!!!!!!!
Jojo Joe
Jojo Joe 6 hours ago
the only flaw is Raditz would have to be pure hearted to turn ssj.
acecesar200_Cesar 6 hours ago
Chris Darker
Chris Darker 6 hours ago
instant fan... ♥
shonit bolar
shonit bolar 6 hours ago
Goku already did in the manga
Maestro gd
Maestro gd 6 hours ago
Part 2
fatboy yeet
fatboy yeet 6 hours ago
Mans went to hell just to flex 😂
STAMP MITCHEL 6 hours ago
Part 2 ? I want a part 9000!!! This story was great 👍
Punx is idol and noise
Goku would’ve still fought him but at his level not showing his true power I mean he sparred with krillen during the top arc
Anime World
Anime World 7 hours ago
Pl# release part 2 of this
The Savior DJ
The Savior DJ 7 hours ago
A super saiyan raditz is still weaker than ginyu and just on par with recoom and jeice 😂 ssj raditz is on par with nappa in great ape form 😂
Joel Brian Thomas
Joel Brian Thomas 7 hours ago
Awww that was nice ☺
SIRHENNY1 9 hours ago
The new king of saiyans made me cackle
Kamogelo Ayanda
Kamogelo Ayanda 9 hours ago
This video is surprising and good so u don't mind to realease part 2
your mom
your mom 9 hours ago
Alternate title: took came to visit his brother just to flex all of his transformations
Dysfunctional Dildo
"I barely even know people that AREN'T Super Saiyans anymore" Lmao
xfuturesasuke 9 hours ago
So this one is not connected to the story where Goku revives Bardock, wish there was some sort of connected storyline continuation. It would have been awesome.
Ian MacKinnon
Ian MacKinnon 10 hours ago
This was pretty good. I think any reunion between the two would be very similar to this story. Well done.
JAMES D 10 hours ago
Awesome story! Thank you for your creation efforts. This should be added to cannon. Definitely worthy.
hemang dand
hemang dand 10 hours ago
Jetro Gutierrez
Jetro Gutierrez 11 hours ago
Tay'shaun Casey
Tay'shaun Casey 11 hours ago
Bro I will commit suicide if I don't get Part 2 My life is in your hands
Tie Mu
Tie Mu 11 hours ago
So this is fan made?
Smile gaming
Smile gaming 11 hours ago
part 2 pls
Super MT
Super MT 11 hours ago
francisco fernandez
francisco fernandez 11 hours ago
Really nice work bro u got a talent for this glad i ran into your video
fatol500 11 hours ago
This was INCREDIBLE, this is the first video from you I have seen, and I am excited for a follow up to this chapter, you are amazing at capturing their personalities, and at how they would react in each situation. I have subscribed and turned on notifications, absolutely amazing.
Sesshomaru 12 hours ago
I wish this was cannon.
Sesshomaru 11 hours ago
@XJSPlays02 no?
XJSPlays02 11 hours ago
Magic Gamer69
Magic Gamer69 12 hours ago
Please make a part 2 I will literally wait months or years for more parts! Awesome video and I hope you can keep making this awesome content! Keep up the great work!
The Blue Phoenix
The Blue Phoenix 12 hours ago
Martin Ramos
Martin Ramos 12 hours ago
Gina is proud that Raditz is dead in hell? Lmao
Cooper Goliath
Cooper Goliath 13 hours ago
Raven James
Raven James 13 hours ago
That was an amazing story and the ending with Gina & Bardock got me a little misty eye... Well done Would love to see a part 2
Dr. Maurice A. Zanders Etheridge
I wish this was Real Real ... So Awesome ... Would Love to see this as cannon and in Animation 🙏💯❤️💯💯💯😁🔥🔥🔥❤️💯
Baby Tone
Baby Tone 13 hours ago
I doubt this is how raditz would be
Travis Spaulding
Travis Spaulding 13 hours ago
luca tabone
luca tabone 13 hours ago
we need part 2
Jonathan Campbell
Jonathan Campbell 14 hours ago
Brotherly love awwwwww
Ahmed Choudhary
Ahmed Choudhary 14 hours ago
Part 2
Soulfishy 14 hours ago
That really touch me man🥺😭
Dr zombi slayer 935
Dr zombi slayer 935 14 hours ago
Do a part 2 please
LORD OF THE PAGE 14 hours ago
#raditz p2 please
The Unofficial Gamer
Raditz sqwueems in fear
Son Goku
Son Goku 15 hours ago
Great read but Goku wouldn't forget about a fight he had that cost him his life ppl be over exaggerating it man 😂😂 lol
IamDylanYT 15 hours ago
matija petrovic
matija petrovic 15 hours ago
Napa is alive, someone bring him back with dragon balls.
memes and balls
memes and balls 15 hours ago
Justin Carson
Justin Carson 15 hours ago
My guess is Raditz thought Super Saiyin was the pinnacle and got content, stopped trying to get stronger.
team T 003
team T 003 16 hours ago
Do​ pt 2 plz
Prophet Google
Prophet Google 16 hours ago
Kurt Angle helped me him..
conor Eley
conor Eley 16 hours ago
#raditz and ofcourse we wanna see more
Stefano Martin
Stefano Martin 17 hours ago
Hey what did goku parents say what was his reaction tell me 😭😭😭😭😭 I want to know
bobby boucher
bobby boucher 17 hours ago
Cayleb Thomson
Cayleb Thomson 17 hours ago
#raditz make part 2 plz
naresh thakur
naresh thakur 18 hours ago
#### raditz
Great E
Great E 18 hours ago
And y tf is bardock in hell he should be in heaven ya know
XJSPlays02 11 hours ago
He Killed People
SheScream Savage
SheScream Savage 18 hours ago
Raditz: So where's the namekian? Goku: Uh Uh Yoshi *Piccolo talking to him in his mind* Piccolo: IM NOT A GOD DAMN YOSHIE!!!!
wild863_ 4ce
wild863_ 4ce 18 hours ago
Faloxg-Wrld 18 hours ago
yurgon 99999
yurgon 99999 19 hours ago
honestly nappa and radditz should be revived and after they "attempt" their revenge they'll realize how weak they are when compared to goku and vegeta. then maybe they can just train their asses off and fight on an even playing field after a while
Part 2 please i fking need part two bruh please
Sandman 20 hours ago
SUHAS SR 20 hours ago
Jlcava 20 hours ago
Damn it I love this alot but wheres part 2?!
blue slime pvp
blue slime pvp 20 hours ago
Brandon Abrams
Brandon Abrams 21 hour ago
How they happy in hell
Lord Of All Jays
Lord Of All Jays 21 hour ago
Listen...We don't talk about Raditz
Arkane Batac
Arkane Batac 21 hour ago
But borduc is not dead brhuuu
AZKAGE 21 hour ago
AZKAGE 21 hour ago
Z 21 hour ago
lets be serious, this needs to happen in some form in the official manga and anime, so much closure for allot of characters
Z 7 hours ago
@XJSPlays02 it would be a nice slap in the face for both Napa and Raditz seeing that both Goku and Vegeta reached heights of power no Saiyan thought ever existed, also closure for Goku and Raditz's parents to see that THIER wish for Goku (Kakkarot if you wanna go with that) had been fulfilled
XJSPlays02 16 hours ago
Why Raditz And Nappa Are Irrelevant To The Story
Piece of Schmidt Gaming
I guess Raditz never watched Dragon Ball Z...
jayden Nguyen
jayden Nguyen 22 hours ago
The abstracted business ecologically scare because friend ontogenically blush abaft a gifted pancake. important, outstanding texture
Egg a
Egg a 22 hours ago
GawdlySiinz 23 hours ago
What would ssj3 radditz look like ?
Gintokitoki 23 hours ago
Why hasn't goku wished his family back. They technically died of unnatural cause
XJSPlays02 16 hours ago
Because They're Not Important And Irrelevant In The Series
Gospelunder Animations
VEGETA: (weakly) You see, Frieza, you aren't dealing with the average Saiyan warrior anymore... FRIEZA: (getting angrier with each word) OH, MY GOD. VEGETA: He has risen above and become a legend... the legend that you fear... He has become... a Super Sai-- (Frieza blasts him in the chest with a Death Beam. Vegeta gasps, then collapses.) GOKU: *gasps* Vegeta! FRIEZA: No, seriously, you have no idea how old that got.
Hades gaming
Hades gaming 23 hours ago
This is ahhhh goku is really a idiot
Victor Avenido
Victor Avenido 23 hours ago
I felt emmotional on the last part..
James Aerrol Mendoza
#RADITZ : I loved the story goes on I can't wait to see the part 2
DARK LIGHT 23 hours ago
Ire Karjian
Ire Karjian Day ago
J. Balvin - Ma' G
J. Balvin - Ma' G