Going to a Garage Sale and Trying to Buy the Garage 

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0:00 Timestamps
0:02 Driving the LeBaron
0:42 Selfie with the sleepin dude
1:01 Guinness book of world weckerds
1:28 Tree fort
1:54 Never change Kole
2:19 Seagull talk
2:32 Off roadin in the LeBaron
3:21 Moley Moley Moley
4:43 Going to a garage sale and trying to buy the garage
7:51 Edamame
8:26 Bustin a tire
9:12 The man in the blue truck
9:50 Kickball
10:29 Colorado hot springs
11:05 Skateboarding on Eli
11:20 Hoverboard tricks
11:30 How we watch movies


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Feb 22, 2021




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Vlog Creations
Vlog Creations 7 days ago
0:02 Driving the LeBaron 0:42 Selfie with the sleepin dude 1:01 Guinness book of world weckerds 1:28 Tree fort 1:54 Never change Kole 2:19 Seagull talk 2:32 Off roadin in the LeBaron 3:21 Moley Moley Moley 4:43 Going to a garage sale and trying to buy the garage 7:51 Edamame 8:26 Bustin a tire 9:12 The man in the blue truck 9:50 Kickball 10:29 Colorado hot springs 11:05 Skateboarding on Eli 11:20 Hoverboard tricks 11:30 How we watch movies
oqin1111 Day ago
do a video with WistlinDiesel
Lewlu Plays
Lewlu Plays 3 days ago
Heres a shirt idea. Vote for cole. On the back say, He aint scared of sh!!
RaiD NoVa
RaiD NoVa 3 days ago
Honestly I stopped watching your vids and just started watching baylen Levine instead cause ur a$$ takes forever to upload like sheesh frick this guy ima go to baylen LOLL😂 no offense !
NJB Motocross
NJB Motocross 3 days ago
Do a vid Asking poor people if they want to give money to a charity
NJB Motocross
NJB Motocross 3 days ago
Do a vid on asking poor people if they want to give to a homeless charity
Kevin Mccole
Kevin Mccole 40 minutes ago
Where yall at siesta key
Furry Nanaki179
Furry Nanaki179 2 hours ago
Cole sometimes change
bob awesome
bob awesome 4 hours ago
The only dudes I know that touch real human and animal poop
Alex B
Alex B 5 hours ago
1:28 People like this make me love Florida even more
Patrick Herring
Patrick Herring 5 hours ago
Patrick Herring
Patrick Herring 5 hours ago
jayy 6 hours ago
Omg they are selling their yard
Clinton Evans
Clinton Evans 6 hours ago
go up to people and just keep asking what there name is
Bryce Hamilton
Bryce Hamilton 8 hours ago
Mask enforcement 👀
Ben Kempa
Ben Kempa 9 hours ago
What’s the story with the mask enforcement car? I love it
Coming soon on VHS
Coming soon on VHS 9 hours ago
Moist Cornbread
Moist Cornbread 9 hours ago
One of the few channels left that still got original content
Valdemar Perez III
Valdemar Perez III 10 hours ago
You have to get with Whistlin diesel
robledo 903
robledo 903 10 hours ago
Why does Eli always get people who talk shit to him lmfao
Tom hanks
Tom hanks 10 hours ago
He’s fat af
Tmak Tmak
Tmak Tmak 10 hours ago
That guy I swear is stoned everytime he speaks
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin 10 hours ago
It’s the same car from the filling my gas tank with SpaghettiOs vid
Mel Gibbson
Mel Gibbson 10 hours ago
I'm surprised that Chrysler is still on the road
James Thomas
James Thomas 10 hours ago
go into a starbucks and give them your name for the drink then when they shout your name at the end of the counter act like they mustve recognised you because youre extremely famous and insist they take a selfie with you and get autographs
Barney The Purple Dinosaur
Cole take it easy man don’t ever change
Cristina Villalta
Cristina Villalta 11 hours ago
Y'all not gonna talk about how kole straight up said the N word. But then again not surprised since he's a trumpie🥴
Thomas Salahub
Thomas Salahub 12 hours ago
Walk in front of people on their side of the road, when they switch the side, you change too.
Andrew Thomas
Andrew Thomas 12 hours ago
This guy always make my days
kelemeno 13 hours ago
Good god please get the mole removed i hate looking at it
Wat Da Vlog
Wat Da Vlog 14 hours ago
Flip people birds! Don't use your hands have a fake bird and flip it to people
gloomordoom 15 hours ago
I like to ask people, "hey, are you gonna poop that?"
Worlds Funniest
Worlds Funniest 15 hours ago
Go to a restaurant and spill your drink like 5 times and have them clean it up then leave a big tip
Nifoo Alahdal
Nifoo Alahdal 16 hours ago
Kole sounds like jeff from American dad
Sandstone Ridge
Sandstone Ridge 16 hours ago
Nice convertible Ross 😂 it actually looks fun
Samantha Jarman
Samantha Jarman 16 hours ago
Ross you should go around and ask girls what their sign is, and then make a gross face like..no way and walk away lol
Spartan 11248
Spartan 11248 17 hours ago
I wanna see him go to a fast food restaurant wearing a trench coat and hat and order off a secret menu while acting like he's buying something illegal and trying not to get caught
Zigi Poo Poo
Zigi Poo Poo 19 hours ago
Me just watching ur videos ne out of nowhere coleeeeeeeeeeeeee
Adrian Dickinson
Adrian Dickinson 19 hours ago
I’m pretty sure I watched every video you have ever posted 😅
Justin Harrell
Justin Harrell 19 hours ago
What ever happened to Billy ?
Maximum2124 20 hours ago
Set up a stand where you sell a Brand of no sugar coke/Pepsi then grab a spoon of sugar and put it in the can and give it to them
Ken Robertson
Ken Robertson 22 hours ago
I guess you either missed my prank call idea and I have a new one play a game of limbo using wire from a electric fence
Corben Innes
Corben Innes 22 hours ago
Go to a laundromat and put one piece of clothing in each washer so nobody else can use them!
mojonaw 23 hours ago
hire lawn mowers and ask them to mow a small patch of grass
dieselman42069 23 hours ago
Vlog Creations is an awesome channel. Ross is so funny. I started making prank videos again. One of my videos has 1.2 million views, I just uploaded a crazy new prank video. I've got a COVID prank video, sick skateboarding vids & lots of other cool videos. Check out my channel & let me know what you think
josue ontiveros
josue ontiveros 23 hours ago
He should remove the mole and then a tattoo of a mole lol
Jordan Lewis
Jordan Lewis Day ago
-go to the gym -get on the treadmill next to someone -tell them that you're walking here
U should put a 50% off sale sign on a dollar store
Keep Cole in every video
Lobbie Lobster
Walk Infront of smokers and cough really loud and say "ohhh that stinks"
I honestly thought you quit, I just found out bout your channel with the pranks because the jump over cops one just got recommended to me and I checked the channel and it's been two years since an upload, and I even tried to searching up something and just came to a bunch of your arrests but nothing to stop you from uploading, so I just decided to watch your last video and ended up noticing a comment that said you still upload on this channel
@Nick Ferrara yeah ik I read that too but I wasn't sure if that was still going on because these videos seem more recent
Nick Ferrara
Nick Ferrara Day ago
He just got arrested again for "police impersonation"
Watts Day ago
Try to get gas but complain that the gas is expired.
Nick Ferrara
Nick Ferrara Day ago
Gas can expire.
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Day ago
Hey, video idea guy here. Go to a bar, order a Shirley temple, and start acting drunk. “Hey man, take my keys, I don’t think I should drive home”
J W Day ago
Thumbs up if he should do a bit of sneaking things into other people's carts at the grocery store
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Day ago
I have an idea, you should go to a GameStop, buy a game, then tell them you only want the case.
Go to PetSmart and ask if they have any pets that had an A+ in school
Sebingbee XD
Sebingbee XD Day ago
World weckerds
CSF CUB Day ago
Call a customer support line and have a breakdown and ask for some "support"
꧁ᴅᴀʀᴋ ᴡᴏʟғɪᴇ꧂
3:22 ‘I just want a moley moley moley with a dab of ranch’
Cameron E
Cameron E Day ago
Go to Olive Garden and make them grate the Parmesan for a ridiculous amount of time
Bob Lobster
Bob Lobster Day ago
Video idea prank calling restaurants from inside the restaurant
Andrew Hines
Andrew Hines Day ago
Go to a restaurant and push your face up against the Plexi glass and stare at the people
Russ Day ago
Buy a facemask and wear it like you dont know how to use it.
Be the ober and let your friends celebrate something on the table, and than they would clap for a person. and while you are serving (with plates in both hands just join the clapping) and break the stuff hahah.
Jared S
Jared S Day ago
How's it feel to be in Sarah's soda? Does it smell weird?
mrgibbles09 Day ago
Funny idea: play water polo on land. Speedos, goggles, swim cap, and all.
D W Day ago
"I know who you are Ross" 🤣
J Spradley
J Spradley Day ago
Awsome car! To funny
Ramen Noodles
Pornstars got you beat on that world record ross. Sorry buddy!
Adam Actually
I have an idea, you should go to a GameStop, buy a game, then tell them you only want the case.
R K Day ago
He is just like Danny Duncan
Charlie Phinney
Vid idea: buy custom license plates but have them look like any other license plate
Joseluis Zermeño
“Hold my hand and stretch” “ok” *stretches to his feet* “no out in general not your feet” I died 2:58
Idea Going to a restaurant and ordering food from another restaurant
Selene CG
Selene CG Day ago
8:53 😳 did I here that?
Elvis3_3 Day ago
You should put a body kit on your mini van
j8kelewis Day ago
Ross oughta ask people to take a photo for him but not have a camera.
Devan Stover
Devan Stover Day ago
Video idea go into auto zone with a crappy car and show them a picture of a nice car and say I want that
Donnie Nehls
Donnie Nehls Day ago
Why are all his vids exactly 11:46 minutes long?
Jack Hawes
Jack Hawes Day ago
Change every now and then Cole
Hey Ross, you should go to an all-you-can-eat buffet, but ask for a to go plate and get food straight from the buffet😂😂
Joe Foxx
Joe Foxx Day ago
Wouldn't it suck to have friends that f*** with you for views but not do anything back because you don't want to be kicked out of the crew
alex hofmanm
alex hofmanm Day ago
Some may not get this but Cole reminds me of Peter Green with corn rows
Animal Lovers
High every time math or We ed or coc??????
JuFN Day ago
Going to a vegan restaurant and asking for meat
oqin1111 Day ago
do a video with whistlindiesel
PyroEnis Day ago
Go to a Restaurant and ask them if they have water.. if they say yes just order something else😂😂😂
Owen Hill
Owen Hill Day ago
Aw u guys are funny
Christian Blanchette
If you can get your hands on a tesla, Ask people to jump start it for you
Jeffrey Charles
Make sweet love to Kole, then remind him you're not gay Pranked!
mattyM. Day ago
Door to door sales man but your convincing people to be vegan/vegetarian
Nivio Fuschini
would you transfer and upload a copy(backup) of your channel to odysee.com please? Its a youtube alternative. I wanna follow you from there and not here. Too much regulation here and your rewards there will be much bigger there too. Thanks.
Kyle Van
Kyle Van Day ago
Go to a store and buy at the minimum 10 items but every time the cashier scans you have to moan, but louder after every item is scanned
Qqq Myes
Qqq Myes Day ago
Have you ever seen a car do the splits?
Gary Edwards
Gary Edwards Day ago
Go through a drive through and ask to pay for the people in front of you
Exomaricle Vids
I love watching you guys but why does coal always look high is he a cannabis user ?😂
roof jumpers
roof jumpers Day ago
The Independent Mind
I legit never not watch all of your videos or ads I want you to go as long as you are going to brotha. Your humor is so genuine and off the charts
Get a seagull costume and steal food from the humans on beach.
Joe M
Joe M Day ago
If the avatars didn’t live in a magical, futuristic forest... but lived in a trailer park... they would drive what that fella who called Eli broke drove.
Nate, the Great
Going up to a famous person and asking for a picture then make them take a picture of you
karas gr
karas gr Day ago
Idea 1: run like u want to get on the bus while its leaving, and when it stops continue running Idea 2: act like u talk to ur phone while passing by a stranger and say "I just walked pass them"
Sonic Infinite
Sonic Infinite 2 days ago
Is this RossCreations undercover?
Savage Playz
Savage Playz 2 days ago
You should tell eletric cars to rev it like so he can An see this
gixr 2 days ago
why are all the vids 11:46 mins long ??
indecisive youtuber
Go through a drive thru and say you don’t want anything