GODZILLA VS KONG BREAKDOWN! Easter Eggs & Details You Missed! 

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Godzilla vs Kong is the follow-up to Godzilla (2014), Kong Skull Island (2017), and Godzilla Kong of the Monsters (2019). This movie is filled with Easter Eggs and callbacks to past Godzilla and King Kong films. Erik Voss breaks down everything you missed, and the subtle visual choices that make the Godzilla vs Kong battles so fun to watch, as opposed to an overwhelming mess of noise they could have been.
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Brendan Langdon
Cody Anderson
Dan Woodson
Karen Wang
O. Grometto
Pony Stark
Rick Denmon
Producer: Erik Voss eavoss
Producer: Zach Huddleston
Producer: Brandon Barrick
Written by: Erik Voss
NRDS Chief Creative Officer: Filup Molina filupmolina
Post Production Supervisor: John Costa
Staff Editor: Joshua Steven Hurd
Editors: Kelly Joule, Aaron Carrión


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Apr 5, 2021




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New Rockstars
New Rockstars 15 days ago
Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS/ANDROID/PC: clcr.me/Raid_NR​ and get a special starter pack 💥 Available only for the next 30 days
Copy Cat
Copy Cat 5 days ago
When kong fully grown 3251 feet
Amal Khass
Amal Khass 7 days ago
Tray mobile lgint
wolfy in game
wolfy in game 8 days ago
No i don´t think i will
Jon 9 days ago
Love your videos & enjoy watching them with my kid so could you pls keep it PG on the language? We would really appreciate it especially when covering films kids tend to watch.
PotatoMaster_420 10 days ago
Mike S
Mike S 7 hours ago
Anyone else ticked by the fact that Mechzilla did such a number on Godzilla? It keeps me up at night....just ain't right.
Eoin Leahy
Eoin Leahy 7 hours ago
12:13: Kong's jump reminds me of John McClane leaping off the Nakatomi Plaza roof.
Charles Hooper
Charles Hooper 9 hours ago
I think that the Godzilla silluete around the kong thrown is the first Godzilla and the maximum size a Godzilla can get.
Joe PH
Joe PH 12 hours ago
The hallow earth axe is passed down by giant Kong's ?
stas 13 hours ago
Why are they even fighting? Can't they just be friends or something?
FSJ Day ago
I kind of wanted kong to win. Kong is still growing right? Or did he stop?
Marc Alexis Delmendoジ
Kong dropped the axe because he knew Godzilla would kill him again if he didn’t. He took a fully charged axe to the face! Still didn’t take him down. Kong knows who won that fight, he won’t try that shit again
Aarteest Mj
Aarteest Mj Day ago
I was enjoying your work until mentioned your opinion of the use of fluoride in tap water. No Sub!
Rhett Mashburn
how many people died tho?
Ulysses Squitieri
We all know that there will be another Monsterverse movie in this series. I’m betting it’ll be out by 2024. Don’t know what it would be called, but if I had to bet, it would be a Godzilla vs. Kong rematch (without Mechagodzilla, now that the Mecha has been destroyed)
demazer poker
Damn.... the cameraman is a hell of a titan
Cypher_BG91 Day ago
My favourite bit is were Godzilla wakes for the 3rd round in pure BEAST MODE and starts biting, scratching and tearing into Kong before planting his foot on his chest and basically screaming at him to submit. This film made Godzilla into the true king he is.
Jake Uzamaki
Jake Uzamaki Day ago
Hope we see Kong powering up in the hollow earth so we can get a rematch and see Godzilla be like “I’ve been waiting for you to reach this level”
Sam Thompson
Sam Thompson 2 days ago
Did anyone else also notice that Kong's axe got depowered when godzilla blasted it during their battle but then at the end godzilla blasted the axe and it powered up. PLOT HOLE. I'm just sayin the second battle could have ended differently if the axe was powered up the entire time.
Dragonite lover 1817 Pokemon Lover
Susceptible to flammable attacks Crushes an Ariel vehicle and shakes it off like he didn’t feel a thing
Adam Granados
Adam Granados 2 days ago
3 missed Easter eggs 1. Mothra is seen alongside Godzilla in the opening credits 2. Sub level 33 is most likely a reference to the first King Kong movie being released in 1933 3. You can hear Ghidorahs roar when Mechagodzilla is being activated signifying him taking over, and Ghidorahs roar is also in some of Mechagodzilla roars
Te Keepa Jahnke
Te Keepa Jahnke 2 days ago
Stick to the point of the video don't go off about games
cursed stuff.mp4
cursed stuff.mp4 2 days ago
14:51 if you pause and look closely, you can actually see godzilla's ribcage when he uses his atomic breath.
Jacob Newmarch
Jacob Newmarch 2 days ago
It’s bs that Kong didn’t win
Danny Smith
Danny Smith 2 days ago
Mecha godzilla stepped on godzilla like how godzilla stepped on Kong
Satan Satan
Satan Satan 2 days ago
I didn’t miss anything
IzzyScopeKing 17
IzzyScopeKing 17 2 days ago
Anyone knows an site so I can watch the movie😔
Iluv Ryujin
Iluv Ryujin 2 days ago
Shin Godzilla solo three of them kong mecha, Godzilla
Littlest Soul
Littlest Soul 3 days ago
Yes, the fights were amazing- and that's what I want from a Godzilla movie!! Well done.
Emory Silipigni Jr
Is the axe a tree or a bone
Dr. Bolt
Dr. Bolt 3 days ago
Am I the only one who heard Ghidorah's roar come from Mechagodzilla when APEX powered it up
Jimmy Boy
Jimmy Boy 3 days ago
My opinion is their was to much Kong in the movie
AlexCondor Yt
AlexCondor Yt 3 days ago
DenizBek20 3 days ago
Wait..this is out?
Joshua 3 days ago
Its been out for a few weeks
Rick de Vroede
Rick de Vroede 3 days ago
How is it daytime in a hollow earth? Where does the light come from?
xdeadvbeat 3 days ago
I remember my brother thought mecha Godzilla was gonna be in the movie
Samuel Ray
Samuel Ray 3 days ago
Where was ultraman when all this shit go down?
Hefty Guy
Hefty Guy 3 days ago
How did you manage to find out it was from a previous godzilla and not the current one? The Spined Axe of course.
Ehsan Talukder Hossain
I thought the axe was part godzilla
abdulrahim2540 4 days ago
Question so the storm destroyed the island and all the other monsters 🤔
iTokiitoui 4 days ago
Bruh who even won the fight lol
Opal Jordan
Opal Jordan 4 days ago
If you haven’t seen this movie in IMAX you’re really missing out
Marcus Dicks
Marcus Dicks 4 days ago
That wasn't an Easter egg video... that just sumarised the movie...
Erik Nino
Erik Nino 4 days ago
1:39 homer sus 😳😳
A 1
A 1 4 days ago
Fluoride is the number one ingredient in rat poison. Don't use fluoride toothpaste as well.
Richard Morales
Richard Morales 4 days ago
Free You tube movies
MR EARLY 4 days ago
That flying thing looks like skull clawkers and when Kong kill nechagodzilla looks like mortal kombat move
nazif isaac
nazif isaac 4 days ago
When I was watching King Kong vs Godzilla Hong Kong fight I legit kept thinking of how big the damage cost would be lmao
I think the damage cost would be way over a trillion lol
Cypher_BG91 Day ago
I think that's why they seem to only concentrate on one or two cities for each movie. Give the others time to rebuild
Kiran 2 days ago
Its same as like we stepping on ant colony.
Christine Laforteza
TMG Hxpnxtic Gamer
So kong was on a sedative when he fought godzilla the first time
TMG Hxpnxtic Gamer
@Joshua so that wasn’t necessarily a lost plus godzilla tried to drown him
Joshua 2 days ago
@TMG Hxpnxtic Gamer he was 88% sedated
TMG Hxpnxtic Gamer
@Joshua wowww🤯
Joshua 3 days ago
14:38 now I’m trying to think at this scene, did Kong and Godzilla work together before or?
its_job.d 4 days ago
When godzilla had his tail out of the water and when he blew a hole in the city it reminded me of shin godzilla
Burger Peasant
Burger Peasant 4 days ago
i want to see godzilla and kong tag team vs transformers
Liam Tries It
Liam Tries It 4 days ago
My dad says that Godzilla is better than King Kong but King Kong punched Godzilla really hard alot.
Sean Farrell
Sean Farrell 4 days ago
I really enjoy this movie, it was fun to watch..what you think is next in this saga. I like the style of the filmmaking....but i dont know what they could do next, they team up...against aliens...typical..right...
HCL Boy 4 days ago
Ram K
Ram K 5 days ago
I know that blue Godzilla think in hollow earth. I noticed
amare cudjoe
amare cudjoe 5 days ago
Unless you don't know in most movies where to big names come to fight they almost always ends teaming up like Batman and superman
amare cudjoe
amare cudjoe 5 days ago
Funny how Simpson going as I watch this
Akon Garraway
Akon Garraway 5 days ago
15:01 tries yo escape King Kong : DENIED!!
nigel thomas
nigel thomas 5 days ago
Kong still growing so Godzilla look out
kk 5579
kk 5579 5 days ago
If only Hong Kong actually looked like that at night...😒
Jimmy Lee
Jimmy Lee 5 days ago
There wasn’t a King Kong movie in 1973 there wasn’t in the year
Ronan 4 days ago
Skull island(2017) is set in the year 1973
Jimmy Lee
Jimmy Lee 5 days ago
Don’t want you to King Kong movie in 1973 the ones in the King Kong movie in that in that year
Copy Cat
Copy Cat 5 days ago
When kong fully grown 3251 feet
Platinum Productions
Its funny how mechagodzilla trys to give godzilla the kiss of death that godzilla gave the M.U.T.O
Steve P
Steve P 5 days ago
Good movie. Upset over the disrespectful foot on Kong's chest and G almost killing him (which was completely unnecessary). Also pissed Kong didn't get his lightning power which was one of his 'god like" powers in the original that he used to ultimately help defeat G. Wingard should have stuck with kaiju profiles for Kong's powers. Axe is cool, but should be a secondary weapon. And it's more like they enhanced G in this one in order to beat Kong (ex, speed, strength, stamina, crawling on all fours, intelligence).
Pablo Twain
Pablo Twain 5 days ago
Anyone notice that Kong grew a bread
Ainz 5 days ago
Except Godzillas' home got nuked and destroy
huimin Cao
huimin Cao 5 days ago
Godzilla:a giant lizard who can shoot lasers that is related to a dinosaur and has had multiple versions of himself Kong:big monke
huimin Cao
huimin Cao 5 days ago
virat vemula
virat vemula 5 days ago
Godzilla has gills
Mollie HD
Mollie HD 5 days ago
my favourite clip is when king kong gives godzilla a big punch oof at the start 😂
breakshot74 5 days ago
and like murtaugh said to riggs i am to old for that shit
afq ilman
afq ilman 5 days ago
In hollow earth there is a skull like a Kong but bigger than kong
RONMAS 5 days ago
@14:36 That's a pretty big Godzilla, I wonder how may Kongs fought just to defeat it.
I like this idea that they both retain their titles of king, but it’s just over two separate domains.
Cybopath 6 days ago
Anyone notice Lethal Weapon 2 is mentioned in the credits as property of Warner Bros? Like is the shoulder pop copy written? lol.
ShA nXY 6 days ago
Heyyyy talk about the big ass Goijira skull that that axe was sticking into, its eve bigger than Kongs arm!
Speedy 420
Speedy 420 6 days ago
Yall ever seen hairless chimps. I kinda of believe kongs weight those mfs are ripped
Graysome Media
Graysome Media 6 days ago
Kong and Godzilla are King of their own league. I love them both.
Dylan Minardi
Dylan Minardi 6 days ago
I think that the skull still has the soul of the god that Godzilla defeated in Godzilla King of monsters and that god was the thing that made Mecha Godzilla to go and attack Kong and Godzilla
King of Memes
King of Memes 6 days ago
movie is a nutshell: *Godzilla beats the hell out of Kong and Godzilla gets it’s ass whooped by a robot
Piumie Saranga
Piumie Saranga 6 days ago
15:41 *Eat your VEGETABLES!!!!*
Piumie Saranga
Piumie Saranga 6 days ago
Press F to pay respect to the cameraman who got the POV of these Titans
Piumie Saranga
Piumie Saranga 2 days ago
@Joey K hmm, that makes sense
Joey K
Joey K 2 days ago
Na he was on creative mode
Mister X 19Eighty4
The linking the brain to the skull is also like Pacific Rim...Also made by Legendary Pictures...
Peter Skorec
Peter Skorec 6 days ago
The juicesss - boooooom
ev3goddess y.o. Chandler
😄🐉🌬ts iii need datt🎡 tho complete series
Joseph Zothanpuia
To be honest,, I'm almost disappointed in the movie. I think they need at least 1 more of their own separated movie to hyped up a bit or hide a lot of easter eggs fot the Kong Vd Godzilla or makes a cameo at least on their own movies for the next movie title. and how they should be on the same place to even called it Godzilla vs Kong..
Ben Z
Ben Z 6 days ago
Godzilla and Kong were meant to be allies. The weapon turns on lighting up a signal shaped liked Godzilla and suddenly he summons the power to just blow into a layer near where the signal came from. Ask why would Godzilla bore a hole through the Earth and allow Kong to make it through without even trying to blow him to hell?
King King
King King 6 days ago
The head at kong got his axe is bigger than Godzilla
Devyn Mintaka
Devyn Mintaka 6 days ago
I just watched this big dumb monster movie. It was fun
DIVINEDxPANDA 6 days ago
I'm a bit confused as to why there's sunlight in hollow earth.. If the only entrance to hollow earth is through a portal, Earth's crust would have to completely surround hollow earth blocking all sunlight. We see an open horizon with sunlight so why not just simply fly in from the opening instead of teleporting through a portal?
Joshua 3 days ago
The hollow earth has its own sun
Mister GeNiN
Mister GeNiN 6 days ago
Some people are complaining that Godzilla has only a little screentime compared to Kong but they don't realized that Godzilla only shows to the surface of the Earth if there's a threat not to humanity (because he doesn't care about us for him we're just like ants) but rather to the planet itself from Titan invaders.
Jonathan Smith
Jonathan Smith 6 days ago
I was most impressed by the ancient structures in kongs domain that are constructed too perfectly to have been done by the kongs or other monstrous creatures. It makes me wonder who or what actually built the structures.
Quilton McGee
Quilton McGee 6 days ago
The little girl’s ancestors!
Gaming Tech
Gaming Tech 6 days ago
all i love this is KONG was unable to defeat godzilla and when kong punches godzilla he only laid back but when GODZILLA threw a punch kong drops on battleship and again GODZILLA wins wiht kond fight ♥♥ ALL HAIL THE KING ♥♥ Kong is the king of HOLLOW EARTH and GODZILLA is the GOD of EARTH.
Kenneth Nanan
Kenneth Nanan 6 days ago
How Can Godzilla Sense Kong & Mechagodzilla?
Alexander Kimmerly
YEOO kong just pulled a goku by using th beam to just overpower him
Juice WRLD
Juice WRLD 6 days ago
I can’t be the only one who thinks the movie isn’t as good as we thought it be. The trailer made the movie seem good but hell nah it ain’t. Everybody including me agrees.😂 like if you agree.
Puffer fish Knife
7:30 all the naruto fans heard RESENGANNNN
Phantoms Halo
Phantoms Halo 6 days ago
love that Kong won but just saying if Godzilla wasn't downsized he would have whooped that primate
sand dungeon
sand dungeon 6 days ago
i wamt ebirah
Andrew Boyce
Andrew Boyce 6 days ago
It's technically a March madness bracket cause it's crazy and it came out in march
Takeo Rivera
Takeo Rivera 6 days ago
Personally I really liked the movie king kong vs Godzilla but one thing that was confusing throughout the movie is that the whole story was supposed to be based on king kong vs Godzilla I didnt like the fact that they made a mecha version of godzilla and a titian at that plus the titian took control and fight Godzilla idk y they did that but maybe they tried to prove that not only is king kong the last of his kind he just found his home somewhere were he can claim his kingdom kinda related to how I thought the fight would end but one thing that got to me is that throughout the movie it was crazy that king kong stopped the fight at the end and end the conflict with him and godzilla which would keep godzilla the king of monsters and king kong the king of his world it was just not how I thought it would end but overall it was a good movie
kookie monster
kookie monster 6 days ago
so when does kong become king? or did they retcon that part when they rebooted both monster movies