GODZILLA VS KONG Ending Explained | Full Movie Breakdown, Easter Eggs And Spoiler Review | GVK 2021 

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GODZILLA VS KONG Ending Explained | Full Movie Breakdown, Easter Eggs And Spoiler Review. GVK is now out on HBO Max. In this video we review, recap and explain the big plot points such as the Showdown At Sea, Mechagodzilla, The Hollow Earth and the movie's ending. There will be full spoilers here.
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Read the full breakdown GODZILLA VS KONG Ending Explained | Full Movie Breakdown, Easter Eggs And Spoiler Review here - deffinition.co.uk/godzilla-vs-kong-ending-explained-full-movie-breakdown-easter-eggs-and-spoiler-review/
The Godzilla Vs Kong Official Trailer gave away some clues about the big bad of the HBO Max Warner Bros Movie. In this video we breakdown the things you missed, easter eggs, leaks and the movie's story.
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0:00 Godzilla Vs Kong Introduction
1:05 The Hollow Earth Theory
1:59 Where is Kong?
3:20 APEX And Mechagodzilla Explained
4:14 Cancel Godzilla
4:24 Madison Russell
4:32 Nathan Lind
4:57 Godzilla Vs Kong First Fight And Jaws Easter Eggs
6:26 Journey To Center Of The Hollow Earth
7:00 History Of The Hollow Earth
7:57 Hong Kong Fight
9:16 Godzilla Vs Kong Ending Explained
10:30 Why There’s No Post-Credits Scene
11:10 Review And Reaction
Now the movie picks up five years after the events of Godzilla King Of The Monsters and we join Kong who is currently living in a simulated Skull Island at Monarch Outpost 236.
After the Skull Island mission that took place in the 70s made his existence government knowledge he's been placed under the protection of man and wo-man. Overseen by Ilene Andrews and her adopted daughter Jia who can communicate with him through sign language...sorry Gorilla sign language, he's lived somewhat of a peaceful existence until he starts chucking trees about. This was something that we saw him doing in his solo movie when the Helicopters first arrive on Skull Island and it's a pretty crap easter egg that I don't even know why I bothered including.
However, linking back to Skull Island, we learn that Jia is actually the last of the Iwi aka the tribe that we met in that movie who lived somewhat of a symbiotic existence with the creature.
Now because he's an Alpha Titan the organisation know that this puts him in direct competition with Godzilla and thus they have kept him shielded from the Monster in order to keep him safe because who doesn't love big monke.
In the build up to the film a lot of people wondered how Kong would end up going toe to toe with Godzilla due to the size difference. A lot of people, my wife included often say that size doesn't matter but there was some people scratching their heads over how he would be a formiddable opponent. However we do learn in the movie that Kong has continued to grow and that the dome is becoming to small to stabilise him.
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Mar 31, 2021




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Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers 14 days ago
Check out our breakdown of the best Easter eggs in the movie here - us-first.info/player/video/l8eobKigkoZjf2A.html
Joseph Page
Joseph Page 6 hours ago
I'm Relieved none of them died👍
Beta Tester
Beta Tester Day ago
Godzilla takes true earth because it has an ocean for him to stay in, kong get the hollow earth because it's surrounding is better for him. With mountain and jungle.
Liam Leech
Liam Leech Day ago
Hollow earth was discovered by admiral Byrd. On his Antarctic expedition in 1947 and onward. Scary thing is, the movie described it exactly how he did. Accept no blue rocks and shit and portal. It's just a hole
Jesus Ceballos
Just watched this in the cinema it was worth it !!
Hunter Allen
Hunter Allen 3 days ago
11:30 STOP THIS SHIT who cares about the human parts this is a monster movie fuck sakes have master chief or Morgan freeman narrating the whole movie and 0 human unless they are running like ants in a city
Lola Diaz
Lola Diaz 4 days ago
There is a scene when Kong is jumping out of the boat it remind me of Bruce Willis in Die Hard
Raemo Esmero
Raemo Esmero 4 days ago
Shin Godzilla is probably the only G film with an interesting angle on the human side. It’s an amazing film
Carlito Banks
Carlito Banks 5 days ago
There are no stars in movies anymore!!!???? I don't want to watch a bunch of unnattractive nerds pretend to be talented and beautiful....I can see that on instagram
Mattia Genuardi
Mattia Genuardi 5 days ago
Ok... nobody here wants to talk about the fact that now there is a giant hole in the centre of Hong Kong that leads directly to the Hollow Earth?
R S 6 days ago
14 minutes. Did it even need 14 seconds to understand?!
Breonna Smith
Breonna Smith 6 days ago
Me: *watching the movie and watching this* 🤣🤣
KXG 1123
KXG 1123 6 days ago
"It was like a live action Rampage fight" But... There was a live action Rampage 😂
Glenn Davis
Glenn Davis 6 days ago
Sometimes I wonder what film some of these reviewers were screening /watching - The Trailer was not misleading, KONG FELL, Godzilla was victorious - THEN Kong teams up with Godzilla to defeat a common foe, Simple. I'm sure they will meet again....as Allies NOT Adversaries.
kratal122 7 days ago
I love how each Monsterverse movie has improved on the major criticism of the previous movie. After Godzilla 2014 came out everyone was saying how disappointed they were that there was hardly any monster action in the movie. Then King of the Monsters came out and there was plenty of monster fights, the problem then was that it was hard to see them. Now Godzilla vs Kong is out, and there’s plenty of monster fights, and they are easy to see. Maybe next, the human characters will be improved and I think we’d have a perfect kaiju movie at that point.
Machinist 72
Machinist 72 8 days ago
"Kong bows to no one"🐵 Kong gets murderized by Nuclear Dinosaur🐊😉👍
Trike 360
Trike 360 8 days ago
Imagine if Godzilla would have gone thermo nuclear everyone in the area would have been killed off!.. wish Rodan would of had a scene he was sick in king of the monsters.
Awesomedude Playz
I saw in cinema he wasn’t sedated for thet long ngl
Awesomedude Playz
There was a father and daughter thooo
Awesomedude Playz
It’s funny how small he is compared to the hollow earth
Jim Roblero
Jim Roblero 9 days ago
The puns lmfao
KillerKraken 9 days ago
Every time kong or stepped somewhere or whenever Zilla used his atomic breath I was just thinking “yup he just killed 30,000 people” lmao I swear these mfs could erase humanity just by fighting
Dip Trippy
Dip Trippy 9 days ago
Had a wonderful time watching! Zilla earned his Ws
Violent 9 days ago
"Hollow Earth" > "Middle of Earth" > "Africa". BLM > Kong > "Gorilla". "GOD"-Zilla > DEMOCRATS> BLUE. "MECHA"Godzilla> REPEBULICANS> RED. THE DEMS-BLUE EMPOWERED "KONG-BLM" to take out MECHA-REPS.
Valarie Perez-Schere
I totally said “it’s Jaws & the barrels” during that battle scene! Thanks for including that bit from the director.
KenTheGamer 10 days ago
They both won. Bcuz they fought mechagodzilla together
Teria 10 days ago
omg I really hoped I wasn't the only one who watch the monster verse movies just for the action sequences the human story lines kinda such and take away from what I really wanna see. I mean if their gonna add a human perspective have it be like the godzilla's foot thing. I wanna see peoples reaction on them fighting. no dialogue just facial expressions and stuff. does anyone know what I mean?
Montgomery Garmadon
Godzilla again into the throne, and Kong in the bottom of bananas gone.
Kong didn’t take back to back L’s they even said in the film “Kong won round 2”. Godzilla did end it pretty convincingly though 😂 and I guess Kong is also the one that killed MechaGodzilla so what can you do.
My Cabbages!
My Cabbages! 11 days ago
If the Godzilla monsterverse continues Main villains could be: Biollante Gigan Hedorah Destroyah Space Godzilla Some mini bosses: Varan Yog Megalon Battra Megaguirus Titanosaurus Kumonga Allies could be: Anguirus Baragon King Caesar Behemoth Rodan if he’s not dead Mothra cuz she always dies & comes back And hey bring back Kong too
Jello 11 days ago
I think Godzilla kinda pulled a frieza when he blasted the earth
Wu Yang Teioh
Wu Yang Teioh 11 days ago
I still think kong should have died
Dr Danky
Dr Danky 11 days ago
Even when Kong wasn’t sedated he was getting his ass kicked until he pick the axe back up after dropping it
Mel Hardee
Mel Hardee 11 days ago
Godzilla has always been king of the monsters.
vincent 12 days ago
was anyone else satisfied when the daughter died? like holy
these ads are fucking annoying
ArtiimusPlays 12 days ago
Honestly... The acting in this movie was atrocious lol And the city fight was much better than the water fight 🤷‍♂️
Aaron Michael
Aaron Michael 12 days ago
Don't you dare disrespect Ricky Baker like that
Rickyy Ross Gaming
Rickyy Ross Gaming 12 days ago
Japan wants the rights back not bc they wanted to stay to one story but this was a week ago so you wouldn’t have known
Mike Valdez
Mike Valdez 12 days ago
I hated when Godzilla “smiled”...my biggest complaint about the movie
David Archerd
David Archerd 12 days ago
I was really happy that the fights were very cleanly laid out. I could see what was happening at all times.
Aiden Eastwind
Aiden Eastwind 13 days ago
COMING NEXT: Godzilla vs. Corona! Godzilla: DAMN! Another fight? Would you stop Hollywood me, man...
Ben Henderson68
Ben Henderson68 13 days ago
Jesus is king
Johnny Utah
Johnny Utah 13 days ago
Millie Bobby Brown = Useless
Sisserou View
Sisserou View 13 days ago
All of the humans besides the little girl were meh at best. I disliked the main girl character most of all. Can’t rememberer name really (that’s the thing they were all so forgettable, and I just watched this movie). I feel like she was too calm and collected for a teenager caught between a monster battle. Half of her lines were quirky try-hard comments. There was no character development. The fight scenes made it worth it though.
Avishek Saini
Avishek Saini 13 days ago
Honestly the way this movie ended, it feels like the end of the Monster-verse. I just don't know how they're going to pick it up from this point. Kong is happy, Godzilla and Kong are in totally different environments now, the leader of Monarch/Apex is dead, no mention of Ghidorah having surviving remains... If there are no sequels you would look back on this movie and say "Well at least we got a proper ending."
jesse 107
jesse 107 13 days ago
Hopefully they explain the hand Kong grabbed much bigger than his own hand. Super Kong?
Tito Odierna
Tito Odierna 13 days ago
It isn't so much the size difference between G man and Kong; it's their morphology and physiology. Kong is relatively agile and terrestrial- limber appendages, decent reflexes. Godzilla looks slower at a glance- but don't be fooled, most of the G man's mass is comprised of that tail- and it is muscle, thick and dense, protected by thick skin.
Tony Brewer
Tony Brewer 13 days ago
Godzilla: "That axe is cultural appropriation." Kong: *Drops axe*
George Savastano
George Savastano 13 days ago
Loved the movie..
Alex V
Alex V 13 days ago
eLIPHAS3333 13 days ago
These movies have progressively got more and more ridiculous. Godzilla was actually not bad, so too was Kong: Skull Island, but the last two movies have been utter shit with more and more ridiculous randomness thrown into the mix each time. I mean I get that it's a big monster movie, but at least make some of it relateable.
Chase Greenway
Chase Greenway 13 days ago
When I went and saw this the day it came out I was team Godzilla all the way. And look everyone loved kong including me and when Gman started walking on all fours it got dead silent man. Even I was like damn. Kong is getting ate alive.
Chase Greenway
Chase Greenway 13 days ago
I felt bad for Kong honestly
Manawy1050 13 days ago
I liked the movie just thought it should have been a bit longer, it seemed to me like something was missing just don't know what it was missing
Paul Zbylut
Paul Zbylut 13 days ago
i thght all the human technology was a bit to much to fast.
SteVeL 13 days ago
I'm glad people enjoyed this, wish I could say the same. The 20min of cool fights wasn't enough to outweigh the hour and a half of crap. The humans weren't only unnecessary, they were inconsistent caricatures. Rebecca Hall and co. were run of the mill monster movie narrators and team Miley Bobbie Brown were acting in an entirely different action comedy. And the editing was just nonexistent. It seemed like non-fight scenes were just randomly sprinkled in to stall until the next fight. If this movie had come out any other year it would have been roasted. But because audiences have been starved for movies and because vaccinations have increased people's sense of security, this movie ended up winning by default.
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 13 days ago
but) they put space godzilla in one future movie.
Zacken Knight
Zacken Knight 13 days ago
The translation of when The 3rd round ended Kong:I know i couldn't win against you...and even if I would never Have a chance to win against you... at least theres one thing for sure that i would never do... I will not bow to you and i will keep fighting to my last breath. Godzilla:Tch...fine... *Let him go and walks away leaving kong lays on the ground until his hearts beating slowly* And then you know the rest
Zacken Knight
Zacken Knight 13 days ago
@dcoog anml maybe its a sponges xD
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 13 days ago
did Kong not get sliced and diced when he jumped onto Godzilla's back?
Albin Nilsson Terpuni - Elev Wämöskolan 9A
The tag team muto fight is still the best fight in the monsterverse
Listen Companion
Listen Companion 13 days ago
Fictionally lot of people died in hong kong, prayers for the lost 😢
Jin Nah
Jin Nah 13 days ago
7:22 caption should be "kong fu"
KingDoesThings 13 days ago
No Kong gave up fighting Godzilla because he knows he doesn't stand a chance
Get Ganked
Get Ganked 13 days ago
Godzilla > kong
M Vee
M Vee 13 days ago
Anyone else notice the intense blue fluorescent lights throughout the movie? I thought maybe it was my tv.
Jerrod Tibor
Jerrod Tibor 14 days ago
This movie was an awful lot of stupid fun, just like it should be.
Steven Ancel
Steven Ancel 14 days ago
For those who dont like kotm u cant say we didnt miss rodan and mothra at all. But how cool would a battle of the five armies type war for a prequel be in monster verse.
Certified Quincy
Certified Quincy 14 days ago
You can see ghidorah was mad cus he tried to use Godzilla’s move on Godzilla 😂😂🔥
Pink Soldier2009
Pink Soldier2009 14 days ago
I felt uncomfortable imagining all the people inside those buildings been destroyed. even though its fiction. 😢
Pink Soldier2009
Pink Soldier2009 14 days ago
Scientists think that there is some kind of energy source inside the earth? Well… the in the Bible it says that hell is located at the enter of the earth.
21vikk 14 days ago
Christopher Johnson
I saw it in the cinema and it was awesome! Also, IMO, the human plots are crap in pretty much every kaiju movie except the Heisei Gamera series.
The Trolling master
How I rank the monsterverse films: Godzilla(2014): 7/10 Kong Skull Island: 6/10 Godzilla King of the Monsters: 8/10 Godzilla vs Kong: 9/10
Payton Stephens
Payton Stephens 14 days ago
Godzilla at the end: "Kong you alright brah, see you around"
FEAR ST6 14 days ago
I fuckin love the beginning joke, y’all are sleeping on it.
Brooks Carpenter
Brooks Carpenter 14 days ago
My question. Why did Godzilla burn his way down to Hollow Earth? Can you please explain that? Also, if the axe can cause a lot of damage, especially when charged, then how did Kong not get sliced and diced when he jumped onto Godzilla's back?
Brooks Carpenter
Brooks Carpenter 14 days ago
Just had my first question answered.
Will McCormick
Will McCormick 14 days ago
I would agree this movie and Godzilla 2014 (while very different in feel) are the two best. King of the Monsters the worst.
Matt R. Mateo
Matt R. Mateo 14 days ago
May I ask a question? Can you...if possible....this may a stretch for you.....ummm....can you make this review a little more boring? WTF? You made it sooooo boring....i couldnt even watch Godzilla..Congrats! You are the first human to make him unwatchable...get another accent?
ApexSmoke X
ApexSmoke X 14 days ago
Here for the crap joke and puns Aye 😂😂 🍻 thank you Paul!
Joe Stiles
Joe Stiles 14 days ago
They had plot holes on plot holes in this movie. But I still loved it
Angel M
Angel M 14 days ago
Tbh I love the fight scenes but I’m actually interested in the back story and didn’t think it was boring, I want to know the lore behind the Kong & Godzilla feud, how they came to be, where did they come from and all that.
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 14 days ago
The little deaf girl is the only human that really tugged the old heart strings
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 14 days ago
something more complicated than that.
Lamar Layne
Lamar Layne 14 days ago
Godzilla can breathe underwater, sense if your alive or not and blast to middle earth in seconds with his breathe, Kong has...an axe 🤣
Hufle Zero
Hufle Zero 14 days ago
such a good movie and the effect were so good
Audio Impact
Audio Impact 14 days ago
I thought it sucked. It was like Pacific Rim meets Lord of the Rings. I didn't hate it as much as King of the Monsters. The worst of them all was Kong Skull Island to me. I am 54 and lived the Godzilla Toho era of the 70's, and it seems to me these Legendary films are aimed more towards kids, like 11-16. The 2014 Godzilla was pretty good to me, and I liked the King Kong with Jack Black. I just want to see a new suitmation Toho Godzilla film, as the screenful CGI animated kaiju just isn't for me. I did like the effects in Shin Godzilla I must say, but the movie was a letdown. I guess Final Wars is still the last good one.
Young Anthony
Young Anthony 14 days ago
How long is paul going to act like he has a wife
Chilli Roach
Chilli Roach 14 days ago
What the fuck you need to explain in this movie? What the hell is this chanel?
easyalpha1 14 days ago
The kid and Kong’s relationship is big emotional part of this film...
I'm Still Here Alex
*_Nawh I won't be calm until Kong gets a powerup, even using tools he's limited to another monster like Godzilla to beam him to death, he needs a buff fuck all of you._*
I'm Still Here Alex
*_Bruh, these jokes are spot on LOLOL._*
Pavlos Zimbrakos
Pavlos Zimbrakos 14 days ago
My theory is godzilla went to skull island and it’s monster island now but we just didn’t see him lol
Pavlos Zimbrakos
Pavlos Zimbrakos 14 days ago
It’s funny you mention pacific rim because they want to do a crossover with this eventually
Timothy Hwong
Timothy Hwong 15 days ago
I'm not crying, you're crying
Asian Jimmy
Asian Jimmy 15 days ago
Sounds like Kong is going though puberty lol
Brandon Parker
Brandon Parker 15 days ago
Kong- Rawrrrrrrr Godzilla- hold my beer
Aleko 15 days ago
Quick question, anyone have an idea or theory with the meaning of the roar off between both creatures when Godzilla was on top of Kong?
Yosh Sea
Yosh Sea 15 days ago
Thank you for the reviews , definitely liked Kong
Jon 15 days ago
Godzilla 2014 was beyond mehh tbh.
Ruben Morales
Ruben Morales 15 days ago
My theory is that whenever One of the Kongs charged their axe it messed with one of the Godzillas and that’s probably what started the war. But I could be wrong maybe it was something more complicated than that.
D'Andre Smith
D'Andre Smith 15 days ago
Solid rating
Irving Anderson
Irving Anderson 15 days ago
It was very much a Michael Bay film. It is fun, silly and easy to watch. Just like the Labour Party. mwhahaha Characters are none exist and interesting figure plot ideas. Would love a film about the Hollow Earth.
Cody Tolley
Cody Tolley 15 days ago
They milked every last ounce of ghidorah that they could lol