Godzilla vs. Kong Pitch Meeting 

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Step inside the pitch meeting that led to Godzilla vs. Kong!
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The Monsterverse kicked off back in 2014 with Godzilla and was followed up by Kong: Skull Island and Godzilla: King of the Monsters-- all of which were leading up to a big showdown in Godzilla vs. Kong. Well, the movie where the big monkey punches the big reptile is finally here.
Godzilla vs. Kong definitely raises some questions though. Like how did technology become straight-up magic in the past few years? How did Jia secretly teach sign language to a giant monkey that was under constant supervision? What’s the point of the Millie Bobby Brown storyline? What’s up with that weird wormhole? Why is no one affected by the literal GLOWING radiation around them? Did Godzilla just chuckle?
To answer all these questions and more, step inside the Pitch Meeting that led to Godzilla vs. Kong! It’ll be super easy, barely an inconvenience.
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Apr 4, 2021




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The Rest Of Us
The Rest Of Us 10 days ago
This is exactly the kind of movie Pitch Meeting was created for.
StreetJezus Day ago
All I was thinking about was this pitch meeting while watching this movie 😂😂😂😂
TheWereparadox 2 days ago
@Jerid58 ∆ I hold these people accountable for our movie quality as of late. Serve them a big steaming pile on a plate.. "Thats a lovely plate."
TheWereparadox 2 days ago
Double teaming a robot could be tight. (I assume you mean advanced A.I. that can make pancakes and give consent?)
grandmacat 4 days ago
@Md what
Md 4 days ago
@grandmacat but but... Monsters punch
Benjamin Araya
Benjamin Araya 23 minutes ago
1:48 simply, he already knew how to sign language or the girl taught him the same way Jane Goodell taught sign language
Fodio Abba
Fodio Abba 2 hours ago
You forgot to mention that Hong Kong just so happened to be directly above kong in the hollow earth.
ARIEL GOLD 2 hours ago
At this point I watch movies to see the pitch meeting
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 3 hours ago
I'm surprised that he didn't mention how they brought a kid to the most dangerous places
Kiddo Middo
Kiddo Middo 3 hours ago
Hi from Hong Kong!
Ignatius 3 hours ago
TheCCPfearsANZ 4 hours ago
Has anyone ever commented on the very faint sound of phones ringing in your videos?
Tomer Israeli
Tomer Israeli 5 hours ago
How about doing pitch meetings for all versions of Invasion of the Body Snatchers including The Faculty and Assimilate? And also Robin Cooke's Invasion.
Matthew S
Matthew S 8 hours ago
"A very stealthy educator" 🤣
Fire King
Fire King 9 hours ago
Remember her from the last movie? She’s from the last movie! That’s right I see why this series is doing so well
Chad Baker
Chad Baker 10 hours ago
I would love to see one for Cloverfield.
B Z 11 hours ago
I prefer to hear a thousand times the conspiracy theorist than the guys that tells us that everything is "okay" and force us to comply.
David Hayes
David Hayes 14 hours ago
I can't wait to *get over here* to watch the next pitch meeting after April 23
MC Mark Markson
MC Mark Markson 14 hours ago
Nobody wondering why a "small number of snyderfans angry with WB!" is oddly specific and somehow got attention despite being a small number of fans?
HertMyBrane 16 hours ago
Am I the only one who keeps forgetting that this is 1 person?
Prince Silungwe
Prince Silungwe 17 hours ago
"Godzilla is gonna be like hehehe" - 6:04
CrazyfistX 20 hours ago
These Never gets old dude 😂😂😂😂😂👌👌👌👌👌 howww
Typo 20 hours ago
so you have a movie for me Yes sir I do what if big monkey punched big reptile
Tim M
Tim M 20 hours ago
DO Karate Kid thats 5 movies and a 4 season TV show
Metal8Ball 20 hours ago
Great video but GvK did do good.
Carlito Dota2
Carlito Dota2 21 hour ago
I don’t say this often,, but this is epic :))
Brayden Voyles
Brayden Voyles 23 hours ago
Me don’t care about logic. Me want see big monkey fight big reptile part 2
Landon Weaver
Landon Weaver 23 hours ago
🦖+🦍+🤖= King Kong vs. Godzilla
Daniel Richwine
How about a shakespeare play? "Hast thou a play for me?" ""Verily sir I do!"
mercury vincent
"Monsters punching each other" that's basically the whole pitch meeting 🤣😂🤣
Kain Dyck
Kain Dyck Day ago
"A very stealthy educator." 😂
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Day ago
This movie is all over the place but y'all said Pacific Rim uprising was bad... Duh
ASTRO Day ago
Please do Chaos Walking movie 🍿😂
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Day ago
I couldn't even use the bathroom at my ratchet job without a badge. These people accidentally stumble into the most important spot of the movie.
Brian Scalabrine
The director behind this really understood what the people want, monke hit lizard, lizard fight back. As little side story as possible.
Rishik Bhoumick
King Kong on Hong Kong. Thats Tight!!!
MultiWicht Day ago
I kinda expected the producer guy to wear a jacket over his shoulders after that part of the movie.
ׁ Day ago
1:00 >>> "That's right! Complete bullshit is the new truth, and I have sources!" - Alex Jones
Dave S
Dave S Day ago
6,520 comments as of now, so no one is going to read this, but I don't care, I got something to vent. This is the first Screen Rant video I've seen and I'm an instant fan. Good lord did this movie suck (and I'm a 45 year-old life-long fan of kaiju flicks, especially the last few)! I loved Godzilla (2014), and Skull Island was pretty good, but this "thing" was a disaster. Normally "giant lizard punching giant monkey" and vice versa would be enough for me. But when the plot is this ridiculous and so full of holes, I need more than "giant robot" to make up for it. This video was pretty much a paraphrased summation of what I was thinking throughout my viewing of the film. Well done Sir, well done (and everyone else who contributed to this)!
Dark Hawke
Dark Hawke Day ago
Well surprise, surprise, surprise! And me thinking you'd already done at lease Alien, if not Aliens, Alien 3 (ugh!) or even Alien Resurrection 🤢🤮! Ya don't have to do the latter two...but then again maybe the lesser installments would be more fun to hit! Please!
Andres Abad
Andres Abad Day ago
I thought i was the only one screaming at the Tv WHAT ABOUT THE FREAKING PORTALSS!!!!!!
Ponce Francia
why would bernie feel bad for him lol?
Ponce Francia
LITERALLY the only thing millie bobby brown and the other 2 contribute to the plot is stopping mechagodzilla AND THAT'S IT
muffinz imp
muffinz imp Day ago
wait is it screen rant or Ryan George??????
John L
John L Day ago
I need you to do a pitch of a 1995 movie called “Virtuosity” starring Denzel Washington and Russel Crowe
Afake Name
Afake Name Day ago
I rewatched dune the other day and cannot believe there isn’t a pitch meeting for that *bat-guano-insane* movie
Kyla Amaris
Kyla Amaris Day ago
Hey Ryan, it would be awesome if you did a pitch on Saving Private Ryan (no pun intended)
Danny Estrada
I couldn't even use the bathroom at my ratchet job without a badge. These people accidentally stumble into the most important spot of the movie.
tom cool
tom cool Day ago
This movie is all over the place but y'all said Pacific Rim uprising was bad... Duh
Bobzilla 789
Bobzilla 789 Day ago
“Godzilla vs Kong” “Oh like Godzilla vs Kong the giant monkey” “No, Godzilla vs Hong Kong”
jonnynace Day ago
Godzilla from the 90s would be hilarious
Daniel Reynolds
I wish it was possible to subscribe to Pitch Meetings and no other Screen Rant content
PLAYER1 Day ago
I know this is all in good fun, but the real irony is Godzilla Vs. Kong is the highest grossing movie of 2021. That's pretty cool. I don't care if you love, or hate the franchise. It literally saved cinemas during a time when many were preparing to close, permanently. As a long time G-Fan, I would have never guessed a Godzilla film would be the highest grossing movie in 2021, and save theaters.
Skull Fire Industries
how the hell did he get those clips so early?
Nick Desantis
I loved this movie so much... but this video had me in absolute tears😂😂😂 please make more
Karl Hans
Karl Hans Day ago
I was scratching my head the whole movie at all the nonsense that was going on.
Goomba999 Day ago
Pariah Day ago
The monkey should have no chance against Godzilla. It disgusts me that the monkey is even a thing.
John Wallen
John Wallen Day ago
Please do bad boys 3
Joseph Dabovich
I liked the movie but this was hilarious
I look forward to these as muchbas the movies themselves.
Jeffrey Sykes
The 3rd head of Ghidorah is named Kevin..... Kevin came back with a vengeance.
Antfunny Day ago
Yeah... this movie was pretty bad lmao
Katabellion Day ago
*Big CGI Fight COMING UP!*
mrsanatra1 Day ago
This was a cool movie BUT not better than godzilla king of monsters (godzilla vs ghidorah) that was another level with tons of monsters
Tim Hi
Tim Hi Day ago
"Sure, yeah, I don't care" Please make that a new thing lol
Silent DogFart
yeeeeeeaaaah.... The plot may have a couple holes in it but it is a pretty damn good movie if you leave your brain at the door.
Vagabond G
Vagabond G Day ago
Watched it day 1 and waited to see this lol
Asad Khan
Asad Khan Day ago
but those fighting scenes were worth it. I watched the movie just for those fighting scenes.
Ryan the creator
Max Weston
Max Weston Day ago
I did call that they were both gonna win though, this movie was gonna build too much hype to not make a sequel
Vigneshwarr R
Vigneshwarr R 2 days ago
These kind of genre films are kinda like porn in that no one gives to shits about the script. They're just there for the visual.
TheWereparadox 2 days ago
OVER HYPED!!!!! Man Im good! Not complaining tho... (About being right that is)
_JMNLThat_ 2 days ago
I keep forgetting its just one dude talking to himself
_JMNLThat_ 2 days ago
You're name is nice
_JMNLThat_ 2 days ago
Wait so he isn't talking to clones of himself?
_JMNLThat_ 2 days ago
@_JMNLTHAT_° Hes amazing wdym
_JMNLThat_ 2 days ago
Nah i dont really like his content
_JMNLThat_ 2 days ago
Old Country Crossfire
"Ahh, we're done with punching, what's the point?" 😂🤣😂🤣😂
Mulinda 2 days ago
" so Godzilla can't see off screen stuff?" Apparently
Dakota Lowe
Dakota Lowe 2 days ago
pitch meeting of the princess bride and Battlefield earth
santosh kurasa
santosh kurasa 2 days ago
santosh kurasa
santosh kurasa 2 days ago
A very stealthy educator
RANDO INFO 2 days ago
Hey Ryan make a fantasy island pitch meeting🌚
Malik \muh• •Leek
"sure it is"😂😂😂😂😂
Malik \muh• •Leek
"oh how come"
Victoria Hatzson
Victoria Hatzson 2 days ago
Sounds absolutely awful
Comicsluvr 2 days ago
This is my new guilty pleasure...
eau hillingdon
eau hillingdon 2 days ago
“What’s the light source?” Lol
J Gamer
J Gamer 2 days ago
Is that Ryan George? Coooool
Ryan Benson
Ryan Benson 2 days ago
man so glad I didnt waste my time watching this garbage
Brice Vasquez
Brice Vasquez 2 days ago
Godzilla didn't personally step on anybody.
PNR G 2 days ago
Please do SHADOW IN THE CLOUDS. It's about six discrete films smashed together... "so she's hanging upside-down off the wing with a baby in a bag, and-" "..." "....can't tell if you're joking.."
email a power signature LOL : ) ) still loved the idea & believe still possible, there are wireless power chargers though could be dangerous. : ) wormhole bypass by zilla blast / kong climbs back -- good pt that is funny. while watching movie thought it was really convenient ship looks exactly as a defibrillator lol.
ManateeMentality 2 days ago
When I watched the movie I figured I just didn't pay close enough attention to the plot. Then this video confirmed that it really doesn't make any sense.
Achievement Rum
Achievement Rum 2 days ago
Pitch Meeting; Clue or The Witches of Eastwick, cause any movie with a bunch of attractive woman throwing themselves at a 50-year-old Jack Nicholson needs to be questioned.
Dajoker J
Dajoker J 2 days ago
Please do hitchhikers guide to the galaxy
Pablo Saenz
Pablo Saenz 2 days ago
Here's an idea, since you've done most movies already, how about pitch meetings for music videos & videogames 🤔
Games For Noobs
Games For Noobs 2 days ago
EYY Ryan George!!
DarthDragon117 2 days ago
Really glad I didn't spend money on this movie.
I eat so much fod
this movie was such a dissapointment one of them gotta go godzilla or the monkey
Manic 2 days ago
Why are Snyderverse fans mad at WB? I thought we wanted the Snyder cut of JL.
Bumble Bee
Bumble Bee 2 days ago
Cid The Kid
Cid The Kid 2 days ago
Ocean Eleven Pitch Meeting please.
Maniac Komplex
Maniac Komplex 2 days ago
the first godzilla and kong movie had decent writing and the immersion and suspension of disbelief was pretty good. everything else after pandered to the mindless, which is why because of people "who werent there for logic" are the reason the majority of movie "franchises" are absolutely terrible after the first or second movie. but dont worry, your kids will thank you later in life for being the reason the majority of movie franchises become mindless trash. "im a brainwashed consumer and so proud that we got Luke Skywalker milking titties and emasculated".
Synn 2 days ago
that review bombing thing as nonsense, o so they interviewed everyone and decided they were Snyder fans
Viper 117
Viper 117 2 days ago
Ryan dude make your own channel your practically carrying all of screen rant.
VictoriaWood (as seen on TV)
Really entertaining film
Atul Shukla
Atul Shukla 2 days ago
Nowadays hollywood is making movie for 16 year old and china
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